My Daughter’s Friend

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I returned from the kitchen, set my coffee cup on the table in front of me and settled into the over-stuffed sofa. It was old now, but after adding a heavy canvas slipcover, it was as good as new, as far as I was concerned. It was just so comfortable; one could sink so deeply into it, cradled like a baby, that I couldn’t get rid of it. I propped my stocking feet onto the table, adjusting the thin flannel lounge pants I wore as I moved.

Reclined in the chair adjacent to the sofa was my daughter, Heather. She was looking cute in her own pair of flannel pants, although hers were pink and mine were plaid. She wore a thin white tank top that exposed the belly button she had pierced a few months prior on her eighteenth birthday. Through the thin material of her top, I could see the small dark circles around her nipples. It wasn’t cold in the house; being early autumn in the upper Midwest, I already had the heat turned on, but her nipples stood erect, jutting against her top.

Heather took a long drag from her cigarette as she flipped pages of a magazine on her lap. I found it unsettling to watch her smoke. I took up the habit twenty years earlier at fourteen and had regretted it for over half that time. It was the one thing I didn’t want to see my daughters do. In fact, I tried my damndest to prevent it. Heather picked up the habit herself when she started college.

She almost made it, I thought to myself. I’d always figured that the cartoons promoting cigarettes were apropos, since by the time a person reached adulthood, they were far too sensible to take on such an ignorant habit. I lit my own cigarette jus as Heather stubbed out hers.

She was engrossed in her magazine as I kept staring at her, thinking back through her life. She was born when her mother and I were only sixteen years old. For the most part, she lived a normal life and was even a fairly well-behaved child, up until her last year of high school. Her grades plummeted, she began partying too frequently, hanging out with too many boys (doing the same things her mother did at that age, I’m sure), and fighting with her mom.

The fighting was the reason she moved in with me. Neither one of them could stand the other any longer. My relationship with my daughter was, and had always been, much more relaxed, seeing as she only lived with me for about two and a half years of her life, prior to this latest move.

I had a four year marriage to her mother that began when we were twenty-one, around the time I was entering the Navy. I had one deployment during that time that kept me away for nearly a year and a half and right around the time my enlistment was due to end, my ex-wife and I separated. The result was me being a part-time dad to Heather and her younger sister, Rebecca (a wonderful result of the short marriage), and a part-time friend. I’ve never been much of the heavy-handed type, so, more often than not, the friend in me came out.

As I silently reminisced, my eyes continually wandered from her flat belly to the two nubs poking her tank top. The circles around them were extremely dark. Heather rarely wore a bra around the house, preferring just the light tank tops or a loose t-shirt, and, there had been many occasions when I’d seen right down her top.

Her breasts were smooth, beautifully formed orbs, topped of with large nipples and small areola. Her skin was naturally dark, a year-round tan she called it, which probably gave the areola their dark tone. Her breasts, I’m guessing a C-cup, barely drooped without the support of a bra. Even though she was my daughter, I objectively felt she was sexy.

Her hips were narrow, with pert, athletic buns. Her thighs were shapely, smooth and like the rest of her, permanently tan. I never once saw her perform any sort of exercise, but her tummy was flat, not quite muscular, but without any paunch. I knew she drove boys wild. I’d been seeing their reactions now for several years. And, I also knew several of them were even allowed to indulge in what she had to offer. I sighed, thinking, she’s just like her mother.

I quickly pulled my attention from Heather’s chest when I heard the bathroom door swing open. Heather’s friend, Samantha, emerged. I flashed a parental smile in her direction. She returned with a flirtatious air kiss and sparkling eyes. Now, Sam, she was beautiful.

Her long, naturally curly hair was dark brown, almost black, and fell to her waist. She was Italian, so, like Heather, she had a dark complexion. She was orhangazi escort taller than my daughter, maybe five-eight, very thin, but not so much so that she was bony. Her legs were long and smooth and on that night, being shown off by a pair of those tight little cotton shorts that young girls wear. As she sashayed into the living room, I could make out the subtle hills of her vulva pressing against the cotton shorts. Her lips were outlined perfectly, the material tucked up slightly between them.

She also wore a white tank top, thin and lightweight. It was looser than Heather’s, but equally as short, displaying her own pierced naval. Her breasts were somewhat smaller than my daughter’s and jiggled with each step. When she tossed her hair, it played out like a seductive television commercial. I felt a twitch between my legs and immediately shifted in my seat.

Samantha took a seat on the sofa at the opposite end as me. Heather tossed her magazine, TIME, into my lap and began chattering with her friend. For the most part, I ignored their conversation, but did manage to catch little bits and pieces. Eventually, their talk turned to boys, then sex. They weren’t lewd or conspicuous, but instead spoke in giggles and innuendos. I felt myself begin to stiffen in my pants. Both girls, for their part, shifted occasionally in their seats. There was a lull in their chatter.

“We gotta stop,” Sam finally said, “or I’m gonna pop.”

My cock twitched, but was calmed by a hand gently coming to rest over it. I looked to my right to see Sam leaning toward me.

“How bout you, Mr. Frieze?”

She batted her eyes at me. I fixed my gaze right down the neckline of her top. She wore no bra either, and I was staring right at her naked tits dangling beneath her as she leaned over. I tried to answer, but the words were stuck in my throat.

“I, uhhmm, well…” was about all I managed to utter.

She began massaging my engorged prick through the flannel pants. Her delicate touch was entrancing and I was glad that I had to boxers on to encumber anything. Heather was so silent as Sam squeezed her fingers successively up and down the length of my cock, that I completely forgot she was sitting so close to me. I hadn’t taken my eyes away from Sam’s tits, so it’s not like I was noticing her either.

Samantha pulled on shoulder strap down and sat up slightly, allowing her left tit to fall free.

“You like?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded back.

She released my cock and pushed the other strap off her shoulder and pulled her arms free, allowing the top to fall to her waist. She cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, causing them to stiffen. She shifted and got to her knees, then crawled close to me.

“Wanna taste?” she asked, still cupping her tits and leaning closer to me. I took a nipple into my mouth, swirled my tongue around it, feeling it harden even more from the attention. I suckled one nipple, then the other. Sam returned her hand to my crotch, this time, unbuttoning the fly and pushing her hand inside.

I’m not a large man, but am slightly more than average and judging from the soft moan of delight, my size, and possible the natural feel, pleased Sam. She wrapped her tiny fingers around my shaft and stroked slowly up and down as I continued nursing on her tits, switching from one to the other occasionally.

After several minutes, she concentrated both hands on my crotch and worked my cock free, through the fly. My tool was standing vertically, allowing her to rub and stroke with both hands. I like a girl with small hands; it makes my cock look larger, and, in her tiny hands, I felt like a porn star.

I was massaging her tits as I sucked but was forced to stop when she nudged me away. I felt dejected for a moment, but she reassured me by bending over, opening her mouth and taking a in a few inches of my cock. She kept stroking as she worked her mouth up and down eagerly. I leaned my head back against the sofa, tilting slightly to my left and caught sight of Heather. My eyes shot wide.

Oh shit, I screamed to myself.

But she simply smiled appreciatively, obviously enjoying the show. Her hand was stuffed down into the waistband of her pants. I watched thru the material as she moved her fingers over her pussy. In a mesmerizing way, the lump caused from her hand moved side to side, then up and down.

Samantha was bobbing her head on my cock, taking nilüfer escort more and more. I twisted my fingers into her hair, encouraging her onward. Finally, she held her nose firmly against my groin, my cock buried in her throat. I groaned loudly and smiled at Heather, holding her gaze a moment. Her eyes were sort of glossy when I noticed her hand move low on her crotch. The material of her pants expanded, and then retracted. My daughter was fingering herself as she watched her friend suck her father’s cock.

I wondered what she looked like under her pajama pants. As if she read my mind, she withdrew her hand and shimmied out of her pants, holding her legs straight up in the air as she pulled them free. Her smooth, dark pink pussy peeked from between her thighs. She tossed the pants to the floor, rested one leg over the arm of the recliner so she was wide open to me and returned to working her pussy.

She sported a thin patch of hair about her clitoris; her shaved lips were shiny slick with her own juices. Heather worked her thin fingers gingerly over her clit. The little nub was large and fat like her nipples and protruded at least a quarter-inch from its hood. It flopped side to side as she teased it. She bit her lower lip and moaned from her own excitement.

Sam was bouncing her head up and own in long strokes, deep throating my cock with every bob. She sucked the tip like a Tootsie-Roll Pop then sunk her face down hard and fast, holding me against her tonsils before letting free with a gasp. She stroked my saliva-coated shaft with one hand, rotating it around as she pumped. I began to groan loudly. She looked up at me with wonder and lust in her eyes.

“Are you gonna cum, Mr. Frieze?”

“If you don’t stop, I am,” I replied in a husky breath.

She quickly returned to sucking, increasing her pace, slamming her face hard onto my cock. She had one hand now massaging my tightening scrotum.

Heather’s eyes were glazed and fixed on her friend in action. Her mouth hung open lustfully and she had two fingers buried inside herself. With her other hand, she played with her clit, pinching and twisting, tugging and prodding. Her hips began to gyrate, slowly lifting off the cushion.

My hand was on the back of Sam’s head and when she had me deep in her throat, I held her there a moment. She’s pull back with a gasp before immediately returning. Each time I held her longer.

“Take it deep, Sam,” I began

She responded with four or five quick bobs on my cock. I held her tight on the last one, gripping fistfuls of her long hair for leverage.

“Suck his cock, you slut,” Heather breathed.

Somewhat startled by hearing my daughter’s voice, I caught her eye. She was smiled wickedly as she wildly thrust her fingers into herself.

“Choke on my dad’s cock, you fucking slut,” she coaxed her friend.

Sam responded with fervor. Juicy sucking and slurping sounds emanated from her mouth. Her face and my crotch were coated with her thick saliva.

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth, Samantha,” I told her. “You wanna taste my cum?”

She had my cock buried as she nodded. She squeezed my scrotum, causing me to arch upward. At the same time, I slammed her head down onto me and held her tight.

“Aghhhh!” I groaned

“Take it, cunt,” Heather commanded. “Suck it all in your throat.”

Heather was also arching her back, her ass completely off the chair cushion. She was rubbing hard on her clit, wiggling three fingers inside her pussy as she moaned and groaned. Heather’s eyes were wide and fixed on Sam as her orgasm overtook her.

“Shit Sam, you fucking slut,” her voice was higher pitched, more breathy than normal as another wave of orgasm rocketed through my daughter. She pulled on her clit and clawed at her cunt hole.

Sam was letting her mouth fill with my seed. She swallowed none of it, and none dribbled out either. My orgasm subsided and I relaxed my grip on her head, allowing her freedom. Heather leapt from her seat, tackling the young cocksucker backward onto the sofa. Their tits mashed together. Heather held her chin, her thumb and fingers wrapped onto Sam’s cheeks. The girls kissed deeply, their tongues battling. With her hand, Heather held Sam’s head back and her mouth open. With her tongue, she fished my cum from her friends mouth, savoring its taste, even swishing some in her mouth before letting it drool back into Sam’s. The process repeated several times as they swapped türbanlı escort my cum back and forth between them. I was overwhelmed with twisted lust as I watched them in action.

My cock throbbed achingly as I watched my daughter suck my cum from her friend’s mouth. Heather ground her hips against Sam’s pelvis. Her pussy was peeking from between her outstretched thighs like earlier. Her womanly cream oozed from her cunt in gobs, coating her lips, dripping onto Sam’s legs.

Spontaneously, I reached over and with two fingers, scooped it up, beginning on Sam’s legs and sliding up to my daughter’s swollen pussy. When she felt my hand, she pushed back toward me, and my fingers sunk into her.

“Oh God Dad,” she cried.

She looked over her shoulder at me, her face smeared with my cum. A drop hung at the corner of her mouth. I began to pull my fingers away, but she pushed back further.

“Finger me, Dad,” she whispered her plea. “Don’t stop now.”

With one hand I pumped her oozing pussy. With the other, I stroked my cock. I felt longer and larger than ever before. Normally, I’m limp immediately after an orgasm, but this new craziness had me rock solid.

Heather rocked back and forth on my fingers. I tickled her asshole with my thumb. She responded with a sudden intake of breath.

Sam responded by reaching around and spreading Heather’s cheeks, allowing me greater access. I maneuvered my thumb to her pussy, coating it with her cream then returned it to her pink brown button.

Heather whimpered as I pushed my thumb past her tight ring. She squealed and pinched my thumb tight as she rocked back hard. I pumped her several times as I moved around, propping myself onto my knees. I twisted my digits in her holes, and then removed my fingers from her pussy.

Heather moaned in disappointment, but I lined myself up and drove my cock into her cunt. Her saturated lips slurped me in.

“Oh fuck, Dad!” she screamed in surprise. “That’s your cock!”

Sam craned her neck to look, “Heather,” she delighted. “Your dad’s cock is buried in your cunt”

Sam was holding Heather tight. My daughter had collapsed onto her friend with her pussy thrust upward for my access.

“Harder, Dad,” she pleaded.

“Fuck her like a slut, Mr. Frieze.”

“You like my cock, Baby?”

“Unngggg. Pound me.”

“Ram her cunt raw,” Sam pulled Heather’s cheeks farther open and I pumped my thumb in and out of her asshole in sync with my cock.

“Take it all, Baby. My cock and my thumb in both your holes.”

“Nnnggggggggg,” she moaned

“She’s gonna cum,” Sam breathed. “Fuck her hard, Mr. Frieze.”

I pulled my thumb free, gripped her hips and quickened my pace, slamming my cock hard into my daughter’s pussy.

“OH —- FUCK!” Heather screamed.

“OH GOD!” I bellowed.


With long, hard strokes, I reamed her cunt. Her pussy lips gripped me tightly.

“Harder, Mr. Frieze!”

“Harder, Daddy!”

“She’s such a slut! Fuck her harder!”

I was stabbing her cunt with blinding speed. She thrust herself back at me. I rammed my cock deep and held her tight against me.

“AAHHHHHHHH!” she squealed

“Oh-oh-oh-oh,” Sam was laughing from deep in her belly.

A guttural sound escaped my lungs as I painted the inside of my daughter’s pussy, gobs of cum spurting into her. Her Kiegel muscles gripped at my cock, milking me dry. Her own orgasm and juices mixed with mine as she grappled and squeezed my cock tightly with her pussy.

When she relaxed, she collapsed completely onto her friend. Sam stroked her hair gently. I fell to the side, against the back of the sofa, my cock still embedded in my daughter. We all three panted, fighting to catch our breath. Finally, I pulled out and sat back. Our family cum flowed steadily from Heather’s pussy, drooling all over Sam’s legs.

I tried to collect my thoughts for a moment, unsure of what just happened. Heather slowly got to her feet, holding my gaze, a thin smile on her lips. Having read the uncertainty on my face, she sat down on my lap, straddling me. I felt her pussy; smooth, wet and hot. She slid over my soft sticky cock, rocking back and forth, then leaned down and gave me a peck on the cheek before standing and dragging Samantha off to her bedroom.

The girls giggled as they trotted down the hall and shut Heather’s bedroom door. I tucked my cock back into the fly of my pants and lit a cigarette, exhaling a cloud of blue smoke into the air. The clock on the wall said 9:25 pm. It felt like two in the morning. It was early and I was exhausted; and wondering what Heather and Samantha were doing. Were they still giggling? Were they troubled? Upset? Bragging? I finished my cigarette and drifted off to sleep.

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