Nikki’s Doctor Visit Ch. 01

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I was so nervous, sitting there in my skirt and blouse, Phillip’s hand running up my thigh in an effort to both taunt and comfort me. I was terrified and he knew it, the slight grin on his face verifying it whenever I happened to find the courage to look up. I didn’t want to be here, to be doing this, but at the same time I could feel the moisture leak from my lower lips and begin to soak my panties. I’m sure he knew as well. He always did.

As the nurse called my name, I didn’t want to stand. My knees were weak, my stomach turning. Nevertheless, you rose first, pulling me up by my hand and leading me through the door and into the more clinical side of the office. It always smelled like alcohol in those places, I realized. Alcohol and something else. I never could distinguish that other, underlying odor. Iodine? No, maybe the gloves or some other disinfectant that merely added to the alcohol.

“Alright, let’s just get your weight really fast,” the nurse said, bringing me out of my short attempt at distraction.

I did not have a bag with me, all of my essential items for the day safely tucked away in Phillip’s wallet. I say nothing then as I slipped off my shoes effortlessly, immediately standing on the digital scale. I looked down absently, catching “128” flash.

“Alright, you can step down now.” I did, slipping on my shoes once more and following the nurse and Phillip until we reach the exam room at the end of the hall. “Just slip into the gown on the table and the doctor will be with you in just a few,” she said brightly, opening the door and making beylikdüzü escort a slight gesture with her clipboard before depositing it into a slot near the sill. She smiled but it looks less than genuine. She probably says the same thing 80 times a day, if not more. She disappears almost immediately, leaving me to prepare for my fate.

Phillip closed the door behind us, his hands immediately going to my shoulders.

“You’re doing so well,” he whispered, his fingers playing up the side of my neck. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise. I’ll be right here with you.”

“I know, I’m just…” I could barely speak, my knees quivering and my throat wanting to close. “No one has ever… Not besides you.”

“I know.” He kissed the back of my hair, his fingers going to the buttons of my blouse and slowly moving down. “Turn around for me.” I did as he asked, my face burning red as he unbuttons my garment and pulls it free from my body. He then takes a moment to stare at my chest, only to almost immediately remove my bra. I make the instinctive move to cover myself, but he stops me.

“No,” he grumbles. “I’ve told you before I won’t have you covered up.”

I let my hands drop, thoroughly mortified that he is seeing me this way.

“Nikki,” he whispers, not finishing his initial thought and choosing instead to allow his voice to trail off. I knew I could aggravate him without meaning to. He was the first man I was with, the only man. He was the dominant to my submissive, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t annoy him with my almost adana escort painful shyness. I couldn’t look up, instead choosing to allow my dark hair to continue masking my face from his view as I hung my head.

He finally sighed loudly, a sort of acceptance in the sound. “Let’s finish getting you ready.”

In a matter of seconds he had removed my skirt and panties, taking care to fold all of my garments neatly and place them on a nearby chair. He took my shoes, placing them under the same piece of furniture. Only then did he help me into the exam gown and then onto the table.

We sat there in silence, not saying a word, me not looking up.

Finally a knock sounded on the door and before I could speak, Phillip casually said to come in. I managed to look up then, catching the older gentlemen closing the door and walking towards me with his hand outstretched.

I took his offered hand, my mind registering that his name was Dr. Gray, but little else made its way into my brain. His voice was calming, genuine, but I could only think that in a moment, this man would be touching me in ways I would rather avoid. He briefly greeted Phillip as well, but he seemed to pay little, if any, attention to him.

“So, I see from your chart that this is your first time having a pelvic exam, Ms. McDermott.” He phrased it as a statement, but some part of me took it as a question.

“Yes sir,” I said quietly, still looking down.

“Mind if I ask why you waited so long?” he asked, moving a few things around on a tray before returning to the afyon escort side of the table. “You really shouldn’t wait until your mid 20s to start taking control of your health.”

I swallowed, embarrassed. “I’ve never had any issues in that department, sir.”

“I’m sure you haven’t, but with the diseases today one can never be too careful.” He took my chin and told me to look up. He was very straight faced, quickly shining a light into my gray eyes.

“I… I…”

“She hasn’t had to worry about that,” Phillip chimed in. “She was a virgin until a month ago.”

I felt my face burn, my skin feeling as if I were about to burst into flames if not worse. I briefly caught the doctor’s expression and it bordered on something akin to serious doubt. I didn’t know if I should find that flattering, or insulting.

“Well,” he began after regaining his composure. “Let’s move on.”

He listened to my heart, my lungs, asking me about my asthma and if I had experienced any troubles. I answered in the negative, feeling slightly more calm after Phillip’s embarrassing statement a moment prior.

“Alright, I think we should begin the breast exam.” He seemed to pause for a moment, looking in Phillip’s direction. When Phillip didn’t respond, he turned back to me. “If you can just drop the top of your gown for me, Ms. McDermott.”

I reached up, my fingers shaking. I grasp the thin cloth and pull it down, knowing my skin is red and that my nipples are already erect from the cold room coupled with my anxiety level. It takes me almost an entire minute to work the thing down my body, almost as if part of me was fighting the action and hoping that somehow I could find a way out of this.

Eventually, I accomplish the task, sitting there with my breasts exposed for both Phillip and the doctor.

To Be Continued…

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