Ms. Switch Bitch

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This story contains the following themes. Femdom, Maledom, Cuckquean, MFF, anal, threesome. While there is reluctance, all sex is explicitly consensual. All characters are eighteen or older. It’s a bit longer than my usual stories, about 9,000 words. Enjoy.


Diana had always been a fan of fantasy. Her imagination had always been filled with prince’s, princess’s, queens, knights and dragons. As a little girl she wanted to be a princess. She liked pretty things, and being pretty. As she grew she began to enjoy athletics , and fancied herself more of a knight. Later as a teenager she even had a phase where she saw herself as a prince and tried to woo various maidens. It was an embarrassing phase she tried not to think too much about. As an adult she grew into her career and treated herself like a queen, like royalty being courted by various hopeful young men. She was in a high stress, high paying job where she could afford anything she really wanted. Then, finally, she settled upon her current roll. A dragon surrounded by riches, with a pretty captive all to herself.

She wore a black leathery corset that framed and pushed up her bare and impressive D-cups. She wore nothing else but diamonds on her ears and boots up to her knees. She held her slaves leash and pulled his face to her naturally blond crotch. “Earn it fuck-boy.” She ordered Wesley clearly, baring her fangs. “Oh yea, eat it up. Be a good bitch and I might let you come this week.”

She ground herself against him, her eyes burning a bright blue and her perfect body rocking his. He wore nothing but a collar and blindfold, as it should be. “Oh!” She shuddered, her breath hot like fire, She clenched his head tight with her long, strong, taught legs. “Yes!” He was getting better at this every day. She felt extra devious and stepped forward into a squat, making sure to strain his neck, “Hmm!” She held his head with her claws and dug into him as she fucked his face. “Ahh!” She bent her knees and sat fully, forcing his head into the floor carefully. He laid back obediently, “Good boy! Good boy!” She ground into his face as she lowered onto her hands and knees, hugging his head as he circled and flicked her clit. “Oh!” She began to shake. Goosebumps flared up like scales across her flesh. It was like a pot bubbling over. She tried to hold it back as long as she could. The pressure inside her was building to a breaking point.

She cried out with dominant glee. She laughed and shook with pleasure as the orgasm burst out of her heart and through her veins. “Yes! Yes!” She hummed and hugged him tight as she thrashed. “Oh baby! Cute baby!” She giggled and whined and bucked. She had needed this so badly. Everything was burning hot as she flinched with each peak of pleasure. She felt like her tongue was spitting fire.

She felt the fire die down and the waters still to a simmer. She still felt steam in her lungs when she stood on shakeing legs, “You think you earned this?” She walked between his thighs, kicked them open, and put a heel lightly on his cock, pushing it into him. He was fit and thin and tan. Shorter than her, but dominating him still gave her such a rush. His face was pained as he moaned, “Hmm?” She questioned. She stroked the cock, her heel lightly digging into the base each time. “Come on, speak up!” She pushed harder. He was panting now. “If you want it you need to beg.” She put more of her weight into it. “Well?”

“P-Please mistress Diana.” He muttered, “Please, I’ve been good.”

That was all she needed to hear. “Then show me. Show me how much you love me,” She stroked him up and down with her hard boots and hungry eyes. He squirmed under her feet until she recognized the familiar look on his face. She loved teasing him like this. It usually didn’t take this long though. “Are you going to come for mommy? Come on! Do it! Show me!” He spurt out a stream across his midsection. Then another, then it dripped down his body. “So cute.” She mused as she released his member from her boot. “I hope you like that. because there wont be another one until you impress me again.” She knelt down and mounted him, rubbing her body on his and teasing a nipple, “But you did such a good job today. Thank you.” She kissed him deeply. In many ways this was her favorite part. She broke of the kiss and teased his shrinking cock, “I love you.” She coo’ed. This was the best sex, and the best relationship she’d ever been in. She felt like nothing could go wrong in her life.

Diana had a new collar for Wesley. It was pretty, tight, and the thought of him wearing it gave her shivers of anticipation. It had steel spikes going at all angles and fit the medieval fantasy ascetic of her desires. She wore a professional black pantsuit and met her boyfriend at the cafe he worked at for lunch. She had the piece in her purse, ready for just the right moment. Her hair was down and untamed, her demeanor was confidant and assured.

Wesley was in his work uniform. He was a barista. His cute face was topped with short, jet black hair, and his body was toned and ridged. He was short for a man, about Diana’s height. She Tipobet wondered what he wanted to talk to her about. There had only been dating for three months, but she still had hopes. In the back of her mind she wondered if he was brave enough to pop the question so soon. If not, she’d have to. She knew they were perfect for each other. She wasn’t opposed to having to support a man. The role reversal in fact made her feel even more empowered, and even more of good wife. She wanted nothing more than to live with Wesley and please him in any way she could.

“I’m thinking we should break up.” He said after pleasantries.

“Haha.” She laughed. “What?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while,” It wasn’t a joke. Her heart was slowly beginning to turn to ice. “I think I want to start seeing other people.”

Diana had no idea what to say. She had never considered this. She swallowed hard she felt like a submarine taking on water. “You can’t be serious.” She chuckled awkwardly again. His face was stern. “But, why?” it took all her strength to remain calm.

“To be honest, it was fun for a while, but I want to try something else. You know, like, a change of pace.”

“I don’t understand.” Her grip tightened. He couldn’t leave her without a better explanation.

“I think,” He paused in thought, “I want to try being the more dominant one in a relationship.”

“Ha.” She giggled, “Ha ha!” She laughed loudly, “Really? You?” She shook her head. “No way. You’re just so, I mean,”

“I know how much you like doing what you do.” He said, measuring each word carefully. “And I don’t want to force you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. So that’s why I think we should go our separate ways.”

This was too much to put onto her. Her claws scraped against the glass table. “I, I can tone it down.” She offered. “You know, I thought I might have been a bit hard on you. We can try to make it work.” She tried taking deep breaths. “How about we just keep things vanilla for a week and see what happens?”

“I’m sorry.” Her heart felt like a lump of stone. “The life I want, and the life you want, just aren’t the same. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Her voice cracked. “You will be!” She snapped, standing up. “You’ll be begging to come back to me!” Her chest heaved. “You, you,” She felt her emotions rising. She couldn’t let him see her cry. “I’m going back to work now!” She said loudly, “And, And I expect your things to be gone by time I’m back!” She stuttered. “Just leave your keys on the table when you go! Understand!”

He did, and by the time she was back home, she was set upon by an oppressive loneliness. The work day had been stressful, as always, but now there was no outlet. Nothing to take it out on. All she had was her large apartment, her beautifull view of the city, and even more space than before.

She didn’t need him. She had just picked up some guy from the café and they had hit it off. She could find better men. Cuter guys. Smarter ones that wouldn’t leave a perfect woman like her. Guys who would worship her. Guys that weren’t Wesley.

No matter how great they were, they wouldn’t be Wesley.

She had held it in all day, but now she felt it coming. Like water boiling over. She felt her eyes grow wet and her vision blurry. “Fuck!” She cried out as she fell on her couch and collapsed into the cushions. “Fuck you Wesley!” She cried into the furniture. She was horny and depressed and full of anxiety. Normally she’d make dinner, rant about work, and finally make Wesley eat her out for an hour or two before bed. It was the perfect life and Wesley had to fucking ruin it.

He was probably feeling even worse than she was. Of course he was. He was probably nursing a pathetic boner in a basement somewhere. He was never going to find anyone like Diana her ever again. Her sorrow turned to rage again. He was probably getting off work soon. He was probably going to some motel, or back with his parents, or something like that.

She’d like to see that. She’d like to be there when he realized how terrible his decision was to leave her. She changed into her riding gear, it was time to take the bike for a spin. She wore Jeans under her leather chaps, a jacket over her t-shirt, and her helmet shone like armor. He probably wouldn’t recognize her that way. She stood and left her apartment again. She rode through sunset just in time to see him leave his shift. She saw him standing in the dark, alone. She parked a block away and watched him from the shadows. He looked cold. She smirked. Had he even thought this far ahead, maybe he was about to call Diana now, realizing he didn’t even have a ride.

But then another car drove by. The passenger door opened and Wesley entered. Diana taped a nail anxiously on her leathery arm and gripped herself tightly. So he did have a friend. That wasn’t too surprising. The car left and Diana tailed them.

The car pulled into a small apartment complex in the suburbs. Certainly a downgrade from Diana’s place. She was sure to keep a good distance as she watched. Wesley left the car. Then she saw the driver Tipobet Giriş step out and felt an icy chill over her flesh.

It was a girl. A pretty girl. She was young, with brown hair and brown eyes and brown freckles. She struck Diana as a student. A good girl. And demure, innocent, pure-hearted sort of home wrecker. Who did she think she was? How long had Wesley known her? Did he buy that innocent act? She’d probably fucked her whole catholic high school. Slut.

They held hands on the way to one of the building. How disgustingly adorable. She was blushing. Wesley was smiling. Diana tried to calm down her breathing. They looked like they had come home from their first date. What a crock. Her fists with clenched tight as she followed. They made their way to a ground level door and entered. It was the girls keys, her place. Diana found a window to scowl through and made sure to stay covert.

Diana’s stomach growled as she watched them cook together. She didn’t know Wesley could cook. She should have. She tried not to grind her teeth. “Wesley.” The girl said, “I really like having you over.” She smiled. “But, wouldn’t your girlfriend-“

“We broke up.” He answered. Diana seethed.

“Oh.” She pursed her lips and looked away. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Alice.” He started. “How do you feel about me?”

Alice hunched over, “Well,” She gulped, “You’ve always been like a big brother to me.” She started. Diana nearly gagged. “and I feel comfortable around you. I feel safe.”

“I feel the same.” Wesley smiled. “Thank you.”

“Well,” Alice continued, “Why did you ask?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Alice looked perturbed, “We’re you expecting me to say something else?”

“No. Just,” He stopped himself. “I remember a long time ago you said something different.”

“Th-That was dumb!” She shook her head, “You know, I was just a kid back then.” She laughed. “I was confused.”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot recently Alice.” He continued. Diana bit her lip. When had he been thinking about her? Why had Diana never heard of her? “Now that we are roommates, you should know that sometimes, I’ve felt the same.”

“The same?” Her eyes were wide, “Like,”

“Like before, you were just so young you know? We were in different stages in life. I didn’t feel the way you did. But now that your nineteen and I’m twenty four, it doesn’t seem so different.”

Alice was fidgeting with her hair, “A-And now?”

“Well,” Wesley looked at Alice in a way he had never looked at Diana, “Have you ever had a boyfriend?”

“No.” She admitted.


“I was waiting for the right guy.”

“A guy like me?”

“Oh jeez,” She was blushing madly, “Don’t do this to be Wesley!” She couldn’t meet his eyes. “After all this time. You better not be playing with me.” She dared to look at him.

“I want to hear you say it.” He ordered. What authority. He had never spoken to Diana like that. She’d have slapped it out of him.

“I,” The poor girl was shaking, “I love you.” She admitted. “I always have.” She chuckled. “B-But Wesley, this is going way too fast. You just broke up. How do I know this will last?” She asked.

“We’ll take it slow.” Wesley said confidently. “How about a kiss to start?”

“A-A kiss?” Alice hugged herself. “B-But I don’t know how.”

“I’ll teach you.”

Diana was riveted. She shouldn’t be watching this. She had better things to do. She had work tomorrow. She should be watching her ex romance some other girl. Her innards twisted when she saw him pace to Alice and touch his lips to hers.

She tore herself away from the image and felt shame welling up like floodwaters. She felt it trying to break through her eyes and pour down her face. Fuck him. Fuck her. She didn’t need him. She didn’t need anybody. She rode back home in the starlight with the cold wind rushing past her armored body, weaving and gliding like a winged serpent back to her cave. How did her life get so fucked up so quickly? She sobbed and shook and got back home just in time. She wasn’t sure if she could keep her composure for much longer. She threw her helmet across her apartment in a rage. She kicked the air and growled. She needed to get out of her clothes.

She stripped and collapsed on her red velvet bed sheets. It was late and she hadn’t eaten. She was more tired than hungry though. She groaned and wormed under the blanket, curling up in the warmth and hugging herself. She tried to think of anything other than Wesley and Alice.

The next day was terrible. She woke up late and barely had time for coffee, let alone breakfast. She hadn’t eaten this poorly in months. She felt dizzy and lightheaded. “You are usually so punctual.” Her boss commented.

“Sorry sir.” She hated being so subservient. Her collar felt tight. “It won’t happen again.”

“We can’t afford to have anyone under performing this quarter Diana.” He rose an eyebrow. “Remember, I can swap you out with a new graduate any day. The only reason I keep you is because I think you are the best. Understand?” She Tipobet Güncel Giriş nodded. “Let’s put this behind us then,”

It was a long day, a bad day, and she felt cramps all through her body by the time it ended. She couldn’t go home. She couldn’t force her legs to do it. She found her body going through the motions of bringing her to the Oceanside pub. It had been months since she drank, but she needed it. God did she need it. She ordered the greasiest thing she could and as much of the cheapest beer she thought she could drink.

“Hello! My name is Alice, and I will be your server today.” Diana was so caught up in her own mind that she almost didn’t recognize the voice. She was halfway through her order when she stopped and gawked. She blinked to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. “Um, anything else?” Alice asked awkwardly. It was her. It was the home wrecking slut herself in a waitress uniform. She was small and cute in her servers outfit. “Mamn?” Diana coughed and finished the order, “Coming right up,”

“Um, excuse me!” She interrupted. Alice stopped and returned. “Could you, uh,” Diana didn’t even know what to say. “Never mind.” Her voice was cold and resolute. Fate had decided to make this awkward, but she wasn’t going to follow Wesley anymore. She would find what she needed elsewhere. In a bottle if necessary. At least she knew that wouldn’t leave her.

“Okay, if there is anything else you need just call me!” She smiled and scurried off. She was so plain looking. So common. Diana shook her senses back, she shouldn’t be thinking like that. It wasn’t her business. “Here you go!” A large pitcher was brought before her, “Enjoy!”

“Thanks.” What terrible synchronicity. The woman who took her man handed her the medication she chose to deal with it. And the little harlot wasn’t even old enough to drink the stuff herself. She growled as she chugged the first half of the large pitcher in one swig. The burn felt right. She exhaled a hot breath and drank the other half just as quickly. She wasn’t going to waste any time.

She didn’t start feeling it until lowering a third. That was when the food arrived. “Maybe you should slow down?” Alice advised.

“Maybe you should hurry up?” Diana tapped her nails on the wood impatiently. “Maybe you should mind your own fucking business?”

“Okay.” She looked down and away awkwardly. How dare she pretend to be so vulnerable. Diana hated her. She hated that cute fucking face. She hated that tight butt wiggling away. She hated those pert fucking tits. She hated that adorable little smile. She hated that naïve love of life that had been squeezed from Diana during years of school and labor. She hated how old she made Diana feel. She hated how easy it was to order her around, how nice she was, how fucking weak she was. She reminded Diana of her younger self, of being a perfect little princess. “Um,” She arrived with another pitcher. “Here is your drink.”

“About time.” She didn’t feel drunk enough yet. She could still feel everything and it all still hurt. She looked at Alice and saw fear in her eyes. Fuck, she was making a scene wasn’t she? Diana sighed, “I mean, thank you.” She hated saying that to her. Her claws scratched the table, “Stressful day at work.” She explained. “It’s not you-” She stopped. That was a lie, “Well, it is, but, fuck, no, what I mean is,” She rolled her eyes. Words were hard. “Look, if I apologize, would you get me a gin on the rocks without judging me?”

“Sure.” Alice nodded, trying to smile, “Everyone has those days, right?”

“Right. Sorry.” She tried to slap herself more awake, but her cheek was starting to go numb. “Fuck.” She didn’t even know what she was eating. Fried something. It was probably terrible for her. There was a sports game on the television screens around the pub that she could not be bothered to pay attention to. There were knick knacks and odds and ends on the wall. But none of it could distract her. If she couldn’t see Alice, she was imagining her. She couldn’t think of anything else. That bitch took her Wesley away.

“Here is your drink.” Alice put in on the table.

“Thanks.” Diana carefully took a sip. “Hey, Alice?”

“Yes?” She obediently listened.

“Can you answer a question for me?”

“Sure. It is about our menu or-“

“What does Wesley’s dick taste like?”

“I’m sorry?” Alice blinked, slowly beginning to understand the question.

Her face dawned with comprehension as Diana continued, “I never even smelled it, so I don’t know. Can you still taste my fucking boots on it?”

“Ma’am,” Alice looked around with wide, panicked eyes, “I think you’ve had too much-“

“Don’t lie to me you cockgobbling slut!” It burst from her like hellfire. “I know the type. You just can’t wait to fucking fuck him. Not an ounce of self-respect in you. I saw the way you looked when he kissed you last night.” Alice was still, like a deer in the headlights, “You’ve wanted him inside you for years, but humping pillows and crying yourself to sleep just wasn’t enough for you, you had to ruin my fucking life too. Well,” Diana finished her gin in one gulp and stood up, “I wont fucking take it! I-” her legs failed her and she stumbled to the floor. “Shit!” She crawled to her hands and knees. She felt sick. “Oh hell.” She rubbed her head. “I hate you!” She looked up, “You thirsty cunt!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32