Pippi’s Pleasures

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I am very proud of my daughter, Pippi. She’s just turned nineteen and I think she may already prove to be a bigger slut than her mommy.

You might ask why would I be proud of my daughter being a slut? Because, dear readers, my mother taught me that my own good looks were a precious gift, to be used to get me the things I want. I took those lessons to heart and passed them along to my daughter. I also made sure to impart the lessons of discretion and being smart. Pippi only started fucking after she turned eighteen and she’s a choosy little bitch. She only sleeps with those she’s really turned on by, those who can advance her education or those who can give her nice things. As it turned out, she learned the same lessons as mommy — a lot of men lie to get what they want from a young, slender, nymphomaniac blonde. So, my little princess sleeps mostly with women.

My name is Janna Olsson and while I live in Canada now, I was born and raised in Sweden. I came to Canada to study, fell in love — twice — and decided to stay. The romances didn’t last, but my love for our gorgeous country did.

Liv, my gorgeous Swedish mom, told my sisters and me everything once we were old enough to understand. As a result, all three of us girls grew up without sexual stigmas or hangups. Once we were legal age, we were free to sleep with — or not, never any pressure — whoever we chose, under mom’s roof. She never married my father, as she too, preferred women. One of those women was my aunt Lisa, daddy’s sister. She was another gorgeous blonde, like mommy and she was my first lesbian affair. Mother was my second, a family three-way proved to be my third — and still favorite – sexual encounter. No, I don’t have anything against incest. Why shouldn’t we sleep with the family members we love? Once an individual is old enough to make that choice, if they sleep with a mom, sister, daddy, cousin — who the fuck cares?

I followed in my mother’s example, choosing not to marry Pippi’s dad, although he asked me several times. I did consider it, but decided in the long run we made better fuck buddies than a couple. We still do, although I do carry one tiny little secret he’d freak out if he knew about it. I’ve slept with his current wife and his daughter — at the same time, after catching Ayumi and Hannah in bed together one afternoon. I can’t blame either of them. Ayumi is a lovely Hawaiian / Japanese slut who is only a few years older than Hannah, a red-headed pixie with a penchant for pussy. The two lesbian lovers bought my silence with a romp in bed, followed by a near-weekly assignation for the three of us. They needn’t have bribed me — Janna knows how to keep a secret. I’ve slept with a number of married women, sexy daughters and even a few models that valued my ability to be discreet. Of course I don’t fuck and tell — why kill the geese that lay the golden eggs?

I used that same discretion while raising Pippi. While I didn’t hide my lovers, most of them female, from my daughter, neither did I openly flaunt them. My smart-as-a-whip daughter figured out that most of mommy’s girlfriends were girlfriends all on her own. I didn’t let my daughter see me in bed with another woman until …

Pippi shared her eighteenth birthday with mommy and that’s when things changed. For the better, in my opinion and hers. My daughter revealed to me that after dating a number of boys and finding them dull, she was going to stick to women. I asked her what she was going to do for sex and she replied, sticking out her tongue “I’m going to do what you do, mom! I’m only going to fuck women!”

Okay, so now everything was 100%, out in the open. I knew with her long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and slender, long legs, my daughter could have her pick of any lesbian, bi-curious or even “straight” woman she set her cap for. I told her as much and she smiled. “Good,” Pippi grinned impishly, “Because I want my first girl-fuck to be with my own, sexy mommy!”

What’s a gal to do faced with such an admission? When you’re a kinky, predatory lesbian slut you do exactly as I did. I must have sensed something was in the offing, because my birthday gift to my baby girl was a white lace lingerie ensemble and matching heels. I gave her the box and she went upstairs to my bedroom to change. When she called for me, I joined her in the bedroom and got the sexiest sight of all.

Splayed gaziantep özbek escort upon my bed was my now-legal daughter, looking both innocent and wanton all at once. Her long legs were spread wide apart and she had lowered the lingerie to reveal her cotton-candy nipples. “Do me, mommy,” Pippi said, her girlish voice husky with fuck-lust. “Turn me into your little bitch!”

No objections from me about that, as I myself had been my mom’s little whore several years before. I was only 37 when this happened, still vibrant and gorgeous myself. I got into bed with my daughter and instructed her to undress me. Again, I must have had an inkling that we were going to be incestuous lovers. I had worn the sexiest, naughtiest turquoise lingerie I owned and I loved the look of desire I saw in Pippi’s eyes. She wanted to fuck her mommy and I wanted to be fucked by her in turn.

My cunt – I love that word, it’s so primal — was dripping as I felt Pippi’s fingers enter my pussy for the first time. I knew it was her first time, but you would never would have known it. Her nimble fingers danced over my pussy as we kissed as lovers for the first – but far from the last – time as lovers. She was as skilled with her tongue as she was with her fingers, even sucking on mine to turn up the heat. Daughters aren’t supposed to fuck their mommies like that! I was in heaven!

My now-legal sex kitten then got into position and nodded her assent. Mommy went down on her cunt like a starved beast. I spread the labia and ran my tongue through the gooey, pink slash that was her pussy. I saw that she had recently started shaving, as no hair impeded my progress. I licked and teased and sucked that sweet morsel, rewarding myself with each drop of the viscous honey that flowed from within. It was music to hear her whimper in pleasure and my painful reward was her long, newly-manicured nails digging into my flesh. I had no qualms about any of this, it was meant to be.

Mother and daughter did everything together that first time. I worried that I might be taking it to the extreme and Pippi allayed all of my fears. I was hesitant about going over some imaginary line, Pippi merely erased it. She wanted mommy to be her first fuck, so I got out my strap-on and took my daughter’s virginity. She even insisted that her mother fuck her gorgeous little ass, to make it a complete event. Well, not completely — because my daughter insisted that things would not be complete until she had fucked me as well. It was almost scary how skillfully she wielded the dildo and how good a little fucker she proved to be.

Some people might think I corrupted my daughter and nothing could be further from the truth. Pippi is simply a very sexual being, just like her mom and grandmother. There was no coercion. She wanted to learn about sex and she wanted me to be the one to teach her. Simple as that.

Once Pippi realized just how powerful a presence she had, a lot of things changed. Out went the standard clothes worn by your average teenager. Every item in her new wardrobe had to be sexy, skirts short and heels, high. She took care with her hair and her makeup and always appeared to be the lovely little sex kitten she was at heart. There were some complaints from her school, but we dealt with those, which I will tell you about later on in this story.

You can’t really be called a slut if you only sleep with one other woman or girl, of course. While my daughter now shared my bed on most evenings, she wanted to broaden her horizons. That was fine by me and I asked her if she had anyone special in mind. Her answer caught me by surprise. “Teri,” She told me, her blue eyes unblinking.

It took me a minute or so to realize that she meant my Teri, a woman I slept with frequently who was close to my own age. I had incorrectly assumed that my daughter would want to be with someone closer to her own age. When I told her that, it got a big laugh. “I’ve known about you and Teri for a while now, mom,” Pippi said to me. “I think she’s hot and if you wouldn’t mind sharing her, I’d love for Teri to be my second lesbian fling.”

I certainly didn’t mind, I rarely believe in exclusivity. I thought that perhaps Teri might be of a different mindset, but looking at my gorgeous, blonde and nearly-naked daughter, I doubted that my brunette girlfriend porno videolar would object to taking Pippi to bed and doing the nasty. I told Pippi that I would see if I could arrange it and called to invite Teri to dinner — with Pippi to be served up as dessert. While I was on the phone, I thought of a little condition of my own, but would save that for a later time. Teri was thrilled by the invitation as we hadn’t seen each other in a few months. I hoped that she would be equally thrilled by my ulterior motive. I didn’t tell her to dress sexy, I didn’t have to. Teri doesn’t leave the house unless she’s dolled up to the nines.

She showed up an hour before dinner and it was obvious that she was intent on seduction. She was wearing thigh-high “fuck me” boots, a leather mini, crop top and had her hair and makeup done perfectly. It was a bit of a shame, actually. She needn’t have gone to that much effort, as I wasn’t the one being seduced. Pippi was chomping at the bit but wisely stayed cool, calm and collected. I dressed a bit more casually than normal, which I think confused my lover a bit. Pippi had opted for a white mesh mini-dress which showed strategic bits of flesh and made her look delectable. Looking at the two lovelies, I decided that there would be a second condition if I were to allow my girlfriend to sleep with my barely-legal daughter.

Dinner was almost — laughable. I was once a trained sous chef, so I went all out so that my daughter and Teri would have something memorable to look back on. I served Chateaubriand, a fresh salad, rolls, everything save for an elaborate dessert. Looking back on it, it was almost a pedestrian evening, if you didn’t know what was coming and just what — or who – the dessert would be.

Teri knew that Pippi was aware that she and I were lovers. My daughter is smart and sensible and I saw no purpose in disguising the fact that I preferred women from her. Teri tried to steer the conversation to a more flirtatious style, but I didn’t bite. I could see how exasperated she was becoming and felt a bit sorry for her, while all the while knowing what a monumental evening awaited her.

It was Pippi who finally put an end to the delicious torture. “Mom isn’t going to bed with you tonight, Teri,” my daughter explained. “I want to be the one you fuck tonight.” The silence was almost deafening and you could have knocked Teri over with a feather.

“You?” Teri said, surprised. Pippi nodded her head and flashed a toothy white smile. Teri turned to me and asked “And you’re okay with this — me, sleeping with your own daughter?”

I was 100% honest with Teri. “Why would I condemn you for doing something I’ve already done myself?” I answered her. It was a calculated risk, but if I knew Teri as well as I thought I did, I thought that the odds were in my favor. As she looked at Pippi and back over to me, a broad smile crossed her gorgeous face. I had been right.

“You are the craziest, most fucked-up bitch I know,” Teri said as she through back her head and laughed. Her long, dark brown hair tumbled about and she looked so fuckable. “I love it! Pippi, you’re gorgeous, young, sweet and fucking hot — so yeah, I’m in!”

“Not so fast,” I spoke up, startling the pair of them. “I have two conditions.”

Pippi was glaring at me angrily. She had thought this had all been decided, but once I voiced my terms, I knew she’d calm down and be cool with it. “One I’m saving for later, but the second condition is this — if you two are going to fuck, I want to watch.” I saw the surprised look on Teri’s face and the delighted, perverted expression that crossed my daughter’s. With two generations of our family being perverts, I saw that we’d entered a third.

“I can get behind that,” Teri answered and nodded her head in agreement. “Are you wanting to make this a threesome? That’d be awesome!” Ah, is it any wonder Teri is one of my favorite fuck-partners?

I shook my head. “No, I want Pippi’s first time with someone other than myself to be entirely her own,” I said to Teri. “Having said that, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see what she — and you — are like when fucking someone else. So, you can use my large bedroom and screw each other for as long as you’d like.” Notice that I didn’t say “make love”? I knew what was going to happen and I expected gaziantep rus escort it to be hot, sweaty, purely nasty lesbian sex.

I wanted to witness all of that. I knew it would be hotter than any porn imaginable, although I didn’t want to step beyond the role of voyeur. The more-mature Teri and my sexy young Pippi would look incredible together and I wasn’t about to miss out on seeing that. Blonde against brunette, white against darker colors, long legs and slender bodies entwined — I had to see that. Pippi was willing to share and both she and Teri tried to convince me to join in. I was firm in my resolve for reasons I kept to myself.

Teri knew quite well where my bedroom was, so I let her and Pippi lead the way while I took my time to enjoy the view. Even before I knew my sexual preferences, I enjoyed the sight of a beautiful woman. Two of the most beautiful were ahead of me on the steps and I just stayed a few paces behind and took it all in.

When the two of them proceeded me to my bedroom, I took time to adjust the lights. I have them on a dimmer switch to allow me to set the mood. Teri and Pippi sat across from each other on the bed, while I took my place in my favorite wing back chair. They didn’t seem to know just where to start, which was unlike both of them. I was going to stay out of it, although I wasn’t about to allow them to blow such a sexy opportunity. “Start by kissing each other!” I shouted out. “I’m sure the two of you can figure out what to do after that.”

That seemed to do the trick. The first few kisses were tentative pecks, but that ended in a hurry. Once they had taken full measure of each other, the kisses turned hot in a hurry. Both of them are good kissers (I know!) and I loved watching Teri duel with my daughter and then suck her tongue into her mouth. Her hands reached out and with a few practiced moves, she had Pippi’s mesh outfit off of her and on the floor.

It was really sexy watching my girlfriend take my daughter as her lover. At first, they started off tentative and slow. That didn’t go on for too long. While I sat in my chair and pleasured myself with my favorite toy, the two sluts on my bed turned up the heat.

I knew my Teri was a truly dirty girl and she seemed to bring that out in Pippi. Their language got crude and there was hair-pulling, spanking, rough and tumble sex that really turned me on. Teri was face-down in my daughter’s pussy. Then Pippi returned the favor and her face came up gleaming. I watched my daughter fuck another woman for the very first time using a strap-on that wasn’t mine — the little bitch was already buying her own sex toys! What was very impressive to Pippi’s naughty mommy was the fact that she fucked the hell out of Teri with that toy and made her cum — twice!

Some of you are probably thinking how nasty and perverted it is, a mother watching her daughter and her girlfriend have sex. Well, of course it is — that’s what makes it so fun! They were getting absolutely freaky on my bed and I lost count of how many times my little pussy got to cum. More than some of the times I’ve actually had sex.

I’m sure that had I wanted to, I could have joined them in bed. I was tempted, but stayed the course. The gorgeous bitches girl-fucked for almost 6 hours and something unheard of actually happened — Teri was fucked out! She went home in the wee small hours of the morning, totally obliterated by my gorgeous slut-daughter. I was so freaking proud, but I didn’t have a chance to tell Pippi that. Once she’d said a rather naughty goodbye to Teri, my little whore dragged me into her room and we fucked — and made love — for several more hours. The sun was coming up when we finished.

Over breakfast, I dropped my bombshell on Pippi. “I want you to do something for mommy,” I said in my sweetest voice. “You know your gorgeous friend, Colleen? I want you to set me up with her — just me, like you were with Teri.” Colleen was a perfect blonde beauty with cupcake tits and a gorgeous booty. She had only turned eighteen a few weeks earlier, so had been off-limits — until now.

“Are you serious, Mom?” Pippi actually balked. “I have even had a chance to make it with her yet. I’m not even sure that she’s into girls. What if she isn’t? Then what?”

I flashed my daughter my own enigmatic smile, that revealed she would not always hold the upper hand. “You leave that to me, Pippi. If she isn’t into girls — by the time your slutty mommy finishes with her, she will be!”

Pippi smiled, clapped her hands and nodded. “You’re right mom, I should never have doubted you!”

My little bitch — is it any wonder I’m so proud of her? Don’t worry, I promise to share all the juicy details with you real soon.

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