Mother-in-Law Becomes My Lover

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It had come as a bit of a shock when Julie had told me it was over and she was leaving me for Dan her boss of the last 4 years, and some 20 years her senior, she said she loved him and he was leaving his wife too now his son was away to university.

She said she was only taking her clothes and jewelry; the rest was mine and within a couple of hours she was gone forever.

We had had our ups and downs over the 6 years of marriage but overall, I thought things had been ok between us…. obviously not.

My mind was still all over the place when the telephone rang and when I answered it was Bill, Julie’s Dad asking what was going on as she had been to see him and her Mum Maureen to say she was leaving me and off to live in London where their head office was.

“Bill, I know as much as you do, she left me for her boss Dan, I guess they have been planning it for some time”

“Are you OK Paul” Bill asked

“Dunno just so confused to be honest” I said

“Look if you need anything you know where we are, we will call over and see you in a couple of days”

The next couple of days were filled with conflicting thoughts and emotions but I came to the conclusion I was better off without her and life was just starting not ending.

Bill and Maureen came over on the Saturday and said how they felt bad about the whole situation and how they had managed to speak to Julie just once (no mobile phones then) but she said she was not coming back.

We all knew how single-minded Julie was so that was that.

I told them both it was time for me to move on, no point thinking she may return so I was weighing up staying or moving to a smaller place.

Bill had been retired for a couple of years and his health had not been great for quite a few years, Maureen was 15 years younger than him at 53 and used to work in a bank until she packed it in to help look after Bill.

Maureen used to do some housework along with washing and ironing for us as we both worked long hours, this got her out of the house and a little break from Bill as well as a few quid in her purse for her help.

“We are away for the next two weeks Paul to Majorca” said Maureen, “I guess you won’t require my help now when we return?” she asked.

“Actually Maureen, it would be a great help for the next few weeks until I get sorted if you were able to continue as normal?” I asked her.

“OK, see you when we get back” she replied.

We chatted a little longer before they left and both told me to take care.

The next couple of weeks seen me taking a bit time off work, getting pissed, watching sport on the tele and looking at porno mags and wanking. Added to that it was the weekend down the town and nightclubbing chancing my arm to little luck or no luck then nursing a hangover. It’s fair to say I was getting Julie out my system.

I was sitting at my desk Monday afternoon watching the clock down when it suddenly dawned on me Maureen would be at mine doing some housework, she always done the housework Mondays and made sure the washing and ironing was done through the week ready for the weekend.

Sunday had seen me hardly get out of bed all day due to a hangover, eat ready meals and spend the rest of the day wanking.

Shit, I thought……most of the mags which I normally would have hidden were just lying on the bedroom floor, Maureen will have been in cleaning and seen them all. Oh, fuck this could be embarrassing not just usual girlie mags but Over 40 and Over 50 mags due to my liking of mature ladies were what I was last looking at and wanking over.

As I drove home, I was hoping Maureen may not have been around that day but the minute I walked through the door the place was looking clean and tidy. I ran upstairs into the bedroom and my worst fears were confirmed, bed linen changed, room tidied and on the bed all my mags piled neatly in the middle. There was a little note left on top saying “Interesting collection, I’m not sure where you keep these but best not leave them out next week or I’ll get no work done. Maureen x “

I sat on the bed contemplating the note and wondering had Maureen actually had a good look at them, had she liked them, did she get aroused looking at them, what does she think of me looking at porn pics of women her age. I couldn’t get the thoughts out my head.

Normally on Thursday or Friday Maureen would bring the ironing back over so I made sure the bedroom was tidy and I placed the mags under the bed out the way. I thought about leaving a return note but nerves got the better of me.

I went to work as normal and, on my return, went into the bedroom to find my washing left on the bed, I bent down, reached under the bed and quickly skimmed through the mags, the top two were as I left them but the next few were in a different order, Maureen had been looking at them!!!

I wondered whether she had just been curious to look at them again or had she lay on the bed and masturbated over them just like me. I almanbahis took out my stiffening cock and wanked at the thought.

Maureen was an attractive lady but not a real stunner, she did have a good figure for her age, sometimes she wore glasses which could give her a school Maam look and to be fair I had fantasized about her occasionally over the years. We had generally gotten on well over the years after a frosty start, the four of us had even been on holiday together and I enjoyed her company in smallish doses.

I had booked a holiday with my pal Steve for a couple of weeks’ time so went into town to do a little holiday shopping a week later on the Saturday afternoon, I managed to get a few bits and was crossing the road when I saw two people waving at me from a pub window opposite, when I got closer I realized it was Maureen and her friend Sarah, as I waved back they were calling me to come inside, I was trying to mouth through the window I didn’t have time but they were not taking “No” for an answer. I rather sheepishly went in praying Maureen was not going to say anything to embarrass me but I need not have been worried.

Sarah lived a few miles the other side of town and she met with Maureen every so often for a coffee if midweek, wine if the weekend. I knew Sarah a little from the odd wedding or function I had attended with Julie so was comfortable in her company. I had always thought she was hot…. tall, long legs, busty and a great ass. They were both a little tipsy and Sarah said Maureen had explained the situation with Julie and she felt for me. I thanked her for her sentiments.

I had ordered a shandy and was soon about to finish and say goodbye when Sarah said “Nearly time for my bus Maureen, so your train will be not too long after”

“Is it that time already,” said Maureen

The two ladies hurriedly got their things together and hugged each other goodbye, I offered Sarah a lift but she declined saying it was miles out my way, she gave me a quick hug and kiss then waved us goodbye.

“Do you want a lift back instead of catching the train, or I can drop you at the station if Bill is picking you up” I asked Maureen

“A lift home would be lovely and no I was gonna walk home after I got off the train as Bill is away golfing this weekend…again” her voice replied with a hint of sarcasm.

Maureen looked rather sexy dressed in a white fitted blouse, black knee length skirt, small matching black jacket, black nylons and short heels, she smelt nice too. She is about 5’6″ tall, medium build, blondish shoulder length hair, average size breasts and a nice round bum.

We started chatting about her and Sarah’s day to the point I had almost forgotten about the porn mags incident, the journey back was slow due to roadworks and the late afternoon shoppers returning home.

My house is about 10 mins closer to town than Maureen’s and with the traffic slowing us Maureen said she was desperate for the loo, I asked if she could hold on until we got her home but she said the wine meant otherwise, I suggested we stopped off at mine and she agreed.

As I pulled onto the drive, Maureen was out the car in a flash, once I opened the door, she kicked off her shoes and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I got my bags out the car and carried them into the house. I put the kettle on and as Maureen came downstairs, I asked if she wanted a coffee before I drive her home. “Coffee, I’d prefer a glass of white if you have any, Sav Blanc would be great” she smiled as she looked around the kitchen.

I looked in the fridge but there was none in so told her I’d nip into the garage as there was always a box or so in there. When I returned Maureen was sitting on the sofa in the living room, I poured her a glass and went through to join her, I handed her the wine and sat down opposite her on the chair with my coffee. “Are you not having a drink Paul, I shouldn’t drink on my own, go on join me” she said. “You know I don’t like white but I’ve half a bottle of red left from yesterday, but I shouldn’t as I have to drive you home” I said. “Never mind that get yourself a drink and you can call me a taxi later, OK?” Maureen replied.

I went back to the kitchen swapped my coffee for wine and returned to the living room, we chatted a little while about how I was doing and then I thought I’d better mention the porn mag incident. “Maureen, I’m sorry about the state of the place when you returned from holiday, I totally lost track of time as to when you were coming back”

“Yeah, looked like you had been busy” she laughed.

“Look I feel embarrassed about the magazines, I hope you weren’t shocked or upset and hopefully you haven’t mentioned it to anyone” I said

She looked a little surprised then said “Theres nothing to be embarrassed about Paul and No I haven’t said anything, what do you take me for?”

“I didn’t mean it like that Maureen, just I wasn’t sure how it looked from your prospective”

“Well, I was almanbahis giriş a little surprised at some of the magazines, I had no idea you could get them with ladies of my age in, but your secret is safe with me, if that’s what you were worried about” she said

“It’s not that I’m worried or anything I just wasn’t……oh it doesn’t matter I think I’m making no sense, I’ll shut up” I was getting all tongue tied and not really sure what to say next.

“You mean, am I shocked that you like mature ladies, is that what you mean Paul, well put it this way Bill is a lot older than me so why would I be shocked if you liked someone much older” she said.

Thank fuck for that I thought as we continued to chat.

“More wine Maureen” I asked.

Maureen nodded and I went and filled up our glasses, on returning Maureen said “I thought some of the women in the magazines still had lovely bodies for their age, however one or two looked no better than me, not that I looked at all of them” she laughed.

I let out a small laugh and she immediately said “Oh you think they all have better bodies than mine”

She stood up and done a little twirl then said “I don’t look to bad for a woman in her 50’s do I Paul, be honest tell me what you think”

“I think you look great Maureen, I always have done, in fact you look as good as ever”

“Seriously Paul, do I look as good as those in the magazines”, she turned again and looked at her bum saying “My bum is still OK even if the rest of me is heading south”

“You’ve always had a great bum, Maureen; trust me I’ve looked at it often enough”

I couldn’t believe I had just said that and wasn’t sure what her response would be.

“Funny you should say that Paul, but Sarah and myself both think you have the cutest little bum we have seen in some time.”

“Give over” I said

Maureen just laughed a little.

Maureen had sat back down and in doing so her skirt had ridden up her legs a bit giving me a lovely view of her shapely nyloned legs, she made no attempt to pull her skirt back down which she would have done if we were not alone. We continued to drink and chat a little and after I refilled our glasses again, I sat down next to Maureen on the sofa this time.

I could smell her perfume again and sitting this close and I could see down her blouse as she leant back and forth to get her wine, I was suddenly aware that this was not the normal sitting on a sofa with your mother-in-law but more sitting on a sofa wondering if you are going to have a new lover.

“I’m pleased you have booked a holiday away Paul, it will do you good to get away and enjoy yourself after the last few weeks”

“Thanks Maureen, I think it will be just what I need”

“Yeah, a bit of sun, sea, and the sexual attentions of a young lady, or older lady, perhaps? “She smiled “will do you the world of good”

“How was you holiday in Majorca” I asked her

“Well, I had the sun and sea but I’m afraid Bill is not up to it these days, so I settled for wine”

I wasn’t really sure what to say so I just nodded in her direction.

All of a sudden Maureen leant across towards me, put her hand on my face and kissed my cheek. She moved back and we both stared at each other for what seemed like ages and then we were kissing properly, soft, small kisses at first and then full-blown tongues entwined and more passionate. Her hand was stroking my leg and I could feel my cock stiffening, meanwhile I had my hand on her breast cupping it and squeezing it softly through her blouse and bra.

I could feel her nipples start to harden and grow in size as we continued to kiss and touch each other. Her hand was now running across the bulge in my pants and I could feel my cock straining to be out. I moved my hand from her breast and placed it on her leg just below her skirt, her nylons felt so good, smooth and silky to the touch and it wasn’t long before my hand was creeping up her thigh, as it did so she moved slightly to allow her legs to part a little. I soon had my fingers touching her pussy through her nylons and panties, rubbing softly up and down, to which Maureen let out a little moan or two.

Our kissing was still so passionate and before I knew it Maureen had me unzipped and was trying to get my cock out from my tight trousers. We stopped kissing and looked at each other as if to say “should we continue”

“Paul, I want you so much” Maureen said almost apologetically

“God, I want you too” I replied.

She stood up and pulled me up too and we headed up to my bedroom. As we climbed the stairs, I had a great view of her bum and felt I couldn’t miss the opportunity to get both hands on it, I grabbed her bum and Maureen wiggled it as she looked back smiling. When we got into the bedroom, we stood kissing and feeling each other, she was rubbing my cock through my half-unzipped pants, whilst I was squeezing her bum with both hands trying to pull her towards me. We stopped kissing almanbahis giriş and I started to remove my jumper and shirt which she gladly helped me with, even before it was removed, she was running her hands across my chest and gently kissing around my nipples, I held her head gently as she continued to kiss me, then I lifted her head up and kissed her mouth again whilst staring deep into her eyes. I pulled back and started to unbutton her blouse, pulling it out of her skirt as I got lower, I removed it and gently kissed her just above her cleavage, tiny little kisses till I could see her neck turn pink and her nipples start to harden again. I reached around to undo her bra and she had a cheeky grin on her face as I fumbled a little with the clasp, after a few seconds it was open and I removed it to reveal her lovely breasts, not huge but still in nice shape and lovely pink nipples already standing proud. I greedily licked on one nipple as I rolled the other between my finger and thumb, fuck me did they feel good. I looked up at Maureen and she had her head back a little, eyes closed and softly moaning as I continued to pleasure both her nipples. Maureen’s hand now had my zip fully undone as she was trying to tug my pants down, I arose and moved away from her a little to allow her easier access, my pants now around my knees and cock making my boxers look like a tent. I put my hands on her waist reached around and undone her skirt, pulled down the zip and helped it fall to the floor, she stepped out of it and sank to her knees. With both hands she pulled down my boxers and my cock sprang out right in front of her. “Wow, its beautiful Paul” she said looking up at me. She took it in her hand and held it softly in her grip, I could feel my cock going from flaccid to rock hard as she slowly started to wank me. She pulled back my foreskin and a she let out a soft “mmmmm” as my purple helmet revealed itself. She took a stronger grip and started to quicken her pace, the smile on her face was priceless. She stopped wanking me then cupped my balls with one hand, squeezing one then the other, she then started to run little kisses up my shaft till she reached the head. She looked up at me, then after licking the tip for a little while, started to take my rock-hard cock in her mouth. Within seconds she had a lovely rhythm going and as I looked down her head was bobbing back and forth on my cock.

She still had her black nylon pantyhose on and I could see her white panties beneath covering her sexy bum, I was in heaven. I wasn’t sure how long I could last or whether I should pull away so I could fuck her but the whole situation may never be bettered so I stayed put.

Maureen was making all sorts of approving noises as she sucked and licked my cock and the fact that she kept looking up at me and making eye contact made it so, so sexy. “Your cock is wonderful Paul, god its so hard, I love sucking it” Maureen said as took a little breather. “You can suck it whenever you like” I replied. She giggled a little and within seconds was back sucking and wanking.

I knew my time was nearly up and I could feel my thighs stiffen, then my balls start to tighten, soon it was followed by that sensitivity in my helmet. “Oh shit…. I’m going to cum Maureen” I blurted out. I was expecting her taking me out of her mouth and probably end with me just shooting my cum randomly, but she just looked up at me and started sucking and wanking me with greater intensity.

I was about to cum in my mother in laws mouth and I could hold on no longer, I put both hands on her head and held her as I emptied my balls into her mouth, each spurt resulting in a little thrust from me “Aaarghh, oh fuck, aargh” I muttered as my cum shot into her.

Maureen was quiet as she was busy taking every drop from my cock and swallowing it, after a few seconds she took my cock from her mouth and looked up at me “mmmm that was nice, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that”

My breathing was just starting to slow, she stood up and kissed me on the lips, I responded by grabbing her bum again and running my hands across the smooth pantyhose as we kissed. I walked her towards the bed with our tongues still exploring each other, then pushed her gently onto the bed where she was now lying flat on her back, naked from the waist up with just her black pantyhose and white panties beneath. I straddled across her middle and started to kiss her face whilst running my hands over her breasts, softly touching, with light fingers. I kissed her neck, then her shoulders, her chest too. I then took each nipple in my mouth and sucked on it a little until it stood to attention. Lowering myself back onto floor to a kneeling position I continued kissing her stomach, then lower again through the silky pantyhose until I was inches away from her pussy. Her white panties revealed the soft folds of her pussy lips and I traced my finger up and down applying a little pressure to her pussy. Maureen was moaning softly and let out a little gasp as I licked at her pussy through the pantyhose and panties.

She smelt wonderful and I was desperate to taste her pussy at once, I took a firm hold and with both hands on her pantyhose ripped a big hole in them exposing her pantie clad pussy.

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