Rachael and Benjamin

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Rachael and Benjamin are twins, now in their mid-twenties. Their father, Pastor Robert brought them up in a very strict Christian household. He was stern, but fair, with them. Their mother died from cancer when they were very young, and as such, they could barely remember her. They grew up normally, without any real trials or tribulations during their early teen years in a secluded house about 25 miles from any kind of town. Robert’s church was comprised of most of the counties residents, and was a very tight-knit community.

Rachael was an early bloomer; by the time she was 15 years old she already had a very large chest, measuring 30DD on her 5’2″ frame. With her curly red hair and blue eyes, she was definitely noticed by the boys. Benjamin, also was blessed with a very athletic body and was ‘abundantly hung’. At almost 5’11”, he was as tall as most of the boys in his class. He shared the curly red hair and blue eyes his sister displayed, and the girls loved to see his ‘six pack’, if shirtless, during gym class. But they were not very worldly, observing their fathers strict Christian morals. No internet or cell phones, and limited television reception…and definitely no cable!

By the time they hit their 16th birthday things were changing. Benjamin had taken notice of his sister’s huge bosom. The other girls in school or church were nowhere near that big. Even most of the local older girls and women weren’t that developed! He’d often have dreams involving her big tits. Now they were 18 years old, ready to be seniors in high school after summer break was over.

Sometimes at night, before bed, he would see his sister changing into her night clothes. He’d watch her remove her bra and panties. He knew he shouldn’t, but his body betrayed him. He would then go to the bathroom after she had left and touch her undergarments; feel their warmth and softness. Then he would relieve himself into the toilet.

Little did he know that his gaziantep minyon escort sister was watching him. She too, was beginning to feel the ache in her loins. Some nights, she’d sneak over to the bathroom and watch him jack off through the keyhole. His dick was so big!!! Not that she had anything to compare it to, as she’d never seen another one (except his own when they were very little), but she just loved to look at it. She loved to see him stroke it and watch the seminal fluid shoot out of it; wanting to feel it shoot all over her boobs.

Pastor Robert loved his children, but didn’t really give them much attention after they had hit their early teens. He was the only preacher in a very large rural area, and his travels and appointments with parishioners kept him out many nights during the week, only to return home late at night. So the kids learned early on to fend for themselves concerning food and chores. He’d thought about getting an internet hook-up for them, but decided against it because of all the wickedness to be found there.

One night, when their father was out, Rachael was about to take a shower. She had removed her clothing and had just removed her bra when Benjamin walked in on her, not remembering (or intending?) to knock. She yelled “Benjamin, get out of here. Can’t you see that I’m ready to get a shower?” At first he was speechless…those huge tits just staring at him.

Finally able to form up words, he said “Damn it, Rach…I gotta piss bad; just step out and let me go!!!” “No”, she replied, “Get out!!!” He told her “Well, I’m gonna piss whether you’re in here or not.” “Go ahead, I dare you!” she answered.

Calling her bluff, he squeezed past her to the toilet and pulled out his dick. She just stared as his urine started to flow. He saw her staring at it… “Do you want to touch it?” he asked her playfully. “Let me hold it for you while nizip escort you pee!” she returned. “Sure, go ahead if you want to”, he dared. She stood behind him (He loved the feeling of her huge jugs poking into his back!) peering around as she took a hold of it, using her petite hand. “God…it’s so big” she squeaked! He had started to stiffen a little at the touch of her hand, as no one other hand than his own had ever touched it.

As he finished, he asked if she wanted to shake it off the dreaded last drop. The quick shakes started to really get his blood flowing and his cock was stiffening in her hand “Wow..it’s getting really hard.” “Stroke it a few times and watch what happens!” he said to her. She did it, just to see why he asked her to.

Within her own body, she felt her nipples getting very hard and her pussy getting wet. He too, noticed her nipples, which were usually puffy and large, were now very dark and erect. He also saw that her panties were very wet. His attention soon returned to his twin sister pumping his dick very slowly, her mouth hanging open in disbelief. She knew he was big, but she didn’t realize that it would get this big!!!

She felt all around his throbbing cock…she wanted to sit and watch it; hypnotized by it. “I’m gonna sit here on the toilet and play with it” she told him, so she moved around him to have a seat. He realized that she moved and her face was just a few inches from his hard prick. He watched her pretty face as she stared at it…she was so very beautiful. Guys at school were always hitting on her, but they but knew that her father wouldn’t let her date quite yet.

She took her palm and rubbed his slick pre-cum into her hand, then bent over and kissed it…she wanted to taste the liquid on her lips. He let out a very audible moan “Did you like that?” she asked, enjoying his response. “Do it again”, he begged. She did, savoring the new taste.

Soon, nurdağı escort she just kept her mouth on it; trying to put more of it in her mouth. He was reacting to her newfound blowjob skills in ways she hadn’t expected. “Do all guys like this?”, she wondered. She started to pick up the pace a bit. Her hands kept stroking him…it was so big that she could only get a little more than half of it in. More and more of his juice was coming out of his ‘pee-hole’. She used it, along with her own saliva to lubricate him.

It wasn’t long before she felt something was different; there was more juice and his phallus throbbed in her hands! The head had a dark purple color to it; getting even bigger than before! He threw his head back, with a throaty roar said “I’m gonna cum!” She removed it from her mouth and aimed it at her tits, then watched him cover them with thick gooey shots of cum. The juice ran between her boobs and dripped from her nipples. He must’ve came in pints, she thought! She loved the feeling of his wad splattering against her chest.

As he began to regain his composure, she took it back into her mouth and slid it almost all the way down her throat this time. Again he felt the rush that accompanied his orgasms and, unbelievably, shot another load down her throat. She choked momentarily, but continued swallowing his sperm. He pulled back from her and stared at her cum-covered tits and just said “Holy shit sis, look at all that cum! I’ve never shot a load like that!” With all the pride of a first-timer, she replied “Wow…your cock tastes good!!!” The words surprised him, he thought her to be above using dirty words.

“Now, get out!!! I need to get my shower before daddy gets home!!!” At that, Benjamin left, and she started the shower and got in. She removed her super-soaked panties and wiped her tits down with them, “I’ll save this load for later”. Then she got in and rubbed her clit until she had an explosive climax. Benjamin, leaning against the door, heard every last gasp in her breath as she came.

When Pastor Robert got home, the kids were already in bed. A note from Rachael stated that supper was in the fridge, just needed to be warmed up a little. As he ate his supper, she licked the remnants of her brothers load out of her musky panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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