More of Tito’s Torment

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Randa really enjoyed talking to Eiken. Eiken had elegant Old World features and short, feathered hair tinged with white. Eiken had been Tito’s dominant partner before Randa and then continued to hold Tito’s keys on a long distance basis.

Randa really enjoyed dating Tito, and it had been a great year. Tito Santucci was a famous landscape architect, and his work was featured in the state magazine, and he was fairly wealthy for one so young, and spoiled Randa silly.

But his manners and his sexual prowess, by his own admission had come from the training of several dominant women, the most meaningful having been Eiken.

Tito had trained Randa a bit in how to be an effective tease/denial Goddess and dominant Mistress, had encouraged her to thrash his bare bottom with any implement she could find…

But Randa was very pleased to finally meet Eiken, who lived in Canada now.

It had been a great visit!

Eiken had told Randa all about her many years in the scene, and her ex-husband back in Chicago, the first man who’d asked her to dominate him.

“I was just a sweet young thing.” Eiken said, laughing. “And Cecil asked me to spank him, and tease him, and then the CB-6000 came. And gradually I got Cecil to get a manicure-long French nails-he was independently wealthy from inventing some silly video game.

And he could stay home! And eventually, through denying his orgasms, I was able to convince Cecil to shave off his body hair, and then get modest A-cup implants that “Cecile” could hide when we visited his parents.”

Randa snorted with laughter.

“But after Cecile got her wang chopped, and a hole put in there, I lost interest in him, if not Female Led Relationships. Before I left Chicago I heard Cecile was the full time nelly slave to a huge black male bus driver.”

She laughed lightly. “Then for a bit, I was the paramour of Devol Pumphrey-Gawler, who is on the Buttermilk Falls Circuit Court, and that’s how I got here.

And I am afraid when Judge Pumphrey-Gawler got caught with a huge dildo up his ass as he sat naked under his black robe, hearing cases.”

“You know, Eiken” Randa said, “I’ve spent the last few months going to these BDSM munches, and hanging out at that kinky place in downtown Buttermilk Falls, the PainCafe.

I’ve met many of the men in Tito’s Men’s Chastity Group, and the impression I get is that most male submissves are out of shape and have quite low self-esteem.”

Eiken nodded earnestly. “That’s true, Randa. The guys sometimes hide it in public by being blustery and commanding, but no smart girl misses that they’re basically lard lumps.”

Eiken thought of her own slave-Isolde was an artist, and far more hard-core than Tito. Still in Ontario, Isolde had asked for a “torture party” which involved tying her naked to the dining room table, spread-eagled.

Then Eiken paid some blue collar folk, quite a number of vulgar men and women from town sat around, eating, smoking and putting out their butts on Isolde’s body.

Now and then, one grotesque guy-it was their trash man usually-would get up and unzip and stick his dick in Isolde’s mouth, and it kept her quite busy.

Between being teased by various fingers on her shaved vaj and having her nipples twisted, it was quite an experience for Isolde, who despised poor, badly mannered folk.

But when Eiken had informed Isolde she was leaving for a week, Isolde asked if the group that generally tortured her could move in the house for the time Eiken was gone.

And, while Eiken was in the States, Isolde would be kept busy!

Now Eiken shifted. She was wearing one of those sweaters that falls off the shoulder. It was a loose shift, but yet in emphasized all the older woman’s curves.

“But Tito isn’t like that.” Randa replied. “He’s quiet and masculine and in good shape, and doesn’t play weird mind games. I’m amazed that he’s a submissive.”

As Randa finished her sentence, Tito came into the room with some delicious little finger sandwiches for the ladies, as well as a clay pot filled with chamomile tea.

Tito was fun to look at, his frame wasn’t a large one, but he was still quite muscled and ridged, and he had compelling gray eyes.

Randa had learned to enjoy strap-on sex, slamming a big dildo in Tito’s narrow ass, and giving him ice-cold punishment enemas when she was feeling peeved, as he really was a wonderful and well-behaved man.

Tito smiled at the girls. He wondered if he might be allowed an orgasm today, for old time’s sake. He set the tray down on the coffee table enjoying the sight of the two women he loved lounging on the couch. Eiken of his past, and Randa of his present.

Eiken was a more serious type, and Randa, despite her PhD, was a minx, an impudent redhead with a riotous mop of strawberry curls.

“If you guys don’t need anything else-” Tito wanted them to have their privacy to discuss whatever they liked, especially if it was about him.

After all, Eiken could teach Randa some tricks that she’d used Tipobet to control and tease Tito. He’d suffered under Eiken’s rule, but also had enjoyed it greatly.

When he’d met Randa, through her sister Rosamunde, she’d discovered the chastity piercing, and with the nimble use of a hairpin, she’d freed Tito’s cock, and they’d messed around a bit, but before he’d gotten to cum, she’d suggested she should lock him back up till she learned more about this.

And since then, he’d had about four orgasms. And she’d given him long massages, stroking and toying with his bulging penis, and this just seemed to make him more devoted and more obedient.

Randa had given Tito a blowjob, early on, just to show him what he’d be missing, and he’d loved it, but wouldn’t cum in her mouth until he’d gotten permission.

God, Tito loved Randa. So youthful. She didn’t have a hair on her body below her nose, and her figure was so toned and how energetic.

He could kiss and touch her cupcake breasts, her heart shaped ass and her long legs for hours, and although he usually was even more horny…but it was so worth it. But Eiken was quite cruel and imaginative, and Tito had missed that.

Now Randa looked up at Tito with a smile. “Why don’t you sit between us, baby? I miss you.”

Tito grinned and stepped closer, about to wedge himself between the women.

“Wait, Tito” Eiken said a little coldly. “Disrobe for us. I may want to show Randa some pressure points on your build.”

Eiken had never been as cuddly as Randa was, and perhaps the new relationship was messing with her head a bit.

Tito looked slightly shocked and doubtful at the order to strip. After all, he was not under Eiken’s rule anymore.

He turned and looked down at Randa, who raised an arch eyebrow.

Tito bit his lip and pulled his tee shirt over his head, and then his boots and jeans and boxers. He moved around to the other side of the coffee table and sat shyly between the two beautiful women.

His pierced penis, the glans locked with the scrotum, putting his cock in a painful loop, when aroused began shaking a bit. He desperately wanted to have a nice, unfettered erection.

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.” Eiken said a little sharply, and Tito nodded.

Randa reached up and messed with his hair playfully and gave him a reassuring smile. She was equally as strict as Eiken, but in a much sweeter way.

“I love the loop that goes through his cock head” Randa said gleefully. “Sometimes I cuff his wrists and unlock him and string a chain through the loop and pull him around with it…”

Eiken said “Do you ever tease him so long that he bursts into tears from frustration? Then I’d say “Tito do you want me to stop?” and he’d shake his head, tears coursing down his cheeks.”

The older woman laughed and slapped the tip of Tito’s dick carelessly.

“Yes, I’ve done that, or rather we’ve experienced that, and also I’ve alternately whipped him till his cock went down and then teased him again.” Randa said reminiscently. “It’s a bit of a bear for the poor guy, but quite funny.”

Eiken caressed Tito’s penis and then his cheek. “Look at adorable Randa, Lady Miranda to you. That beautiful young body…and you can’t fuck her, can you? Or you can, but you can’t cum, and you know she’s fucking others.”

Tito looked at Randa, who smirked at him, and he felt a tear roll down his cheek.

“But this is what you want, isn’t it?” Eiken said softly, kissing his ear. “You could have taken back the key to your piercing when I moved to Canada, but you didn’t. You could be fucking tons of young women.”

“He is so cute” Randa said, as she fondled Tito’s balls. “And yet he needs teasing, punishment and humiliation.”

“Humiliation especially” Eiken said, running a long sharp nail over the pulsing vein under Tito’s cock. “At the PainCafe,

I would be wearing an evening gown, and flirting with young men and women, and Tito would be in full face makeup, stark naked, sucking off bi boys by the door. And he was so embarrassed when I’d toast him with a glass of bubbly and laugh.”

“Oooh.” Randa said, smiling. “We should do that at their next banquet. Eiken will have to show me what lip gloss you look best in, and I’ll refresh it all night as you suck cock. How would that be?”

“If-if that’s what you want, Lady Miranda.” Tito said lamely. But both women could tell that his cock was lengthening and sticking straight up.

He wasn’t gay, not at all, but the humiliation was invigorating.

Eiken smiled. “It’s just good for him, reduces his ego, all his friends telling him what a great rugby player he is, that kind of crap. I thought of making Tito quit rugby and just stay in shape by doing jumping jacks and other calisthenics while I supervised with a bullwhip, but I couldn’t break his heart.”

“He loves Rugby” Randa agreed. “And the young women he sometimes plays with giggle when he tackles them. And this is why the forced bi can help convince Tito that at heart, Tipobet Giriş all he is really is a sad chaste little sissy-bitch.”

Tito felt a bit exposed by his impromptu nudity, especially since his penis was locked in its Prince Albert chastity loop, a ring through his scrotum.

Then there was another penetrating his glans, his penis trapped between the two rings as they were connected by a tiny padlock.

His penis would shake and try to erect, which was of course impossible.

Eiken had been keeping the key up in Ontario, but had sent it back to Buttermilk Falls, directly to Randa, who she’d never met at that time, of course.

It had been a quick response when Tito had fired her an e-mail saying he’d found another “owner.” Eiken had been a little jealous, but happy for her old boyfriend.

Of course by the time she’d sent the key, Randa had used a hairpin to unlock the little padlock. When Randa had finally let Tito cum the first time it had been nearly six months, since his last visit to Ontario to serve Eiken for a weekend.

The young couple had done some fucking and sucking, but Tito had explained reluctantly that he was at his most submissive when having to work for a rare orgasm.

And, in the past thirteen months he’d cum about four times!

Now, Randa snuggled under Tito’s muscular arm and of course looked tiny, especially as she lay her curly mop on his toned chest.

Although Randa was dominant, she loved it that Tito could hold her protectively, and they could cuddle together. He’d explained once that mutual affection didn’t always have to mean both parties would cum…

Eiken watched with a smile as Randa’s left hand, closest to Tito, reached out and began playing with his locked loop of a cock idly.

As her slender fingers trailed around his cruelly curved shaft, his cock, in desperation to straighten into an erection, moved and shook.

“I found out what a great fuck Tito is, Randa said with a giggle. “He can pound me time and again and he won’t cum without my permission.”

Eiken laughed loudly. “You can thank me for that, my dear. He was a bit of a premature ejaculator when I met him.

Both females smiled as Tito’s skin, usually a beautiful Mediterranean olive flushed an intense red.

Eiken leaned in and began lightly rolling her long, dexterous fingers over Tito’s ball sack. She estimated that it must have been a long time and lots of teasing since they’d been emptied.

“The first time Tito came without permission in my twat, I made him lick it all out and then I caned his cock with a metal ruler. Remember that, Tito?” Eiken asked this with a low chuckle.

Tito looked shamefaced. He did remember. It had been quite painful. And of course as he’d endured the penis punishment, he’d cried and Eiken had cruelly imitated him.

“We went through extensive series of training exercises-me rubbing his wee-wee until it was very hard, and then ordering him to go soft.” Eiken smiled at the memory.

“If he didn’t go limp fast enough sometimes I would burn his dong with my car cigarette lighter.”

Randa looked puzzled.

“Back in the day, before you were born, people used to smoke in their cars, and there were these little pegs that you could push into your dashboard, and it would go very hot, and you could light a cigarette with it.”

Eiken thought about how she now used the lighter to make little red marks on Isolde’s generous bosom.

“Yeah, I think I really am too young to remember those.” Randa said breezily as she ran a forefinger up and down Tito’s frenulum, the sensitive area just below Tito’s cock head.

The ladies watched as Tito’s throbbing shaft, still painfully looped bounced a bit of its own accord.

“He’ll tell me if I’m going too far.” Randa said as she cocked her head and gave Tito a long kiss. “So about the car lighter?”

Annoyed slightly that Randa reminded her of the extreme age difference between them (Randa was twenty-five, Tito twenty-eight and Eiken a well preserved forty-seven) Eiken continued the story, somewhat acidly.

“Well, I’m not so old. Tito restored a Dodge Dart Swinger from the Seventies and gave it to me as a birthday present. But anyway after I’d used the car lighter to correct him a few times, Tito was able to go small when I demanded it.”

Eiken lifted her hand and pinched Tito’s nipple, hard. “We’d drive around and I’d take Tito’s cock out as he was at the wheel, and I’d give him an impromptu hand job and then burn him with the car lighter if he didn’t go tiny when I snapped my fingers.”

Eiken squeezed Tito’s scrotum a bit and he moaned. He was loving and hating this torture. Truly, he hoped Eiken would stay a while, but he knew she had to go back to Ontario and Isolde.

He also desperately hoped he would be jerking off soon. Oh, please.

What would happen? Recently, Randa had been talking about getting Tito a tattoo on his ass “Entry In Rear” with an arrow to the crack, but he knew he couldn’t Tipobet Güncel Giriş deal with something like that in the showers at his health club.

“What’s wrong, baby, are you afraid the other men will decide to sodomize you as you’re bathing.” Randa had laughed. “Don’t drop the soap!”

And boy had Tito’s cock gotten excited considering the shame! It was hard enough to hide his piercing when he was in the locker room…but a tattoo, God.

Randa was talking as her fingers shifted on his penile tip.

“You really did train him, Eiken and it’s nice because I can cum four or five times from his nice big dick and Tito holds off his orgasm. And then I just ice him down after I’m satiated and he goes back in his piercing.”

She paused and tickled Tito’s foreskin.” Usually he just pleases me with his tongue and I don’t have to unlock him at all.”

Randa laughed and flashed Tito a boob from the cleavage of her tight shirt.

“And he’s very nice, he doesn’t hint and whine and hint that it’s been a long time like some of the guys I’ve met at the PainCafe. They like the idea of chastity but not the reality. It’s like they jerk off to the idea of not being able to jerk off.”

Eiken clucked. “That’s right. He’d give me those piteous looks at first, and then once I said “Take off your clothes, baby. I know it’s been a long time and you deserve a treat.”

Tito remembered this story.

“And once he was naked I took Tito over my knee and I gave him fifty with my fiberglass riding crop until he was really weeping. And I told him that was what he’d get if he hinted again, even with a look.”

Tito felt pain but more arousal when he remembered this. It was peculiar. Tito had been raised in a loving family, girls had always adored him he’d spent his university years sport-fucking super-models.

Tito had met many of them as he was hired to massage them, and offer Pilates and yoga classes…it was a good way to work his way through school. And then, in his early twenties he’d given in to his other fantasies, and never looked back.

A portion of Tito’s family was mobbed up, and although the two factions of the Santuccis were firmly apart in career and legalities, they were fiercely loyal in their friendship.

Tito and his cousin Fabrizzio had discovered their mutual interest in BDSM, and had surreptitiously exchanged femdom online links as well as magazines for years.

It was interesting, because Fabrizzio was a fierce and scary guy on the outside, and actually worked as a hitman as well as in gun sales. When Tito had discovered that Fab was, despite his fearsome reputation in a chastity belt and had a key holder who dominated and whipped Fab and made him wear sissy regalia from time to time, it had fascinated Tito!

Eiken (for it had been she) had told poor Fab that as price of one of his jerk-off times that he would have to shame himself in front of a family member, had probably risked her life…

But fortunately for her, Fabrizzio had already apprised Tito of his peculiarities.

Tito had come and watched Fab. remove his gun and strip naked and take a precious whipping and other humiliations before being given the key. Eiken had been slightly shocked when Tito also had stripped and knelt in front of her…

As Eiken and Tito had more of an attraction, Tito had begun dating Eiken, and they’d been very close until of course she’d left town with Isolde.

Having Eiken visit had filled quite a hole in his soul (and sometimes in his rectum) though he was very much besotted with Randa.

Eiken apparently had visited Fabrizzio since she’d been here, as apparently she still had a long-term chastity contract with him, similar to the one she had had with Tito before he’d met Randa.

Eiken probably also dropped by for a session with her judge client, Devol Pumphrey-Gawler, which indicated how wide on the legal and social spectrum the male submissive paraphilia seemed to expand.

Now, Randa was compelled by the idea of Eiken making poor Tito lose his erection at a whim.

Eiken moved a forefinger down and tickled Tito’s anus.

“Yes, but you don’t have to ice him down at all. Tell Tito to “go tiny” or “limp down” and he will be in thirty seconds, or there will be severe consequences., even if you continue to rub and massage his member.”

Tito shuddered. He had not enjoyed the training to lose his erection on demand, and worried he wouldn’t be able to still do it, as Eiken had left and that training had stopped eighteen months ago.

As Eiken was a bit of a martinet, there was a good chance she would have to give him the reminder of a cock whipping right there in front of his beloved Randa.

Did he want Eiken giving gentle Randa any scary ideas?

Randa had learned to manipulate a hairbrush, a crop and a belt quite punitively, and had made Tito dance with the Syrian bullwhip he’d gotten her on their anniversary.

But nothing like what Eiken would do when she was irked!

“Well, I like Tito’s wee-wee all hard now.” Seeing Tito’s look of relief, Randa shifted up and kissed her Tito on the nose affectionately. She was not quite as acerbic as Eiken could be.

Randa leaned down and took her ankle bracelet off, which was where she kept the piercing key.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32