Matt and his sisters 2

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Matt was the last to come down for breakfast on the Friday of the long weekend. When he’d sat down, their dad said. “OK kids, mum and I have decided to go away for a short holiday by ourselves this weekend. We’re leaving tonight after work,”

The three of them glanced at each other and couldn’t hide their quiet joy.

“Don’t get any ideas!” Their dad said sternly reading their minds. “No parties while we’re away! You can have a couple of friends over but that’s all, understand”

“Yes dad” All three replied in unison.

“So, we’re going to try and make the most of the weekend and we’ll be back late Monday”

“How late dad?” Asked Matt.

“Well, it’s a three hour drive and we want to just take it easy and stop for lunch and sightsee so I think maybe 6 or 7pm”

“That sounds great dad, You and mum can relax and don’t worry, I’ll keep these two in line” Matt replied with a big grin.

Maddie smacked Matt playfully on the arm. “More the other way round” She replied.

“I’ll give you enough money to order dinner for the weekend so you don’t feel left out” Dad said.

Matt’s head was spinning all day at school making plans for the weekend. Finally, they could have the whole house parent free without worrying about getting caught.

When the girls got home after school, Matt quickly said “Meeting my room after you’ve got rid of your schoolbags.”

“Can’t I change and shower first?” Kellie said with ….. eye’s.

“No! Definitely not!” Matt responded.

“OK” She sighed.

When Maddie and Kellie joined Matt on his bed Maddie said “OK, so what’s the deal big brother?”

“OK, mum will be home from work soon so we don’t have a lot of time.”

“Time for what?” Kellie asked wearily, desperately wanting to shower, change into comfortable clothes and chill out on the phone to her friends.

“You can ask questions after I’ve finished but don’t interrupt OK”

“OK” The girls replied with quizzical looks on their faces.

“Here’s the deal. Firstly, after I’ve told you my plans, just change into your comfy evening clothes OK, when mum and dad have left, we can start the plan”

Matt urgently knew he had to try to explain the basics of his plan so they got the general idea before their mother got home.

“I want us to spend the whole weekend naked and fucking any time and anywhere we want!” Matt blurted out.

“Cool, I’m up for that!” Maddie replied enthusiastically.

“I want it so we can just enjoy the freedom of not having parents around and we can touch each other whenever we want, not just when we’re having sex but y’know like if we’re making breakfast and we can do anything, be affectionate without anyone watching or judging”

“I think I get this” Maddie replied with a beaming smile, “This weekend could be one big fuck fest!!”

“More than that” Matt replied. “This could be a plan for our lives when we meet someone we want to marry or live together with. Like we’re teaching ourselves what we want from a partner in the safety of our own home and with someone we love. We might not get another chance so I’m saying let’s make the most of this weekend. Oh!! And don’t invite any friends over!! Say you’re not feeling well or something”

Just then they heard the front door open and mum calling “Hi kids, I’m home”

The girls quickly scuttled away to their rooms and followed phase one of Matt’s grand plan.

Their mum came up the stairs and popped her head into each of their rooms and seeing them lazing around with their phones with a ‘hi mum’ she smiled went down to have a shower and get ready for the weekend away, oblivious to the plans her children had for their weekend.

“So, what are you guys doing for dinner?” Dad asked as he and mum were ready to leave.

“We’re having pizza dad” Matt quickly replied.

“OK, be good”

“We will dad, promise. You guys have a good time”

They waited until they heard their parents’ car driving off and then leapt into a group hug.

“OK, everybody naked in my room” Matt instructed and they almost fell over each other racing up the stairs.

When they were all sitting together in Matt’s bed, Kellie reached for his cock and he stopped her.

“Plenty of time for that” Matt said.

“OK fearless leader, let’s hear the plan” Maddie responded.

“Firstly, you need to tell your friends you’re not well, like the flu. Perhaps that’s best we all say we’ve copped the flu then there’s no conflicting stories”

“So, we can’t see our friends?” Kellie complained.

“You won’t want to” Matt replied with a grin.

“Firstly, we’re gonna run a bath in mum and dad’s spa bath and wash each other”

“Oh! I get why you said no showers” Maddie replied.

“I’m hungry” complained Kellie.

“OK, I’ll order pizzas for 7” Matt replied. “The whole plan is we spend the entire weekend naked. I’ve got it all worked out so it’s probably more exciting if I kind of let you know bit by bit. Trust me?”

They’d trusted Matt as their brother for their whole young lives, so they just nodded in anticipation of what he had planned for them.

Soon they were in their parents’ spa bath, bubbles masking their nether regions but not masking their hands and fingers stroking every part of their bodies. Matt insisted he didn’t want to cum when the girls protested as his fingers worked their pussies and clits. He just encouraged them to caress his entire body and alternately fondled their budding breasts, tweaking their nipples. Matt left no part of their bodies unattended by his hands and kisses. He wanted to relish this opportunity to explore every crevice of their being. The heat of the spa and how it relaxed their muscles had a soporific effect that was suddenly interrupted by the doorbell. The pizzas had arrived. Matt frantically leapt from the spa and donned his father’s bathrobe and raced to the door still soaking wet.

He grabbed the bills on the shelf beside the door and quickly paid the delivery guy and took the pizzas into the kitchen and placed them in the oven to keep warm.

Matt returned to the bathroom and grabbed two big bath towels and wrapped then round Maddie and Kellie as they climbed out. He then proceeded to dry every part of their bodies pressing his hands into their succulent flesh paying special attention to their breasts and pussies as he kissed them.

The girls were in a state of uphoria. How could their brother be giving them all this attention and pleasure when it should be a boyfriend? From this point, they were entirely hooked and willing to do anything he asked of them. Leaving the towels altıparmak escort on the bathroom floor, Matt took a bottle of lube he had left on the wash basin and squeezed out a generous amount before pressing it deep into each of their pussy’s before he led them by the hand into the kitchen and instructed them to take the pizzas out of the oven and put them on plates and join him in the lounge. Matt was sitting in the centre of the couch and he directed the girls to sit either side of him as they placed the pizza’s on the coffee table. They couldn’t fail to see Matt’s rock-hard erection. Kellie reached forwards and took two slices of pizza giving one to Matt. She was just about to sit back next to him when he said stop and directed her to sit on his cock.

Kellie moaned as she lowered herself onto Matt and leant back on his chest.

“Mmmm, pizza and cock” She cooed as she took a bite.

Maddie felt a bit left out until Matt put his hand between her legs and began massaging her clit.

“Put the TV on Mads” he instructed as Kellie wriggled her butt on his lap.

“This is going to be a great weekend” Kellie said. “If only mum and dad could see us”

They all laughed.

Once they had finished the pizza, Kellie began riding Matt’s cock building up a steady rhythm until Matt held her down as she felt him pump several jets of cum deep into her pussy.

“Remember girls, no washing the cum out of your pussy’s, you’re going to need the lube.”

They finished watching TV at about 9pm and Kellie said “I’m tired, can we go to bed now”

“Just after we’ve been to the bathroom”

“Are we going to watch you pee?” Maddie asked mischieviously.

“Can if you want but it’s for another reason”

Matt picked up two boxes from the coffee table they had noticed earlier and they went to the bathroom. He handed them a box each and then turned to pee into the toilet. A large powerful jet hit the bowl and Maddie and Kellie were fascinated.

“Wow! Ours doesn’t come out like that, it kind of sprays our thighs so we have to wipe it all off.”

Matt then opened the boxes and inside were two jewel ended butt plugs.

“OK Maddie first” Matt then pushed the plug into her wet pussy before slowly pressing it into her anus. He did the same with Kellie and she winced and yelped as it splayed open her sphincter having never experience it before. She was making it harder by clenching her sphincter. “Just try and relax Kell’s, it’ll go in easier. When it’s in, it won’t feel so bad”

“I didn’t think you were going to teach me bum sex” Kellie said as she squirmed.

“ Just thought this was a good time to see if you like it, so you can tell a future boyfriend.” Matt finally got the plug in and now the small diameter stem didn’t feel as bad.

OK, now except for when you need to do a shit, you have to leave these in all weekend.

“I feel like I need a shit now” Kellie complained.

“Wait a while if you can Kell’s to get used to it OK”

“It’s OK Kellie, it took a few times to relax and then I really enjoyed it. Sometimes that’s all I want Matt to do is fuck me in the arse.”

Matt took Kellie’s arm and drew him to her; He wrapped his strong hands around her and gave her a deep kiss. Then he cupped her cheeks and said. “I won’t do anything to hurt you Kell’s” His hands then gently began stroking her body, gliding down to her firm butt cheeks and pulling her crotch into his body. He grasped the butt plug and slowly began alternately gently rocking and pulling it back and forth with just enough pressure to flare her sphincter. Kellie let out a little moan. Matt then brought a hand round to her pussy and pressed his fingers feeling her new wetness combined with his old cum. Kellie was breathing harder now as Matt simultaneously rocked and pulled the butt plug whilst rocking her clit in unison with the plug. Kellie was now moaning and gasping; her arms were around his waist and her head pressed against his chest. Her cries quickened until she shrieked and became limp in his arms.

“Oh my god!! That was awesome” she gasped. Matt held her to him and softly stroked her hair.

“See how everything in your body is connected” Matt said softly, your vagina and bum canals are right next to each other and full of millions of nerves; they’re all connected.”

All the time Maddie was watching, she had her fingers in her pussy and rocking her butt plug.

“Wow” I came too just watching you. That was sooo hot!!”

“Let’s go to bed” Matt said with a wide grin. They climbed the stairs with Matt in the middle and the girls either side, Matts’ arms were under theirs with a hand squeezing left and right breasts and tweaking their firm nipples. This continued until they climbed into Matts’ bed with girls on either side.

Maddie took Matt’s hard shaft and began stroking it. Matt stopped her. “No Mads’ not tonight” Maddie stared at him with a confused look.

“Mads, I’ve done a lot of planning for this weekend, I don’t want to cum tonight” Both girls let out a collective “Whaaaat?!!”

“We’re going to all spoon together, Kells’ in front of me. I want to try a little experiment. I’m going to bury my cock in Kells’ pussy and I want to see if it’s possible to fall asleep together like that and my cock stays hard. If it works and I wake up I’ll roll over and do the same with Mads’ pussy. It’s sort of like Tantric sex I read about where you spend a long time stuck together but you withhold cumming. When you do, it’s supposed to be awesome!”

“OK, let’s do this but I want to be the one you cum in” Chuckled Maddie.

They got into position with Matts’ cock deep inside Kellie and Maddie’s soft full breasts crushed against his back. Soon both girls were asleep, purring like contented kittens rather than snoring like grizzly bears. It took longer for Matt to drift off but when he woke at 3am, sure enough, his cock was still, albeit semi hard buried in Kellie’s pussy. Pumping Kellie to firm it up didn’t seem the best option so Matt decided to think about all the great fucks he’d had with them and within minutes he was hard. He gently slipped out of Kellie’s pussy trying not to wake her but she was dead to the world. He slipped his arms from her and slowly rolled over and fed his now engorged member into Maddie’s pussy. Thankfully it slid in easily and Maddie just uttered a sleepy moan. Matt’s arm was now cradling Maddie and his hand cupped a breast. She dreamily responded and Matt eventually fell asleep.

About six in the morning Maddie was jarred awake by Matt grunting and pounding her pussy. Matt bursa anal yapan escort gripped her hips tightly and she could feel every thrust pushing the butt plug into her arse adding to sensation of surprise and raw animal sex invading her body. Matt didn’t last long, barely minutes before he shot streams of cum into Maddie’s fully dilated pussy. Matt thrusted several times before he stopped holding Maddie firmly to him as he injected his last sperm into her ravished pussy.

“OH!! Fuck!!” Maddie gasped. “I think I’ve been raped by a gorilla!!”

“Sorry Mads’, my balls were busting!”

“It’s OK, just one minute I’m asleep and next, bang! my pussy’s being given a 21gun salute!!”

Matt looked at her and she burst out laughing and he joined her.

Kellie jolted out of her sleep drowsily said. “Did I miss something?”

“Hey, I’m going to get some more sleep” Matt replied. “You can get up if you like, but remember no washing your pussies; I want to smell our fucking all over the house until Sunday afternoon, we’ll need to open some windows and wash the sheets after.”

The girls giggled and Kellie said “Maybe I’ll just sleep in my room” “Me too, I’m all fucked out at the moment” Maddie laughed.

It was 9.30 when Matt woke up to see Maddie and Kellie bringing in breakfast of bacon and eggs and fresh coffee into his room on a tray.

“Hey, Big Bro! We decided to reward you for everything.”

“Oh wow! This looks great! Thanks.” Replied Matt. The girls kissed his cheeks and as the left bent over and wiggled their butts flashing the big green and red gems of the butt plugs at him.

When Matt came downstairs he found the girls finishing up cleaning the kitchen. “Figured we better not leave it ‘til the last minute” Kellie said as she dried the last dishes.

Matt walked up behind her and put his arms around her taking a breast in each hand and squeezing them. He turned her around and gave her a deep kiss while running his fingers between her pussy. He then turned her back to the sink and told her to bend over and rest her hands on the edge. He reached down and aligned his cock with Kellie’s pussy and moved it up and down her wet slit. He pressed his cock head into her succulent folds and then grabbing each hip, thrust it into her and began slowly fucking her.

Kellie moaned and started pushing back on Matt’s cock until Matt let her do all the work as he stood there. When he felt his orgasm rising, he began thrusting more urgently into her pussy until he sighed deeply as he pumped her full of his seed. Matt then leant forwards over her back and kissed the back of her neck. He lifted her to a standing position whilst his still firm cock remained inside her and ran his hands over her firm breasts and torso down to her cock filled pussy.

“I hope I find a boyfriend as good as you” She whispered. “You will, just be patient” Matt’s cock slipped out and his cum ran down her thighs. Kellie moved to wipe it from her but Matt stopped her. “Let it run, I want to smell our juices on your body. Remember we aren’t washing until mum and dad are due to get home”

“Hope you’re saving some of that for me” Maddie said smiling. “It was fun to watch but I’m getting really horny”

“Just give me some time to recover”

“What’s the plan for today?” Asked Maddie.

“Well, I thought we’d go out to the garden and get some sun” Matt replied.

Matt went to the bathroom and got some sun screen and some towels and they lay on the grass.

“Do me first” Kellie said with a wink. Kellie laid on her front resting her head on a cushion. Matt proceeded to pour sunscreen on her back and began massaging it all over. When he got to her legs, Kellie parted them to give him full access and Matt eagerly worked his hands between her thighs and every crevice of her labia. He made sure to blend the sunscreen with the wet cum still on her thighs. When he’d finished her back and legs, he rolled her over and dribbled a generous amount of sunscreen onto her breasts and stomach. He proceeded to massage the oil into her breasts and down her stomach and legs before finishing on her swollen labia. Matt then pressed his fingers into Kellie’s dripping pussy and with his other thumb began working on her clit until she arched her back and squealed out her orgasm.

“My turn” Maddie said and Matt gave Kellie’s bum a playful slap before turning to her.

The same routine as with Kellie ensued and Matt soon had Maddie purring. “I wish this wasn’t going to end” Maddie moaned as Matt’s fingers were deep inside her cum soaked pussy.

“I didn’t tell you but mum and dad are planning to take some holiday leave; I overheard them talking about two weeks at a resort” Matt said as he felt Maddie writhing and clenching her vaginal muscles on his fingers. Her moans were loud enough now for the neighbours to hear and on her final one, Matt felt her pussy loosen its grip and a gush of fluids saturated Matt’s fingers and the towel she lay on.

Maddie felt between her legs and said “Oh shit! Did I just piss on you?”

“Don’t worry sis, you squirted; it was awesome to feel that”

“Squirted?” Maddie asked as she rolled over to inspect the patch of wet towel between her legs.

“Yeah! You girls are luckier than us guys. For a start, you don’t need to wait a while to be able to have another orgasm if you’re horny enough, and that all came from inside your vagina not your pee hole. I’ve read about it. Some girls never experience it but others do it all the time.”

“Lucky me!” laughed Maddie. “It was an awesome orgasm, I felt my bum squeezing the butt plug and it like, tingled through my whole body”

“That’s why guys envy girls; we mostly just get it through our dicks.”

“Hey! what’s this about mum and dad and the holiday?”

“Oh yeah! Well, they were sort of arguing about taking us or not. Mum wants to have a family holiday and dad was saying that they’d done that every year and maybe were we’re old enough to look after ourselves. So, we’ve had fun but there’s five of us and we might get stuck in a bunk bed kind of situation again in some resort. Remember when you were 11 and 13 and I was 15? That was really awkward. I had boners every night and had to relieve myself in the bathroom!”

The girls laughed. “Wondered why you were always getting up late at night” Maddie laughed. “Or getting it up!!” They all rolled around laughing at that comment.

“Well, I heard mum say they would tell Jack and Mary next door to watch out for us. Meaning; if we had any big parties. So, they’re going to come back and see we’ve bursa bayan escort kept the house really clean, no parties etc. My plan is that we tell them we don’t want to fall behind at school, especially me cos I need my scores for college”

“So, we say no if they ask us if we want to go?” Asked Maddie.

“Exactly!” Matt replied.

All this talk about them having two full weeks alone was stirring Matt’s loins and he suddenly rolled Maddie on to her stomach, pulled out her butt plug and in a flash, he was pounding her arse and was filling it with his seed within a minute.

“Fuck Matt, give me some warning!!” Maddie complained still crushed into her towel with Matt buried deep inside her arse.

Matt lay his whole body over her and softly kissed her neck and shoulders. He gathered her hair and ran his fingers through her mane. He could feel her heart pounding, sending its vibrations through his body. Matt laid over her until his cock gradually shrank and popped from her arse. He rolled on his back and pulled Maddie on top of him softly kissing her lips as he ran his hands over her back and butt cheeks. He reached out to retrieve her butt plug and pressed it back into her dilated anus.

Matt told the girls he would let them sunbake whilst he drove to the shops. He hoped he wouldn’t meet anyone he knew but he could feign sickness and just say he needed to get some food. He loaded up a trolley with some crusty bread and ham and tasty cheeses as well as soft drinks and packets of chips and corn chips.

Fortunately, he didn’t bump into anyone and was soon in the kitchen unloading their goodies. Kellie came in and gave Matt a hug and he put his strong arms around her. He then cupped her firm buttocks and jiggled the butt plug with his fingers.

“How’s this going?” Matt asked her.

“Yeah OK, sometimes I forget it’s there”

“That’s part of the idea sis, it means you’re getting comfortable with it”

“Are you going to have bum sex with me this weekend?”

“I wasn’t planning to; you need to build up to it so you don’t clench and that’s what makes it uncomfortable”

Matt then lifted her small frame and carried her into the lounge and sat on the couch,

“Kneel in front of me” Matt instructed. Kellie’s pussy was now directly level with his face. Matt then pulled her to his lips and he began licking her labia and probing her increasingly aroused pussy. He alternated flicking her tiny clit with his tongue and pushing it into her pussy. Kellie started moaning “Oooh, ahhh”

She became aware of him rotating the butt plug and once again, the sensation of the two increased her overall arousal. Her moans became louder and her breathing shorter until with a sharp cry she flung her head back as the orgasm rippled through her entire body.

“You’re so good to me” she panted. “I wish I could tell my friends how good it feels; I don’t think their boyfriends are as good as you”

Matt just smiled and gestured for her to lower her self into his lap as he aligned his erection up with her saturated pussy. Kellie eased herself onto it and moaned as it slid deep inside her.

“Rock yourself on me” Matt said. Soon Kellie had built up a steady rhythm and once again felt the sensation of the plug in her anus. Matt alternated between lifting Kellie and slamming her down on his cock and pulling her buttocks forwards to aid her rocking.

“You’re so tight Kell’s, I need to pace us or I’ll cum too soon”

“Oh, there you are” Maddie’s voice came from behind. “Hi Maddie” Kellie responded breathlessly. “Isn’t Matt’s cock wonderful, I feel so full”

“Don’t wear him out girl” Maddie replied “I want some saved for me”

“Isn’t it great that we girls can do it whenever we want” Kellie replied. “We don’t have to get hard before we can do it and if we’re a bit dry we can use lube”

Suddenly Matt grunted and held Kellie down as he shot several bolts of cum deep inside her. Kellie put her arms around Matt’s neck and pressed her budding breasts into his chest.

“I wish it was OK for us to have sex, like being legal and everything. If it was normal that brothers and sisters could fuck each other and teach each other I reckon everyone would be happier”

“Maybe” Matt replied as he lifted her up still embedded in her pussy. He walked to the stairs and started up. “What are we doing?”

“You’ll see”

Matt carried her into his bedroom and lay her down on the bed. “Roll over” he instructed. “Are we going to do bum sex” Kellie asked.

“Not quite, you’ll see” he replied as he opened the bottom bedside drawer and picked out a longer butt plug with several tapering bulbous sections. Laying on her stomach, Kellie couldn’t see it and then felt Matt pull out the shorter plug form her anus. He placed it on a wad of tissues he’d put on the cabinet and then Kellie felt some cold liquid being dribbled between her butt cheeks. The next sensation was a hard smooth object being pressed against her sphincter. Matt pushed each section into her arse as he dribbled more lube each time. Kellie could feel each one forcing her open wider and wider until she felt the handle resting against the entrance.

“This is the next part of your training sis. You’ll feel it much deeper inside you, like a ribbed cock. How does it feel?

“OK I guess. I can definitely feel it deep inside”

“Once you get used to it, that’s how my cock will feel inside you. You’re going to wear this one now ‘til our parents come home. I’ll give you a demonstration how it feels going in and out like a cock so stay still and let me know if you want me to stop OK?”


Matt slowly pulled it out and Kellie felt the sensation of each bulb as they opened and closed her sphincter. He left the smallest on in and then slowly pushed it all the way back adding some more lube.

“Are you OK Kell’s?”

“Yeah, you can keep going” Kellie replied unconvincingly.

Matt then began slowly pushing and pulling the plug with a steady rhythm.

“Rub your clit and pussy while I’m doing this, it can help if it feels a bit uncomfortable.” Kellie put her hand between her legs and began massaging her pussy.

“Yeah, that helps” Matt pushed it in and then gave Kellie a playful slap on her behind and said “OK let’s go make some lunch”

Maddie was cutting the bread and preparing a platter when they walked into the kitchen. Kellie spun around and Maddie said.

“You gave her the ribbed one. My favourite. How does it feel?”

“OK, I’ll have to get used to the feeling but I want to keep learning” Kellie responded.

They took their lunch out to the garden and enjoyed the beautiful day as they ate. They were half way through the weekend and each of them were basking in the warmth of the sun and looking forward to the remaining half of their weekend together and the carnal pleasures Matt had planned for them.

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