On the Counter

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Once upon a time we were all young. When this story took place Paul and George were 21 and going to A&P school, Eva and Kristin were 20.

All pseudonyms have been changed to protect the deviant.

As told by Eva.


Paul was smiling, staring at the pretty little summer dress I was wearing. My points were poking the sateen cotton material out like two pencil erasers. The dress had a liner, but I wasn’t wearing a bra. I’m Eva, and I hate bras. Actually, as a general principle I’m not too fond of any clothing. But I loathe and detest bras.

His hand traced a path from my shoulder blade down the left side of my rib cage to my ass. He gave it a loving squeeze. I knew what he wanted. We had a little time before the party and a little privacy in the kitchen. I don’t ever deny my husband, but I enjoy it too.

I felt my nipples getting even harder as I thought that thought..

“Here,” I said, placing his hand in the small of my back, “why don’t you unzip me and get a better look.”

I sighed and my heart began to beat a little faster while my breathing became a little more audible as he began to unzip the back of my dress. I reached down and stroked his hardness invisible behind his double knit dress slacks. I didn’t need to see it to know where it was or how turgid it was.

After unzipping me he brought his hands to the back of my neck and slid them along my shoulders elegantly sliding the dress from my body. Understanding that I would need it later he folded it. Well, he folded it the way guys fold things, and sat it on the counter top. I was standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of skinny strap heels and a pair of low cut bikini briefs as he ran his hands over my thighs, my hips xslot and my belly.

Before taking them into his mouth, he kissed my erect nipples, playing gently with the little stainless-steel barbell studs, and saying: “They’re perfect.” I moaned and gasped for air as he went back and forth from one to the other.

“Want to see the rest?” I asked unnecessarily.

He laughed a tiny little laugh by way of an answer and I peeled down my pink cotton panties.

I pulled my man to my chest. His warm hands and wet mouth traveled over every inch of my tingly breasts. I hardly thought it possible but my nipples grew even harder and larger as my husband closed his semi-rough lips over them and suckled on them. I sighed, a sigh of great pleasure and pulled his head into me as he tried to nurse. One day when they had milk, I would let him drink, I could hardly wait.

Paul’s hands slid lower over my boiling body, towards the little forest of hair between my legs. His loving fingers searched until he found my slit. His fingers parted my labia as he touched them. He felt my natural juices seeping from that special spot between my legs. He played with my little lips and coated his fingers well with my lubricant. He slid two fingers slowly but steadily deep into my vagina as he continued to suck my nipples.

I moaned audibly, grinding my hips and sliding up and down on his fingers, begging him to finger-fuck me harder and faster. My lube was oozing from my nether lips as my husband added another finger. Plunging a third digit into me and pumping them relentlessly and hard in my vagina. I tried to climb his hand and eventually his attention pushed me over the edge. I experienced a shuddering orgasm. I jerked and xslot Giriş my nipple slid from Paul’s mouth.

I slid from my husband’s grasp and hopped up onto the kitchen counter. Naked but for my strap heels, and with my twat dripping wet, I bent my knees and wriggled my ass to the edge of the counter top. My legs were spread at the knees and my cunt was totally exposed.

“I’m safe,” I said in reference to my cycle.

“Are you certain?”

“I want you to knock me up, just not right now,” I said to my husband, “soon, after you graduate.”


To be fair although I had often hinted at my desires, it was the most straightforward declaration I had made to date on the subject.

“Hey, Paul, are you gonna stand there looking, or are you going to fuck me.”

His belt was undone and his dress slacks around his ankles in seconds. His penis was so hard going in that I felt I might be split in half. Then I looked to my right and saw Kristin and George, they had found their way inside and neither of us had heard them. Paul was distracted and he slipped out just a bit.

“By all means, please continue,” George said.

“Don’t let us stop you,” Kristin said with a smile.

“You know, you really should lock your door to keep all the riff-raff out.” George said as a joke. He was of course referring to themselves.

“Pease, fuck me Paul, right now.” I said.

With a grunt he slid his penis back into me to its full length, and I let out a low moan.

Our best friends watched as Paul moved in and out, making all of my tingly parts tingle even more. He was pushing and pulling in my vagina stimulating everything. I was tight and gripping him and he was throwing xslot Güncel Giriş a wonderfully good fuck into me. Paul was standing at the counter’s edge holding me by the hips to keep me in one place. George came over and started to roll my nipples between his thumb and forefinger while Kristin gave me a big wet kiss.

It was unbelievable, Paul was thrusting his most lovely penis deep into my vagina. It just felt so delicious. He slid past my greasy lips and plunged to the inner-moist depths of my vagina. My ring muscles gripped my man’s penis and he was slamming me harder and harder. I love Paul with all my being. He totally gets it, he pays attention to me and knows me. He knows when to be soft and when to be hard like right now.

Kristin kissed me as she held my shoulders so that I wouldn’t slide away from the pounding that my cunt was taking on the counter top. George was kissing, suckling and gently biting my nipples. Paul was slamming my cunt and the muscles were gripping him tight and he was panting and I was moaning. Paul stopped and shuddered and his penis throbbed. He let out a deep moan and shot his load deep into me. But knowing I hadn’t quite gotten to number two he didn’t stop.

My lover, he just kept on working it. He was moving his slowly deflating penis up and down and back and forth inside of me. I was really close and as Kristin kissed me again as George licked my perky buds. Paul reached down and hooked his thumb into my vagina stroking the head of my clit. I groaned and came again as a white flash of light exploded in my head.

Kristin took my panties and wiped me up as Paul withdrew from me, and George grabbed my dress. I slipped into it while my man got himself “presentable.” Kristin sniffed my panties, smiled a wicked grin and put them in her purse, I was going commando the rest of the night. George zipped my dress up. Paul and I splashed some water from the kitchen sink on our faces, and we headed out to the party.

It was close but we were on time.

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