Predicament Ch. 01

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Alice watched as the sun passed the 12th arc. She sighed. Another leg of walking, simply wasted. Because my fool of a brother couldn’t dodge a simple spell. A spell I had warned him about for days!

There was nothing for it. The damage was done, and the spell would last a whole month, getting stronger and stronger before weakening out. Unless there was a High Mage to help her, there was no way to reverse the effect and Felt would just have to bear it.

Of course, “bearing” was an understatement.

She heard heavy moans to her right from the trees. Moans of relief. A relief that would only last a few hours before bugging him again. The creature that had attacked them, a Skall, could only be stopped using a Lust spell. It would drive itself insane and literally start mating with anything it could find, and eventually succumb, either from its wounds by “mating” or simple starvation. One had to cast it from a distance. But even that wasn’t enough to stop stupid, young Felt from sneaking behind the creature, and getting blasted with the spell’s radial effect. He was lucky that she particularly lacked skills in ranged magics. While the spell was strong enough for the Skall to go in a frenzy, a human would be mildly effected for a week or so, and then grow much more lusty for 2 weeks, peaking at the end of the 3rd and finally retreating in the last week. He had to “relieve” himself every hour now. And it wasn’t even the end of the first week. They were losing their precious time, and couldn’t afford any slowness, but Felt would only get more and more lustful, and they would have to find a way to move quicker despite that. At this rate, they were stopping for 10 minutes every hour. That would be enough time for the Conquistadors to catch up if they were following her.

She had underestimated her own skills.

Alice looked around her and realized the sun was already near sitting, and the third member seks hikayeleri of their group, Em had pitched their tent, and got a fire going. She hated how she could waste hours just sitting down and thinking. It was apparently a habit shared by most mages, though she could think of no particular reason why. I’m still thinking, she thought irritably and jumped off her horse.

Em sauntered next to her, watching Felt sit near the fire and make himself comfortable, despite their glares.

“What do we do?”, he asked quietly. Em understood some magical theory, and knew that there was no answer she could provide. They would have to march on, simply pretending Felt was afflicted with a malady.

One that would grow uncontrollable in just a week.

“Help him from tonight,” she said. “There’s really nothing we can do except that.”

She knew Em flushed, but didn’t care. She *had* to control Felt. Otherwise they would get overrun by the Conquistadors. The spell might effect even Em, but probably not as strongly. They would balance each other anyway. Hopefully.

Em lay staring at the tent’s roof, anxious. He was supposed to be asleep, since Alice was taking watch. He’d need as much time to sleep as possible, because his was the next watch, but it eluded him. Instead, he kept fidgeting. His anxiety wouldn’t stop and-

He just realized Felt was waking up. Sighing, he got up and went outside to jack off. Em got up with a start, his anxieties making him shiver despite the relative warmth. He opened the flap and followed Felt, who had chosen a tree opposite to the side Alice was taking watch, to lean against while he took his trousers off. Before they were even off, he started moaning, rubbing his dick. The process would usually take near 10 minutes, but Em was here to make it shorter.

Felt was careless, and didn’t notice him, even when gaziantep şişman escort he was right next to him. Eyes closed, moaning quietly in the dark, he hadn’t a slightest care for what went on around him. The spell was apparently much stronger than Alice had told him.

Em grabbed the hand from which Felt was masturbating and his eyes jerked open, but he still didn’t stop, or even stop leaning against the tree. He stared at him, his blond hair and blue eyes near luminous in the moonlight. Em eventually managed to stop Felt’s self-inflicted handjob, and pry his hands lose from his dick. He then began massaging his friend’s cock, slowly. They still had their eyes locked to each other, but Felt’s eyelids were drooping, and eventually he looked away, relishing the moment. Em spat on his manhood to quicken the process. Felt moaned harder and Em felt him tense. In a few moments, he released his load with very loud moans. Shushing him wouldn’t work so he Em just worked harder, milking his friend completely. The cum he released was ridiculous in volume, but he kept spurting rope after rope. His dick was near 7 inches in size, so Em’s hand was quiet sore by the time he finished.

“Damn, that’s a waste of water,” Em noted. Felt nodded at that, still gasping for breath from his orgasm. They both knew that water was scarce.

Em turned to leave, and Felt muttered a thanks. Em didn’t respond to that and made his way back to camp. His watch was pretty near, so he decided he might as well stay up until then. Right after he checked on something.

Alice listened to her brother’s moans with a cautious note. With Em helping, he was even louder, but the job would be done quick. He would stay with Felt from then on, and his “relieving” would be done in just two minutes instead of ten, saving them nearly two hours of travel.

Eventually, gaziantep sınırsız escort her brother nearly screamed in ecstasy and Alice felt a slight flutter against her stomach. Stop that!

She heard Em approach, and noticed his manhood making a tent against his trousers when he sat down near the fire to wait for his watch. The spell would effect him slowly, but by the 3rd week, he would be nearly as crazed for sex as poor Felt was. She would have to find a way to stay away from them, but that was future Alice’s problem, not hers. She caught Em staring at her and she raised her eyebrows questioningly. It wouldn’t do if Em was attracted to her. He needed to be with Felt. She wanted to remain in control of the situation before it got out of hand.

“We’re running low on water,” Em stated blankly.

“There’s a stream just two days up ahead-“

“The water is down to four quarts. I just checked.”

Alice sat, stunned.

“That couldn’t be. How in the Lord’s name…?” And then it clicked. Of course! How stupid was I? We may be doomed because of my bullheaded notion to stay away from this problem!

She quickly calculated average semen per ejaculation for 24 hours. She had seen the aftermath of her brother’s ejaculate. Her observation was that it must be close to half a pint per orgasm. Meaning he is drinking more than 6 quarts, both me and Em’s share of water. Meaning we’ll have to…

*Oh no…*

“You see our predicament,” said Em. “Looks like we’ll both be afflicted regardless of what we do. We’ll have to drink his…uh… semen to have any hope of surviving, considering the stream is 2 days away. We might even slow down because of this…”

Her mind was racing. She ignored Em, but she couldn’t ignore the twisting inside her stomach. She would have to drink her own brother’s semen to survive. When confronted with such an outcome, the obvious choice would be to cut off the water supply for Felt, but that wasn’t possible. He neededthe water to survive. It was the reason the male Skall died so quickly under this spell. They would die of dehydration, but Felt still had the minds to drink water, and he’d need tons of it. All of theirs in fact. Otherwise, he’d die.

So. Let her brother die, or drink his semen. What a predicament.

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