Good Fight, Great Sex

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I. Am. Furious.

I was supposed to meet my fiancé at this party after work. I was able to leave early so I am here about an hour before he thought I would be…obviously. Given the fact that I found him on the back terrace with a leggy brunette pushed up against the railing with his hand under her skirt and her tongue down his throat.


Rather than make a scene I head to the bar and order a shot of Petron. No, I don’t need salt and lime, thank you very fucking much. I slam the shot and contemplate another. I’ll deal with him later… by watching him gather his shit off the front lawn. But the thought of that does little to cool my temper at the moment.

You walk up beside me and order two shots. When they come you slowly push one over to me. I give you a once over… tall, built, tan and intense, yes, that would be a good word to describe the look in your eyes. I raise an eyebrow as our eyes lock. Without breaking eye contact you raise your shot and say, “Here is to whatever has put that fire in your eyes.”


I can’t help the smirk I know has just crossed my lips. I nod and we both slam the shots. “Want to talk about it?” you ask. I shake my head, “No, right now I just want to hit something, hard, repeatedly.”

You nod as if you already know why I am angry. “I have a better idea.” you say fixbet as you take my arm firmly and lead me through the lower level to a back stairway and up to the second floor. Taking a key from your pocket you unlock the door to a room.

“You live here?” I ask, I had no idea who owned the house. “My brother owns it, I just keep a room for when I’m in town” you answer, flipping on a light that barely gives enough to see by and locking the door behind us.

You suddenly reach out and grab my breasts, squeezing my nipples through my dress. It both hurts and shocks me, and because I am still so angry I slap you hard across your face.

I draw back to slap you again and you catch my wrists, yanking my hands behind me, causing my body to slam against yours. “What the fuck!” I growl.

You quickly turn us, pushing me back against a wall, one leg between mine, pinning me there. I struggle to free my hands but you hold me fast.

“Let me go” I grind out between clenched teeth. You smile and I feel my body heat increase with both anger and… lust. You release my hands and cup my face, bringing your mouth down on mine in a crushing kiss, devouring me like a starving lion on a fresh kill.

My hands find your hair and I pull, hard, wrapping a leg around your hip and digging a 6 inch spike heel into your butt fixbet giriş cheek.

I probably just ruined your suit pants… sorry… NOT.

You release me only for a moment, then pull me off my feet and across your lap as you sit on the edge of the bed. I am over your knee, with your other leg across both of mine and I am effectively trapped.

You keep me pinned with an arm across my shoulders. With your free hand you yank my short dress up over my butt, revealing a scanty lace thong.

I hear you drag in a ragged breath as you skim your large hand across my ass. “Lovely” I hear you whisper, then…


You land a punishing blow on my ass that catches me by surprise and I cry out “Owww!” struggling to get free from your grasp.


I am silent this time, I won’t give you the pleasure of my cries again.


I bite my lip against the pain, but slow my struggles…


My ass is on fire and I am a mixed, hot mess of anger, hurt and… so, So WET.


You land this blow across the both cheeks and my pussy, and I almost cum right then.

You begin to caress my ass now, somewhat soothing the pain, then your hand drops lower, and your fingers find my dripping pussy. You say nothing, but I hear the change in your breathing… you are as turned on as I am, and I realize the hard length of your cock is pressed into my side.

You release my legs and swing me effortlessly onto the bed. My stretchy, slinky dress is around my waist and you easily pull it off over my head. I am naked now except for the next-to-nothing scrap of lace between my thighs. You stand, quickly remove your clothing and rejoin me on the bed. Grasping my thong you tear it away.


You pull me up on all fours and slam into me from behind in one powerful thrust. I gasp at the feeling of your thick cock filling me, stretching me. Grasping a breast with one hand and twisting a fist in my hair with the other you pull my head back until you can kiss me, all the while slamming your hard cock into my hot pussy as hard as you can.

I am moaning and gasping, writhing, and pushing back against you, I know I will cum in seconds. You are grunting, growling and biting my shoulder as you near your own orgasm.

We both cum together, spiraling into an oblivion of clenching, thrusting, panting, riding the waves of our release.

We collapse, you covering my body with yours. Our breathing heavy and ragged, finally begins to return to normal. You roll off me, onto your back. But keep a hand on my ass. A gesture of a connection you are not yet ready to break. We are silent for several minutes, our breathing the only sound in the room.

“That was my favorite thong” I whisper softly. “That was my favorite pair of slacks” you say in return.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32