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When Britni messaged him with, “Mmmm…love those big full balls,” Jack could tell that she was feeling submissive. She wasn’t talking about him directly–he’d sent her a looping animation earlier, an image of a woman with her eyes rolled all the way back in her head as she sucked on a man’s balls until his cock bounced. Just the kind of thing she liked.

It was also the kind of thing that would make her feel nice and submissive. Ever since they’d started chatting, a few months ago, Jack had been very enjoyably splitting his time between reading Britni’s teasing, flirtatious texts and letting her take charge of his cock, and sending his own messages that seduced her into obedience to him. Sometimes she would message him, fresh from sex with her husband (who was apparently perfectly fine with her sexting other men) and so clearly drunk on sexual energy that she fell right into his words and begged to be controlled.

Other times, she’d surprise him with one composed, calm message after another, using language that was simultaneously soothing and erotic until he was so turned on that he forgot how to think straight. Or think at all, really–by the end of those chats, his will to resist was so weak that he just mindlessly repeated everything she told him while he stroked himself to orgasm. He could never tell which Britni he’d get each time she messaged him. That unpredictability was part of what made their play so enjoyable.

But tonight, he was pretty sure he was getting the submissive Britni. Especially when she sent a “**giggles**” message right after talking about sucking men’s balls. So Jack decided to settle into the role and enjoy a little dirty talk and domination. It wasn’t exactly like she had to twist his arm or anything.

He texted her with, “And those eyes…so blank and mindless. She’s totally in cocktrance.” They’d played around with that idea more than once, and it always seemed to really get Britni excited to think about someone’s cock shutting her brain down. She talked a lot about her husband (well, she called him ‘Master’, but Jack was pretty sure they were also married) using his ‘big black cock’ to make her weak and submissive and obedient. Jack was more than happy to go along with the idea.

She responded with, “Mmmmm, i do love that. Completely focused on their pleasure.” Jack raised an eyebrow a little. Normally, Britni melted pretty quickly when he mentioned ‘cocktrance’; she always said she loved the idea of becoming helpless and weak at the sight of a man’s cock. But this wasn’t quite the response he expected. At the same time, though, it wasn’t exactly a dominant response either. He couldn’t quite get a read on it.

He decided to press on. Maybe pushing a few more of her hot buttons would help to steer her into a more playful mood. “Inhaling his musk, letting it make your mind soft and slick and wet…” he sent, feeling his erection rise as he typed. Jack was sure this would turn her on–she was just talking the other day about how much she loved a man’s full, heavy balls in her mouth, how the scent and taste made her weak and aroused and submissive. Jack shivered at the very enjoyable memory.

But instead of responding, Britni sent an image of her own. One Jack recognized a little too well. It was another animated loop, this one of a man. He was naked, his hands touching the base of his very well-endowed cock and gently tugging it from side to side so that it swayed in a mesmerizing motion. He seemed to be staring right at the camera, right at Jack, watching Jack watch his cock move back and forth in an endless repetition. It had a timeless quality to it–there was no obvious spot where the loop started over, so it was easy to get lost in the continuous swing.

Jack had seen it a few days ago on Britni’s blog. He’d marked it as a favorite. He’d forgotten that Britni would have gotten a notification when he did that.

“Love it,” she said, right below the picture. Jack wasn’t quite sure whether that was a description or a command. He felt suddenly exposed in a way that left him just a little bit nervous–it wasn’t that he was ashamed of being bisexual, it was just that he wasn’t really sure yet if he even was bi or not. He got turned on looking at pictures of men sometimes, especially ones like this where the guy’s cock really felt like it was the focus, but did that mean he was actually bi? Or did you have to like the whole guy for that? He’d never tried to figure it out, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to talk to someone else about it.

He tried to play it casually. “Yeah, that motion looked so hypnotic I had to remind you of it,” he said, adding a smiley-face at the end so that he could pretend it was all part of their play together. Just Britni’s fuckbuddy Jack, showing her another big thick cock to melt her mind and make her weak and helpless the way she always liked. Just part of their game. Just a long, throbbing cock, filling his chat window and drawing his attention with that endless sway as he waited for Britni to respond. xslot Just a very impressive cock, right there in front of him. Bouncing. Left to right. Right to left.

Jack blinked rapidly, trying to shake a sudden wave of relaxation that swept over him. He wanted to focus on Britni, not on some guy she thought was cute. He tried to think of what he was going to say next to her. He needed something that would get her feeling nicely submissive, something that would draw her attention to that cock and get her lost in it. He knew that she wouldn’t be able to resist long once he got her thinking about cocks. She was always telling him how hypnotic they were–

And then her next message popped up. Jack’s eyes locked onto it like a deer in the headlights. “Yeah, just look at it going back and forth… back and forth…”

Helplessly, Jack looked back up at the top of the chat window. Britni’s messages had pushed the image up slightly, but the cock was still there. It was still looping endlessly in that slow, measured motion. It was still going back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Jack’s hand crept down between his legs, rubbing himself absently as he stared. Back and forth. Back and forth.

He didn’t know how Britni knew that he was aroused by the image. Maybe he gave it away somehow, maybe she just guessed. But Jack suddenly found himself relieved instead of worried. She clearly wasn’t upset by the idea of his sexual orientation being a little more flexible; if anything, she was acting like she was a little turned on by it. Jack decided to relax and go with the flow. Maybe he’d have an enjoyable time indulging Britni’s kink. They’d have a harmless little fantasy together, one where he pretended he was hypnotized by cocks just like she was, and he’d see where it took him.

That was all in his head, of course. In the chat window, he just typed, “back and forth” with his free hand while he lazily stroked himself.

She responded so fast that Jack felt like she was pouncing on his words. “Just watching it moving side to side. Feeling the rest of the world melt away…” She always had such a soothing cadence when she was talking dirty to him. Jack could almost hear her voice, purring warmly in his ears and shutting out all his distractions so he could stare and stroke. Usually it was to her words, and sometimes to a profusion of pictures of full, heavy breasts that lulled him into a state of deeply aroused acceptance, but Jack found very quickly that the cock had a similar effect. It was easy to watch. It was easy to focus on. It was easy to stroke to.

He almost felt like his fingers were moving themselves as he typed, “melt away. so nice”. Jack thought about trying to go back and capitalize the words, or add more punctuation before hitting Enter, but it seemed like too much effort. Britni understood what he meant, and she probably also understood that he was typing a little bit distracted. He didn’t want to take his hand away from his cock. He didn’t want to take his eyes away from the cock. He just wanted to relax into the fantasy and enjoy.

She seemed to know exactly what he wanted now. She messaged back, “Do you like the idea of having your mind melted by a big beautiful POWERFUL cock?” Jack felt his dick twitch under his fingers as he read the words. Something about the way she described it reminded her of all those times they’d played before. Jack remembered all her descriptions of mind-melting cocks, hypnotic cocks, mesmerizing cocks, entrancing cocks…even his cock was an enthralling cock when she talked about it. It was so hot to think back to all those chats together and imagine that this time it was him becoming helpless and weak. Jack worked his hand up and down, a few droplets of precum lubricating the motion as his arousal built.

“yes Ma’am,” he replied, feeling himself melt into delicious submission. It felt nice to let go of all those silly, tedious efforts at taking control and just let Britni steer the conversation for a while. He typed with fumbling fingers, “love to watch the cock and sink into themotion and onbey.” The typos didn’t bother him. He was relaxed and focused on Britni’s words and on the warm, tingling sensations in his cock. Nothing else seemed to really matter.

The image she had sent him was almost completely off the screen now, but Britni sent him another to replace it. It was an even bigger cock, thrusting up from the bottom of the screen like a jutting tower to stretch all the way to the very top. It was a rich mahogany in color, with a tracing of veins along its surface and a v-shaped ridge along the bottom of the head that made it look almost heart-shaped. At the bottom, Jack could see tightly gathered balls that made it look like it was just moments away from erupting into orgasm. The second he saw it, Jack couldn’t take his eyes off it.

And then Britni followed it up with a text. “Just look at my Master’s big strong black dick,” she said. “It’s so enthralling. The power to fuck the mind right outta someone.” xslot Giriş Jack gasped. She’d always talked about how much power her Master’s cock held over her, how weak and helpless she felt whenever she looked at it, but Jack had never really paid close attention to that part of their conversations. He was paying attention now, though. It felt like he couldn’t look away. He clicked on the image, popping it out of the chat window so that it filled his screen, and studied it with hypnotic intensity.

He was so lost in the image he almost forgot to respond for a moment, but then he remembered that Britni was waiting on him to reply. “yes Ma’am,” he typed. “i will stare at masters big black enthralling dick.” It felt strange, passively repeating her words like that, but it also felt more than a little comfortable. They’d played like this before, Jack staring at an image and just repeating her sensual comments back to her, and it felt so much easier to simply focus on the pleasure he was feeling and let her guide him through their fantasy. Even if it wasn’t the kind of fantasy he was expecting when he messaged her earlier, it was hot and sexy and it wasn’t like there was any harm to it. He was just enjoying this. He was relaxing and letting go.

And Britni knew just what to say to help him relax even deeper. “So big,” she texted. “So delicious. The more you stare the more you submit. The more you submit the more you stare.” Jack’s eyes went a little unfocused for a moment as he gazed up at the massive cock filling his screen. He found himself imagining what it might be like kneeling in front of it, with Britni there to ease him into the fulfillment of his fantasies as she teased his mouth open and guided him down onto her Master’s hard, throbbing cock. It was all just another fantasy, of course, but it felt somehow more real than the others. It felt like it was filling his mind.

He couldn’t think of any other response. “moire i submit more i stare,” he typed, no longer even noticing his mistakes. “more i stare more i submit.” He was more focused on cock–the cock that Britni showed him, the one that belonged to her Master, but also the one between his fingers that was practically dribbling out precum now. His hand moved in a smooth, slick, easy rhythm as he stroked himself, the pleasure wrapping around the base of his brain like a warm fog and leaving him open to Britni’s words. It felt wonderfully, intimately familiar to his mind and his cock both.

“Thats right, clever boy,” Britni responded. “You know i think for you, now.” He could almost picture her, staring at him with piercing eyes and delivering the words in a tone of calm, confident command. It was such a hot, sexy fantasy that Jack couldn’t help letting himself be carried along by it.

“You think forr me noow,” he typed. It wasn’t really true–of course Jack could think. He just didn’t really want to right now, not when he could stare at that big enthralling cock and let his mind melt into delicious pleasure. Britni would do the thinking for a little while, and Jack would just enjoy. That sounded so wonderful.

She must have realized how deeply he’d surrendered to the fantasy, because she began a rapid-fire string of texts that Jack found himself responding to easily and effortlessly while he stroked. “You have no WILL,” she said.

“i have no will,” he responded. He barely even noticed typing anymore.

“You have no mind,” she texted. He didn’t really think about what she was saying.

“i have no mind,” he agreed. It didn’t matter anyway, he just needed to stroke his cock and stare at Master’s. Her Master’s.

“You cannot resist,” she messaged.

“i cannot resist.” He wasn’t even sure what she thought he wanted to resist, but he responded anyway. It was just easier to repeat her words back to her now.

“Big cocks make your mind melt,” she continued, her words now just a tiny stream of distractions in the endless river of pleasure. It felt good to stare and stroke and stop thinking.

“big cocks make my mind melt,” he replied easily, feeling another surge of heat course through his body. God, it felt so hot to play along like this. No wonder Britni was always talking about how mindless and weak her Master’s big cock made her.

“Big tits make your mind melt,” she sent. Jack was almost surprised–he wasn’t even thinking about Britni’s body right now. Her words, her control, yes, but Master’s–her Master’s cock was right there in front of him, filling his eyes and mind…

Still, he couldn’t help but agree. “big tits make my mind melt,” he replied, letting that same warm rush of pleasure fill his brain as he responded easily and effortlessly to her words. It felt so good to stroke and respond.

And then she sent him another image, this one entirely familiar to him. It was one she’d sent him on more than one occasion, a looping gif of a beautiful woman cupping a pair of massive breasts in her hands and letting them drop. Jack’s eyes fixated on the motion xslot Güncel Giriş automatically, remembering all the times Britni had showed it to him and described lovingly the way the motion drew him to stare helplessly at it over…and over…

“Good boy,” she said. “Stroke that nice, hard cock as you stare and submit.”

Cock. The word triggered an association in his pleasure-saturated mind. He found his gaze drifting back and forth between the full, heavy breasts in their endless motion and the massive cock that kept drawing his attention back to it over and over. “stare ans submit to cock and tits,” he typed, feeling himself throb with arousal as he sent the text.

He realized he was incredibly turned on. Somewhere during this timeless, teasing display, Britni had managed to get him impossibly worked up. His cock was a slick, dripping mess that he couldn’t stop stroking, and his entire mind seemed to be centered on the tiny lightning storm of arousal in his tip. “so hard,” he typed, trying to convey his arousal to Britni with a brain that no longer seemed capable of thinking in words.

Britni almost seemed amused by his message. “Mmmmm…such a nice hard cock to rub as you go deeper,” she replied. “Remove all thought. Remove all resistance. Rub your mind away.” Jack inhaled sharply as the words touched a core of arousal he wasn’t even aware he had. Something about the thought of going truly mindless with pleasure sounded so sexy to him now. Britni talked about how good it felt to her, but now Jack could feel it for himself and it was the most amazing fantasy he could imagine.

“remove thought,” he typed. God, it felt so good to say those words. Even if it was just a fantasy, Jack felt like it was almost real to him. “remove resistance,” he entered, his hand moving of its own accord on the keyboard. Jack’s mind was occupied with pleasure. “rub mmy mind away.”

“That’s right,” she said. “Feel all your resistance and will draining into your cock.” Jack was panting now, his cock harder than it had ever been, but somehow he couldn’t quite bring himself over the edge. The same arousal that was filling his mind and locking his eyes onto Master’s cock whenever he wasn’t staring at Britni’s words also seemed to be waiting for something. It could feel even better, he realized. It could feel even better if he followed her instructions.

He decided to go along with it. He would just let himself sink into the fantasy, carry it through to its conclusion and see just how good Britni could make him feel. “all my resistnce andwill drainss into my cock,” he typed. Just saying it made his cock twitch, and Jack could feel another gush of precum trickling onto his fingers. “its leeaking out,” he typed, his breath now coming in gasps.

“Good boy,” Britni responded. Jack quivered as the words stroked his mind like his fingers stroked his cock. “Now feel the urge to cum build and build. Knowing when you cum all that free will and resistance will be cummed away.”

Jack stared at the words, somehow expecting some part of his mind to argue with them, but…there was nothing. Nothing but pleasure, nothing but those tits and that cock filling his mind and arousing him beyond all meaning. If there was a part of him that didn’t want that, it was already convinced that this was all just a fantasy. Just something he would use to get himself off. And his hand was already typing, “cummed away staring stroking cock and rtits sendibng me sooo deep…”

“That’s right,” Britni said, coaxing him along with every word. “Deeper. Faster. Edging closer and closer to release.” He felt like she was right there in the room with him, her fingers wrapped around his cock, her voice whispering in his ear, stroking him until his mind shut down and he stared at Master’s cock in a vacant, obedient trance…

His fingers were shaking as he said, “closer to rwealease by Your wil;l.” It was barely even a sentence, but he didn’t care anymore. He just needed to cum. He just needed, needed to, oh God he needed so bad to…

“Stroke. Submit. Surrender. Cum for me pet. Cum and go deep deep into my power.” The words appeared on his screen, accompanied by another image of a woman displaying her powerful tits and staring commandingly into his eyes, and Jack lost it. His whole world tightened for a moment to the impossibly powerful tingling at the tip of his cock, holding that pleasure for what seemed like eternity as he stared and jacked and moaned and stroked and stared and stared–

And then he was spurting, gushing out cum all over his hand and his belly and his legs and it felt stronger, more powerful than any orgasm he’d ever had. He felt like he was being overwhelmed by it. He felt like he couldn’t stop it. With shaky, fumbling fingers, he managed to type out, “ohgod cumming sooo hasard!” as his cock finally twitched out the last little bit of pleasure and went still.

Britni must have had a pretty good idea of how turned on he was, because she texted back with a triumphant, “Mmmmm yes! Cum yourself into my power!!” Jack smiled dreamily as he read her words. She clearly wasn’t quite done with their little game, and Jack decided he wanted to see what she was planning to do next. Maybe she’d manage to get him worked up all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32