Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Mystery Treat

Two months had passed since my first experience with Jenny and rubber.

Jenny had moved across the hall to be with me in my bedroom and the rubber clothes, no longer hidden in their bag, now had pride of place in her former wardrobe.

We had repeated our love making many times and Jenny had introduced me to the joys of a few more of her latex items and also to some more of her ”toys”. She had even taken me to her favourite fetish store to select my first set of my own rubber clothes. I choose an all-in-one leotard-like body, stockings, suspender belt and gloves all in shiny black; a set of the flimsiest black rubber underwear – panties, bra and a basque – and a short, sleeveless electric blue cheerleader-style dress. So short that if I bent over wearing it, whoever was behind me would get an eyeful of my stocking tops and bare buttock checks.

I should say here that our lovemaking did not always involve the use of latex clothing and artificial aids. It was, however, always hot and passionate – no matter what flavour it came in.

With only a very small amount of soul-searching, I had come to terms with my new sexual status. Jenny and I were now very definitely a couple. I was trying to decide when and how to tell my friends that I was dating another woman. There was plenty of time. I wanted them to get to know Jenny as a friend first before I explained just what kind of friend she was.

Without the need to get up early for work the following day, Friday nights were usually one of our ‘rubber nights’, dedicated to leisurely rubberised love-making followed by a lazy Saturday morning in bed. One Friday morning, however, Jenny told me over breakfast that we wouldn’t be needing the latex stockings, gloves or other paraphernalia that evening – she had something different for me to try. Seeing my disappointment, she quickly stressed that it was something that she was sure l would enjoy.

When I excitedly asked her what, she refused to say. Her only clue was that I should get home as early as possible and make sure that I kept the weekend free.

Fortunately, I didn’t have any major deadlines or meetings that day because l spent it sat in my office watching the hands of the clock slowly marking off the time until l was free and trying to guess what new form of deviancy she had in mind.

I considered bondage scenarios and new unimagined sex-toys, but apart from being certain that it would involve us both getting very hot and lusty I couldn’t guess.

As the hour of escape approached, I made an excuse to leave early, turning down the usual after-work drinks at the wine bar on the corner, and headed for home as quickly as the tube would take me.

I arrived home in a state or excitement to find that Jenny had been home since lunchtime and that she had been busy in the small third bedroom which is used as a store room. The boxes and unused furniture usually stored there were gone and the mattress from Jenny’s old bed was in the centre of the floor. The mattress itself and the floor were covered with heavy transparent plastic decorator’s sheets which she had taped together with thick strips of black duct tape. In the comer was a collection of metal paint tins.

Jenny stood barefoot in the middle of the plastic sheet wearing just a black sports bra and briefs. She was smiling broadly.

“Hi Lover,” she said, twirling a roll of tape around her index finger, “Good day at work?”

“Oh! Are you planning some decorating?” I asked, confused and somewhat disappointed by the sight of the painting equipment.

“In a way, but it’s not the room that’s getting the makeover!” Jenny replied cryptically.

“I don’t get it.” I said.

“You will. I’m nearly finished with this, so go get out of that suit then come and give me a hand for a couple of minutes before we get started.”

In our bedroom, I quickly kicked off my shoes and dumped my briefcase, stripped off my suit jacket and skirt and tossed my blouse in the washing basket. I returned to the other bedroom bare foot like Jenny, in just my white cotton bra and knickers.

Jenny gave me an appreciative look then handed me a roll of the black tape. “I haven’t finished that corner over there. Just overlap the sheets a little at the edges then tape the two together along the joint.”

I complied with her instructions, wondering what all this was for. Clearly the sheeting was intended to protect the carpet, but, if not from paint, then what? And if we were not going to be decorating the room, why did we need to go to all this effort?

A few more joints were taped and we were both done. Jenny stood and surveyed the work, then, satisfied that it would suit whatever she had in mind, she nodded.

“OK.” She said turning to me and taking my hand, “Let’s be having you in the bathroom please miss.”

She led me out of the room, along the hall and into our bathroom. The shelf at the end the bath was covered with new toiletries and the bath was already full of warm casino siteleri foamy water.

Jenny pulled me to her and gave me a passionate open-mouthed kiss; at the same time unhooking my bra. She drew it off of my shoulders and dropped it on the floor, letting my breasts bounce freely. I felt my nipples beginning to stiffen as she slid her hands down my sides and hooked her thumbs into the sides of my knickers. In one motion she carried on sliding her hands down the outsides of my thighs taking the briefs with them as she dropped into a crouch in front of me. Jenny planted a light kiss on my abdomen and then let the briefs join the bra on the floor. She stood and began to remove her own bra.

“Right, now into the bath. I’ve already filled it and we need you nice and soapy for this first bit.” She instructed.

Still wondering where all this was leading, I decided that I would just follow Jenny’s instructions and see what developed; after all, I was enjoying the way it was going so far.

I climbed into the bath and laid back in the cloud of flower scented bubbles as Jenny stepped out her knickers. I noticed that she had freshly shaved between her legs taking away the small amount of pubic hair that had developed there since she had last pruned the area.

“D’you remember that I said there was a reason why I liked to keep myself bare down here?” she asked pointing to the spot that I was already concentrating on.

“Yeh, but you never really told me why.” I answered.

“No; well today’s gonna be a practical demonstration. First that thatch of yours is coming off, then later I will show why.

Jenny climbed into the bath and sat down in front of me. She indicated that I should place my legs on either side of her, which I did as she produced a wet razor from amongst the collection of jars and bottles on the shelf. Quickly her hands disappeared under the water, then hidden by the foam I felt her left hand massage my pubis softly before the right gently brought the razor into contact with my skin.

Expertly, she rapidly shaved away the hairs, stroking me all the time to test which areas still needed attention. In a few minutes she was done, I was bare.

Jenny placed the razor back on the shelf then leaned forward and stretched herself along my body to kiss me. One hand reached up around the back of my head and pulled it upwards to meet her descending face for us to kiss and the other began to work between my legs, making short stroking sorties into the opening of my vagina. Simultaneously, her tongue found its way between my lips into my mouth and her thumb slid into my pussy to push against my clitoris. I wrapped my arms around her to hold our position in the water and we stayed like that for several minutes. I moaned softly through our kisses as she thumb-fucked me to a climax there in the water.

“OK, darling, that’s got you ‘started’.” she said when my orgasm had subsided. “Now we need to empty the water out and move on to stage two.” Jenny smiled, her thumb and forefinger still pressed up inside of me.

She jerked the chain to pull the plug and the water began to drain away taking the foam and my pubic hair with it. Next she took a large jar from the shelf and unscrewed the lid.

“This,” she said, “is called ‘Sugaring’, it’s for removing body hair, and if it’s done properly it’s not painful like waxing is.”

“I’ve heard of that.” I said, “My sister gave me a day at a health spa for a birthday and it was one of the treatments they offered. I didn’t have it done though, I spent too long with the masseuse and in the sauna.”

The last of the water was now swirling down the plughole and I could see my newly naked crotch for the first time. It was strange to see it like this and I got a sudden sense of nostalgia, back to the days before puberty had kicked off.

“Now, you need to be totally smooth and hairless for what’s coming later,” Jenny continued, shaking me from my reverie. “Let’s get on with it.”

Jenny climbed out of the bath and took one of the large bath towels from the corner stand.

“Dry yourself with this. You need to be completely dry for the sugaring to work its best.” She handed the towel to me and took another for herself.

When we were both dry she took a wooden spatula and scooped a large blob of the thick gel from the jar. She gently smoothed it up my arm. It was sticky but it felt nice as she spread it over my skin.

She scooped another blob, spreading the orange-scented substance over my whole lower arm. Then she produced a bundle of cotton strips from a bag on the floor. Jenny placed one of the strips on my arm, smoothing it flat into the gel before pulling it away flush with my arm. I felt the tug as the hairs pulled away from my skin but it wasn’t the tearing pain of waxing.

Jenny continued over the rest of my arms and then my legs, alternately spreading then stripping the sugaring. The hair removal left the skin tingling. I was still turned on from Jenny’s earlier attentions amerikan ruleti to my pussy and this wasn’t helping.

“Can I have a go Jen? On you?” I asked as Jenny was digging in the jar to load another dollop of goo onto the spatula.

“Sure, I did myself earlier whilst you were at work to save time, but I couldn’t reach my back so you could do that for me.” She handed me the jar and the spatula.

“OK, bend over the side of the bath and I’ll give it a try. Tell me if I hurt you” I said.

Jenny placed her hands on the side of the bath and bent forward. She wiggled her beautiful bottom at me and smiled over her shoulder.

“Would you say this was an appropriate position?” She asked coquettishly.

“Definitely!” I replied. “There’re guys in my office who’d give their right arms to see us like this.”

Jenny laughed. “I don’t know what I’d do with a bunch of right arms, but they’d be slightly more useful than the things guys usually want to give me. If you know what I mean.” She wiggled her backside again to emphasise her point.

I laughed along with her and spread the spatula’s load of gel across the top of her back, between her shoulder blades. I took some more and continued spreading the sugaring until the whole of her back was covered in a sticky layer of gel right down to her hips.

I took my first fabric strip and gently placed it over the gel at the base of her neck. I pulled it away as Jenny had demonstrated. Jenny didn’t leap in the air screaming so I must have done it right.

“That was fine.” she said.

I continued, working downwards to her hips, each time Jenny reassuring me that I was not hurting her.

When I was done, I ran my hands down her back and felt the softness of her skin. As I bent to her hips my eyes were level with bum cheeks. I had an idea.

“It looks like you’ve missed a couple of patches on your bottom. D’you want me to deal with them?” I asked Jenny.

“Yeh, sure.” She replied.

“OK, spread ’em.” I said in my best fake-American tough-cop voice. Foregoing the spatula, I scoped a handful of gel from the nearly empty pot.

Jenny laughed and shuffled her feet further apart. “Please gov’, it weren’t me, honest!” she replied in a mock cockney accent.

She squealed as my gel covered hand slapped upwards between her legs against her pussy. I spread the gel over the opening of her vagina and slipped a finger inside her.

She was already wet and I had no trouble inserting another two fingers before spreading them within her and beginning a gentle rhythm sliding them in and out of her hole.

Jenny moaned as my sticky fingers began to work their magic. For a moment, a hand came up from the side of the bath and squeezed mine between her legs. I moved close behind her, her arse hard against my hips, and continued fingering her tunnel. Jenny pushed back against me and we began to rock backwards and forwards as her moans grew stronger. Her orgasm was approaching and her hands clenched tight to the edge of the bath. Her body stiffened as she reached climax, then went limp as the flood of pleasure ebbed through her. For a moment she rested her head on the edge of the bath.

“You really know how to push my buttons.” she sighed, her eyes half closed and with a smear of gel across her chin. “I’ve never been turned on as much as I am by you.”

I smiled. “Me neither. I feel like all those years dating guys were just a warm up for this!”

Once she had recovered Jenny said, “Let’s get finished here then I can show you what I’ve got planned.”

She took a new jar of the sugaring gel and quickly smeared it over my chest, stomach, shoulders and back and sides. In ten minutes she was done with the cotton strips and I was hair free. We kissed again, before Jenny declared that we were finished.

Jenny stepped into the shower cubicle beside the bath to rinse off. I watched as the torrent of water sluiced the remaining gel away. She stepped out and grabbed her towel as I climbed in.

Once I had taken my turn and dried off, I looked again at my lover and asked what all the preparation was in aid off.

Jenny’s only response was to raise her eyebrows, then to take my hand and lead me back to the spare bedroom and it’s plastic sheeting. She led me to the mattress in the middle of the room then left me there to walk over to the paint pots and decorating tools by the wall.

“OK.” I said looking forward to getting the answer to this evening’s puzzle, “What’s going on? Tell me all.”

Jenny picked up one of the paint tins and levered the top off with a screwdriver. A faint chemical smell filled the room. It was not the usual smell of paint but the smell of ammonia. Jenny brought the tin over to me and showed me the contents.

The tin contained a thick crimson-coloured liquid looking just like paint. The label on the side of the tin though said ‘Liquid Latex’.

“It’s Rubber Katie,” she laughed, “but not as you know it! This stuff stays liquid avrupa ruleti in the tin but once it gets exposed to the air the ammonia solvent evaporates and after a few minutes it dries to form a rubber skin on whatever it’s covering – and what it’s going to be covering is us! It’s really fun and sexy stuff. The feeling as it dries on your skin is amazing.”

“The only problem comes when you try to get it off.” she warned. “It peels off OK but if you’ve got body hair it can rip the hairs out and can hurt like hell. And it’s impossible to get it out of fabric – hence the deforestation process and the plastic sheeting.”

“OK. It sounds like fun – let’s give it a go.” I said, anxious to try it out.

From behind the stack of tins Jenny produced two pieces of rubber material, one red and one blue. She tossed the red piece of rubber to me and kept the blue for herself

“These hoods will protect our hair, put it on and we can get started.”

The hood was a simple affair like the old fashioned swimming hats worn by Esther Williams in those corny 1940’s swimming films. It covered the hair and ears and had a narrow chin strap to keep it in place. The neck and the face were left uncovered. Being well practised by now with rubber hoods, I quickly tucked my hair under the latex and clipped the press-stud on the strap to its counterpart behind the left ear. The hood was tight and clung slightly uncomfortably across my forehead.

Jenny levered the top off another tin. This one contained dark blue latex and she handed it to me. Three more tins were opened; each contained a different coloured liquid – green, yellow and white.

I jiggled my tin slightly and watched the thick liquid wobble inside

“How do we use this stuff?” I asked.

“Like this.”

Jenny took a wooden handled paddle-shaped applicator made of foam and about two inches wide. She dipped it fully into her pot of red liquid latex. She pulled it out and admired the shine for a moment then drew the applicator across my stomach leaving a broad wet horizontal streak of colour. She dipped again and brushed a vertical stroke up between my breasts. I tentatively brought my hand to touch the liquid latex but Jenny told me off for this.

”Don’t touch it, it will spoil the effect. Just stand still and I’ll paint a layer all over you.”

Jenny continued dipping and painting; running the brush in a circle around each of my breasts, before coating each with a layer of the red latex so that looked like enormous luscious red cherries.

My nipples hardened under the sensual strokes of the soft foam.

“This feels good.” I said approvingly.

“Wait until it begins to dry, that’s a real freaky feeling the first time.” Jenny responded as she painted broad bands of colour across my belly. She splodged a dollop into my belly button and jiggled the paddle playfully in that hollow then started to paint down into the V between my legs.

I spread my feet wider and Jenny painted right down between my thighs and under, bringing the applicator up behind into the groove of my bottom. Looking down, my pussy lips were coated in the thick shiny gunge, the opening of my vagina sealed under the layer of red.

Jenny moved behind me now and started again under my arms and down my sides, moving gradually on to my shoulder blades then down my spine in one swift stroke.

Before we started Jenny had turned the temperature on the heating up to maximum and the latex on my front was beginning to dry as the ammonia evaporated. The smooth film of rubber on my breasts was beginning to turn paler. As it dried and cured, the membrane began to shrink, pulling tightly at my skin in all directions like a sheet of sticking plaster might.

As Jenny had promised, this was certainly a novel sensation.

“It’s beginning to dry,” I said. “Wow, this is fantastic! It’s as if every square millimetre of my skin is being pulled on at once. It’s like that very tight rubber bodice of yours but it’s everywhere, not just where it touches and there’s no pressure.”

“I know, I couldn’t believe it when I tried it the first time.” Jenny agreed, having finished my back and my bottom and working the foam tool down over my left thigh. “When you completely covered in a layer of this stuff it feels wonderful. And you can carry on building up additional layers to thicken the skin.”

“I hope we’ve got enough.” I asked.

“No need to worry on that count, I’ve enough here to do each of us at least half a dozen times.” Jenny answered.

Jenny carried on applying the liquid latex with tidy even brush strokes, working down my thighs and over my knees to my calves and shins. She circled my ankles and stopped. She stood up and started working on my arms.

“I’ll leave your feet unpainted cos this stuff is a bit slippery to walk and I’ll do your hands later” She explained.

“OK.” I said.

She drew overlapping stripes of crimson down my arms. The latex across my back, between my thighs and across my abdomen was beginning to set and shrink.

“Right. That’s you done.” She continued when my arms were completely covered. “You’re going to need to stand with your arms in the air for a bit and your legs apart so that the latex doesn’t stick to itself in your armpits and between your thighs.

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