Persuasion Ch. 01

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We had worked together a few times over the past couple of years. I honestly never paid her much attention, except to appreciate the way her tits and/or ass looked in the chosen outfit of the day. She spent a lot of time on the phone with her husband and when she wasn’t on the phone she was trying to show me up. Whatever! I knew not to talk to her much. She was close with the tribe of shrews who didn’t like that I walked into a position they had to earn. I’d just nod and be polite, pop my earbuds in and do my thing.

After sometime we both ended up being transferred to the same site. The place was an epic mess and I guess my inclination to fix the issues as soon as possible appealed to her. It wasn’t long after I was tasked with leading the team that I started receiving emails.

She’d talk trash about the rest of the staff, ask me questions about myself, and sometimes just drop a line to make me laugh. Although we were in the same office, politics were in play so her trying to get to know me was a hush hush kind of situation.

The longer the emails continued, the more personal they became. There was always the typical good morning funny, but as time progressed the seemingly innocent back and forth banter turned into something else. Her questions became more private. Her curiosity more sexual. I fielded these inquiries like a magic 8 ball. Always satisfying her curiosity without giving much of myself.

It wasn’t until several months of excruciating back and forth, spending time together playing it cool and being on my best behavior that it finally came.

We had emailed all day. Me answering many of her questions while being just vague enough to appear clueless. Walking out after a long day she turned to me with the show stopper.

“I’ve been thinking about it, Monique, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to need you to kiss me”. Her voice husky and assured.

Hold the fucking phone!

I couldn’t do anything except peer into those intoxicating green eyes (with just a hint of dark blue at the edges) and stammer. I inwardly scolded myself for stammering around my response.

“Uhhh…are…are you fucking with me?” Is all I came up with.

The soft chuckle and full mouthed grin I received in response did nothing for my sudden escort lack of self esteem. As she ran her fingers up and down the lapel of my blazer she answered….

“I’m quite sure honey. I’ve thought a lot about this and dreamed about it even more”.

Her response sent me flying. As I stepped forward to take her in my arms she backed off.

“Not here. Not right now. That would make me feel awkward.”

With that she brushed a chaste kiss across my cheek and bid me good evening.

A couple hours later as I sat watching another fucking rerun of cops with my partner of several years my phone vibrated in my pocket. At the same time Marie looked over and told me

“I want a snack. Make me some popcorn”.

This had become the norm in our relationship…..her ordering me to do things and me complying like a good little bitch. God that shit got old. I made the popcorn and presented it to Marie with some fresh ice water. She took it, not looking away from the tv and told me I was in the way.

No thank you.

No ‘hey babe would you like to share’.

Basically a fuck off. I was antsy to check my phone and knew I’d get yelled at if I did so, I informed her highness that I was going to take a shower. Making a beeline for some privacy, I began stripping off my clothes as I walked thru the house. Once behind a locked door with the shower running I checked my email. My heart did leaps when I saw the message was from her.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. Come see me”.

I tried to shrug off the excitement pulsing thru my veins and talked myself out of even replying as I hastily showered. As I applied my three coats of lotion another message came.

“You know you want to come over. Stop being a chicken”.

In that moment I made a decision I’ll never regret. My response was curt.


As I typed it my hands shook. I wavered over the send button as I heard Marie come in and start bitching about how I was taking too long. I hit send, took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Marie I’m feeling unsettled. I think I’m just going to go for a drive”.

She shrugged her shoulders and turned the tv on.

The drive to Katelyn’s was short. I never realized how close she actually lived. As bursa eve gelen escort I raised my trembling hand to knock on the door it swung open. My breath caught in my throat as I took in the sight before me. She had showered. Slightly wet rust colored hair fell around her face and shoulders. Loose sweatpants hung from her hips giving the most enticing preview of the v leading to her sex. A skin tight tank top stopped just below her ribs and it took everything in me to not jump on her right there. As my eyes traveled up her body she gave me a lopsided grin. Emerald pools shining at me as she cleared her throat.

“Umm…would you like to come in?” She chuckled.

The House was dark. My entire being shook.

“I’m sorry about the house. The kids are asleep. Would you be okay with hanging out in my room?”

Jesus Christ would I ever!

My mouth was dry. My body trembling. I feined nonchalant.

“Yeah that’s chill”.

As I kicked myself for my idiotic response she took my hand leading me thru the blackness. Halfway up the stairs I had to pause just to remind myself to breathe. Crossing the threshold into her room, my eyes took a second to adjust to the sudden light. Once they did they were transfixed on her pixie like face. She took my hand and lead me to her bed.

“Take off your shoes and get comfortable.” She told me as she navigated through something to watch on tv.

As I kicked off my red adidas, I took a steadying breath and reclined onto the bed, placing my head on a pillow she’d given me. We laid in silence staring at the tv screen. Time passed as we lay there perfectly still. Not close enough to touch but I could feel the heat radiating off her body. I lay still though my mind was racing.

What am I doing here? Why did she ask me to come? Christ she smells so good. Like springtime and sunlight and cherries.

What the hell are you doing Monique?

Katelyn turned on her side and looked at me.

“What are you thinking about?”

She cooed.

“I’m thinking about your earlier confession and why you haven’t done anything about it” I replied with a sudden boldness that I’m not sure where it came from.

Her cheeks flushed. Her eyes wouldn’t görükle escort meet mine.

“I was hoping you’d handle that since I’m new to this” her voice trembled.

I paused.

Letting her tremble. Enjoying her shyness. After an eternity staring into her eyes, I responded with a husky voice.

“Baby this is your show. You’re married with kids and I’m hardly attached. This is a big step for you and it’s got to be on your terms.”

My voice hitched in my throat as I silently prayed that she would.

Her lips mashed against mine with ferocity. It was awkward. Rushed and uncertain. I pushed her back by her shoulders. Looking into her eyes I questioned……

“Slow down baby girl. Are you sure?”

She paused.

It was probably seconds but it felt like an eternity. Finally she cocked grin at me me and replied.

“Don’t stop kissing me. Nothing has ever felt so right or good.”

With that I moved forward. I took that as my permission. Grabbing her by her hips I flipped her over and met her lips with mine.

Slowing down my urge to ravish, I kissed gently. Her lips, her cheeks and eyes. I made my way to her neck. That fucking neck that was the inspiration for so many fantasies. She squirmed under my ministrations and when I liked the line to her collar bone….nipping, sucking, and enjoying the taste of her….she began bucking against me. I wanted. Needed to take her right then and there.

I moved lower. Licking and sucking. Giving much needed attention to her cleavage I stopped. Just before the silken curves of her breasts that I needed so badly.

Making eye contact I asked again.

“Is this okay, baby girl.”

Met with a breathless ‘yes’ and a thrust of her hips, I continued.

Pulling down the top of her her tank top I was met with the most delicious rose colored nipples. Pert and straining. She was ready for me. As I took one in my mouth I rolled and punched the other with my hand. She moaned. Writhed and buckled against me.

Starting with the underboob I licked and sucked her supple skin. Making my way to her nipple, I gently nipped and sucked every inch I could while gently meeting her rocking hips with my own.

Switching it up, I moved to the other breast.

God these things were heaven. Double D on a slight frame.

It wasn’t long until she was writhing uncontrollably. Moaning and scraping her nails up my back. Pulling my body close she slammed herself against me and cried out. I wasn’t expecting the slap across my cheek but knew what she meant.

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