Night Six of Domination Week

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Nights one through five of this series have been previously posted on this site.

Night six of domination week was a Saturday, and James and Sarah slept in. They woke around 10:00 and had a leisurely breakfast, sitting silently across from each other chewing bagels and sipping orange juice. They didn’t talk about the previous evening’s adventure. The only remembrance of it had been when they had first awakened, and Sarah was still wearing her collar from the night before. She removed it on her way to the shower, and James had no idea where she put it.

Saturday in the Smith household was for getting the necessary work done. Sarah suggested to James that he do some work in the yard since it was dry and relatively warm. She was off to do some shopping and see to some other necessary errands.

Sarah spent a few hours shopping for necessary items at the mall, then arrived a few minutes before her scheduled appointment time with her hairdresser. She sat down to wait and idly thumbed through a magazine. Tonight was going to be fun, she thought as she sat there. She could see where it could be construed as revenge for the previous evening’s little surprise that James had sprung. But the truth was, she had kind of enjoyed herself, the sheer wantonness of it, and she didn’t feel the need to get back at him

When she sat down in the chair and told her hairdresser Julie what she wanted, the younger woman expressed surprise.

“Are you sure?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes. I’ve been looking for a change.”

“Well, OK. If you’re sure. But if you want me to stop, let me know.”

“I trust you.”

When Julie finished Sarah was surprised at the difference her haircut made in her appearance. When she had walked in her hair was down to her shoulders, feathered and feminine in every way. Now with her hair cut short and parted on the side, she looked almost mannish.

“I love it,” she said to Julie, turning this way and that to look at it from different angles in the mirror. Julie let out a sigh of relief.

“You know, it does look pretty good. Boy, is your husband going to be surprised.”

“Oh, he’s going to be shocked, all right.” She paid the bill, along with a generous tip for Julie. “Now, there’s just one more thing I need from you…” When Sarah explained what it was, Julie was totally confused.

Sarah’s last stop was Cassandra’s shop. She had special ordered a few items for tonight’s escapades. She hoped it had all arrived in time. When she entered the shop, Cassandra greeted her warmly.

“Is everything here?”

“Yes. The last of it got here just a little while ago. It seems like you’re going to have quite a time tonight.”

“I hope so. It’s my last night, so I want to make it memorable.”

“Come on. I’ll help you put these things in your car and we’ll have a late lunch.”

“OK.” They put the bags in the trunk and went to a restaurant a few blocks away. They lingered over their food and talked about everything except what would be happening later at the Smith household. A little over an hour later, the two said their good-byes.

Sarah arrived home a short time later and parked in the driveway. Her husband was nowhere to be seen, but she could tell he had mowed the yard and done some trimming. She took the bags from the trunk and carried them into the house. It was quiet when she walked in. She went to the bedroom and found James there asleep on the bed wearing a T-shirt and shorts. She put the bags in the closet, then leaned over him and kissed him. He stirred and woke.

“Hello stranger. Have you seen my wife anywhere?” James said, smiling and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. She blushed and her hand went up to stroke her hair.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do, actually,” he said, reaching up to touch it. He stroked it. “It’s really short.”

“Yes, it is. I wanted to do something dramatic for my last night.”

“You’re off to a good start.”

“Why, thank you. But there’s a lot more surprises to come. Why don’t you go hop in the shower so we can get things started.”

He got up and headed for the shower, peeling off his shirt and shorts on the way. A few moments she heard the shower running. She closed the bathroom door, and brought the bags out from the closet and laid them on the bed. She pulled a canister of shaving gel and some razors from one of the bags. She took off her clothes and headed for the shower.

James was standing under the warm spray, happily soaping himself with his back to her when she pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in. She placed the razors and gel on the shower shelf behind her. James turned and was surprised to see her there.

“Well, hello there. To what do I owe this honor?”

“Hello, darling…just making sure you’re getting all clean.”

“I’m getting every nook and cranny. But if you’d like to wash my back, I wouldn’t say no.”

“Of course. Turn around and hand me the soap and wash rag.” She got a good lather going with the soap and applied Betturkey to the wash rag. She began soaping up James’ back, looking at his naked form as she did so. He had just the hint of love handles around his waist. Her hand slid down and over his ass cheeks, soaping them as well. He wiggled his hips and butt at her as she caressed him with the wash rag, then cupped his cheek in her hand.

She caressed his ass with her soapy wet hands and admired the view. She loved his tight little ass and muscular thighs, both residuals of his athletic younger days. Just the sight of them made her want to take James by the hand and lead him to the bedroom for some steamy lovemaking. She imagined herself on her knees in front of him, taking his flaccid cock into her mouth as she stroked his ass and thighs, his cock growing between her lips. She was brought out of her erotic daydream by James’ voice.

“You OK back there?” he inquired, looking back over his shoulder. Sarah realized she had stopped rubbing him and was holding onto his hips, standing there looking hypnotized.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She bent down and began washing his legs, soaping his thighs front and back. She went down to soap his calf muscles, then started back up. Finally, she slid the damp rag between the cheeks of his ass. James gave out a small gasp and went up on his toes as she slid the rag up between his cheeks. Finally, she reached around and soaped up his cock and balls, massaging them with rag much longer than was necessary to assure they were clean. James leaned forward and propped himself up with his hands against the shower wall as she stroked him.

Sarah stood up behind James. She pressed her back to his and grasped his half-hard cock in her hands. She peered over his shoulder to watch as her hand slid up down the shaft. With her other hand, she began fondling his balls. Soon he was fully erect. James still had his hands against the wall. Now his head was thrown back as he enjoyed the feeling of Sarah stroking his cock. His breath was ragged, and he moaned once or twice. Sarah began stroking faster, gripping his cock tighter as she continued to fondle his balls. Then she suddenly stopped.

“There you go,” Sarah said, slapping him on the ass. “All clean. Now rinse off.”

“What? Come on now, that’s not fair,” he said, trying to turn around. Sarah’s body pressed against his prevented him from accomplishing it. He looked at her over his shoulder. “Don’t tell me the fun’s over already,” James said, standing under the water to wash off the soap. Sarah thought for a moment about letting him go down on her, but rejected the idea. She decided to go ahead with the original plan.

“I didn’t say that. We’re just getting started.” Sarah picked up the shaving gel and squirted some into her open palm. “Lift up your arms, darling.” She lathered James up under each arm. Then she turned and picked up the razor.

“Whoa. What are you going to do?”

“Haven’t you guessed?” Sarah grabbed his right arm at the elbow to hold it up. She carefully shaved away the thick hair under his arm, using the shower spray to clean the razor. Then she grabbed the other arm and repeated the process. She put the razor down, and James thought she was finished. Instead, she picked up the shaving gel again and filled her palm with it once more.

“What now?” he asked. Sarah didn’t answer. She spread gel all over his chest, then picked up the razor once more. “How far is this going to go?”

“Until I say when.” She began to shave away the hair on his chest, taking careful strokes around his nipples. When she finished she turned him around to let the shower spray wash any stray hairs. She put down the razor and stroked his now bare chest. “Mmmm, darling. That’s a good look for you. It feel’s nice, too. Check it out.” James reached up and stroked his chest.

“I haven’t felt my bare chest in I don’t know how long. It does feel kind of good.”

“Good. I’m glad you like it. Now let’s get the hair off your stomach as well.” She squirted the gel directly onto his skin, then spread it around. With only a few strokes she had removed the thin strip of hair that trailed down his stomach. “Hmmm…that’s a good start, darling. Now for the tricky part.”

“I hope you’re not saying what I think you’re saying.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” She picked up the shaving gel. She looked James in the eye, her eyebrow cocked, as she picked up the razor in her other hand and held it up. “Would you like to do the honors, or shall I?”

“I’d rather neither of us did the honors.”

“Well, I guess I’ll decide then. I think I’ll do it, to make sure it gets done right.” Sarah lathered up his groin, then knelt down in front of him and started gently shaving the base of his cock. When she finished that she went on and deftly shaved his balls, lifting them with one hand so she could shave underneath as well. She quickly removed the thicker hair above his cock with a few strokes from the razor.

“Well, Betturkey Giriş I’m glad that’s over with.”

“Yes. We’re halfway home now,” she said, looking up at James and smiling.

“Halfway? No, don’t tell me…you’re not going to shave my legs, are you?”

“Yes, that’s the plan.”

“What do you have up your sleeve, young lady?”

“You don’t want me to spoil the surprise, do you?”

“Yes. Spoil it before we go any further.”

“I don’t want to starve your sense of adventure.”

“Come on.”

“I want to see what you look like without hair. And I’m in charge. That’s all you need to know. Or do I need to remind you who’s in charge?” Sarah grasped James’ hairless balls in her hands and squeezed them gently to make her point. He gasped.

Sarah picked up the gel and sprayed it onto his left thigh and spread it around the area. She was surprised at how thick the hair was, forcing her to clean the razor often. Soon his thigh was bare in the front. She ran her hand up and down on the smooth skin, admiring her handiwork.

“Oh, darling, this is going to look good when I’m finished.” She covered the front of the other thigh with gel and carefully cleared it of hair as well. “Now turn around, darling.” She repeated the process on the back of James’ legs, reaching up with her spare hand to tickle his balls as she finished his inner thigh. Next she shaved the calf and ankle of each leg as well. They took practically no time compared to his thighs, with less ground to cover and the hair not as dense. She spanked James’ ass and stood up when she had finished.

“There you go, darling. Hairless as the day you were born,” she said as she put down the razor. “Now, finish up and I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom. I want you to shave your face for me, and make it as smooth as the rest of you. And make sure there’s no hair stuck in the drain before you get out.” She stepped out of the shower. Sarah quickly ran a comb through her hair and dried herself with a towel. She went to the bedroom and threw on the satin sleep shirt she often used for lounging around the house.

Sarah opened up the small bag she had brought home from the mall. After making sure she had everything she needed, she laid her things out on the vanity for later use. She laid out James’ outfit for the evening, leaving everything else in the bags.

Sarah then sat down on the bed and admired her new hairstyle in the mirror. She thought it would do the trick nicely. A few minutes later, the water stopped running in the shower. She heard James step out and assumed he was drying himself off. He emerged from the steamy bathroom a few minutes later, hair combed and all dried off.

“Well, hello stranger. Have you seen my husband?” Sarah said, smiling. “Take a look at yourself in the mirror darling.” James turned to the mirror. He looked at himself from behind, gazing downward at the back of his shaved legs. He turned around and looked at his chest, then lifted his arms to see his bare armpit.

“You know, it’s really not that big a difference, except for here,” he said, stroking the bare area just above his soft cock. “I look a lot different down here with no hair.” Sarah realized he was right. His legs didn’t look that much different, since his hair was light blonde and not all that easily seen. As for his chest, he looked like many of the men she had seen in television shows and movies. If she hadn’t seen him before, it would have actually looked perfectly natural.

“Mmmm…I think you look good, darling.” Sarah stood up and walked to James. She put her hands around his waist from behind as they both looked at him in the mirror. She slid them up to stroke his bare stomach and chest. He shivered at her light touch on the newly shaved skin. Sarah kissed his neck and shoulders as she began stroking his nipples. She gave each of them a little pinch before starting to stroke all over his upper torso again. Looking down, she could see his bald cock beginning to stir.

“Make yourself hard for me, darling. I want to see what your cock looks like this way.”

“You’re doing a good job already. Just keep it up and you’ll see.”

“No, darling…stroke yourself for me…I want to watch,” Sarah said, bringing her hands to rest on James’ stomach. “I might let you cum if you do,” she whispered in his ear, causing his cock to twitch. James reluctantly wrapped his right hand around his cock and stroked it slowly. Sarah could see it getting harder in his hand.

“Now, stroke your balls, darling. See how they feel with no hair.” James gently cupped his testicles in his hand, then stroked them with his fingertips. Sarah breathed heavily in his ear, and he moaned. Sarah decided that she wanted to feel them for herself. Watching in the mirror, she slid her hand down James stomach and felt his smooth skin. James’ hands fell away to his sides as she took his half-hard cock in her hands and squeezed it. He was up on his toes now, breathing heavy as she started to slowly Betturkey Güncel Giriş stroke his growing cock. Then she reached down to stroke his balls.

“Oh, darling, I love how it feels. We should have done this a long time ago.” She continued stroking his balls, cupping them in her hands and feeling their weight. They were hanging low and heavy in his hairless sack and she fondled each of them in her fingers individually, making James squirm. She removed her hand and sat down on the bed behind her.

“Turn around, James,” she said. James turned, and his half-erect cock bobbed only inches from Sarah’s face. She smiled up at him. “I love the way your legs look this way darling. Can I touch them?”


Sarah reached out and tentatively touched his thighs. She stroked them lightly with just the tips of her fingers, then squeezed the large muscles. Then she reached around the back to grab his hamstrings.

“I love the way it feels. Can you tell the difference when I touch you?”

“Yes. It feels more sensitive.”

“I wonder if that works here as well,” she said, her hand roaming up to grab his cock. She squeezed it for just a second, then stroked the area just above his cock where his thick wiry pubic hair had been only a little while ago. James gasped and reached out to put his hands on Sarah’s shoulders to steady himself. “You see darling. We’re having fun, aren’t we?”

“So far, so good.”

“Yes, and now the real fun begins.”

“Well, now you’re talking…” James said, moving a step closer to her so that his cock was in her face.

“No, darling, we’re going to have a completely different kind of fun.” Sarah stood up. She walked over to the vanity. She stood next to the small chair that faced the mirror. “Come here and have a seat, darling. I want to finish making you beautiful.”

“OK, now I know you’re joking…”

“No, I’m not. We’ve only just begun to make you my beautiful little wifey.”

“Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m actually your handsome big hubby, not your beautiful little wifey.”

“Well, that’s true, of course. But just for tonight, you’re Sarah and I’m James. And as your husband I want you to look your best for our night on the town.”

“For the love of god, Sarah. Are you saying you want to make me up like a girl and then go out somewhere?”

“Make you up and dress you up. And then take you out and show you off. Now come over here and sit down.” She leaned over and patted the seat with her hand, showing him where to sit. “Oh, and for the rest of the night, you will call me James. Is that clear, Sarah?”

“No, it’s not clear, Sarah…” James said defiantly. “This has gone far enough.” Sarah looked at him for a moment. She didn’t say a word, but walked into the closet. She returned a moment later holding the riding crop. She stood by the side of the bed and pointed to a spot on the carpet next to her.

“Come over here and bend over with your hands on the bed,” she commanded. James stood his ground, hands on his hips, and didn’t move to obey. Sarah smiled inwardly for a moment, thinking that standing there like that he did actually look like a woman. Then she resolved to be firm. “Over here. Right now, Sarah.” James hesitated for another moment, then did as she had asked. She caressed his cheeks with the crop.

“Now, are you going to do what I say, or do I have to convince you?” James didn’t answer. She brought the crop down against his bare buttocks, the swish of it moving through the air preceding the satisfying sound of leather against skin. James jumped in the air, and a small yelp escaped his lips. Sarah realized she might have hit him too hard and reminded herself to take it easy with the next stroke if it turned out to be necessary.

“This is just too much, Sarah…” Sarah swatted James again, taking careful aim to not hit the same spot that she had hit before. He yelped again and nearly collapsed onto the bed.

“Darling, I think you’d agree that you put me through quite a bit last night, and I didn’t complain. You’re just going to have to trust me that I’m not going to parade you out in front of your friends or co-workers and embarrass you. We’re going out, but somewhere that it won’t matter how you’re dressed.” For yet another time, Sarah sensed that James might not agree to her request, and that he might call everything off. Even after all the boundaries they had crossed during this marvelous week, this might be where he drew the line. She stood over him holding the crop, waiting for his answer and not knowing what it would be.

“All right…James. Let’s get this over with,” he finally hissed. Sarah nearly squealed with delight at James’ capitulation. She tried to remain calm on the outside however. She leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Thank you, darling. I love you so much right now…” She bent at the waist and planted a soft wet kiss on each of his reddening ass cheeks. She caressed them with her hand as she stood up. “All right now, Sarah, into the chair and let’s get beautiful.”

James winced as he stood up, and rubbed his cheeks with his hands. He gingerly sat down on the cushioned seat, then relaxed as he sank down into the soft fabric. Sarah reached up and turned on the bright light over the mirror, illuminating James’ face in stark light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32