Poolside Fun with Grandma and Aunt

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Since I was young, I used to go over to my aunt’s house to play with my cousin or to swim in the swimming pool at my aunt’s house. Since both of my parents usually work till quite late, after school, I used to follow my cousin to my aunt’s house and stayed there until dinner. So I was quite close to my cousin and my aunt and most of my childhood, I grew up in my aunt’s house.

Let’s call my aunt Aunt T. Aunt T is married but her husband usually had to go overseas for his work assignment and not in town most of the time. Aunt T’s mother, let’s say our Grandma K stays together with Aunt T. Aunt T has only one son and he is my cousin G. My cousin G is only 3 months younger than me so we are like twins. We went to the same school and same college.

That one fine day when we were in college, one of our evening classes was canceled, so as usual I followed my cousin back to my aunt’s house. It was around 4:00 pm when we reached back to my aunt’s house. My Aunt T was not at home at that time. We saw our Grandma K was knitting on the bench beside the pool. Grandma K saw us coming in to the house and she waved to us from the pool side.

Let me describe about Grandma K. Grandma K was about 70 years old. She is fair and slim with grey hair. At home, she usually wears a long skirt, a simple sleeveless blouse and her old pair of glasses. As age is really catching up, Grandma K seems to have soft and saggy breasts under her sleeveless blouse but those saggy breasts are kind of attractive to me.

The weather was hot so me and my cousin G, we put down our books and backpack şanlıurfa escort and got ready jump into the swimming pool. Then suddenly I realized that I did not bring my swimming trunk. I told my cousin that I didn’t bring my swimming trunk and asked him we should go back inside and play some video games instead.

Grandma K, who was sitting and knitting on the bench beside, seemed to notice what we were talking about and suddenly she said,

“Why don’t you boys skinny dip in the pool once in a while. Aunt T is not home yet. Nobody will see you both.”

Although we were close to 19 years at that time, our Grandma K always thinks of us as young kids. Me and my cousin G, we were kind of excited by the idea of skinny dipping as we had never tried this before. So we decided to do it. We took off our t-shirt first then pulled down our pants.

We were kind of reluctant before we pulled down our underwear because Grandma K was still looking at us. Then Grandma K smiled to us and said,

“Go on boys. You don’t have to be shy in front of your old grandma. I’ve seen you both completely since you were babies.”

Cousin G and I both said okay then while facing towards the pool, we slowly took of our underwear and jumped into the pool. Some water even splashed into Grandma K and she laughed a little.

Swimming without any clothes on was fun. Me and my cousin, we both enjoyed swimming in our baby suit. Grandma K also shouted to us,

“Having fun now? I used to skinny dip at the beach when I gaziantep sarışın escort was young.”

We were quite shocked to hear about Grandma K skinny dipping at the beach. I started to imagine how her body will look like in the nude and my penis started to get erection in the water.

Moments later, Aunt T was back. Aunt T saw three of us at the swimming pool side. While she was heading to us to the swimming pool, Grandma K shouted to her from a distant.

“Look, your boys are skinny dipping in the pool.”

Me and my cousin G were a bit nervous when Aunt T saw us swimming in the nude. She saw our bare bottoms and Aunt T said,

“Well, you boys look cute. Carry on your fun in the water. I will go prepare dinner.”

Then Aunt T went back into the house.

Me and my cousin swam in the pool for a while. After that, we came out of the water naked. My penis was still hard from the imagination of naked Grandma K and so was my cousin’s.

Grandma K saw us coming out of the water with both of us getting erections and she looked at us and said,

“You boys grow up so fast. Only yesterday you were kids then now look at both of you. Your girlfriends will be lucky to have you.” I felt kind of nervous but also quite satisfied to hear that.

Grandma K smiled to us and gestured us to come sit beside her on the bench by tapping on the bench. We both slowly went over to the bench. Drops of water were still dripping down from our bodies and our erections were also still hard. şehitkamil escort My cousin G sat on the left side of Grandma K and I sat down on the right side of Grandma K. Grandma K looked closely at both of our penises then suddenly her right hand grabbed over my penis and her left hand grabbed on cousin G’s penis. We both kind of moan a bit at the same time. After that Grandma K started to move her hands up and down and started to stroke our cocks. Her hands were warm and they felt very soft with wrinkles.

Grandma K hand’s up and down movement became a bit faster and faster. We started to close our eyes and both of our penises started to grew even longer.

Before we knew it, our Aunt T was looking at us from inside the house. And, Grandma K called her out.

“Come and look at your son. He is a beautiful grown man now. “

I saw with my half-opened eyes Aunt T came out from the house and slowly walked over to our bench. Grandma K released cousin’s G penis from her left hand and gave it to Aunt T. Aunt T was surprised to see at her son’s penis and stared at it for a while. Meanwhile Grandma K left hand moved over to my penis and she was then stroking my penis with both of her hands. Aunt T saw Grandma K stroking my penis then she slowly started to put her hand on top of her son penis. I could hear cousin G started to breathe heavily.

I was a bit disappointed when Grandma K stopped stroking my penis with her hands. Grandma K released both her hands but surprisingly her mouth came over to my penis and started sucking it.

Aunt T was also stroking harder and faster to cousin G’s penis and before long, cousin G moaned and ejaculated his sperms onto Aunt T’s hands.

I also was not able to control any longer to Grandma K sucking my penis and finally I ejaculated inside Grandma K’s mouth. To my surprise, Grandma K swallowed it all and she said,

“Oh my boy … a bit bitter but tastes good!”

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