My Daughter , Her Friend

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As I write, I am still in a state of amused shock and more than a little aroused at the antics I witnessed last night.

For background, I must go back eleven years. Sandy and my daughter, Gale, started school together in our little coastal village’s primary school. They became firm friends and often Sandy would sleep over at our house or Gale over at her house. Five years later, Sandy’s family moved to the city. When Sandy came to say goodbye, we extended the usual open invitation to visit as often as she cared. We meant it, both my wife and I had grown very fond of this little girl.

Our invitation was taken literally, and it has become tradition for Sandy to spend all school holidays with us. My wife and I have always thought it was because of the boys and our lovely little beach which attracts so many holiday makers, and of course, more boys. Both girls have had a string of boyfriends as is usual for teenagers of their age.

They have developed into young ladies. My little Gale has a stunning figure. We are not too prudish around our house when only the family is around, so I often see my daughter naked. While I affect not to pay too much attention to her nakedness, I must confess to taking in as much as possible of her figure when the opportunity arises. She is a tallish girl, with firm, well formed breasts that jut out proudly, a flat stomach which sweeps down to a tight looking little pussy, and long, shapely legs. She obviously trims her bush, which always looks neat. Her bum is well formed and sexy. My daughter is a looker in anyone’s language. She looks especially pretty when her long blond hair is pulled back into a pony tail.

I have seen Sandy naked as well on a few occasions, usually when they forget to close the door to my bedroom while using the only shower, which is en-suite. She is smaller than Gale but well formed. Sandy has a pretty, mischievous little face, and a lovely nature. I love the girl as if she is a daughter. While she is not as pretty as Gale, she has her own particular looks that make her stand out from the crowd.

For as long as I can remember, the girls have always showered together. I have never thought anything of it until last night. I collected Sandy from her home in the city and drove her home. Gale met us at the gate, and of course, the two girls embraced. I was startled when I noticed Sandy’s tongue slip into Gale’s mouth, and my daughter responding. I showed no reaction, but curiosity was piqued.

My wife, a nurse went to work, and the two girls went to Gale’s room & closed the door. My suspicions bursa yabancı escort were by now thoroughly aroused. I waited a decent interval until I called from the passage for the girls to come and eat supper. The bedroom door opened a few inches and Sandy called that they were not hungry and would eat later. There was no sign of Gale.

By now I was convinced that the girls were having some form of sex together. I am not shocked at the idea of my daughter having lesbian sex. I know that she is keen on boys and I see nothing wrong with enjoying sex with a member of the same sex. While I have never had sex with a man, I think that we all have a streak of homosexuality in us. I have always felt that if a man who is attractive to me ever crosses my path, I could end up experiencing homosexual sex. I enjoy getting a blow job from my wife, she has no objection to swallowing my load, I enjoy licking her pussy and tonguing her clit, we both enjoy having our little arseholes invaded by each other’s fingers. In fact, it’s not unusual for me to push my pecker up my wife’s arsehole and ream her until we both cum. Homosexuals of both sexes do much the same thing don’t they? They just seem to prefer it with the same gender. Am I a potential bi-sexual? But I digress….

I am a self confessed snoop. I like to know what is going on around me, and go to extraordinary lengths to get the information I need to satisfy my curiosity. Last night, I made my plans carefully.

My first step was the magnanimous concession that they could sleep on the sleeper couch in the lounge in front of the television. By leaving the porch light on, a lot of light filters into the lounge through the frosted glass of one of the windows. I then found my old opera binoculars, and, while the girls were in the shower, removed the bulb from the one place that might expose the space from where I planned to eavesdrop on the little buggers. It might sound childish to you, the reader, but I had to know.

I usually go to bed early, especially when my wife works night shift. I am also blessed that I fall asleep easily, and normally, nothing wakes me for the first two or three hours. My kids know this. At eight thirty I called “Goodnight” and went to bed, where I pretended to sleep.

Sure enough, thirty minutes later, Gale quietly opened my door. “Fast asleep” I heard her whisper. I waited five minutes then quietly crept to my hiding place. I sleep in the nude, so I was absolutely quiet. I did not even need the opera glasses. I had the perfect view.

They bursa sınırsız escort had wasted no time. The TV was still on, with only soft music issuing from the channel they were watching a little earlier. Enough I reasoned, to drown any sudden noises that might issue from their love making. Gale was already undressed and was helping Sandy remove her nightgown. As soon as they were both naked, they embraced, kissing deeply, pressing their tits against each other. As I watched, their nipples grew hard. Gale was rubbing her hands over Sandy’s bum. Sandy’s right hand went straight to Gale’s snatch and her fingers slid up and down my daughter’s little pussy lips. In the ample light, I could see that both girls were already wet. Their cute little pussies glistened with wetness.

Gale groaned suddenly, and her legs buckled as she had her first orgasm. Sandy gently lowered her to the sleeper couch. All this time, their lips had not yet parted, They were kissing with a tenderness and a passion that I found both touching and exciting. By now, I was sporting a raging hard on as I watched the two “little” girls pleasuring each other.

Then Sandy’s lips moved down Gale’s neck, towards her breasts. First she sucked on one nipple, and then the other. I could see how skillfully she used her tongue. Then she threw one leg over Gale’s, and began to grind her pussy against Gale’s thigh as she kissed my daughter behind the ear, one arm around the neck, hugging her tightly, the hand of the other cupping one of Gale’s breasts. I could see Sandy building up to orgasm. The cheeks of her bum contracted as she pressed herself to Gale. She shuddered and then slowly relaxed. She lay back. I could see the wet patch of her juices on Gale’s thigh. I was amazed how quiet they were. They lay for awhile in each other’s arms, whispering words I could not hear and kissing. Then, as if by common consent, they gently began to stroke each other’s pussies again.

Then Gale swung around and moved so that her pussy was touching Sandy’s. They maneuvered so that their clits were exposed and then began grinding their pussies against each other’s, slowly at first, then with mounting speed as they built up to orgasm, which they achieved together. I could clearly see their faces as they indulged in this very sexy method of lovemaking. Their gasps filled the room as anticipation of the increasing intensity of pleasure filled their young bodies. This method of them screwing each other was such a turn on to me, that I nearly came there and then.

I görükle escort don’t know what the female equivalent of a Stallion is, but these two had still not had enough. I was amazed. They had already had two orgasms each within the last forty minutes, on top of how many earlier on in the evening. A quick shift of position and they were in the sixty nine, Sandy on the top and Gale at the bottom. I could smell their arousal and found it stimulating. My prick was jerking spasmodically, and I knew that before would be able to sleep, I would have to have a session with Mother Palm and her five daughters.

The two girls ate each other passionately for awhile. My little Gale is definitely the hornier of the two girls. She peaked long before Sandy, who seemed to take great pleasure in her friend’s body writhing beneath her. I noticed that both girls concentrated on tonguing each other. They would slide their fingers up each other’s pussies, but not too deeply. I suspect that both their hymens are still intact. Sandy began to cum. Her moans increased as she ground her pussy into Gale’s face, whose tongue I could clearly see as it flickered around her friend’s engorged clit. As she did this, she was pulling Sandy’s pussy down to her mouth. Her finger penetrated Sandy’s little anal ring.

They lay, hugging and kissing for awhile, whispering words that I could not hear, to each other. Then Sandy got to her knees and moved down to Gale’s pussy. She inserted thumb & forefinger into Gale and lubricated them with her juices. Then she inserted the thumb into Gale’s pussy and the other finger into the anal ring. Her mouth found Gale’s clit as she moved thumb and forefinger in and out of the holes they were invading. Gale went wild. She forgot that they were supposed to be quiet, and made enough noise the wake the dead as her body squirmed in pleasure beneath her friend.

Her orgasm came quickly this time, and I assume that Sandy had discovered a new trick. Quickly they swapped positions, and then it was Sandy who was moaning in pleasure at the sensation of a finger probing hitherto unexplored territory. She climaxed as quickly as Gale had done. Finally, the two stallions’ had had enough.

The intensity of their last orgasms seemed to have drained them. They lay down, pulled the sheets and blankets over their naked bodies, cuddled up to each other and went to sleep. I wondered if they would still be naked in the morning.

I crept back to my bedroom. I needed relief as well by now. I spread a little lube on to my prick, and gently stroked my prick as I relived what I had just seen. I had been turned on for over an hour, so my balls were full. My orgasm when it came, was so intense, it was nearly painful. My jism came in three long spurts, the first load landing on my chest. It was one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time, thanks to my daughter and her friend.

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