My Boss, My Uncle, My Lover?

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My uncle was kind enough to let me work in his office until I could decide what I wanted to do with my life. Six years of college and 4 majors later, I still have no degree. Thank goodness I have a pleasant voice and I can file. I had been working in the office for several months when I happened to answer the phone at his desk. Well, it was once of my favorite customers, so I flopped down and started to chat it up with him. I must have bumped the desk and wiggled the mouse because the screen saver clicked off. To my surprise he had left a porn site open on his screen. Some not so hot housewife was on her web cam fucking her toys! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So, I cruised around a little bit and found that he had been to several porn sites, but seemed to have a few favorites that he viewed daily. Shit, I totally forgot the conversation! I had no idea what the customer was saying so I just took a quick message and kicked him off the phone.

I just couldn’t believe that he was looking at a porn site while we were working together! I mean I would be in my little office and my uncle was just on the other side of the wall cruising porn. At first I was upset about the whole matter, thinking what a pervert he was. But then I started wondering if he was getting any from my aunt and if it was any good. I love my aunt but she is such a prude. We had somehow had a conversation about sex once, and he mentioned that they hardly ever had oral sex and never anal sex. I mean come on, there has to be some excitement somewhere. She probably doesn’t like anything but missionary. BORING! Now, the more I think about it ,the more I want him to start thinking and fantasizing about me! What lead to these sick thought I’ll never know, but more and more these thoughts consumed my day.

As the weeks go by, my mind just wonders while I work. I start thinking about how I could pull it off. How could I seduce my uncle? How could I convince him to just fuck me. I start thinking of all the fun stuff I could get him to do. Things his wife wouldn’t even think, much less do. There would be times I would be sucking on a piece of candy imagining it was his dick! Sometimes, bursa otele gelen escort I would get so hot thinking about it that my thongs would be SOAKING. I could smell my sex all over my office. Then, other times I would have such guilt. I would think “this is my aunt’s husband” and “She will never forgive me.” I wasn’t raised this way; incest was forbidden! Unfortunately, lust seems to override all other thoughts, and once I gave up the moral fight, a plan started to take shape in my mind.

It was a pretty straight forward plan. First, I was going to change how I dressed and acted around him at work. Maybe if I start dressing a little more provocative and dropping little hints and double meanings then I can trick him into initiating our little seduction. Guys always have such dirty minds that just about any word or phase has a sexual meaning. Second, I wanted to find out what type of porn he was into. I mean if he can look at that boring, plain housewife with that sloppy cunt and get turned on, then it should be smooth sailing for me. In my mid-twenties, I have maintained my figure nicely. My blondish brown hair is cut into a long bob that thankfully is still silky soft even after years of highlighting. My breast are a nice C-cup with half dollar nipples that let harden at the slightest change in temperature or pressure. They are almost like automatic headlight that turn on and off at will! Shapely hips and tight ass round out nicely into legs that go forever. I mean at 5’10” with a 36″ inseam it’s a long way from top to bottom. Plus add a 2-3″heel and there is NO stopping me. There is just enough padding spread around to make me perfectly feminine: all round and curvy! Anyways, on with the plan…

Step One: Stepping up the wardrobe from jeans and t-shirts to “appropriate” office wear should be easy. His mother the “office manager” who thinks she really runs the place is always bitching about my office attire. “You need to be more professional, blah, blah, blah!” Oh she’ll get professional alright, but I’m not sure what profession I might chose! Starting with pant suits and working into escort bayan skirts and heels, my new normal outfit leaves not much to the imagination. A mid thigh or shorter skirt that shows off my legs is almost always paired with my heels. Unless, of course I wear my sandals… I’ve found if I let it dangle on the end of my foot as we chat that it draws his attention to my legs. Just having him look me up and down makes me just wet! My tops get lower and my cleavage gets more exposed. Just last week I “happened” to drop something as he walked passed. Well of course I had to bend over to get it. Needless to say I noticed my uncle looking at my half exposed breasts. Just thinking of his gaze running across the soft swell of my cleavage made my nipples harden in anticipation. Thankfully I was able to maintain my composure as I stood up and looked him in the eyes. I could tell by his flushed expression that he was interested to say the least.

Thinking to up the ante I’ve started to cruise the web looking for his profile in the many sites he frequents. Nothing to say you can’t start Step Two while fulfilling Step One! Unfortunately, I was only able to remember part of his handle and was nearly caught twice trying to find it on his computer. I didn’t realize how many handles start with Blue…, but I have found many stories and pictures that keep me lustful at work. Last Monday is just a prime example of how things are progressing. The new standard dress code: short skirt with a split, button down top three buttons down of course, and Victoria’s Best yellow to add a little flavor… accept I threw in a little extra or should I say left off a little extra. My little yellow thong stayed at home. It has become intoxicating to feel my excitement on my lips and down my thighs while I’m at work.

Needless to say, I saved all the filing for the last week for this day. Since the filing cabinet is just opposite my uncle’s desk , I can “unintentionally” wiggle my ass toward his face. Funny thing is that I can feel his heated gaze work up and down my legs and my ass as I slowly file things. Oohh! This is the fun part. Teasing him and mudanya escort getting hot about it! Now I think I will file things in the bottom file. Normally, I would squat down to push anything in this file, but now I’m going to bend over and slowly file the stack of papers. Slowly I bend over as I open the drawer. I feel my skirt inching gradually higher and higher. The cool breeze touches my damp lips as my skirt nearly exposes my treasures. I blush secretly because the longer I work the wetter I get. It almost feels as though it is dripping over my lips and down my inner thigh. The phone rings and I hear him clear his throat as he goes to answer. I smile knowingly. I intentionally flash him and smirk as he asked the customer to repeat himself. Apparently, he is having a “hard” time concentrating while he fantasizes about my ass.

Quickly, I turn my head as I stand up and catch him staring the checks of my ass. I raise a questioning eyebrow as I smile seductively and wiggle my ass as I walk back into my office. He didn’t say much, but I could tell from the way he answered the phone that he was starting to get the message. His voice was a little huskier that usual and he answered the phone in short phrases over long pauses. My flashing has turned me on so much that I’ve decided to discreetly relieve myself at my desk. I rush to open up my favorite story of a niece being forcefully taking by her uncle. Reading over it, I flood my crotch and have to pull my skirt up off my bottom to keep from making a stain. Slowly, I pull out my keyboard to cover my lap and I start fingering my clit. It is getting so hot in here! I hear my uncle talking to a customer on the phone and I imagine him bending me over his desk to finger my cunt. I can hardly contain my moans as I begin forcefully finger my cunt. Thinking that these are his fingers touching me so deep and his voice so quietly whispering in my ear I start nearing climax. The harder and faster I go, the wetter and hotter I get. I reach up and pinch my nipple hard as I start to cum. The pain intensifying the pleasure. Flooding my cunt, my juices gush over my hand, down my thighs, and into the chair. I bring my hand to my mouth to lick my fingers clean. Sweet as honey and intoxicating as wine. Slowly as my lustful haze clears, I notice movement out of my office window. As I slowly turn my head, I see my uncle walking passed. He doesn’t look at me, but I wonder exactly what did he see… (To Be Continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32