Please Brother Please Pt. 01

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I was twenty-four and still a virgin, not because of my aesthetics, no I was all right as far as looks were concerned but I struggled to connect with people and preferred to stay in watching Tv or reading a book rather than partying.

I worked for an insurance company that helped me get a leg up on the property ladder. My brother had the idea that we should buy a house together as an investment. The idea was that I would live in and maintain the house while he continued to live in his own flat and sew his wild oats.

My brother Jamie worked as a Policeman and had a long list of girlfriends. His latest looked like going the distance as everyone in my family was hinting at wedding bells. He had been living with her happily for nearly three years, and so I had to agree that marriage was on the cards.

This was going to be a problem as I was sure they would want to move into my house. I was sent into a panic and had a sudden urge to get hitched and join the rat race.

Unfortunately, I had an OCD reaction whenever I saw a naked body in the flesh, especially their genitals. It was never so bad if I saw a picture, that never bothered me, but when it came to the real thing it became a terrible problem. On my first real date, where we got down to taking our clothes off my OCD kicked in and I went into an uncontrollable spitting convulsion. That ended that liaison and I came to the conclusion that what caused my gag reflex was his unsightly body.

I decided to try again and held out for a really buffed up hulk and was fortunate enough to hook up with the companies number one beefcake. When we got down to sex things were going really well until I got too confident. He sucked my tits while I wanked his cock hard. I looked at it eye to eye, intrigued by its little twitches and pulses. I thought I had this one tamed and moved in to give oral. I caught a whiff of semen and my OCD came back with a vengeance and I puked violently all over his cock, stomach and chest. The embarrassment was unbearable especially as it spread around the company.

There were sniggers at work with some of the crueller guys feining vomiting. My OCD now was accompanied with awful panic attacks in any social situation and I was invalided out of my company and put on sick leave for a long time until they asked me to leave with generous terms.

I stayed in my self imposed exile while my peers were growing up and experiencing the pleasures of the flesh, while I stayed at home frightened of everyone. I was, however, was just as horny as any other girl and longed to be available for anyone, a big stud, or a weedy nerd, to throw me on the bed rip off my clothes and deflower me.

Instead, I had to quell my frustration with endless bouts of porn watching and very frequent masturbation. I bought lots of sex toys and clothes online to pleasure myself; from a rampant rabbit to many paddles and floggers to self whip myself.

I bought the shortest baby doll nighties and the skimpiest panties for my foray into the world of exhibitionist sex.

I also put myself up on Skype, helping sex-starved men jerk off to my young body as I played the Mistress. I kidded myself it was therapy, me getting used to seeing all kind of penis ejaculating while I struggled to stop my spit reflex.

Just to give myself a more rounded perverted love life, I whored myself out to men and women, demeaning myself in any way they ordered. Naked on all fours, spanking myself with my ass in the camera, Obeying any instruction they yelled like, “yes I’m a bad, bad, girl and need to

Spanked.” There were some very hardcore misogynists online who wanted me to hurt myself for their amusement. I soon learnt to spank myself, making an impressive sound with my cupped hand on my ass, crying out realistically. The same went for those who wanted me to use my toys on myself. Most want me to hammer my dildos deep in my cunt or my vibrators deep in my ass. I learnt how to hold back but now and again I obeyed their commands as I got carried away in their fantasy.

I still yearned for a real cock but my social inabilities put that desire very far out on the horizon. It was clear to me that I was going down a depressing sexual cul-de-sac when I bought a male blow-up doll and rode it cowgirl style. As I was cumming my squeals were accompanied by a high pitched hiss. The bloody thing was going down on me and not in the way I wanted.

One session I was really worked up in my baby doll nightie and panties.

I heard the doorbell ring and for once went to answer it. It was a nice looking man who had come to read the water meter. ‘Lovely,’ I thought, he’ll do me but to be truthful anyone would, just so long as he had a good hard cock.

I brazenly let him in leaving everything on show. He bowed his head and made his way to the meter under the sink. I stood over him with my legs slightly parted, making sure he could see my silk panties and my free range boobs rolling about in my transparent nighty.

“Sorry, I’ve just got out of bed,” I lied.

“All gaziantep suriyeli escort right for some,” he replied with a slight glance up at my goodies, “I’ve been up since six this morning,”

“Six, oh dear, would you like a cup of tea?”

Again he glanced up blushing like fury, “sorry, I’ve a lot to do.”

I could see by the large bulge in his trousers that I had him turned on and so I went for the kill.

“Oh come on, just a cup of tea and a little rest,” I seductively purred, “You can join me on the sofa.”

The meter man coughed and jumped up, “That’s it all finished, time to go.”

With that, he pushed passed me and went for the door. In my desperation, I played my last card.

“Excuse me?” I called making the meter man turn around revealing the deep extent in which I had made him blush.

I stood still and slowly lifted my nighty and then pushed a hand inside my panties. “I want you to fuck me!” I gasped.

He looked on sighing and sweating as I slowly rubbed my self. He was in a trance looking at my sexily presented goodies and started to lick his lips.

“Sorry got to go,” he announced and quickly turned and bolted for the door.

I stood a sighed feeling stupid and depressed, on the verge of crying. Fuck I couldn’t give it away.

It was then I realised that some sort of psychological fracture would have to occur if I wanted to progress and get a real piece of meat in me, but then something happened that put a crimp in my plans. My brother came home.

He was distraught having just been ditched by his girl and came back to live rightfully, in his house. This really did hinder my sex life, I had the full run of the house to walk naked, watch porn on tv and masturbate where and when I liked but not with Jamie at home. From now on I was penned into my bedroom for secret undercover wanks that were incredibly tame compared to my previous outward wanking. No Skype, no self spanking and certainly no high pitched buzzing rabbits.

Jamie was a hunk of a man, tall, black hair, chiselled jaw big pecs and a six-pack. He could have the pick of the girls but this last one had really got her claws into him. He was heartbroken and was becoming morbid and joyless mooning around the house like a lost man.

He had been back only a few weeks and late one night I walked across the landing to the bathroom. I still felt pretty miffed as I had to wear night clothes. A little nightie and a pair of panties just to keep me modest.

I stopped as I reached Jamie’s bedroom. I heard a moan and then a sigh and then the beginning of organic cries all in accompaniment to the creaks of his bouncing bed. I whined at the unfairness of it all, he’d only been back a week, putting a stop to my sex life and already he was moving on and fucking someone else! It just wasn’t fair!

He was fucking someone and by Christ was she enjoying it. The real sound of someone in the throes of real sex went straight to my clit as if under some spell. I was intoxicated and my hand went straight up my nightdress and started rubbing my panties against my genitals in an uncontrollable race to get off.

It was so overwhelming that I felt I could not disobey the call of my tingling clit. I fell to my knees with my panties around my ankles and rubbed myself in time to the girl’s squeals. I had never got so close so quickly and was soon in the final straight to paradise. I let out a cry and immediately come to my senses. “Did you hear that?” I heard her anxiously say coming down from her own orgasmic high like a dead weight.

“There’s someone out there.” Declared his girlfriend.

“Maria!” Shouted Jamie.

I turned and crawled back to my bedroom and quickly shut the door.

Phew! I had gotten away with it, but then I panicked, “my panties!” Somehow they had slipped off my ankle and I had left them outside his door. Bugger!

I heard his door open, and then steps towards my room.


I feigned sleep as I heard my bedroom door open. I heard something softly land on my bed and then my door shut. After he had gone I slowly opened my eyes. It was my panties!

The next morning I was at the breakfast table as Jamie came down in his robe with a big smirk on his face.

“What are you smiling at?” I aggressively asked getting in the first blow,”

“Nothing I just wondered what your panties were doing outside my bedroom door.”

“I must have dropped them while I was getting the washing,”

“What at 2 in the morning?”

“Well some of us couldn’t sleep because of the noise!”

Jamie laughed and slumped down at the table. “Oh, I see, so you were having a sneaky listen and having a little kitty Kat shuffle!”

“A Sneaky listen! They were listening in the streets, They thought we had a defective fire alarm!”

“Well her pussy was defiantly on fire.” Smirked Jamie.

“Oh that’s disgusting, I hope I and the rest of the road don’t have to put up with that gaziantep türbanlı escort every night?”

Jamie smiled and pushed back in his chair while glancing at the newspaper.

“Don’t worry you won’t be seeing her in this house again,” he nonchalantly informed.

“Whys that, doesn’t she like you?”

“Ha, didn’t you hear her scream. Now tell me was that one satisfied bitch or not?”

“Sexist pig!” I accused.

“Yep, that’s right from now on its a fuck and a beer and then they’re out on their ear.”


“Yep, that’s it from now on little sis, ‘just give ’em a good porking’ and then send ’em off walking.”

“Oh shut up with the smug rhymes, is that it? One girl breaks your heart and you take it out on the rest.”

“That’s right, they get one good cock injection and then it’s complete rejection! Anyway be ready for an assortment of girlies getting a jolt from Jamie’s charger and who knows how much noise they’ll make?”

“Can’t you gag them?”

“Oh no, I can’t do that, I love to hear them scream and writhe on the end of my cock, begging for more!”

“God, you’re disgusting!”

“If you want to try the goods, come play in the woods!”

“That doesn’t even mean anything!”

“Hey, enough of you having a go at me what about you, can’t you get someone to take your mind elsewhere?”

“Were not all sex-crazed bastards, some of us just want romance and love.”

“Oh, so you’re a virgin!”

“No, I’m not.”

“Well, that’s what all virgins say!”

I stood up in a huff, “I’m saving myself!” I angrily declared and stormed off.

“New flash!” George Michaels gay!” I heard from behind me!

“Oh fuck off!”

Sure enough the next weekend Jamie had scored again. Once more I heard the girl crying at the top of her voice in what sounded like an amazing orgasm. Once more it got right to my pussy, and I left my door slightly ajar to hear better as my hand slipped up my skirt and into my panties for a quick rub out.

Fuck I’d cum so quickly, I’d never thought that audio sex would get to me so wantonly. I sat on the floor with my panties dripping and no sooner I got my breath back the sound of Jamie’s new fuck was on her way to her second orgasm.

I couldn’t help but masturbate along with them, and when she screamed her orgasm out I was quite thankful as I was getting a bit noisy myself. I took my sopping wet panties off and flung them in the corner.

I sneaked past Jamie’s door to the bathroom to get a clean dry pair and make my self ready for bed. I sneaked back to my bedroom and just as I was stripping off, I heard the start of Jamies new screw en-route to another orgasm.

Fucking hell! What was he doing to them? I gave In again, lay back on my bed and masturbated yet again, bucking my hips and rubbing my nipples in time to her orgasmic summit.

“Morning Sis!” Merrily greeted Jamie sat at the kitchen table in his robe reading the paper.

“Morning,” I groaned back half asleep,

“What’s the matter with old grumpy draws?”

“Some noisy thoughtless twat kept me up all night.” I angrily retorted,

“Sorry just keeping the girlies happy!” He teased posing as Gods gift to women.

“Sexist pig!”

“Get yourself a boyfriend” he teased,

“We’re not all sex mad!”

“Ha, you’re just as sex hungry as the rest of us judging from your wet panties in the bathroom,” he smirked.

“What?” I staggered knowing he had been at my panties late last night,

“You perv what are you doing checking on my underwear?” I wanted to say but just blushed and stormed out.

“Maria!” He cried causing me to turn,

“Stop wanking and get yourself a real cock!” He shouted and pulled open his robe flashing his penis at me!

“You fucking pervert!” I shouted as he laughed. I turned away stomping up to my room in anger but my face was smiling. I had seen his cock and I didn’t feel the slightest need to puke.

I was fuming for days and wondered how I could get back at him. I also wanted to know what he was packing as he seemed to have all the girls he slept with screaming the house down. I had bought a little Go pro camera and had an idea. I could hide it in his bedroom on top of his wardrobe as a lot of junk resided there. I could then watch and film him on my phone via Wi-fi.

It only took a day after I was set up for Jamie to be taking a shower. I watched as he came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his midriff. I engaged the camera as he entered his bedroom where he quickly whipped off his towel.

My eyes went straight for his cock, hungry to see what all the fuss was about.

“Is that it?” I gasped, amazed at just how small he was. I was expecting a huge nine-inch pussy pounder but instead, I saw an average sized cock standing dutifully for attention.

He lay on the bed, his muscular body still glistening slightly from his shower as he grasped his gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort cock and slowly stroked it. He stopped momentarily and reached for his bedside for a bottle of baby oil. I cursed myself for being so naive, I should have known what that was for. It would have been useful as a bit of verbal weaponry in our arguments.

He squirted a good dollop on his penis head and let it flow down his shaft, some of it cascading down over his hard balls.

He slowly started to stroke, and after the initial surprise of his lack of size, I could see that his cock was hard and eager, bending back on itself. He was giving himself a long slow session sliding his hand up and down his shaft from head to balls with his forefinger and thumb.

He spread his legs wider and felt his balls, as he speeded up his stroking. I watched wide-eyed and caught myself gasping. Fuck I was getting horny! It was overpowering me just as the sounds of his girlfriends did. Once again I was overwhelmed and my fingers quickly found their way up my skirt, pushing my panties aside, engaging in a finger shuffle. This was all wrong but because of that, it made me hornier. I was soon matching Jamie for speed. Him quickly stroking his cock and me fapping away at my clit. His hips began to buck as his hand became a blur on his organ as my head went down as I steadied myself on my desk as I felt the shivering delight of my oncoming orgasm. Jamie’s hips bounced and I heard his cry as he ejaculated a high stream of molten spunk, a geyser of semen shooting into the air as he pumped away to empty his balls, pulling his foreskin right back making his cock look red and angry, his seed splashing down on his chest and tummy. I flicked away and cum hard crying out as I banged my head of the computer keyboard and soaked my panties.

I looked at the screen and saw that Jamie had heard me and was making his way out of his bedroom, wrapping his towel around himself.

I panicked as I heard him briskly walking down the landing. I quickly straightened my skirt.

“Maria?” He asked as he burst in through my door, catching me slam down the lid of my laptop.

“Don’t you knock when you come into a girls bedroom?” I shouted.

A big smile shot across Jamie’s face.

“I just wondered what the noise was,” he laughed,

“Get out!” I cried,

“Why?” Have you been wanking?

My face flushed with embarrassment and anger induced by the searing hypocrisy of my wanked off brother. I looked at his grinning face as he lent on the door jam. A strange smell unknown to me hit my senses. I sniffed the air in wonder. “What’s that smell?” I asked.

The sarcastic smile on Jamie’s face dropped instantly and I suddenly twigged, it was semen.

“Can you smell that?” I asked pointedly, happy to go on the attack for a change.

“No, I can’t smell a thing,” he denied, as he backed away looking most awkward.

‘It smells awful,” I went on, please to have him mentally skewered as he marched to his bedroom.

“What’s that running down your leg?” I teased further enjoying having Jamie on the rack for a change.

From there on I watched Jamie cumin again and again and couldn’t wait until he brought his next lay home. I invested in another camera and a better microphone and waited for the weekend.

I spied from my bedroom window as he pulled into the driveway and opened the door for her. He gallantly leads her to the front door. “The smooth bastard I thought,” as he softly took her into her arms and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

I heard him come in the front door and listened intently as he worked on her to drop her panties. He was quick, the bastard, less than half an hour and he was already dragging her upstairs.

God she was beautiful, long black hair moderate boobs and long legs on heels all sexual packaged in a black velvet boob tube. They kissed urgently and she was soon on her back, her boob tube pulled down to reveal her hard tits and Jamies other hand pushing up her dress to show her stocking tops and black panties.

Jamie wasted no time getting in her and slowly gave her the treatment. Again the action went straight to my pussy as I watched on my screen, frustrated that Jamie’s ass and body were blocking the view.

It still made me as horny as hell and I sat on a towel on my computer chair sans panties to rub myself off to the view of Jamie’s peachy ass opening and closing as he thrust into her.

I took my panties right off this time and fapped away. This time I was out of sync and cum much too early! I cried out in bliss and through my blurry eyes, I could see Jamie charging out of bed wrapped in a towel heading towards my bedroom.

I was bottomless with no time to put my panties back on as so I threw them across the bedroom. I turned to my computer and let my skirt fall down over my chair, hiding my cum soaked pussy.

“You alright?” Asked Jamie in a state of concern.

“Yes I’m fine,” I answered meekly, as the rough feeling of the computer chair on my sensitive pussy made me feel vulnerable.

“I heard you shout,”

“It’s okay, just this bloody computer crashing again.”

“Most probably too many porn viruses,” he joked.

‘Ha, yes,” I concurred, nervously looking for where my panties had landed.

“What’s going on?” Jamie asked suspiciously.

“Nothing, nothing,” I denied as Jamie moved further into my room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32