Parking Lot Encounter Ch. 02

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Ch. 2 They bring Sally’s Sis into the fun

This is Chapter 2 of the Parking Lot Encounter where Ed and his bi-sexual pal Jim came across Ken trying to force himself into Sally’s pants and turned the table on him. It didn’t take long before Jim had his cock up Ken’s ass at the same time that Ed was introducing Sally’s almost virgin pussy to his 9 incher. Sally was about to start college near where Ed lived so they soon becoming an ‘item’ in the current vernacular.

“Hey Sal, how about dropping by my place on your way home this afternoon. There are a number of great movies playing in the nearby theaters and we could surely find one we both liked.” I said knowing full well that I had something totally different in mind for our after-movie treat. Sally loved movies so I was using my tried and true way of getting her back onto my bed afterwards.

“OK big shot. In yesterday’s paper I saw the listing for one that I have wanted to see. It starts at 7:15 so I’ll meet you in front of the theater at seven. We can grab a bite to eat after the show.”

“Super, see you then.” I responded.

The movie was just so-so but she enjoyed it and that was the main thing. We grabbed a cheese steak sandwich and a beer afterwards and then headed for the playground — my king-size bed.

We were barely in the door before I began the race as to who could get their clothes off the quickest. Damn, she won.

“Hey Ed, before we get all wrapped up with the hot stuff I want to chat about something entirely different.”

“OK sweet lips. What is it?”

“Well, some years ago my uncle, who has since passed away, gave me a voucher with American Express to cover the cost of first class airline tickets for me and my sister to anywhere in the world when we were eighteen. He really liked us but was sure that we would never see anything other than Pennsylvania if it were up to our folks so he set aside a bunch of money for the tickets and ten thousand dollars for expenses. My sister Judy just turned eighteen and I think that it would be a great idea if we made that trip before I started college for I can just imagine how rushed I’ll be in trying to get a job upon graduation. Let’s talk about it. I might, if you are going to be nicer than you have been to me, let you join my sister and me on the all expense paid trip.”

“Holy shit honey, that would be a fantastic idea.” I said as I let my fingers slide up and lightly circle a nipple.

She wasn’t having any of that and slapped my hand away saying, “Cut the crap, this is serious. If you don’t want to join us just say so. I’ve been thinking of some kind of European tour.”

“Sally, that would be fantastic but how would we get around sleeping together on the trip with your sister there. She doesn’t know anything about our relationship? The first time she heard us moaning and groaning she would be ready to call the cops”

“Well, that is going to be a challenge but I think I can handle it. After all, I’ll be twenty in a few months and she has to be thinking that her older sister isn’t a virgin. Let me give that a little thought but in the meantime all of us will need passports so lets get started on that. I think I heard it can sometimes take a couple months to get one.”

“OK, now that that is out of the way let’s get down to some serious shit —like fucking.” I said.

Damn but she can really get me going when she puts her mind to it. She grabbed the shaft of my now hard cock and then had her tongue trace every vein in it while she slowly stroked it. She let her lips clamp on to the head of it when she flicked the tip of her tongue in and around the end of my shaft. She then let her tongue slide up and down the length of it while she continued to stroke it. All of a sudden she simply buried as much of it as she could deep in her mouth with the head of it damn near hitting the back of her throat. I have nine inches and she was getting a solid five inches deep in her mouth. I exploded in a few minutes of that and then flopped back on the mattress.

“Damn, you aren’t a bad piece of ass after all. I think I’ll keep you around for a little while longer.” I was ducking as I said this for I knew it would get her all riled up.

“Keep me around my foot. We’ll get you over to Europe and then dump you and see if you can find your way home without us.”

I reached up and yanked her down on the bed alongside of me and planted a huge kiss on her wonderful lips at the same time my fingers were doing their magic deep inside of her pussy. I got her clit uncovered quicker than I normally did and began sliding my fingers up and down it as gently as I could. Her reaction was instantaneous. She pulled my mouth harder to hers and then threw her hips in the air as she started one of her huge moans around my mouth. I slipped a few fingers in her pussy tent fashion and then finger fucked her as hard and fast as I could move my hand. That did it. She pushed my lips from hers and let out a scream that I was fearful would gaziantep ofise gelen escort bring the neighbors knocking at my door to see if everything was all right. Thankfully they were away visiting friends and weren’t home to hear the racket.

Sally and I took care of all of the details of getting a passport during the next several weeks and the Passport Office promised we would have the documents in a month. Sally accompanied Judy down to the passport office a week later and went through all of the same paperwork and picture taking with her. It looked as if all of us would have our passports about the same time so all we had to do next was to decide where and when we would go.

“Sally, I think that we ought to find a way to make sure Judy is going to be receptive to our sleeping together before we go off on some overseas vacation. It would be something else if the first night in some foreign hotel she took a fit over what she heard going on in our bed.”

“You’re right. I was thinking of just inviting her over for dinner with us some night and just telling her everything. What do you think?

“Hell, I don’t know. I don’t even know the girl so how would I be able to figure out how she would react.” I answered.

“Well, I am going to invite her and we’ll see how it goes.” She responded.

The big dinner was set for a week from that conversation and Sally and I were both a bit nervous about it. After all, if Judy rejected the idea, our vacation was off. We’d see ……

Apparently Judy loves Italian food so Sally was going to make her specialty … lasagna. I was going to bring over a couple of bottles of wine so we should be all set. I had never even met the gal before so this was going to be a night to remember.

Sally told her that she was inviting her “boyfriend” over to enjoy the dinner if Judy didn’t mind. What could the kid say? She was going to get a free meal and they could talk about their upcoming European vacation.

I got hung up in traffic so I arrived about ten minutes after Sally told me to be there so when she answered the door I could see a little steam coming out of her.

“Hi, this must be your pretty sister you told me about.” I said as I walked towards her with my hand out. She shook my hand but I couldn’t take my eyes off her chest. Sally has a nice build but nowhere near the size of tits as this lovely thing in front of me.

Sally jumped in with, “Judy this is Ed; Ed that is Judy’s hand you are holding.” We all laughed and the ice was broken.

The dinner went perfectly. Even if I had to admit it Sally makes a great lasagna; much better than mine. After we had finished with the food we sat there just chatting as we sipped the open bottle of wine and then I opened the second. By then none of us were suffering any pain.

The conversation got around to the upcoming European trip and I was wondering just how the hell Sally was going to bring up the fact that I would be joining them. I soon discovered she wasn’t going to waste any time.

“Judy, I told you that Ed and I have been seeing each other for some time and I guess you could call us ‘an item.’ By that I mean we practically live together and if he’s going to join us on our vacation there will be many nights we will all be sharing a room. That being the case many of those nights you will be hearing some moans and groans coming from our bed and they won’t be coming from Ed. They’ll be mine.” I gulped a bit as she said this but she continued with,

“Judy, if this is going to bother you we have to know right now rather than have us make all of the travel arrangements and then find you are going to have a shit fit about your sister having sex while you tried to sleep. What do you think?”

“Well Sis, I think it is kind of unfair. I am just eighteen and still a virgin and you are only a year and a half older and you will be in the next bed screwing your eyes out. Sex is something I have only read and talked about with my gal pals while you have been doing it for who knows how long?”

Sally came back with, “You are absolutely right Sis but there isn’t anything I can do about the past. If you are going to have a problem with this we have one of two choices. You and I can go on vacation with Uncle Tom’s gift and leave Ed home or we can have Ed join us and try and make the best of the situation. It really is up to you and believe me I will understand what ever you chose.”

I just had to jump in with, “Ladies, I can certainly understand the situation probably better than either of you and I would like to offer another alternative. It’s one that you might find objectionable but from where I stand it is another solution to the problem that Judy you might find acceptable.”

Sally answered with, “Well, come out with it. It is certainly worth listening to if it will solve the dilemma.”

This was going to take all of the powers of persuasion I was gaziantep öğrenci escort capable of showing.

“Judy, you say you are still a virgin and the way I heard you express that it sounded to me as if you were wishing that were not the case. My suggestion is that we can solve that problem by you and I spending some time together in Sally’s king-size bed.”

I knew Sally might blow a fuse with that but I didn’t think it was going to be such a major explosion.

“You mean you want to fuck my sister just so she won’t be a virgin and then will be able to hear you and I fucking on our vacation and not be upset about it. Are you out of your mind?”

“Damn, it was just a suggestion.” I said.

Judy countered with, “Sally, hold on a second, it’s not such a bad idea. After all, it’s not as if Ed and I would be interfering with your love life. All we would be doing is having sex. Nothing more.”

Sally wasn’t going to let that go unchallenged and came back with, “Damnit, Judy. If you have to have someone take your cherry why does it have to be the guy I really have fallen for?”

It was my turn, “Ladies, forget I even mentioned it. Even if Judy and I went into the bedroom right now and fucked our eyes out it still wouldn’t solve the problem of her hearing Sally and I enjoying ourselves in a hotel room on vacation while she is in the adjacent bed by herself. Let’s just clean up from dinner and I’ll leave. You gals can enjoy yourselves on vacation without the hassle of me being along would cause.”

I left and all I could hear behind me was a ton of grumbling.

I had no sooner got in the door to my apartment than the phone began ringing. It was Sally and she was asking if I would come back to her place. She had something else to discuss with me.

We only lived a few miles apart so it didn’t take me long to drive back to her place but I was puzzled what this was all about.

When I knocked at her door I could hear her yell for me to come in. I opened the door and was faced with two very lovely women — both completely naked.

Sally spoke first, “You can shut the door behind you big boy. We wouldn’t want the whole complex to come in.”

“What the hell is going on ladies?” I asked.

Judy spoke up with; “We talked about the different options open to us and agreed that this was the best for all. I get my cherry taken, you get to fuck a virgin, Sally gets to watch her young sister have her first piece of ass and perhaps make some suggestions for it AND it solves the problem with the travel arrangements.”

It all sounded great to me so all I could think of saying was “Who brought the KY jelly for Judy’s pussy? I wouldn’t want to ram this monster into a dry virgins’ love box.” As I was saying this I had reached down and let it out of my pants and was slowly massaging it into a hard on. Judy couldn’t keep her eyes off it and her chin dropped as she saw it rise to its full size.

“Holy shit. I have seen pictures of cocks before but never one that big. I will never be able to take that thing in me.”

Sally spoke up with, “I felt the same way the first time he slipped it into me but he is really a very gentle lover and I do have some Vaseline to help him ease it into you. Judy, I think that I have the perfect idea. Let’s go to bed and I’ll let him put it into me first and then together we can grease it and you up to make it easier for both of you.”

As the two of them lay on the bed waiting for me to get undressed I watched Sally get a glob of Vaseline and slide it all around Judy’s pussy. I think that it was the first time she had her fingers in another gal’s pussy and it looked to me as if she liked doing it. Hmmm. Maybe there is another surprise waiting for me before this night is over.

I lay up on the bed between them and suggested that Judy might want to look at my cock close up. Sally could show her how to hold and stroke it. Geez, I didn’t think Sally was going to take up the job as cock demonstrator with so much interest. She slid her fingers around it and showed Judy how to hold it as tenderly as I like it and then began to stroke it very gently. Judy moved her hand over and replaced Sally’s with her own. While she was doing that Sally had slipped her hand down to Judy’s pussy and was pushing the Vaseline around the lips of it and as far into it as she could get her fingers.

Damn, Judy was moaning before my cock ever got near her pussy. Sally was taking care of that all by herself. I figured I had better get moving or it would be too late for the main event so I moved up and positioned myself between Judy’s legs.

“Honey, open your legs wide and I’ll slip this into you as gently as I can. If it gets to hurting you too much just say so and I’ll stop. OK?”

“OK Ed, I know you don’t want to hurt me but I am afraid of that monster getting rammed inside of me.”

“Don’t worry about it at all. I am not going oğuzeli escort to ‘ram’ it into you. I’ll slide it in very gently.”

I positioned the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy and looked down and could see Sally’s fingers spreading Judy’s pussy lips to accept the intruder. I pushed forward very slowly and the head slipped in nicely. Another bit of pressure and I was in her about four inches when I felt some resistance. It was her hymen and with one more push she would never be called a virgin again. The decision was taken from me as she threw her ass up at my cock and that took care of breaking her hymen.

She was tossing her head from side to side and I thought than rather than just make this a bit of mechanical fucking, I would try to make it a little more loving. I leaned forward and brought my lips to hers and kissed her soft and deep. She moaned instantly as she felt my lips and I could hear Sally saying something like “Oh shit.” I guess fucking her sister was one thing but any appearance of making love to her was quite another.

It didn’t take long before my entire nine inches were in to the hilt and she was wrapping her legs around my back and pulling me into her even more. It was time for some serious fucking to begin. I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her to me as I started to slip my cock in and out of her in a nice slow cadence. I moved my lips from her mouth down to her magnificent breasts and let my lips clamp on a nipple. Her moaning and groaning got louder and louder until I figured it might be better for the neighbors if I just kissed her and kept the noise down. By then I was pounding her pussy harder and harder and I could feel the heat coming up into my balls as my orgasm was getting nearer. All of a sudden she began to throw her pussy harder up at me than I was driving it down to her. I pulled out of her in a flash and let my juices fly all over her stomach and up onto her chest. Her increased activity was more than I could handle and I didn’t want to shoot into her.

She tossed her head from side to side and reached up and pulled my lips to hers and gave me one humongous kiss. Sally saw that and I thought she was going to flip out. I reached one hand over to Sally and let it play with her clit and that quieted her down.

WOW, what a great piece of ass! Her virgin pussy clamped onto my shaft as if it were in a vise and after I had some more time to show her how I wanted her to use her tits and ass as we were fucking things would even get better.

“Well Judy. How was your first piece of ass?” I asked.

“Are you shitting me? That was unbelievable. There were times when I could feel your cock so far up inside of me that I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. You really kept your promise to go gently and not hurt me with that monster.”

Sally had to jump in with, “Unfortunately you are now spoiled. You will never enjoy another guy unless he has a cock that big”

While Sally was saying that I noticed that she had her hand slipping in and out of her Judy’s pussy. I could see her sliding her fingers as deep as she could inside of it to unsheathe her clit. It was easy to tell when she found it for Judy began moving from side to side and throwing her ass up to meet Sally’s fingers.

Watching this got me all hot and bothered again and I rolled over the sisters to get on the other side of Sally so I could slide my cock in her pussy from the rear. She could feel what I was doing and let her pussy come back to meet my cock and it wasn’t long before the whole nine inches were buried while she had her fingers playing with her sister’s pussy. I never thought this would happen but I wasn’t at all disappointed at the outcome of our sexual romp.

“Ladies, I guess the question of whether we can all room together and not get too upset when the fucking is taking place is answered. Do we agree?”

Judy spoke up quickly saying, “As long as I am getting my fair share of the fucking.” She said with the slightest touch of humor in her voice. Sally looked over at her with more than just a little bit of annoyance in her gaze.

I figured I’d better do all I could to calm this down and said, “Gals, I am certain the two of you will be fucking me so much and so hard I’ll hardly be able to walk.” The two of them laughed hard.

Judy left an hour or so later leaving Sally and me to discuss what had just happened. I was busting to ask her about fingering Judy’s pussy to see what she would say but first I had to get something off my chest.

“Sally, come here and sit down. I have to talk to you about all of this.”

She pranced over and plopped her cute little ass down on the floor in front of me.

“Sally, While I enjoyed the sex I hated that attitude about it that I felt. It was if I was fucking some whore and that you didn’t like it if I showed any feeling for Judy at all.”

She began stuttering some kind of answer to me and I stopped her by continuing with,

” Hold on honey. You almost had a fit when I kissed her. Don’t say that you didn’t. Your annoyance was plastered all over your face.”

She answered me with, “Well, I guess that I never thought that would happen. I guess I thought that all that would take place was that you and she would fuck and that would be it. I didn’t like it when you displayed some feeling for her.”

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