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Mature Mom

Author’s Note: This is loosely inspired by the movie “Contagion”.

When the Chengdu Flu was first reported hardly anyone paid any attention to it. Hate to admit it but I didn’t care about it either. At least not until the Tuesday I went to work and two of my coworkers left work early because family members had died. That disturbed me so I cut out early from work and headed to Costco to stock up ahead of the crowd. It surprised me that most everyone was going about their business like a normal day.

My daughter Becky was home from college on spring break and my wife and son were in Virginia visiting her family. When I got home Beck was nowhere to be found so it was up to me to unload the supplies. Immediately afterwards I headed to the nearby Lukas Wine & Spirits and made sure I had an ample supply of liquor before they’d run out. Thirty different cases of beer, two cases of Scotch, three cases of vodka, and an assortment of special bottles and mixers meant I was ready for whatever was coming.

Back at the house I got my supply stashed away and then I checked the news. It wasn’t on the major networks but the local Kansas City news was starting to mention people getting sick with the flu.

It was around eight when Becky got in from shopping with a friend and I brought her up to speed on what looked like a problem. She was mostly indifferent but understood when I asked her to stay around the house the next day.

In the morning the news was starting to feature more coverage of the Chengdu Flu. Hospitals were starting to see patients and the media had perked up to the fact. By lunch time a couple of the reporters were in the hospital. By that night those reporters were dead.

I called my wife and she told me everything was fine. They were with her parents at the family house and she told me she didn’t think this was too serious.

The next morning the President went on TV and announced a shutdown of interstate and international travel to contain the disease. I’d expected that and I also expected the governor to issue similar orders, which she did.

What I didn’t expect was the phone call from my wife. Her parents got sick overnight and she was calling me to let me know her mother had died. It didn’t look good for her father either. Becky cried when I told her that Gamma had died.

Becky and I cried like hell the next day when the hospital in Lynchburg called to let us know that my wife, her father, and my son were all gone.

It was no surprise when the President authorized the states to declare martial law. People were ordered to stay in their homes and to have no contact with anyone outside their homes. My state was one of the first to enact the order. A week later the governor announced that unless you had a government pass you had to stay on your property or else law enforcement might shoot you. I heard a few gunshots that day as if to underscore the point.

Two months later I would have been happy about the supplies I’d put away but instead I was morose missing my wife and son. I’d drowned my sorrows with a lot of liquor and I didn’t care that Becky sometimes helped herself to the beer.

Memorial Day weekend started off with a heat wave and we were ordered to keep our air conditioning off unless we had elderly people in the house. That meant the heat and humidity were present all weekend.

In the course of two months of isolation Becky and myself had become somewhat informal around the house. She didn’t bother getting dressed to go out and neither did I. I’d put on a decent shirt and I’d shave for working online but unless I was doing yardwork I didn’t bother with shorts. Becky mostly wore tee shirts and panties around the house. And on a hot holiday weekend she didn’t bother with a bra.

Saturday night we had yet another pasta dinner and then we went to watch a movie. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and grabbed a bottle of Irish cream for Becky. She liked it and at this point I didn’t care if she drank something harder than beer.

I really don’t recall the movie because all I watched for two hours was my dark haired daughter. I noticed her long legs, her full tits, and her tight little ass. Then I felt guilty about what I’d just noticed and I poured myself another glass of vodka and went right back to leering at her.

Taking a cool shower before gaziantep yavuzeli escort bed I jerked off to images of fucking my own daughter.

I woke up late on Sunday morning and the house was quiet. I checked on Becky and when I opened her door she was laid on her bed just wearing panties. One of her tits was on full display and her pink nipple was nicely set against a silver dollar sized areola. I caught myself stroking my cock through my boxers and then quietly closed her door.

I got a little breakfast and then opened up the windows in the house to get some of the warm morning air into the place before the hot humid air took over for the day. Then I sat out on the porch and sipped on some Scotch.

Becky was up after noon and I heard her taking a shower. I fought off the temptation to go sneak a look at her.

As the day wore on the heat and humidity got worse. I checked the news and there was a heat warning for overnight. They also warned everyone not to use their AC without a permit or they’d get their electric service cut for thirty days.

The heat was ungodly that night. When we took our places to watch a movie for the night we were both suffering.

“Fuck it.” I said. I stood up and took off my tank top and dropped my boxers. Then I sat back down to watch the movie.

“Uh, dad, you’re naked.” said Becky.

“Knock it off, Becky, it’s too fucking hot. If you want to strip down go ahead, I don’t care.”

Becky was pretty careful to avert her eyes and did her best to concentrate on the movie. Her drink of the night was a special bottle of strawberries and cream liqueur and not bothering with a glass she sipped away at it.

About halfway through the movie I was mildly surprised when Becky stood up.

“Don’t look.” she said as she turned her back to me, took off her top, and dropped her panties. I looked anyway. When she sat back down I got a nice look at the side of her tit. Did my best not to jerk off during the rest of the movie. When she finally went to bed I didn’t mind the view of her twenty-year old ass.

The next morning it was still hot so I took a cool shower but skipped putting anything on. I also skipped my morning eye-opener drink and instead made a decent pancake breakfast with coffee.

A few minutes after I started the coffee a bleary eyed Becky strolled into the kitchen.

“Smells good. Can I have a couple pancakes?” She was just as naked as I was.

She sat down and it was just a couple minutes before I put the pancakes and a cup of coffee in front of her. “Thanks.” she said. I had a full view of her tits. Had no idea how glorious her tits were until this moment. The morning light made the few drops of sweat on them glisten.

After breakfast I moved out to the back porch both for privacy and to avoid the sun. Becky followed and I was grateful. We talked for a while and neither of us much cared that the other was naked.

She got up and went inside as the day heated up. I did the same.

I left her alone to do whatever she was doing and I watched a repeat of the Indy 500 from the year before.

Our evening routine featured dinner and a movie and the two of us drinking too much. Around eight the power went out and the usual peal of thunder followed. The wind picked up and after a long heatwave we were treated to a cooling downdraft and then the excitement of a hailstorm. Lightning started flashing and thunder started roaring. The occasional flash of the storm let me see Becky outlined against the window.

By ten the storm had let up but the rain continued and so did the cool air.

“I’m cold.” she said.

I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. She flinched as she felt my bare skin on her own. I couldn’t help it when my cock started to swell against her cool ass.

“What are we doing?” she asked me.

“Right now I’m just holding you.” I replied.

She pulled away from me and I let her go. And then she turned and faced me and pulled me close to her body.

“I know what’s been on your mind.” she said, “I’ve seen you looking at me. I don’t mind if you want to do more than just this. I need it too.”

I felt her breath on my face and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. Her reply was a soft, tentative gaziantep yeni escort kiss. Her arms went around my neck and I felt her body rest against my own.

“You won’t hate me?” I asked.


I went to say something else and she cut me off, “No more talking. Not now.”

I took her by the hand and felt my way back to my bedroom. The bedroom I used to share with Becky’s mother. The bedroom where Becky was conceived.

Becky got onto the bed and rolled onto her back. I followed right behind her and put a knee between her legs. She moved her legs apart just enough to make room for me. Resting myself on my elbows I leaned in and kissed her while her arms wrapped around my neck. I briefly wondered if she’d done this before and I imagined that she had.

My cock lay between us and I moved down on her body. I felt the soft skin of her thighs with my cock and moved my hips. Becky’s legs spread and her ankles moved up on either side of me. It happened so quickly. I moved to get my cock against her pussy and with the way she had her hips the head of my cock was immediately pressed right into her flower.

“Oh, my God!” she breathlessy uttered into the darkness.

I thrust my hips at hers and my cock entered her pussy. It was just a few strokes later and my shaft was slipping inside in her warm, wet pussy. It was so wrong for me to have my cock in Becky’s pussy and somehow that made it even sexier to me.

I’d thrust into her and her hips would rise to meet mine. She wanted it. It made me want her. Her hands went to my hips and she guided me to move up on her body. My cock was grinding her clit and I could feel her trying to get me to go deep. I’d held back because her mother had always complained when I went deep.

I decided to try with Becky. Moving down just a bit I felt her move her hips to try to keep her clit in contact with my cock. And then I pushed the rest of my cock all the way into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” she exclaimed.

I’d longed to feel my entire cock in pussy and now here I was fucking my daughter and getting my wish. I couldn’t help but to start deep fucking her with a steady tempo. I need to feel her body around my cock!

Becky tensed and moaned and I knew she was having her pleasure. That gave me no more reason to hold back so I started fucking her hard and then I felt the surge of cum in my balls as it raced down my cock and blasted into Becky’s cunt!

“Uggggh!” I groaned as shot after shot of cum sprayed into her pussy. It felt so fucking good!

Becky went limp and her legs fell at my sides. I kissed her gently on the lips and she kissed me back.

“That was great! I had no idea you were like that! Mom was really lucky.”

With that comment I rolled off of her. She moved around and the next thing I knew she had a leg across mine and her head rested on my chest.

In the morning I woke up alone but could hear Becky busy in the kitchen. It was a little chilly so I got on some clothes and didn’t mind when I saw Becky wrapped up in a bathrobe.

We shared breakfast and managed not to talk about what had transpired. She just seemed her usual perky self for a change and not the depressed person she’d been since we lost so much of our family. We were the only family we had left.

After breakfast we went out to the front porch to get some sun and that was when she remarked, “I don’t think we can do that again.”

“Breakfast? I was kind of hoping to have breakfast again tomorrow!” Becky smiled at me with the joke. I knew what she meant.

“My birth control ran out last month and it’s not like we can get more.”

I was so floored by her comment not because of the birth control but because of the assumption that WE would need it. It also sounded like she wanted it to happen again. Then it registered that she’d taken a risk with me.

“Becky, I’m glad this hasn’t come between us and I’ll understand if this was the only time.”

She looked at me, “I just need to think this through is all.”

I gave her the space she asked for and dropped the subject. After a while I went off to mow the grass and do some normal Memorial Day activities. By the afternoon it was hot and sultry again. I took a water break and checked the news and gaziantep zayıf escort they said we could expect the heat wave to resume for the next week.

That night we had our dinner and then I expected to retire to the living room for our usual movie.

Becky was loading dishes in the dishwasher when she said, “It might be okay to do it again.”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

She washed her hands and dried them. Putting the towel down she leaned against the kitchen counter and crossed her arms. “I’m saying I’m bored. I’m saying I don’t want to drink myself to sleep tonight.”

“What if you get pregnant?”

She shrugged, uncrossed her arms, and pulled off her top. Then her shorts and panties went to the floor together. The next thing I got to see was her bare ass walking towards my bedroom.

Naturally I was right after her. Whether she meant to or not she was laying rather seductively on the bed when I saw her again. It wasn’t dark yet so I had a nice view. I joined her on the bed and ran a hand over her body.

“One more thing,” she held a hand against my chest as she said this, “after this you’re calling me Becky and I’m calling you Eric, okay? I just can’t call you ‘dad’ anymore, alright?”

I pursed my lips at all of what she had just said, “Yeah, that’s probably best.”

With that she pushed me back on the bed. Her hands took hold of my cock and played with it.

“Crazy that thing’s been inside me!” she said and then she shocked me by wrapping her mouth around it and licking it. With my cock properly moistened Becky licked her lips and smiled as she straddled me. Leaning to one side she pulled my cock up to her pussy and ran it back and forth. I watched as my obviously experienced daughter positioned my cock at her entrance and then her expression turned serious as she got it started.

“Hold still.” she said as I thrust into her. Her hips moved around and slowly she settled down on me. There was a bit more to go when she stopped and bit her lip. Then she grimaced as she settled herself completely onto my cock.

She smiled, “This is so much better than getting drunk, isn’t it?”

“Oh, it is!”

I let her fuck me and I had to reconcile the sight of my naked daughter having sex and then the fact that she was having sex with me! It was so wrong and I had no intention to do anything about it! Becky kept fucking me and I did my best not to move. She quickly got to her final act and crushed herself onto me all while grinding herself on me. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed as she kept at it.

“Mmmm, fuck!” she muttered as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. I looked at her belly where my cock disappeared into her and came hard.

We fucked a few more times after that and then she got her period. She slept in her own room for a few days and that made sense. We’d had some brief chats to discuss the fact that the effects of her birth control were now definitely ended. I didn’t pursue her knowing the risk involved.

Some of our old routine came back and we watched movies at night but the alcohol consumption was way down from before. I think we’d both had a reset from the change in our relationship and now the reasons we were getting drunk didn’t seem so important anymore.

It was June fifteenth and I’d been busy in my shop making a curio cabinet when Becky had me get ready for dinner. I went in the house and took a shower to get the sweat and sawdust off. Then I dried myself and went to the kitchen for dinner. Becky put my plate in front of me and I dug in. I was pretty hungry. She sat across from me and chatted with me about the curio cabinet.

I looked up to ask her for the butter and noticed she was wearing a kitchen apron. It was the only thing she was wearing. My cock instantly stirred with lust.

“You sure about this?” I asked her.

“I think so.”

“What if you get pregnant?” I sipped on my water.

“It’ll be just fine if you tell me you love me.”

I put down my water and looked across the table at her. “I’ve loved you since the day you were born and I love you more every single day!”

A few minutes after that my dinner was getting cold on the table.

Becky and I spent the summer fucking and sucking and walking around the house naked. I fucked her in her bed, I fucked her in the bathroom, we fucked in the living room and I even fucked her in the kitchen. It was hardly a surprise when her September period didn’t show up.

When the crisis ended in November Becky was only just starting to show. Then I sold the family house and we moved to a promising town in West Virginia. Naturally we joked that we were going to fit in there just fine.

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