Miranda Mullins Ch. 05

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Vanessa’s Secret

Two months after the party Joseph was in hot water. Criminal charges of sex-trafficking and civil suits were filed against him and the company. But the cases against him seemed to fall apart as his lawyers produced video evidence that all activity was consensual and off company time. It looked like it was all a tempest in a teapot.

Then Vanessa dropped a bombshell: Joseph had given her certain instructions in the presence of company executives. That voided spousal privilege. Her threatened testimony caused those individuals to accept plea-bargains in exchange for testimony; Joseph found himself isolated and plead out for 15 to 30 years.

Even more astonishing, while Joseph was personally liable, the company had no clear involvement — and Vanessa actually owned controlling interest! Joseph had structured things that way for tax advantages but Vanessa filed for divorce and secured her position. She quickly fired all the top male executives. It was widely believed she would bring in an experienced CEO but instead took the reins herself. The media dubbed her the ‘CEO of Curves.’

Vanessa promoted Harold to VP of Transportation and Storage. That worried me, he reported directly to Ginormous herself! But she kept things professional. Even more surprising, she hired me (at Harold’s recommendation) to perform risk assessments on proposed trade deals. I fed data into some spreadsheets I designed and reported a range of worst-to-best case upsides and risk. Vanessa made the ultimate ‘go/no-go’ decisions, but armed with my assessments the successful ventures more than made up for the occasional deals she had to walk away from and cut her losses.

Keyed In

Warning: some violence ahead

One day when Candy was three-and-a-half I was home alone when I completed an assessment I’d been working on for several days. I sent it off to Vanessa and looked for something to do. Something, let’s see, how about…No! Those days were over. It had been more than four years since my last indiscretion. Not going to start that up again! I quit arguing with myself and went to the kitchen for some wine. I stared at the more than half-empty bottle, hadn’t I just opened it today? Harold had said he thought he could get away early and I had been checking the clock several times each hour since noon. I was wearing a light pink, very short skirt, bare legs, and a tight, nearly sheer tan top that hugged the twins nicely. It was Friday — Lizzy was at a friend’s for a sleepover and Harold’s folks had the other three kids until Sunday afternoon. I wanted Harold to really notice me!

Deciding I’d better slow down on the wine, I headed to the living room. I felt warm and took off my bra and panties. That should get Harold’s attention! Now the twins were really on display. I lay my underthings on the top of the couch, started to lie down, got up to get more wine, checked myself, and stood for a moment trying to think what to do. Let’s see, the plan is Harold arrives, then we fuck…I felt shiver of pleasure — great plan!

I heard a key in the front door and our neighbor Bill stepped in. Bill and Martha had been the first people we’d met in the neighborhood and we had keys to each other’s houses. Bill said “Sorry, just came over to borrow something.” His eyes flicked over to my underthings and then back to my chest.

I was a bit self-conscious about my revealing attire and wondered why he hadn’t rung the doorbell but gave him a smile and said “Oh? What do you need?”

He quickly stepped toward me, saying “You!” in a husky voice. Kissing me fiercely, his hands flipped up the skirt, grabbed my butt and ground the bulge in his slacks into my cunt. My pussy went berserk, my whole body caught fire, my arms circled him, my lips demanded more kissing! He pushed me onto the couch, quickly stripped us both, spread my bursa eskort bayan legs and slammed his fuck pole straight into me. I came almost immediately, then once again as he continued to pound me. Yes! Yes! This is glorious! I surrender!

After a timeless, heavenly spell Bill’s stroking became even more intense, then he pulled out No! Come back!, pushed the twins together and shoved his dick between them. A few strokes later he erupted and spewed stream after stream of semen all over me. I was covered in goo!

It occurred to me I’d better tell Bill that Harold would be home soon…then I heard the garage door open! “Bill, get off me, it’s Harold!” He hastily grabbed his clothes, pulled on his pants and escaped out the front door as Harold entered the living room.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Harold roared as he barreled into the room. He saw the front door close and then took note of my naked, semen-covered state. He locked the door, got a towel to wipe me off, then carried me to our bedroom. (Is this promising? I don’t think so!) He threw me belly down on the bed and sat on my rear, pinning my shoulders with his hands so I couldn’t twist around to face him. Then he asked questions.

H: “Is this what you do when I’m at work?”

M: “No, no, he caught me by surprise!”

H: “He surprised you into stripping naked and fucking. Does that happen a lot?”

M: “No, not for years! I’ve been good!”

H: “How many years since you last fucked another man?”

M: “Almost four!”

H: “When Candy was conceived. I see. And before that you often broke our vows?”

This wasn’t going well. Cut the damn chit-chat and get that dick into me now! I didn’t think I could get him to follow that plan. Better answer his questions.

M: “Several times, yes.”

H: “How many?”

M: “Let me think…”

H: “You have to think!”

M: “Six, six!”

H: “Counting today?”

M: “Seven!” (No fair, he’d asked about before today! But I thought I’d better not argue.)

H: “So since we were married you’ve let seven other men fuck you!”

M: “Well ten, actually…”

H: “Ten! Why did you say seven?”

M: “Seven times. Ten men — four at that party at Joseph’s. “

H: “When you threw yourself at me once we were alone? You fucked four men in one night?”

M: “Counting you, five…”

H: “God, woman! Were you that horny or just desperate in case you got knocked up?”

M: “B-Both. And I wanted another baby, and so if I wasn’t already knocked up the baby would be yours. I always wanted you to have that chance…”

H: “Always? You mean every one of our children might be some other man’s bastard?”

M: “Well, not Lizzie!”

H: “But after Lizzie each of your pregnancies came after you cheated!”

M: “S-Sorry, yes, that’s true…”

H: “I must have WORLD’S BIGGEST CHUMP written across my forehead! I thought you were the perfect mom, my sweet, adorable wife, my wonderful lover!”

Right stud, so shut up and fuck me!

M: “No, no, you’re not a chump, you’re a wonderful father and my dear sweet husband and I’m so sorry I cheated…”

H: “Shut up, slut!”

That hurt, but my pussy was still throbbing and Where did Bill go? flashed through my head so I couldn’t reject the label. I’d called myself slut often enough, especially when I was fucking Jim at work Wasn’t that wonderful! Hush! not to mention the party at Joseph’s Yes! Yes! so really Harold wasn’t being unfair but maybe he could forgive me and I could promise to do better Like you’d keep that promise! Hey! I managed almost four years! Four long years! No! No! They weren’t like that! We had the kids, we both worked, we had family dinners, we took vacations, Harold was so sweet and considerate and a great lover…and you wanted every man you met to just whip out his cock and get to business!

While bursa merkez escort these thoughts ran through my head Harold climbed off my butt, turned around and settled onto my back, his knees pinning my arms, his left hand bearing down heavily on my legs and his right resting lightly on my ass cheeks.

H: “Ten times you broke our vows.” I did not think this was the time to point out it was a lot more than that with Gregory and Jim!

M: “I’m so sorry!”

H: “Are you really?” He raised his right hand and smashed his open palm down hard on my left ass cheek. I gasped with the pain. “One.” His hand rose and fell again on the same side, the pain seemed more than doubled and I screamed. “Two.” Terror gripped me, how could I survive ten of these?

M: “Please stop! Oh please, Harold, please!” I cried between wracking sobs. He struck me again, and again.

H: “Three. Four. Five.” Now he shifted slightly. The next blow came on the right side. I was forlorn. Doomed. He was relentless, without mercy. “Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.” He sat on me for a while longer; I could not believe the pain. My world was shattered and I sobbed uncontrollably.

At some point I realized he was no longer on me. I lay there sobbing. Eventually I lifted my head and turned, but I couldn’t bear to put any weight on my bottom. I saw he had moved to the stuffed chair. I scooted my legs over slowly, dropped them to the floor, gingerly put weight on them and managed the few steps to where he sat. I crawled into his lap, buried my face into his left side over his heart, and pulled his arm around me. Neither of us said anything. I couldn’t stop sobbing, but the beat of his heart soothed me and after awhile his arms gently cradled me. Some unfathomable horror had befallen me and I turned to the greatest comfort I knew, my dear, sweet, wonderful husband.

I must’ve dozed off; I woke up, gasped and shuddered from the pain, and noticed the day was beginning to fade. I shivered a bit and Harold took a blanket from the back of the chair and wrapped it around me.

H: “May I ask you a question?”

M: “Of course.”

H: “Why did you cheat?”

M: “I never meant to. I never planned to.” That was a stretch with regard to Jim!

H: “Why then?”

M: “I couldn’t help it. I tried to be a good wife. But I thought about sex a lot.” Like, all the time! “Men were always coming on to me but I avoided giving them any encouragement and just looked forward to making love with you. But men seemed to think that if they got me alone I couldn’t say no. They sure had me pegged! When one got me I would think how it happened and guard against that threat in the future. But another guy would find another way to get to me and there I’d go again. Like you said, I’m basically a slut…” I broke again into great sobs.

He gave me a light squeeze, pushed the hair from my face and kissed one of my tears.

H: “Tell me about the first time you cheated.”

I blinked, lifted my head and looked in his eyes. Was he pumping for information so he could brutalize me again? I decided I didn’t care. I’d broken our vows and concealed those infidelities but I’d never actually lied to him and wasn’t going to start now.

I told Harold about the baby, the delivery man, the boob, the sex, even the smirk when the guy saw me seven and a half months pregnant. While I was telling the story I had to shift around in Harold’s lap because he got a hard-on.

When I finished Harold kissed me gently and then said the most unexpected thing, “Forgive me.”

Forgive him? “Forgive you! I’m the one who cheated! You had every right to be angry!”

“I had no right to beat you. No woman deserves that. I vowed to cherish you. Instead, I deliberately hurt you. Forgive me.”

I was speechless. I buried bursa sınırsız escort bayan my head again in his chest and pulled his arms tighter around me. I felt warm, safe, and loved. The still intense pain seemed not to matter so much.

I spent a week in bed. My mom was unusually busy and I managed to avoid having her come over. Harold took time off from work and treated me with pain pills, cold and hot compresses, aloe and love. The kids were allowed to climb in my bed for hugs and were told Mommy would be better soon.

We didn’t make love that week; that was the longest spell without sex we’d had outside of late-stage pregnancy. Then one night Harold, after treating my backside with lotion, carried me to the stuffed chair, sat me in his lap and asked me to tell the delivery man story again. When I mentioned the baby he put his hand on my belly. When I said she was sucking he popped a boob out of my nightgown and sucked on it. I noticed a bulge growing in his pants. I told of the boob getting exposed and he blew on the nipple, making it jut out. At the same time he fumbled with his belt. When I said the guy’s dick was hanging out Harold pulled his out. It stood straight up! As I continued Harold undressed us both.

When I described the delivery guy beginning to fuck me Harold lifted me by my waist and settled me on his rigid tool. We forgot about the story as I moved up and down, Harold assisting. He was still holding me by the waist and managed to avoid slamming my tender bottom down. Harold came after maybe two minutes; I winced several times and did not reach orgasm but it still felt wonderful. After that Harold took me every two or three days, alternating cowgirl and doggie style, always careful not to hurt my tender bottom.

A month after the incident with Bill (who by the way sold their house and moved his family to another city) Harold caressed my bottom and asked how I felt. I realized the pain was gone and told him so. He smiled and asked me to tell the delivery man story again. This time we lay in bed and he took me missionary style.

My morning sickness started the next week. Since Bill hadn’t come inside me I was fairly confident this child would be Harold’s. Along with Lizzie that gave him at least two, that seemed fair, right?

A week or so later Harold asked me to tell him about the second time I cheated. This made me nervous — I assumed he would enjoy the auto shop and Excel stories, but then would come Gregory and Jim — dangerous territory! I thought about passing those off as one-time flings but wasn’t sure he’d buy it and besides I simply wasn’t going to lie. On the other hand I wasn’t eager to tell him everything all at once. So I told him about the Professor and we enjoyed a good laugh and a good fuck.

Next came the story of the auto repair manager and his door to nowhere or was it heaven? Harold got hard just listening and gave me a good fucking. The next day we went shopping for a large, tall cushion — he wouldn’t tell me what it was for. That night he asked for the story again, with me standing in high heels and him kneeling on the cushion. I got the idea: his cock was at about the same height as the short guy’s! We laughed as he strained to thrust it into me from that position.

The next week he took me shopping for shoes and selected a copper colored pair featuring six inch heels. I had to practice standing and walking in them but he loved to watch me, usually with nothing else on. After several days of practice he arranged for the kids to spend another Friday night with his parents. He had me wear the heels with a white skirt cut well above mid thigh and a beige blouse showing plenty of cleavage. Both of these were thin, almost transparent, likewise my panties and bra. He shaved my legs himself, smooth as silk; I did not wear any hose. We had shrimp and steak at a top restaurant and then on to a popular nightclub; I managed three dances in the heels. Harold seemed to relish the stares his ‘Amazon’ attracted all evening. When we got home Harold asked again for the auto repair story and fucked me like a man possessed. What a wonderful evening, never mind my aching feet!

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