Rukmani Bai A Masseur

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It happened when we were in Bombay (Now Mumbai) in Colaba area. Summer in Bombay is very humid. The people leaving in the flats are upper middle class. Air conditioners were not very common then. It takes time, particularly for new arrivals, to get adjusted to the high humidity of the city. Sweating carries it’s own ailments in the form of itches. I am bushy down there and was not in a habit of shaving or trimming. A few times my husband also complained, when he tried to go down on me but I told him it is tit for tat. You clean and I clean.

He said, “How can I, men are not suppose to.”

“Who says so. I too have the same inconvenient when I go down on you. You ask for more than what I ask?” was my smug reply.

We were young and very adventures in our sex plays. Nothing was taboo in my husband’s dictionary. He says you loose being shy at two places, daster and bister (while eating or fucking).

Our neighbors were Mr. and Mrs. Sharma. Sharma was in the army and was away from the house most of the times. Mrs. Sharma, in her thirties was a bit on the plump side but was very attractive. I called her didi and she too treated me as her younger sister.

A maratha lady ( Natives from Bombay), a female help Rukmani Bai, use to visit their flat She was a bit on the squat side but was strong and agile. I saw her always in neat and clean white sarees ( an Indian attire). A number of times I saw her carry some colorful bottles and when enquired she said they were herbal perfumed oil good for the body massage.

When I asked Mrs. Sharma she said, “Rukmani bai is a good masseur in addition to excellent house keeper. I use her help when I feel tired. She is a bit on the expensive side but her herbal oils are excellent.”

When I gave this information to my husband he said, “Why don’t you try also but on one condition. I should also get the same treatment what ever you get.”

“How it is possible, she may be doing it only for the ladies.” I said.

“Why don’t you ask her, she doesn’t look shy to me? I saw her climbing the stairs, in front of me, and her hip movements were a bit more than normal, may be for my sake as I was watching. She doesn’t look very old, may be in her early thirties.” was my husband’s reply.

One day I gathered enough courage to call Rukmani bai in my flat, offered her tea, and enquired about massage and my husband’s proposal. She agreed for both and the day of appointment was fixed as coming Saturday, when my husband would be at home.

“Is it OK if my husband watches if you do me?”

“I don’t mind if he is your husband or lover. I can even do it to your husband, also, if he is interested. I am professional you know” she said.

During this conversation I was itching and I rubbed my bush, once or twice, discreetly.

“Madam don’t you shave there? Most of the ladies and gents, in our city, shave. You know it is the heat and humid climate. It will be much more fun for your Mister also.” She asked when she saw my discreet rubbing. “I may gorukle escort be of help to you as I shave also in addition to massage.” She added.

“Bai are you also, I mean, shaved?”

“Sure, my husband enjoys doing it. You can have a look.” Saying that she immediately flopped on the carpet, lifted her saree and opened and lifted her legs. She was not wearing any panties. Her legs, though a bit short but plumb, and her skin was fair compared to sun burnt face. Not only her cunt was bare but there were no hairs at her anus also. Her cunt was very inviting, with thick and protruded lips. I noted she was wet and, slightly, leaking a clear liquid. She shifted her neither lips, with a finger, to make her point. Her smell of sex was also in the air.

I had to restrain myself, as both of us my hubby and me, enjoy neat and clean pussies.

“Bai I never shaved before but I will enquire with my husband if it is OK with him,” was my reply.

My husband was much more excited when he heard about the incident and the date of appointment. On the pointed day we both had bath. My husband had to be restrained, from having a go at me before the arrival of Bai. I wanted him to conserve his energy as we were expecting much more, much much more, than our expectations.

At the appointed time Rukmani Bai arrived. She was carrying her perfumed oil bottles. I offered her tea before the planned task She asked me to remove my clothes and wear on towel only. She assured me that it is OK with her. She is used to see the ladies half or even fully naked also.

On the prompt of my husband I wrapped my self in a big bath towel after removing my cloths. Here I want to be clear about one thing. Even though my husband calls me a beauty but I think I am OK. I am not tall like my husband but still I can boast a height of 5′ 6″ while he is almost 5′ 10″. I am not skinny but carry proper weight at proper places and have been in the final five in my days of miss college competitions. I am fair, as an Indian can be, with acceptable features.

Enough about myself let me continue the story.

I laid down myself on the bed, as requested by Rukmani Bai.

“Is it OK with you if I shave you first before messag?” Bai asked.

“Sure” my husband replied, before I say something. “I hope you don’t mind if I be present during the shave.” He was very eager.

“Not only you can stay but you have to help me in the process. I will teach you to take care of her in future. Actually this has to be done by the husband but this time I will show you how to do it.” Bai said.

She asked me to lift my butt to lay down a thick towel under it. Then quickly unwrapped my towel, from the front, before I say something. This exposed me fully showing my bush and the lips below it. By this time I was aroused and leaking by the anticipation. I can feel my lower lips were also swelled opening like rose petals (According to my husband). Bai pushed both my legs out and I was feeling shy lying like that. She asked altıparmak eskort bayan my husband to bring scissors, razor and shaving cream.

“As you have quite a bush it has to be trimmed first before shaving,” she explained.

She was carrying a metallic comb, which she used to lift the hairs while trimming. She trimmed the hairs of my lower abdomen and both the side of my pussy lips. She was careful while cutting the hairs surrounding my clit. She asked my hubby to open and lift both of my legs for the trimming of the hairs at the junction of my torso.

” Madam you are excited much. Your leakage is hampering my trimming.” Bai told me while soaking my leakage in a separate towel.

“Bai you are wasting the elixir. Let me drink it.” My hubby said by touching me with his fingers. I can see his bulge at it’s full mast which was clearly noticed by the Bai also.

“Let me shave her first. She has plenty to offer for both of us.”

When she has trimmed from front she asked me to turn over to trim the hair surrounding my anus. I was reluctant first but my husband helped her to turn me over. She lifted me on my knees and started finishing off the rest, as my husband opened my cheeks. He was immensely enjoying the show.

After trimming she asked him to clean me with towel. She applied the shaving jell, liberally between my cheeks and asked him to rub it in to soften the stubble. He did not miss the opportunity to rub it not only surrounding the brown hole but he pushed it in with one his fingers. As he fucked my anus with one then two of his fingers Bai continued to watch it with an amuse look. Some of the lather he rubbed in and around my mound was making me hornier. By this time I had lost all my inhabitations and was moaning uncontrollably. I wanted immediate relief but he teased me further. Bai also joined him in his pursuit, to torture me, by cupping my mound and pushing a finger or two in. Finally she started shaving me around my anus and then turned me over to finish me from the front. While shaving around my lips she was careful to stretch them with her fingers.

After shaving me smooth she applied some perfumed herbal oil, which gave me a pleasant coolness and soothing sensation. It increased the craving for the sex and I was leaking like a fountain. She tested the juices with her fingers and offered my husband also.

“You are sweet my dear and what a flow.” She continued to taste me and pushed her head between my legs to lap it up. She fucked me with two of her fingers while licking my clit till I crashed from the high. Then she shifted and asked my hubby to finish me off before the massage. He was waiting for the signal and climbed over me tearing his cloths. He pushed his 8inches, hard and thick rod in my swollen cunt up to the hilt, in one go. I wrapped both my legs around him and pushed myself up to get the deepest possible penetration and came again. Bai was sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit. Then she opened her nilüfer eskort bayan blouse and bra to feed me his big boob. My husband continued to fuck me all the way in and out.

While offering me her boobs Rukmani Bai lifted her saree and petticoat from her behind. She wore no panties as I observed before. Her swollen and leaking cunt was reflected in the eyes of my husband. He looked at me asking a question and I nodded. He shifted to her as I was exhausted by repeated cumming. Holding her big cheeks in both of his hands he pushed his lubricated hard rod in her snatch and started fucking her brutally. Bai’s mouth was open and she was panting and making strange noises. She collapsed on me but my husband continued to fuck her for a long time. Then he pushed in all the way and came deep inside. Bai shuddered again.

We all rested for a while. Bai removed all her cloths for the next session. I was instructed to lie on stomach first for the back message. The oils had exciting smells and the strong grip of bai was very relaxing. She started from the neck, and then shoulders, upper and lower back. By the time she reached my globes I was excited again.

She started on each globe and worked in the oil. “I have to be sure to cover everything,” She said, as she started rubbing my crack and down toward my pussy. This caused a slight moan to come from my lips. My husband opened me for her to reach my rose bud. This time she pushed her one and then two fingers in while rubbing me.

” I can see that you accommodate him in your back also. It is an acquired taste only a few of the Indian couples are aware of.”

By the time she reached my feet I was almost asleep, even with my state of arousal. I can hear them talking barely as she was freely commenting on my color, shape and the ample back.

“She is a beauty and you are a lucky guy to enjoy her. You are big enough to make many husbands jealous. Let me relax a while and taste you. I felt but did not realize you are so big when you were in me from the back.” She was continued to talk to him, in broken sentences, while messaging my feet.

I opened my eyes to see her almost swallow my husband. I thought his ample hair prevented her. She offered to teach me to shave him, which he readily agreed. Both of them lifted me on my hands and knees. While she opened my cheeks my husband pushed his saliva-covered cock in my lubricated back hole slowly. It took some relaxation on my part but it finally went in all the way. Bai slipped under me to suck my boobs and play with my clit while he labored holding both of my cheeks.

When he pushed two of his fingers in my front, while it was sucked by bai I came till I collapsed on her. He removed his erect cock and shifted to her like a dog doing a bitch. I think I was jealous to share him with other woman.

I flopped by her side while he continued to fuck her in long and punishing strokes. My hubby was really performing; I think he wanted to prove how much a man he was or he was spurred by having an audience.

When they were finished she massaged my front and sucked me off. She was excellent and knew every trick to bring maximum off from a woman also. Then she helped me to shave my husband by holding his erect cock, lovingly, the bitch. After cleaning him I sucked off my husband and enjoyed doing it.

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