Mark’s Vacation

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Ah, beaches. Nothing but sand, and warm winds, and ocean waves.
Now Mark was glad he had paid extra to get a private bungalow. It
even had a shark net, so one could go diving in safety. He got up
from his easy-chair and stared out over the ocean. “Come, play in
me,” it seemed to say. He grinned, his tanned face, with it’s
blond moustache, crinkled in delight. Now was as good a time as
any to try out that new rig. A friend of his gave him a double-
tanked rig, that had a valve, so you could only use one tank at a
time. It was supposed to double your diving time. He put on a
skimpy bathing suit, more for looks than for protection. Mark had
never been much of one for modesty. With gear checked, and one
long look at his muscular frame in the mirror, he went down to
the shore.

Putting on the mask, and fins, he tightened the vest-like gear
that the air bottles were attached to. They had a two-way valve,
so one was shut-off, while the other sent compressed “air”,
through the regulator, and into the mouth piece. The sea was
clear, and warm. Mark waded in, until he was past the sloping
sand shoal, and lay down in the water. He gave the valve and his
regulator one last test, and swam off to explore the bottom.

Riiip… Ouch! What the hell?!? He had brushed up against a sharp
piece of coral, and it had cut his suit, leaving a thin red line
across his side. He pulled it down, to examine the wound. A
scratch… His cock swayed with the gentle current. Mark
chuckled. His dick got hard at the strangest times… A shadow
flitted by him, then something bumped his butt. Mark turned to
see what it was. A dolphin?!? bursa eskort It swam around him, seemingly as
curious about him as he was about it. It eyed his erection. He
grinned and thrust it at the animal. The porpoise went to the
surface for a moment, then came back down, and bit his cock! The
animal gulped the fleshy tube into it’s mouth, and rotating it’s
tongue across the underside, and literally started jacking the
startled man off. He rubbed the smooth skin, and paddled feebly,
while a rough tongue scraped at the sensitive tip of his dick,
sending chills of pleasure up his spine. Abruptly it broke off,
and went back to the surface.

Then it came back and resumed it’s lapping/masturbation. Mark had
an idea. He slowly swam towards one of the buoy/rafts that were
scattered throughout the bay. They were there for fun, and
safety. If someone got tired, they could float to one of the
platforms, and rest. The animal followed, clearly enjoying the
taste of him, and wanting more.

When it left for air again, he went over to the riggings, and
pulled himself half-out of the water. Then he waited. The
porpoise swam around him, trying to coax him back out. When the
man didn’t more, it came over, and slid it’s mouth over his
erection again. This time, the blow hole was just above the
surface. Now, it lapped wildly, able to breath, and pull on his
cock, at the same time. Mark groaned, and turned his air off. He
had propped the tanks in such a way, as to hold him in place. His
hands again ran over the “beak”, the domed head, and anything
within arms’ reach, as the animal continued to drive him bursa escort bayan crazy
with it’s tongue.

The itch built in his balls, until he grabbed the rail behind
him, and snarling, pumped cum into the eager mouth. That talented
tongue milked him for every drop of semen it could. “Damn!” He
grunted, as the animal slowly, reluctantly pulled back. Then
pressing its tongue against his dick, in a dolphin’s kiss, it
sank back into the warm waters. He checked his air-meter/depth-
gauge, still 10 minutes on tank 1, and he had a full one in
reserve. Maybe he had better get his scratch taken care of
first… Nah! Mark re-entered the water, and continued looking
over the floor. Something slid across his back.

He looked up. A sleek, brown animal slid around him like he was a
pole, then a set of sharp teeth bit gently into his naked ass, a
whiskered muzzle tickled his balls… then lazily swam around
him. Now, what the hell was a Sea-Lion doing here? “This must be
my day for surprises.” It certainly was, because the dolphin
returned, and nuzzled his limp dick. “Sorry guy, no have…
Aaaagh!” The Sea-Lion scooted up, and it wasn’t about to take no
for an answer. It’s rubbery lips were pressed deep into his
groin, and it was sucking, lapping and biting on his cock. The
combination worked, because pretty soon the tip of his dick was
being pulled on by thick throat muscles. Mark groaned… and was
knocked onto his hands and knees by the dolphin.

It slid across his back, and he bit down into his mouth-piece, as
7 inches of dolphin cock knifed into his görükle escort ass. The creature
squeaked, and lay on top of him, tail pressed against his calves.
Holding him with it’s flippers, the animal rubbed his buttocks
with it’s lower belly and pistoned it’s dick rapidly in-and-out
of him. Something hard rubbed between his legs. The Sea-Lion
massaged it’s cock on his flesh, then slid down, and the dolphin
stiffened. Mark could only guess that the animal was now
buggering the porpoise. It’s hips were sure moving rapidly…
Mark felt light-headed. He yelped as the Sea-Lion nibbled on his
cock-head, greedy for his cum. Both cock and ass were punished
unmercifully by the horny animals, as they worked in unison,
driving Mark totally out of his mind.

The Sea-Lion came first, sucking erratically, then with urgency,
as Mark blew his wad down the hungry throat. The porpoise
shuddered, it’s cock pulsing, and it gave him a warm, semen
enema. The dolphin rubbed the back of Mark’s head and moved off
of him, it’s dick disappearing into it’s streamlined body. The
Sea-Lion swallowed one last time, gave his balls a whiskery-kiss,
and both animals disappeared into the bay. The man pulled his
trunks back up, and wearily made his way back to shore.

Mark got his tank off, and collected his things up. Another
gentleman strolled by. “Good Morning, Neighbor. Nice diving?”
Mark grinned wearily. “Sure is!”

The man looked out over the bay. “Have you met our ‘friends’?”
Mark sighed. Had he ever!

“They are retired circus animals. Sometimes they do tricks…”

‘You don’t know the half of it, guy’, Mark thought.

The gentleman continued down the beach, while the young man
gathered up his gear, and went on in to get cleaned up, and
relax. Two weeks… This was going to be one Hell of a Vacation.

The End.

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