My Life as a Slave

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I wrote this story in honor of my former master, whom remains nameless.

I looked up sharply as the large grandfather clock in the living room erupted with sound. “Scraps, Master’s coming!” I yelled, kneeling in front of the door. My new friend Jenna -Master had named her Scraps- came rushing inside the room. She quickly kneeled beside me, her silver collar glistening in the sunlight. A few seconds later I heard Master’s car pull into the driveway, the sound I had heard everyday at 5:00 for three years.

The front door opened and closed with a slight squeak. Scraps and I looked down at our Master’s shoes, knowing better than to look into his eyes. “Welcome home, Master!” I said with a smile, knowing I would be punished if I wasnt smiling.

“Yes master, welcome home!” Scraps added quickly, a bright smile on her tan cheeks. When I looked at Scraps I saw her trying desperately to hide her fear, but it only added to her frightened features. Master had given Scraps plenty of bruises, but luckily he hadnt branded or fucked her yet.

Master sighed and grunted at us in response. He threw his coat on top of me and dropped his bag in front of Scraps. We both quickly put them in the closet, then resumed our positions.

“How was your day, master?” Scraps asked, looking up at Master. Master responded with a hard backhand, forcing Scraps to stagger back. She wasnt quite used to getting hit and slapped, for she was only 18. Every master knew that only slaves 18 and older would be sold.

“Looking up at me, cunt? You know better.” He growled, motioning fiercly for her to get back on her knees. I kept my eyes at Master’s feet, obediently, wishing I could be there for my friend. Scraps kissed Master’s shoes apologetically and was greeted with a hard kick in the face. Though her nose didnt bleed, I could tell she would have a large bruise for three weeks at least.

“Poor Scraps…She’s just a teenager, she doesnt understand all of this…” I thought to myself.

“Stain!” My master yelled, causing me to awaken from my thoughts. I looked at my master’s shoes, being careful to keep my eyes lowered. Slaves like Scraps and I went allowed to look any master in the eye. Like a dog, if a slave looked their master in the eye it was considered challenging them.

“Yes master?” I asked, straightening my pose a little.

“What did you do today?” He asked, gently stroking my cheek. I closed my eyes, breathing softly.

“Stain and Scraps washed the dishes, cleaned the house, fed the animals and ate our food off the floor, master.” I responded quickly, knowing not to refer to myself as ‘I’ when he was around. I could hear the fear in my voice, but ignored it and remained quiet after I finished my sentence.

Master gently patted my head. “And what did you eat, slave?” He asked me, watching Scraps with his dark brown eyes. I could feel a strange vibe beside me, a vibe of pure fear. It was as though Scraps knew Master was watching her; but I wasnt surprised, I’d felt the same way many times.

“Our daily gruel, master.” I said quickly, my hands gently resting on my knees. Scraps remained silent beside me. Even though she was a fairly new slave, she new better than to talk while Master was addressing me.

“Good girls..” He cooed, stroking our cheeks with each hand. Scraps and I gently nuzzled our master’s hands with our cheeks. We knew it was probably the best reward a slave could get from their master, so we appreciated the small comfort.

“Scraps, I want you to go to the slave auction on the other side of town, alight? There will be a man in a blue car outside at 6:00 and he will take you there. Am I understood?” He Tipobet asked, his eyes glued to her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Scraps sigh as she nodded.

“Yes master..I understand.” She replied. Master growled and grabbed Scraps by the hair. Not knowing what she did wrong, Scraps struggled a little. Tsk tsk, using “I” in a sentence was Scraps’ big mistake.

“I’m going to have to punish you, you filthy slut!” He yelled at her, sitting down in a large chair. “Stain, go get me The Glove!” Master yelled to me.

I quickly got up and went to fetch “The Glove”. I returned with a shoe box, kneeling before my master. “Here you are, my master.” I said, bowing my head. Though someone else might feel weird presenting a box to someone, I was quite used to it. I had to do it frequently in the past three years.

“Open it, stupid.” He growled at me. I mentally kicked myself and opened the shoe box, a large glove with thumbtacks attached to it. I helped master slide the glove on without hurting himself, although I got a few scratches.

“Now I want you to watch, Stain. I know how much you love Scraps.” Master said with a cruel grin. I held back my sigh and looked up, sadness in my eyes. This was Scraps’ first time with “The Glove”. Unaware of what she was about to encounter, Scraps squirmed nervously.

Master sharply brought his hand down on Scraps’ ass. She let out a loud scream, enfused with surprise and pain. I winced slightly, it pained me to see Scraps like this. Master grinned, bringing his thumbtacked glove down her back. He squeezed her asscheek and smiled, pleased with her pain. Scraps sobbed loudly, blood slowly dripping from her body. After three more strikes, Master let go of Scraps and led her outside.

“Be a good girl, Scraps…” He whispered to her, gently stroking her cheek. Scraps’ sobs became softer and softer until she stopped. Master smiled and placed his hand under her chin, lifting her head. He looked into her eyes and kissed her forehead. “Now go, little one. I will pick you up in a few hours.” He said, spanking her gently. Scraps yelped in pain, her ass still sore. Saying nothing, Scraps nodded, walking towards the man in the car.

Scraps disappeared into the car, then disappearing from the small street in which the car was stopped. I nervously kneeled in front of the door, waiting for my master to return. When the door opened I looked at my master’s shoes, covered with dirt. He carelessly walked into the living room and sat on the couch, motioning for me to sit in front of him.

I quickly kneeled in front of my master, looking at his lap. “What are those?” My master inquired suddenly, pointing to my panties.

“Oh..This is my new thong, master.” I said quickly, too afraid to hesitate.

“I like it…Show it to me.” He said, wanting to see his little slut in her tight panties. I quickly bent over in front of master, my finger toying with the thin fabric.

I felt my master move my finger away, rubbing me through the thong. I couldnt help but moan, feeling my cunt become wetter and wetter. “You like that, dont you slut?” He asked, grinning.

“Yes master…Please, rub my cunt..” I groaned, enjoying his soft touch. He smiled and gently stroked my asscheek, apparently admiring the soft texture of it. I moaned softly, closing my eyes. “Ask me properly, slut.” He said with a smile, chuckling a little. I swiftly turned around and kneeled before him once again, looking up at him with innocent eyes. I slowly rubbed his throbbing cock through his pants, smiling up at him as he watched.

“Please rub my cunt, master..” I whispered to him, pulling his finger into my Tipobet Giriş mouth. I closed my eyes as I sucked on it, running my tongue up and down it with ease.

Master grinned and gently patted his lap. “Up.” He said, pleased with me. I slid onto my master’s lap gently and felt him slowly spread my legs, pulling my thong around my ankles. He spread my legs as best as he could, teasingly sliding a finger into my soaking wet cunt.

“Mmm..” I moaned softly, kissing his neck.

“How many fingers can I fit in that hole of yours, Stain?” He asked me, adding another finger.

“As many as my master wants to put in me..” I whispered in his ear. I forgot that I wasnt permitted to say things like that. Master only wanted straight answers, not just what I thought he wanted to hear.

“Stop avoiding the damn question and answer me.” He growled into my ear, menacingly.

“S-stain doesnt know..” I stammered, trembling a little.

Master continued to slide his fingers in and out of my cunt. “Is that so? You know I dont like lying sluts. They get punished..and sometimes killed. Now tell me, how many fingers can I stuff inside you, whore?” He growled again, squeezing my clit sharply. I squealed with partly pain but mostly pleasure.

“A w-whole fist, master.” I admitted.

My master grinned and began kissing my neck, sliding a third finger in. “Ohhh god, yes..” I moaned, my hips bucking. I fucked his fingers and groaned loudly, enjoying him so much. Master slid a fourth finger into me, smiling as I squirmed slightly.

“How does that feel, slut?” He asked me, pumping his fingers in and out of my sopping wet cunt.

“It hurts a little, master..” I admitted, breathing heavily. He smirked, and laughed.

“Good..” Master whispered in my ear, sliding in his thumb.

I moaned slightly, then closed my eyes. He spread his fingers inside me, forcing my walls to open up wide. I screamed, squirming. “Permission to cum, master?” I yelled, struggling to hold back my cum.

“Not yet..” He said, shoving his dick into my ass. It felt horrible and wonderful all at once. I moaned again, my cunt quivering helplessly.

“Master, please! Stain cant hold it much longer!” I screamed, tears spilling down my cheeks.

“You WILL hold it..Or you’ll end up just like Cunt Slime.” He growled at me.

I remembered Cunt Slime, Master’s old slave. She had mistakenly bit Master’s dick during a blowjob. She had her teeth ripped out, her arms and legs broken, and was burned alive. Master was very cruel when it came to biting, and would almost never give mercy, even if it was an accident.

I screamed again as my master pounded into me, throwing me back into reality. I felt my muscles tightening up and sobbed, wanting to cum so badly. “You may cum now.” He said into my ear, gently nibbling on my earlobe. My cum gushed out before he could finish his sentence. I moaned loudly and panted hard when I finally stopped cumming. Master continued to pound into my ass then stopped.

I gently rubbed against it with my ass. “Please, master…Let me make you cum..” I cooed, softly. I wanted to please him badly. It wasnt often that he allowed me to cum, or fingered me, for that matter.

“In that sloppy cunt of yours?” He laughed, as if I were joking. He grabbed a mirror from the table and moved it in front of my pussy. “Look at it.” He said to me, squeezing my middle. My eyes met my cunt, bloody and sopping wet, my master’s hand still inside it. Master slowly pulled his hand out, his nails scraping the walls of my pussy. I screamed and trembled, crying softly.

“Get off of me, you whore!” He Tipobet Güncel Giriş yelled, pushing me onto the floor. I trembled sadly and looked up at him.

“Please master, Stain is sorry..” I started, my voice soft and scared. My words were returned with master’s bloody hand. I trembled slightly, blood running down my reddened cheek. I hate to admit it, but it always got me wet when Master hit me.

“Shut up and go lay down!” He growled at me. I whimpered softly and curled up in the corner like a dog. I was a dog…My master’s pet, his play-thing, his bitch in heat.

“Now, I’m going into the bathroom to jerk off. And you know what I’m going to think about?” He asked me, mockingly.

“A Mistress, master?” I asked, innocently.

“No stupid. Scraps..” He said with a smug smile. My insides churned at the thought. Poor innocent Scraps. A new slave, not knowing what was wrong or right.

“But master, she’s only 18!” I yelled, not thinking about what he would say. “Ask me if I give a damn. Go on. Do it..” He said, stepping closer. I sighed and obediently asked.

“Do you give a damn?”

Master backhanded me hard. “Fuck no!” I trembled softly, looking up at him.

“You know why? Because you’re just a loose slave. Your new name is Zero, because that’s what you are. You’re nothing. You mean nothing to me. A piece of dog shit means more to me than you do, whore.” He screamed at me. I looked away from him, tears forming in my emerald green eyes. “Crying like a pathetic slut?” He asked me, mockingly. I opened my mouth to speak, but no sound came out. All I could do was nod, knowing I was never allowed to say no.

“You dont even get to sleep in your cage tonight..” He said, dragging me into the backyard by my gold collar. Master opened the barn door and pushed me inside, chaining me to an old post inside. “Open your mouth.” He growled at me. I obediently opened my mouth, looking up at my master. He grinned and spit into my mouth, his spit tasted like beer. A look of disgust came across my face. “Swallow it.” He growled, pulling my face so he was staring at me. I slowly swallowed and gagged a little.

“You’re just a slave, unlike Scraps.” He said, grinning cruely.

“W-wha..?” I asked, confused.

“She’s almost an equal.” He said, running his sharp nail down my pale cheek.

“But..why?” I asked again. I was surprised Master didnt hit me again. He usually wouldn’t stand to have me speak without raising my hand or being asked something.

I had been Master’s slave for three years, and master had bought Scraps only five weeks ago. “Because I said so, and I’m the boss you stupid shit eating, piss drinking, loose whore.” He screamed at me, backhanding me.

Expeling a cry, I trembled. “And to prove the piss drinking..” He said, unzipping his pants. “Open your mouth again, whore.” I sighed and opened my mouth, closing my eyes. Master began to piss inside my mouth, though his dick never touched my tongue. His piss strayed all over my face and hair, soaking me. I sobbed and swallowed it, crying. “You dont even get to clean me off, you stupid bitch.” He said to me, spitting on me again.

“W-what about Scraps? What are you going to do to her?” I asked my master.

“I’m going to fuck her tight little cunt..” He whispered cruelly.

“Master, please! She’s only 18!” Master growled loudly and slammed me against the stable wall.

“Shut up, whore!” He said, angrily. I trembled and grew quiet, knowing I could do nothing. Master slammed the barn door and left me in the darkness.

I sobbed quietly, wishing he would come back. His cold words echoed over and over again in my head. I wondered what happened to Scraps, and what Master had done to her. I lied down in a small pile of hay and closed my eyes. I knew this was only one day of being a slave, and there was much more to come. I slowly fell to sleep, thinking about my life as a slave.

(To be continued)

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