Naughty Navy Wives Ch. 1

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Jan and I lay on the gently rocking boat enjoying the sun. We’d cruised down the coast from Norfolk that morning, headed in along North Carolina’s Outer Banks and anchored in a deserted cove among the islands of the Albermarle Sound. The sun warmed us and we’d slipped our bikini tops off.

“God, this feels good. I think I’ll get an all over tan!” Jan said as she sat up. Her beautiful face glowed with health, I looked around and there wasn’t another boat anywhere in sight. The small islands were uninhabited here, too small and too low. She pulled her bikini bottom off and lay back down. From where I lay I could see her tuft of pubic hair that she keeps neatly trimmed. Her full breasts spread slightly and bobbed as she lay back. I noticed her nipples were erect, the large aureoles crinkled. I looked around again and decided to join her. A little self-consciously, I slid my bottom off and laid it aside. The sun felt good on my body.

“Does lying naked in the sun get you hot? Like pussy hot?” She asked.

I laughed. She’s always frank and forward. “I guess it does. Forbidden fruit and all that. If the guys were here, they’d be in real trouble.” I said, wishing they were there.

Jan and I are Navy wives. Our husbands, Officers, are on duty in the Med. They are gone sometimes six months at a time, and we really get horny. We both have very good husbands, and so don’t fool around while they’re gone. It’s hard sometimes, but we think it’s worth it. Some wives are at the nearest bar for a pick-up before the ship clears the bay.

“I have a couple of my trusty vibrators in the cabin, extra batteries too! Feel free.” I laughed. They were a gift from Dan. They got me off in fine style many nights. I looked over and Jan was moving her cute butt around.

“Pat, can I ask a personal question?” She said turning toward me.

I laughed. “You usually do.”

“Has Dan ever hinted at a threesome with you and another woman?”

“Sure, I guess it’s every man’s fantasy to make it with two women at one time. I’ll bet Jeff has suggested it to you, right?”

She laughed. “Oh, you know it! Guess who he’d like to have join us?”

“Me? I’d have bet on Sheila. She’s a real tease and a sexpot!

“You remember the night you got really loaded and fell in the pool, and that sheer dress stuck to you like glue. All you had under it was a pair of sheer bikini panties. When you got out of the pool you might as well have been naked. He got a hard-on and couldn’t stop talking about you. We fucked later after the party, and I swear he was fucking you!”

“With such a sexy wench like you? You are one good looking lady, nice tits, nice ass, and a face that could belong to a model.”

“Thanks, but I’m married to him, remember. Greener grass on the other side of the fence, etc. Bet your old man lusts after someone too!”

“Yeah, and its you. You wouldn’t believe the questions he’s asked about you. What your tits look like, are your nipples big, how long, what kind of a body do you have, do you trim your bush, have I seen your pussy, what does it look like? On and on! Very intimate questions! Very!”

She laughed. “And what do you tell him? Doesn’t it make you jealous?

“No, I’m not the jealous type. I tell him the truth. You have beautiful full breasts, with big, silver dollar aureoles, nipples that get long and erect, your ass is smooth and beautiful. You trim your pussy, and have nice neat pussy lips that get really wet when you get turned on. Your ass hole it very small and pretty.”

“Geez!” was all she could say. She got very quiet. “Pat, have you ever made it with another woman?” She asked after several minutes, eyes wide, and amused quizzical look on her face.

I hesitated a moment, but before I could answer, we heard a boat approaching. We looked around and a long low cigarette boat came in sight, moving fast. We both grabbed for our bottoms and just had time to put them on before the boat came by. Heads turned and we heard yells and whistles. We both moved to the cockpit and put our tops on. The boat circled and came back slowing.

Four college type jocks waved and the boat glided closer. “Hot damn. Look at that! You girls in trouble? Lost your way? We can sure tell you where to go.” One jock yelled grabbing his crotch. The others laughed loudly.

“We’re fine. Just sun bathing. Good bye fellows.” I yelled back.

“That’s not neighborly.” A second jock said. “Maybe we ought to come aboard and help you out. We got a good look at those nice big tits you two have. I’ve got a big cock that needs a hot fuck. Maybe I could slip it between those beautiful tits.” They all laughed. The boat was drifting closer, now under twenty feet away.

“Well, we might be interested.” I said, giving them my most seductive smile. “Got a warm beer? Price of admission is one warm beer, not cold.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Jan whispered. I just winked, and made a motion for her to play it cool. I opened a console door on the control panel. There was a flurry of activity and a beer was held up.

“OK. Throw it over.” escort The beer sailed over. I caught it deftly, and made a big show of holding it between my breasts. There were whistles. The boat was down to fifteen feet.

“Warm! Just right!” I shook the can hard, and then threw the beer underhanded above their boat, and all eyes followed it as it arced up then descended over the boat. The big Colt .45 auto was in my hand tracking, it bucked and roared, and when the big soft nosed slug hit the warm beer can, it exploded. Beer rained down on the boat.

“Now, want another demonstration?” I asked. When they got the beer out of their eyes, I held a red gallon gas can in my left hand. ‘Gasoline’ was spelled boldly on the side. I swung it back and forth in an arc aimed at them, the pistol pointed in the air. Hands shot in the air. Slowly the pilot slid the throttles in reverse, turned, and the boat shot ahead. When last seen it was at full throttle, headed away.

We pulled up anchor and headed up the coast, hit the inland waterway, and motored slowly up the beautiful intercoastal canal. The boat murmured as stately trees slid by, and an occasional boat going south.

“Damn, that was some trick! Where did you learn to shoot like that?” Jan finally asked.

“Dad is a Master Class pistol shot, and does trick shooting. I cut my eyeteeth on a pistol barrel. He taught what’s termed ‘instinctive shooting’, you just ‘think’ where you want the bullet to go; you don’t really aim using the sights. Dan can beat me on targets, but he can’t hit a can in the air for beans.”

“Would you have flipped that gas can over them?

“Sure, but that ‘gas can’ has water in it.” I laughed. “It’s illegal and dangerous to have gas in the cockpit. I keep it there as a prop. One of Dad’s ideas for me when I’m out alone – “just in case.” The pistol is always there too, for just such occasions. Worked, didn’t it?”

“I’ll bet they had to clean their pants. Did you see the looks on their faces? Serves the little shits right. Thanks, Kid!” She leaned over and kissed my cheek lightly. I wished she’d gone further.

It was several days before the topic of sex came up again. I went over to Jan’s for dinner and we had a few drinks and got comfortable. I was going to spend the night, and we were lounging in cut-offs and t-shirts. Soft classical music played in the background.

“Sorry if I got a little personal, the other day.” Jan said as we sat on the couch, drinks in hand. We were both mellow.

“About what?” I asked, not really remembering.

“Asking you if you’d ever made it with a woman. I was horny, and I tend to get nosy.”

“I don’t mind. Yes, I’ve made it with several women. How about you?” I asked hoping she’d say ‘yes.’

“A couple, it was a while ago.” Jan said. “I kind of thought you might, the way you look at me sometimes. Not that I mind! When Jeff suggested a threesome, you’re the first one I thought of. While we were fucking, I tried to imagine you in bed with us. I think he guessed what got me so hot that night. I think I came three times, bang, bang, bang!”

“I’m flattered. Dan suggested that if I got hot and horny while he’s away, that he’d bet you and I could make it together. He says you look at me sometimes like you could eat me up. He knows that I make love to women sometimes.”

Jan smiled at me. “What does he think about it?”

“He loves it. I tell him all the juicy details while we make love. It drives him wild. In Pensacola we had Vera, you never met her, over for the weekend, and we all wound up in bed together. She’s a long slender beauty and we wore Dan out, completely.” My pussy tingled just thinking about it.

“You didn’t mind him fucking her.” She asked eyebrows jumping upward.

“No, I was right there. She and I made love, she and Dan made love, and Dan and I made love. I loved to lick his thick cock as it slid in and out of her beautiful pussy, covered with her juices. Then she and I made love after we’d worn him out.”

“Oh Shit. I can’t believe this. You, with your face against her pussy while your husband fucks her! Makes my clit hard just thinking about it. Tell me about the first time you made it with a girl.” She said leaning forward expectantly.

“OK! If you’ll tell me about your first time.” She nodded. “I was in college, I had a date, and he turned out to be a real shit. Dee and I were roommates and I came back very early. When I let myself in our room, she and a friend of hers were on the bed in a sixty-nine, going hot and heavy. They didn’t even know I’d come in. I’ve always been highly sexed, and I watched for a while. They were sucking, licking, and finger fucking each other, and I got really hot watching. So I took my clothes off, sat in a chair, spread my legs and rubbed my pussy till I came. Guess I made a lot of noise and the next thing I knew, I was a sandwich!

“They made love to me for an hour, at least, before they wore me out. When I went down on them, I found out I really and truly loved to suck and lick a pussy, and have been doing it ever since. bursa eve gelen escort I love a big thick cock, Dan’s cock, but I also love to make love to a woman.”

I couldn’t help noticing, that as I talked, Jan kept crossing and uncrossing her legs.

“Ok, your turn.” I said. She was wiggling her cute butt around in the chair. I’d have bet her panties were soaked.

“My Aunt Libby introduced me when I was just seventeen and she was nineteen. She was the late one in her mother’s life. We grew up together, more like sisters. Our families lived together in a huge old house. She always was a wild one. We’d get the boys to play ‘doctor’, when we were little. They loved that. She was the instigator of my loosing my cherry to a – I swear – weenie. We’d sneak them out, fuck our selves with them, and then sneak them back in the refrigerator without washing them. God, we were mean!

“We slept together, and no one ever thought anything about it. I knew about masturbation, and we’d lie in bed and masturbate while watching the other. We never really touched each other’s pussies till years later.

“I was still in high school and she was in college. She had a heavy date one night, and came back very horny. We got to talking about her date, and she said she was really horny. She was about to get fucked and the cops checking “lovers lane” interrupted them. I asked what they’d been doing and she said she’d show me.

“We got in bed, with the lights out and began to kiss. She’s really a good French kisser and she soon had me hot. She caressed my breasts, pulling at my nipples. She moved down, showing me how her date had kissed her breasts. It felt so good. She moved on down and kissed my stomach, thighs, then spread me open. I was about to explode; she put her mouth full on my spread pussy and got down to work.

“She sucked and licked my pussy and when she finally got to my clit, I went wild. It’s a wonder I didn’t wake everyone in the house up. After I came down, she asked me if I’d go down on her. She led me through kissing her breasts, her body, and finally her pussy. I loved the smell, and taste of her pussy and I couldn’t get enough.

“From then on we made it every night. If I had my period, I’d go down on her, and the other way around. She wanted to bring a girlfriend in on it, but I said no. She graduated from college, and got married. The last time I saw her we kissed and caressed, but never did have a chance to be alone together. We’ve talked about going on a vacation together. She’s the greatest!” Jan finished hugging herself.

“And the other? I asked. You said a couple.”

“Do you remember Tina? Tiny Tina? With the little voice, cute bod?” I did.

“Well Jeff and her husband were TDY and I asked her over ’cause she was scared to stay by herself. She’d had several obscene phone calls, always when her hubby was away, obviously someone who knew his Navy schedule. She slept in one bedroom, I in another.

“One night I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was two or three AM. I went into the bathroom and took a shower and then turned the water on coming out of the tub faucet. I lay down and scooted down so the warm stream of water hit my clit. I love it like that. I had my eyes half closed, and was enjoying the shit out of it when I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was Tina. She’d heard the water and opened the door slightly. Her eyes got big as saucers! I was too far-gone to stop, and let the water bring me over the top. After I finally stopped, I saw her close the door, and when I got out of the bathroom, her door was closed.

“I figure I didn’t have anything to apologize for, so the next morning, I didn’t mention it. It bothered her, I could tell. That night she asked if I masturbated a lot. I said I did when Jeff was away, and sometimes when he was home, that he liked to watch me. She said that she’d tried it many times, but it didn’t do much for her. I told her that maybe she was going about it wrong.

“So I became her teacher. I had her take a long bath, put on perfume, and a sexy negligee. She got on the bed and I put some soft music on, turned down the lights and had her relax. Slowly I had her run her hands over her body, eyes closed, just feeling how good it was. This went on for a long time till she was feeling sexy. She undressed, and she has the most beautiful little body I’ve ever seen, small perfect breasts, tiny brown aureole, with nipples that always seem erect. Her pussy is small, tight and beautiful.

“I got her to caress her breasts till her little tits were aching, then had her stroke her thighs and belly. Her pussy came next, and I gave her some lotion to put to make it slippery. I had her rub her clit, up and down then around. She’d almost come, but couldn’t make it over the top. I got close to her pussy and told her exactly how to caress her clit. She said it felt good, but she just couldn’t come. She’d come with her husband, but not often.

“I swear, I never planned to seduce her, but there I was, my head inches görükle escort from her small neat pussy, all spread out. God, it was beautiful, and smelled heavenly. I told her that I was going to touch her pussy and see if her clit was normal. I felt it just under the surface, small, but firm. I softly rolled it and she moaned. I put a finger on either side and pushed upward exposing the small pink head. I wet a finger and ever so softly rubbed the tiny head. Her hips came off the bed!

“Then I lost it, I leaned forward and sucked on that sweet clit of hers. When I flicked her clit, she actually screamed with joy. Her hand caught my head and mashed it against her pussy. I didn’t need any encouragement, and I sucked that clit, and tongued it till she came. When she came, her juices gushed out. My face was wet, and I loved it. She came five times before she pushed me away.

“We lay kissing and caressing for a long time, then she began to cry. I thought she was having a guilt trip, but it was because she was so happy. While I hugged and kissed her, she brought herself to several more climaxes using her fingers. She asked me to go down on her again. I was more than happy to. Her pussy tasted so sweet.

“Later we talked about it and she wanted to know if this made her a Lesbian. I told her that she was just bi-sexual, like me, and lots of other women. Then she asked if she could make love to me! She was a fast learner and we spent the next couple of days making love. I introduced her to vibrators and dildoes. She’d come at least half a dozen times a day!

“When her husband got back, she was a changed women. When her old man went down on her, she came twice from that. She said she came three times more as he fucked her. Finally she told him about me, and what had happened. He was overjoyed that she could finally really come. He’d been worried about her. He sent me a dozen roses and a thank you note. Jeff really got a kick out of that. They got transferred and I still hear from her often. Those two are the only women I’ve ever made it with. I’ve thought about several others, you in particular, but it just never happened.”

“Don’t you think its time we remedied that?” I asked leaning toward her.

“Oh God, yes! Talking about it has me really horny.” She leaned forward, her lips soft and inviting.

We kissed. Her lips tasted of wine, and our tongues fenced and probed. I slid a hand up and fondled her large soft breasts. Her nipple was firm and erect. She pulled me forward and we fell back on the couch, with me lying on top of her. Her thighs spread and I wiggled my hips against her, our pussy mounds rubbing.

We kissed for a long time, our clothes disappearing, till we were two squirming naked bodies. Her pussy was wet against my skin. I slid a hand down and found her wet center. She was drenched! My finger slipped easily into her hot wet core. She cried out with joy and bit my lip, bringing a pleasurable hurt. My thumb found her clit, firm and swollen. I moved my finger in and out letting my thumb stroke her clit with every stroke. Moments later her hips went wild and she came, gasping my name over and over.

Jan caught her breath and with no preliminaries, moved directly to my aching, wet, swollen pussy. I spread my thighs, and reaching down pulled my pussy lips apart. Her mouth covered my open cunt and her tongue probed inside. She mashed her face against my aching pussy and lapped and sucked my juices. All of my partners have always commented on how much I lubricate. When I’m hot, my juices really flow! Jan’s sucking and lapping noises told me now was no different.

She licked and sucked, then moved up slightly and placing a thumb on either side of my clit, pushed upward exposing the swollen head. My clit is rather large compared to most women I’ve known, and Jan cooed her approval. She took it between her lips and sucked gently. I couldn’t stifle a low moan. She continued to suck intermittently on it, in and out of her lips, while her fingers ran up and down the covered shaft. She really knew how to please a woman!

She kept this up for a long time, bringing me close to a climax, my hips thrusting up toward her lips. Finally, I began to beg her to let me come. She teased me till I though I’d go crazy. She slipped two fingers inside me, and began to finger fuck me, her hand rotating with each thrust. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, her tongue flicked back and forth over my aching, burning clit. She can move her tongue so fast; it’s almost like a vibrator.

I went crazy! All our talk about sex, and our first Lesbian encounter, had gotten us both very horny. Now her talented tongue, lips, fingers, even her face burrowing into my cunt, drove me over the top. I cried out her name over and over, and screamed my ecstasy. She said later, that it was a good thing the apartments were well insulated, or someone would have called the cops.

Jan carried me from climax to climax; building them so fast I seemed never to come down. She said I came five times, before she slowly licked my drenched pussy, savoring my abundant juices. I pulled her up and we kissed. I licked my pussy juices from her face. Now that both of us had come, we slowed down and explored each other’s bodies, slowly and sensuously. Her breasts are large and soft; I stroked them and sucked her large nipples till they became long and erect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32