Original Angels Ch. 15

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Sunday At Home

The day was coming to an end and we were all pretty tired from being in the sun and fresh air since breakfast, not to mention the sex activities that we all enjoyed. I was beginning to think that Rhonda might never put her clothes back on again. But they had already spent the night and an extra day after a simple dinner invitation and it was time for them to go.

Joe had put his shorts and shirt back on. Rhonda and Tammi had slipped shirts over their bikinis, and we were all saying our goodbyes in the driveway. Kisses and hugs were exchanged by all, with plenty of extra touches on the side. As they drove away, I had my arms around Trish and Tracy and they were waving.

We all turned and went back into the house. There wasn’t much to clean up since we had kept up with it during the day. Somehow we all just wandered into our bedroom and collapsed on the bed. I was still in the middle and the girls were cuddled up under each of my arms. We kissed and I ran my hands up and down their arms and sides as they stroked my chest and torso and eventually my cock. It wasn’t a prelude to sex, just a warm and loving touch. We fell asleep that way and slept through the night.

As the morning sun was shining through the blinds, I awoke in my usual state of morning arousal. Tracy woke with me and immediately noticed my stiffy. She put her hand on it and held it firmly. Trish was still asleep at my side.

‘Are you always this ready when you wake up?’ Tracy whispered in my ear.

‘I guess I am.’

‘It’s no wonder mom is so anxious to marry you.’ She teased. ‘But I’m glad too, because I feel like we’re all getting married. You make mom so happy and Teri told me how much she loves you, and I feel the same way too.’ She kissed my ear and then kissed a trail down my cheek until our lips met. All the while her hand was slowly stroking my rigid shaft.

I hugged her to me and ran my hand over her ass. I felt her moving up my body so that my hand could reach down between her legs, and she spread them open for me. She was warm and moist and I allowed my fingers to linger at her opening.

‘Mmm, I love it when you hold me there.’ She said. ‘I love it when you put your fingers inside me, and I really love it when you put your finger in my ass! I never knew that could feel so good. Do you like it when someone does that to you too?’

‘I suppose I do.’ I replied, ‘But I love your little butt so much I just want to have it close to me all the time.’

‘OK. You can’

She spread her legs apart even wider.

‘Have you ever fucked a girl in her ass?’

‘No, but I’ve fantasized about it.’

I couldn’t believe I was being so frank with my soon to be teenaged step daughter. Here we were lying naked in bed together, with her mother sleeping at my side, talking about my fantasies of anal sex!

‘Whose butt have you thought about?’

‘Right now it’s yours.’ I admitted.

‘I’ve thought about that too.’ She said. ‘I don’t know when I’ll be ready to try it, but when I am, I want it to be with you. And I want you to be the first man to fuck me in my pussy too. It’s not just because you and mom are getting married and I love you and all… But I love how gentle and caring you are. I know some boys at school who just want girls to fuck them or give them blow jobs, but it’s so easy to see that they don’t care one bit about the girls. I would never go out with guys like that. I think they’re pigs!’

I continued to play with her damp crack and smooth tight little butt hole.

‘But you,’ she went on, ‘you just touch me in a special way. I don’t have any other men in my life to compare you to, but I can tell that you’re not like most men. And I want you to be the one to show me all the things I need to know, to get the most pleasure out of the men in my life, and to give the most pleasure in return.’

I was blown away. Both by the flattery that Tracy was showering on me, and also by the maturity she was demonstrating in her thoughts. I silently reminded myself to compliment Trish on raising such a fantastic young lady. And my finger slipped inside of Tracy’s pussy. She kept on holding my dick, squeezing and massaging it to keep it in its solid form.

‘Mmm.’ she said as my finger probed inside her. She wiggled her ass and it slipped in deeper. I began to fuck her with my finger and she increased the pace on my dick. She shifted around so as to allow me full access to her holes and that also brought her face closer to my cock. We both knew where we were headed.

I carefully moved away from Trish just enough so that Tracy could swing her leg over my head and straddle me. Now I was staring right into her sweet young cunt. And I felt her hot breath on my cock just before she licked the head for the first time. I gently pulled her back towards my face until I could lick between her legs. We were now engaged in a full blown sixty nine.

Her little mouth was licking my full shaft and taking me deep down her throat. fixbet And my probing fingers had been replaced now by my tongue. She tasted sweet while still maintaining that all night long pungent flavor. I was ravenous! Her hot little hole was gaping wide as I drove my tongue in as far as I could push it. My nose was poking at her virgin asshole and the aroma was driving me wild. Her butt hole was smooth and clean and there was little contrast in the skin color around the tight puckered orifice. Her soft smooth tanned cheeks were like a warm compress on my face as I slurped the sex nectar she offered.

She was pumping my cock with her fist and sucking it hard with her hot young lips. Her hand was covered in her own spit and my pre cum and just as I inserted my finger in her anus, she moved her finger down and diddled my ass. I let my legs fall open wider and she pressed her digit inside. I did the same and suddenly we were both impaled on each others’ fingers! I was in all the way past my second knuckle and Tracy was pushing for a similar depth. I couldn’t hold back any more. I let go my first shot of the day and Tracy took it like a pro. I felt her whole mouth contract and then swallow as my cock spurted another huge gob. And suddenly Tracy was washing my face with her own cum. It was wet and even watery flowing profusely from her cunt. I had to drink it to keep from choking. My finger was making circles inside her ass and her fluid was running like a river down my chin. Our breathing was so heavy and the sounds we made were so primitive we were like animals overcome by a ravenous hunger for each other!

As we began to come down from the climax of our lovemaking Tracy collapsed on top of me. I was literally pinned to the bed with my face still buried between her thighs and her face was on the wet sheets between my thighs. Our bodies heaved together amid sighs of satisfaction.

‘Well aren’t you two a sight to wake up to!’ It was Trish. I guess there’s no way she could have slept through all of that.

Neither Tracy nor I could even move to acknowledge her voice.

‘I don’t suppose either of you took the time to make coffee.’ She asked jokingly.

‘Oh God mom! Does he do this stuff to you all the time?’

Trish laughed. ‘Well not all the time! How can he after he does it to you? I think you both need a nap!’

‘Mmm good idea.’ I moaned. ‘I could sleep between these legs for the rest of the day.’

‘Oh, no you don’t!’ Trish said, ‘I want some too and you’re the only man around here who can give it to me. Tracy, see if you can suck that cock back into action! I need to be fucked!’

Tracy dutifully began to use her mouth on me again. At first it seemed futile. I was really exhausted. But soon I felt the blood rushing back to my groin and my pole began to rise. Trish watched as her daughter’s lips brought me back to life, and when she was satisfied that it was stiff enough, she straddled my legs and sat down on the tower of skin and blood as Tracy held it for her. Once I was all the way in, Trish pushed Tracy’s head back down and as Trish leaned back on her hands, she ordered Tracy to lick her clit. Tracy obeyed and suddenly she was pushing her wet twat back into my face.

What else could I do? My tongue was sore from the past activities, but I mustered up the strength to drive it home again. This time I stuck it right up her ass. I used my fingers on her clit and her pussy, but I let my tongue explore every bit of her ass that it could reach. Trish was bouncing up and down on my rejuvenated sex tool and crying out as Tracy bit and lapped at her clit. She came in just a few minutes which was good, because I don’t know how much longer I could have lasted. Once again, we all collapsed in a sweaty, spent heap on the bed.

When I woke up, it was at least an hour later and we were still a tangled mess on the sheets. We had all fallen asleep again and I chuckled to myself as I surveyed what little view I had. I was still staring straight into Tracy’s ass and cunt. There was a combination of dried love juice and a slickness all over her vagina. It smelled sweaty but sweet. Outside of Tracy’s feet and calves on either side of my head I could see Trish’s feet. I could just move my arms enough to tickle them. She rotated them at first to avoid the sensation. Then she moved her legs to get them out of my reach. I think that’s when she woke up. Tracy’s face was still in her crotch and she wiggled her head slightly. Tracy raised her head and gradually we all awakened enough to untangle ourselves and free our bodies and limbs from each other.

We stretched and yawned as if we were waking for the first time, but then we all remembered why we had gone back to sleep. I felt a rush of satisfaction run through my body as I realized how much I love both of these girls and how lucky I am to have them in my life. I like to think that they felt the same at that moment.

Sunday is the day that we normally do our laundry. Today fixbet giriş it was mostly towels and bed linens. We hadn’t worn as many clothes this week for some reason. But as I stripped the bed in my bedroom, the sheets were still damp and the aroma of sex wafted from them. We hadn’t gotten dressed yet so once we had all of the laundry and chores in hand, we decided to take a swim.

The sun was shining brightly and the water felt good as we all splashed and romped about in the water. I felt an urge to hold Trish close to me and when I pulled her close to kiss her, she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her around the pool that way for several minutes. I held her firm little ass in my hand and tweaked her nipples with the other. Tracy soon joined us and as I played with her mother, she was fondling my cock and balls. She joined our kiss and it became three way. I walked slowly over to the side of the pool where we could all stand and touch each other freely. We talked and laughed about Friday night and yesterday, and how much we had all enjoyed it.

Tracy remarked about how Tammi had been excited when they went to bed on Friday, having witnessed our sex antics in the pool and then sucking her dad’s cock for the first time ever. She said that Tammi was so charged up that when Tracy touched her pussy, she had been wetter than she had ever known, and they wound up sharing Tracy’s bed and Tracy made her cum at least four times before they finally went to sleep. She also noted that Tammi’s father seemed much different after Trish shaved him on Saturday. She said that she was always conscious of him watching her, and although it turned her on to know that he might be getting excited while thinking about her, she also felt a little uncomfortable. But after yesterday morning, she said she felt more at ease, and not threatened by his leering looks.

I also shared that I thought he was more gentle and appreciative of Tammi when she sucked him and exposed herself to him on Saturday, compared to the way he had handled Trish in the pool on Friday night. Trish smiled at me, because she had voiced that concern earlier, and somehow our desires for him to change had come about.

I also talked about how much I really did enjoy Rhonda’s new found love of exposing herself. We all agreed that she was like a child with a new toy; and that since she was so attractive anyway, she would probably discover lots of new opportunities to engage herself in her new game. I admitted that I would like to be an active participant, anytime she wanted to play!

Tracy then shared that she too was realizing how much it turned her on to be watched by others. She recounted the night the pizza guy came to our door, and also how much she had enjoyed exposing herself to Ralph that day in our house. And of course, yesterday morning when Trish had sculpted her pubic hair under Joe and everyone else’s watchful eyes. She implied that she wanted to find more subtle ways to show off in the future, so that she could bring on the rush that she felt when she did it.

Trish talked about how she also knew of the rush that Tracy was referring to, and that she too enjoyed being watched in everyday situations. She said that often the rush and the high were directly in proportion to the amount of risk that she was taking, and that the real challenge was in finding that fine line where the pleasure turns to danger. She said that knowing Tracy shared the same passion for exhibitionism would make it easier, and that they could perhaps find ways to do it together, which would provide an added measure of protection and safety. I offered that I would like to be around to observe and provide protection as well.

Our conversation was deep and thoughtful, but exciting too, and being caught up in the moment, none of us heard the door open and Teri, Amy and Dawn were suddenly standing right there above us on the deck.

‘Hi mom!’ Teri said to let us know they were present. ‘What are you guys talking about?’

We looked at each other and then at Amy and Dawn staring at us and realized that this was a perfect chance to do just what we had been talking about! We all giggled at the irony of the situation having presented itself so soon.

‘Honey, we were just talking about how much we enjoy swimming like this. Dawn, would you think it rude if we asked you to come skinny dipping with us?’

Dawn looked down at Trish and Tracy; their nipples were firm in the air as they bobbed at water level. Then she looked into my eyes and I realized that I was the only male present, and might be the only barrier to Dawn saying yes.

‘I’ll go inside if you’d be more comfortable.’ I offered.

Dawn asked us all, ‘Do you guys swim naked like this all the time?’

‘Not all the time.’ Trish answered, ‘But a lot of the time we do. We don’t want to make you uncomfortable, so we can put our suits on if you like. After all I did invite you here to try on some of my bikinis.’

Dawn thought for a moment. ‘Yes, I do want to try on those bikinis…but I think I’d also like to jump in the pool first!’ With that she pulled her t shirt over her head, exposing those firm breasts and dark quarter sized nipples that I had noticed through her top on Friday. They pointed slightly upward and it was clear that this girl didn’t need a bra to support her perfectly formed tits. She looked at Teri and Amy. They were already peeling off their clothes. Dawn then unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled her ass to allow them to fall. She looked directly into my eye, knowing that I was enjoying her little strip show. Standing there in a tiny yellow g string panty, she hooked her thumbs in the straps at her hips and rolled the panties down her shapely legs and stepped out of them.

There’s something about seeing somebody naked for the first time that still turns me on, and I studied her pussy as she stood over my head. Her lips were puffy and compact. She was shaved clean except for a small patch of hair at the top of her slit. Her puffy lips concealed her inner labia and clit, but I had a feeling I might get to see more later. But standing there as she was, she looked youthful and very pretty. I instinctively walked over to the steps and held out my hand to assist her into the pool. Teri and Amy had already stripped and dove in off the side.

With the addition of three more people, we all swam together again for a few minutes before congregating back in the corner for some conversation. Dawn gave us a rundown on how they had spent the weekend.

‘On Friday night we ordered pizza and had a pajama party. Teri and Amy were having a ball trying on some of my lingerie and nighties. We talked about boys and lots of girl stuff, and I have to tell you, Trish you have a very grown up and knowledgeable daughter.’

Trish nodded knowingly and smiled.

‘Teri was telling us what she knows about male anatomy. At first I was shocked, but then I realized that she was sharing honestly and not in a nasty way, and I became grateful that I was able to be there to hear what my daughter might otherwise hear from other girls when I wouldn’t be around to know.’

She laughed as she continued. ‘I even learned a few things from her. When she started to show us what she knows about touching herself and what feels good and what doesn’t, she was so innocent and unashamed. I was impressed with that. She even demonstrated some kissing techniques! I had her show me first, before she did it with Amy. But she was just so grown up and factual about it. She showed us how to do a polite kiss with people we don’t know that well, and then she showed us the more grown up kisses with our mouths open. But Trish she is a great kisser! When I asked her where she learned how to do it, she told me that you taught her! I would never have thought that I could teach my own daughter how to kiss, but there we were, kissing up a storm on my bed in our negligees. It was a really special time.’

Trish and I winked at each other. I knew now that Trish’s choices in raising her children were having even more effect than just on her family. And it was good.

Dawn lowered her voice to make sure that Teri and Amy didn’t hear. ‘Teri even showed us how she masturbates! And again I was shocked at first, but then I thought, ‘God this is so cool that I can actually be there to know what my daughter is learning from her friend!’ And then we did something that I never would have believed I could do! We masturbated together! Can you believe that?’

The image in my mind of Dawn and Amy and Teri jilling off together was getting me into a state of semi arousal. And the thought of Teri being the one to initiate and supervise it made me swell with pride. I knew that Trish was feeling the same.

‘So when we finally decided to go to sleep,’ Dawn continued, ‘we shared ‘grown up’ kisses and when I got into my bed I was so worked up and excited, that I got myself off again! Can you believe it? I hadn’t done that in a long time! We really had a good time on Friday.’

‘So what did you do yesterday?’ I asked.

‘We got up in the morning and had some breakfast, and then I packed a picnic lunch and we went for a hike. We wound up down by the creek and sat under some shady trees and had a great time. When we got back home we were worn out, so we took a nap. We woke up so refreshed and feeling good; I took the girls out for supper at the Mexican café. We had a long relaxing ‘grown up’ kind of dinner. It was so much fun hearing Amy and Teri open up about so many issues that they had never shared with me before. It really was. When we got back home gain, we got back into my sexiest baby dolls and then I helped them put on some make up. We all looked so good I wanted to take some pictures; I realized that I couldn’t possibly take film with pictures like that to Walgreen’s to develop! I wish I had a digital camera.’

Trish volunteered, ‘We have one. Maybe we could get together and do it again and take some pictures with our camera. Then they would be ours and ours alone.’

‘Oh I’d love to do that!’ Dawn said. ‘Amy and Teri looked so cute! And I just wanted to remember that moment forever!’

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