New Horizons Ch. 14

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I awoke to the feel of fingers roaming over my body, caressing every part of me. Fighting the level of arousal she was awakening in me, I kept my eyes closed. At least I did until she slipped her fingertip through my slit. The gasp that came from deep within was loud and followed by a deep moan.

“Good morning,” she whispered as she lowered her lips to mine. “Did you sleep well?”

:”Like a babe in its mother’s arms,” I replied.

She smiled and kissed me so sweetly it was amazing. I noticed a faint fragrance in the air, almost floral but not quite. “What are you wearing,” I asked. “I love it.”

“I’m not wearing it honey, it’s the edible lotion I’ve been applying to you.”

“Edible?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied. “I love the feel of your skin and the way the lotion makes you so soft and smooth, but I also want to be able to lick those beautiful breasts, and suck and nibble on those luscious looking nipples that look like they are pointing to me.”

“How long do I have to wait before you fulfill that promise?” I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders in reply. “Yesterday, you were subjected to fast, hard driving sex that left you spent, tender and unable to continue so I just decided to give you a special treat. Slow, tender, long lasting, and very satisfying sex while I get to know every single part of you, inside and out. Every time you remember this day, I want that beautiful smile to light up the room with sweet memories of deep satisfaction and tender, gentle love.”

“That sounds almost too good to be true,” I replied, even as my body began to warm to her touch and desire began to burn deep inside me.

“I’m not saying I won’t be more aggressive later, but I want to explore you, feel you, taste you, slowly, savoring every drop of you and remembering the sounds of every orgasm.”

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?” I asked. “Just thinking about it has me so aroused I can’t stand it. I really can’t remember the last time anyone made love to me like that.”

“Can you be patient enough, hold out long enough for that?” she asked. “Can you stand it if I keep you waiting for an orgasm until you want to scream?”

“I have a feeling I’ll have to,” I replied. “If it gets to be too much can I count on you to tie me down to keep me from ripping your flesh off with my fingernails?”

“I can do that if that’s what you want,” she promised.

‘I don’t mind,” I replied, “and it may be what you need to do if you plan on delaying my orgasms that long.”

“We’ll just have to wait to see if that’s what it takes,” she replied, “but I don’t think we need that just yet.”

She began to caress my face and run her finger through my hair and it wasn’t until then that I noticed how incredibly long her fingers were. Long, slender and smooth. I couldn’t hold back a sigh of satisfaction at her gentle caresses and I just floated in pleasure and then she kissed me, so sweet and tender, soft lips against mine, just the tip of her tongue sliding over my lips, softly probing into them, lifting my upper lip with it to move over my teeth.

I raised my hands to take her face in them, pulling her into my lips, lips that hungered for the kind of love she was giving me. Our soft moans into each other’s lips began to increase in volume and intensity as her tongue moved deeper into my mouth to slide over mine, wrapping the tip of her tongue over mine to suck on it, milking it with her lips. I can’t explain what it was doing to me, but I just wanted to slide right into her, let her devour me completely.

Taking my breasts in her hands, she softly and tenderly molded them over and over, lifting them at the same time. With a slight turn of her hand, she took my nipples between thumb and forefinger but unlike most of the women I’d been with, she just rolled them without the usual pinching or squeezing. Back and forth, she rolled them, pulling slightly on them each time until they began to throb with need.

She kissed one while still toying with the other, then licked slowly and lightly around the globe and over the tender flesh underneath. Not missing a single spot, she laved her tongue slowly around and around, and then moved to surround my nipple with her tongue before she moved over to the other breast. It just felt so beautiful, I never wanted her to stop and when I tried to play, she pushed my hand away.

She then slipped her lips over my nipple and slowly opened her mouth wider and wider until she had as much of my breast in her mouth as possible. At that point, she began sucking, drawing it into her mouth, while her tongue slid back and forth over the nipple. She’d release my breast, and then repeat it all over again and again, while her fingers continued toying with my other nipple. Then she began taking less of the breast into her mouth each time until she just had the nipple and a little bit of breast which she began sucking on harder and harder as she continued sliding her tongue over the tip of my nipple.

She switched breasts then and began working on the other while her finger escort bayan began twisting the nipple she had just left while she pulled on it and pinched. My nipple felt as long as my thumb by that time and every touch was building heat in my body that was spreading faster and faster. It wasn’t until she began chewing on my nipple that I began to really melt inside. She would suck it hard, then chew on it, let it go and lick it and repeat the whole process over and over, first one breast and then the other.

It wasn’t long before I was whimpering as she worked her way back and forth from nipple to nipple Forcing her tongue into my nipple then, she moved it back and forth over both nipples, then sucked them both hard, one after the other.

I heard myself using words I normally reserve for the last seconds before an orgasm and indeed, I was within seconds of my first orgasm when she stopped and bent to kiss each nipple before leaving me with tingling nipples and nothing to show for it.

Her tender caresses soon began moving down over my body, down my legs and over my feet and ankles before moving back upwards again toward the part of me that now tingled with anticipation. She did the other leg the same way, moving slowly over my thighs.

“Don’t tease,” I begged. “Oh god, don’t tease me this way.”

“We have all day to play,:” she reminded me. “”You’ll get your orgasms in time, sweetheart and they’ll be worth waiting for, I promise

“Oh god, Camille, you’re going to make me crazy. I want you so badly.”

“I know, baby, and you’ll have me…all of me, but all in good time. I want you to remember this day forever.”

When she began working her lotion covered fingers into my labia, I was ready to throw her to the floor and take her fast and hard. I wanted to come, I needed to come, my body said it was ready, but she wasn’t, not nearly as it turned out.

She rolled me over then and began at my shoulders again, working lotion into my upper body with her fingertips just grazing over the sides of my breasts, occasionally touching my nipples ever so slightly. I wanted her to hurry by that time but she took her time traveling over my back and down over the cheeks of my ass and on down my legs to work lotion into my feet and angles before moving back up, totally ignoring the parts that were screaming for her attention.

“If you don’t hurry, you’d better plan on using those restraints,” I warned. “I can’t promise anything now. One touch to the wrong spot is going to send me off and you know it.”

“Not yet, baby,” she replied. “It’s not time for an orgasm yet.”

“My body thinks it is,” I replied.

She left me lying there while she went to a closet to get a long tubular bar of some kind which she placed at the head of the bed, securing my wrists to the loops on the bar and spreading them wide apart. She placed pillows under me then, just ahead of my hips before securing my ankles to another bar at the foot of the bed and spreading them as wide as she could without causing me pain.

“I love this arrangement,” she explained, “because I can roll you over without releasing the restraints or even put you on your side if I wish. The loops can be moved together and swiveled or spread apart.”

When I felt her fingers begin to work into the cheeks of my ass, my body shivered with desire. She moved down over my legs again and so forth, avoiding my now throbbing pussy altogether.

Her fingers slid maddeningly through my crease, with fingertips rimming my anus in a slow circular pattern, and down over my perineum, avoiding the first touch I waited for, that release my body was crying out for. She repeated that motion at least a dozen times, with each series of strokes moving me closer to begging.

Finally, she moved back through my crease again and without any pretense, she pushed her lubed finger tip into me, sliding it in so slowly I could feel every inch of penetration, every move my body made to accept it. She began slow strokes then, going deeper and deeper, but not any faster. After a few strokes, she curled them inside of me, moving them around to touch new tissue with every motion before straightening them again to go back to the familiar in and out. Just as I began to feel my body begin to tense and the heat began to become intense, she stopped and withdrew them altogether. It was enough to make me insane. I wanted to come so bad that I felt tears start to form at the corners of my eyes. Still, I refused to beg her though I wanted to.

She pulled her fingers out of my ass and a few seconds later, she pushed them back in but now she pushed fingers into my pussy and slowly began moving in and out of both my ass and my pussy. I could feel her fingers touching inside of me part of the time, as she turned them inside of me both front and back. Her hands were constantly twisting with every stroke and I was ready but I feared that if I said anything, she would stop and not allow me to come.

As it turned out, I surprised her because my orgasm didn’t announce itself as it always has. bursa vip escort I felt it building, of course, but it hit me so fast and so hard that she didn’t have the opportunity to prevent it. When it hit, she acted as though she were upset by it because she pounded into me at both openings, keeping the orgasm hard and long lasting until she finally stopped and let me calm.

“Since you enjoyed sneaking that one in,” she said, after waiting for me to calm down again, “I have to make the next one harder and make you beg for it. I promise you won’t sneak another one past me.”

A few minutes later, she showed me a dildo of about an inch and a quarter or inch and a half diameter. “I believe this one will do nicely.” She said. I stared at it, trying to estimate its length, which had to be at least nine inches or longer with ridges the full length. My one concern was the diameter of the head, although it was shaped in such a way as to help ease it through my sphincter..

“I don’t know.” I replied. “The head is a little bit large for anal, Camille and I don’t know if I’m ready for much of anything in there yet.

“Let me see if I have something that might be more to your liking,” She left me lying there while she went to fumble through a box or a drawer or something. Eventually, she came back with a vibrator of about the same length, but the head was more conical which would ease it in better.

I watched as she applied lube to the head and down the shaft, then tried to relax when she moved down to apply still more lube to my anus and the area around it. I felt some tenderness there from the day before, but felt that once it was in, I’d be all right.

I felt her pressing it against my rim and with a little more pressure, it popped through with a good deal more pain than I’d anticipated. I cried out and felt the tears form in my eyes but I knew that now that it was in me, I would enjoy the experience.

She held it there for a few seconds to allow my anus to adjust. Then she began twisting it, screwing it into my ass, going deeper and deeper and when I said it was deep enough, she went still deeper until it was all the way in me. She pulled it back and added more lube before she once again began screwing it into me until it was all the way in.

She was slow and gentle when the strokes began, using the twisting motion on each stroke which made the feeling more intense. She was so gentle that I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort at all, only the pleasure I get from good anal. When I felt the warmth begin to build in my spine, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I could have my orgasm unless she saw it coming. Needless to say, she stopped way too soon. She pushed the dildo back into my pussy then and just left it there to press against the one in my ass. Then she began again. Three times she brought me to the brink; three times she pulled it half way out and stopped. The first time I begged. The second time I pleaded, the third time I cursed her and accused her of being sadistic. Finally, after all that, she gave me some hope that I was going to get the orgasm I’d been wanting, but then she surprised me again. .

She moved my feet and hands to the center of the bed, and removed the pillows before turning me onto my back, keeping the dildo buried in my ass. As soon as my back hit the sheets, I knew how much I needed an orgasm by the copious amount of fluids that had already soaked the bed. My legs were spread again as were my hands and the pillow was placed back under my hips, thrusting my pussy upwards.

Pulling the dildo out, she began sliding her tongue up and down my inner thighs, getting closer and closer to a pussy that was oozing fluids of excitement and anticipation. Using her thumbs, she spread my labia wide, opening me up welcome her tongue. At first, she just kissed around the pink lined lips, but then her tongue slid slowly up my slit and began to move into me. In and out, in and out she went, going a bit deeper with each push of her tongue.

I was whimpering like an injured animal by that time. She was going so slow, even though I tried to thrust my pussy into her face. I moaned and groaned and cursed her over and over again, desperate for release. She had a long tongue and she knew exactly how to use it. When she laved it over my swollen clit, my orgasm began to build.

I felt the heat building in my groin, spreading up into my stomach and then my spine. I knew from the intense heat and the stress on my body that it was going to be a good orgasm if she ever allowed it to happen. Every time she moved her face, her chin hit the base of the dildo in my ass, making my rectum tighten around the anal invader which caused spasm after spasm of pleasure to move through my rectum..

She slowly added a finger, then two to the mix, pushing them in deep, then pulling them back out only to push them back in. I was fighting the restraints uselessly but desperately by that time. When I come hard, my body wants to curl up into a ball and it was trying desperately to do bursa elit escort it but the restraints wouldn’t allow it. I fought to break free, fought so hard my arms ached and my ankles felt like they were about to rip off, but I couldn’t achieve my fetal curl.

“Oh fuck,” I yelled. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Oh god, don’t stop now, Camille, I beg you, don’t stop now.”

For a minute, I thought she was going to, but she just changed position to be able to ram into me harder and bite my clit at the same time. It was too late to stop now. My body had begun to implode, sucking my anus inward, clamping down on the dildo while my pussy muscles held her fingers in a vice-like grip. I fought for each breath, but then I stopped breathing and just let my body disintegrate. My thigh muscles were clenching in spasms so strong they hurt and my stomach muscles felt like they were rolling up inside of me as convulsive spasms swept over them again and again. I have no idea whether I screamed or not, and I didn’t care. I only know that even when my muscle spasms began to ease, they jerked hard enough to make me grunt and groan.

Even as I calmed, she once again pushed the dildo into my pussy to being long, slow strokes. It was just enough to keep the orgasm going and just when I thought it was over, she began deep strokes, going a little faster, until my body shuddered in another lesser orgasm, then another and yet another until I couldn’t take it any more.

“Stop,” I yelled. “Enough. Oh god, I can’t take any more, Camille. Please stop,”

She finally stopped but left the dildo in my pussy while she pulled the vibrator from my ass and went to clean it up. All the time she was gone, my rectum and anus throbbed from the abuse they’d taken, and after what they had been through the night before, I wasn’t surprised that the feeling I was getting was less pleasure than pain.

Once I started breathing somewhat normally again, I forced my mind to shut down and managed to sleep.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the lack of restraints and the feeling of a cool cloth bathing my face and neck.

When she realized that I was watching her, she bent to kiss me. “Did I wear you out yet?”

“No,” I replied, “you just twisted me so tight I couldn’t breathe so I decided not to.”

“Ah, baby, I’m sorry,”

“I’m not,” I replied. “I enjoyed it. After yesterday, it was so loving, so gentle, just plain sweet and wonderful. It was the kind of sex I seldom get.”

“I know,” she replied. “That’s why it was exactly what I wanted to give you. The hard and fast stuff has its place, but sometimes you just want a slow build-up to a huge orgasm and not many women understand that.”

“I know.” I replied, “but right now I need to use the bathroom.”

She laughed and reached out to lift me from the bed and lead me to the bathroom. While I emptied my bladder, she started the shower running. She knew exactly how hot to get the water to make me feel fresh and clean, then she got in with me and tenderly bathed me. Needless to say, I didn’t get out of there without a couple of orgasms but then I managed to give her a few as well before she got out of the shower. She bent in to suck on my nipples but eventually she wrapped me in a fluffy bath sheet and patted me dry before handing me the towel and allowing me the same pleasure. .

“Let’s get something to drink,” she said, leading me into the kitchen, where she took too bottles of water from the fridge to pour over lemon wedges in a tall glass.

“Thanks, I really needed that. I think you got every drop of fluid that was in my body.”

“I lapped up as much as I could,” she advised me, “and I enjoyed every drop of it. You are a very tasty young lady.”

“I’m surprised you got enough to taste,” I replied. “I think I soaked your bed all the way through the mattress.”

“Just the washable stuff,” she said. “Take some time to enjoy your drink while I change the linens.”

I watched as she stripped the bed and replaced the linens. The sweet sway of her beautiful ass had me licking my lips

It was more than I could stand so I went into the bathroom to get the toys we had been using and waited until she turned away again before I slipped in and threw her face down onto the bed. She playfully tried to twist away from me but I was quicker than she, dropping down to hold her hips in place while I grabbed at her sex. A few strokes of my fingers over her and she settled down to a steady mewling sound.

I pushed her further up onto the bed and turned her so I could get between her legs. The pillows were on the floor so I grabbed two of them and slipped them under her hips which raised her high enough for me to have better access to everything I’d been thinking about.

For the next ten minutes, I kissed and licked everything other than her sex. She loved it when I moved my tongue over her anus and whimpered when I pulled her cheeks wider to probe into it with the tip of my tongue. When I allowed my tongue to stray down over her perineum and brush over her labia, she groaned and when I pushed through to get some of the sweet juices she was offering me, she moaned loudly and began pushing back into my face. Spreading her labia wide, I began slowly licking her from bottom to top, avoiding the clit for the most part. I wanted to save that for later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32