Sakura’s Winter Break

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Sakura’s Winter Break

Part 1: Tuxedo Fiasco

It was warm in the back room and Brian and Sakura were organising the tuxedo shipment that they just received.

“It’s Friday night! You got any plans tonight, Sakura?”

Brian had been working with Sakura for about a year and had hoped to hang out with her outside of work. Although she was very attractive, he knew she didn’t go out at night much. Shyly Sakura responded, “Um, no. Maybe just watch something on TV. What about you?”

“I was planning on going to hang out with some friends at this really cool bar here in Escondido with amazing live music. You should join us?”

“I thought Mormon’s didn’t drink?”, Sakura said with a sassy snark.

Brian laughed, “Hey some of us do.. don’t get too judgey.” He smirked, “I am surprised a little Japanese hottie like you isn’t celebrating with your girlfriends about the end of the semester!” Sakura smiled at his comment and flipped her hair in jest.

Brian was kind and her best friend at work. Sakura loved their daily banter – he was easy to talk to and connect with. He was a large overweight man, about 5’10” foot tall with curly brown hair. Although he flirted with her often Sakura knew it would never go anywhere. He wasn’t really her type. His goofiness was matched only by his short sleeved button up shirt and brown 70’s tie he must have gotten from Goodwill.

Truth be told, Sakura didn’t have a lot of friends. Last year, Sakura received a scholarship to study abroad in San Diego from Japan. Although it was a big leap, she jumped at the opportunity. Sakura took a part-time job at the Tuxedo shop as a way to meet interesting people and escape the loneliness of being away from her friend and family. Brian was like a big brother to her. She confided in him and in turn he made her laugh often with his antics. Getting daily compliments from Brian was definitely also a plus.

Ding. The ring chime alerted them that someone had entered the tuxedo shop.

“You’re up!” said Brian, “I had the last group and I need to take my lunch hour.”

Sakura was kneeling down in the back room organising the new suits on the bottom rack. Sakura stood up, put on her jacket, and headed onto the selling floor. As she rounded the corner she saw a group of handsome men and greeted them.

“Good afternoon. Welcome to Gary’s Tux Shop. How can I help you?”

The group of men were all well built, thin and in their 30’s. “Hi, they are the Johnson party. I’m getting married tomorrow,” said the handsome man that stepped forward. “My name is Bill. These guys are Max, Chris and Dave, my groomsmen.” Sakura looked up at the tall groomsmen and greeted them.

She was immediately struck by the physical attractiveness of each man. Chris was a sexy, very tall dark-skinned man with a haircut that was short as if he was a military man. Dave was a slender and athletically fit man, reminding her of a surfer, with wavy brown hair that hung down past his ears and Max had a chiselled jaw, dark hair and piercing blue eyes. It was Max who truly caught her eye. He was charming, witty, and incredibly handsome.

Their conversation paused as they took notice of her. Sakura was a beautiful short 5’6” Japanese girl with flawless tanned porcelain skin, almond shaped eyes and a curvaceous figure. Sakura could immediately feel all of their eyes dart to her cleavage and then her eyes. Sakura smiled, enjoying the attention, “Please hand me your pick-up tickets and I will see if I can find your suits for you to try on.” Sakura collected what she needed and walked to the back room and grabbed their suits.

One at a time, she brought out their suits and set-up each guy into a dressing room. Through the stalls the men poked fun of Bill’s last day as a bachelor and cajoled about the great night they had at the bachelor party. Their laughter was infectious and it made her smile as Sakura moved from stall to stall to hand over vests and shoes.

First to come out was Bill. She was thankful to see he had a perfect fit. He seemed to be very nervous about something going wrong at his wedding, like many grooms, and she assured him it was going to be a wonderful event. Sakura reviewed all of the aspects of the outfit with him which included the jewellery and hosiery. As Sakura adjusted his outfit she showed him the quick release belt tabs on his pants to help him tighten them. He stood in the mirror admiring the tuxedo and vest.

Next, Sakura helped the taller man, Chris, who stood at 6’8. He was much more muscular than Bill. His ebony skin made his white wing tip shirt pop out. He was so tall that Sakura stood on her tiptoes to help him with his bow tie, in doing so Sakura lost her balance and fell against his chest. His wide grin and deep brown eyes stared down at her, sending a chill down her back. He epitomised American manliness to her and it made her heart skip a beat.

“So does Sakura mean beautiful in Japanese?” His forwardness caught her off guard and Sakura blushed. “No, it means Cherry Blossom. Most of her friends call me Sake.” Sakura blurted out. “I love cherry’s” he said as one of his large strong black hands held onto her waist to steady her while the other traced down her back bone to just above her butt. Sakura, enjoying his warm and innocent embrace, finished tying the bow tie for him. “Why do they call you Sake? Is that your drink of choice?” “Well,” Sakura replied meekly, “ I guess my drink of choice depends on my company?” She winked. Sakura began to notice Chris’ growing bulge in his pants pressing against her stomach. Their trance was interrupted by the opening of another stall door. Chris gave her a wink back before getting back into his stall to undress.

She could feel the temperature tick up in the room. “Dave, give me one sec so I can take off my jacket,” Sakura said. “Sure, no problem,” said Dave and he put on his cuff links. As Sakura strutted to the counter she could feel him watching her butt away side to side continuing her bursa üniversiteli escort roller coaster of excitement. Her white blouse was thin and allowed her to release the heat building up around her. Sakura returned back toward Dave and noticed in the mirror that her nipples were erect and piercing through her B cup push-up bra. She immediately making she regret her decision to take off her jacket

“I feel so lucky to have a sexy woman like you helping me with my fitting?” Dave said clearly, eying her shirt. Dave was tall but shorter than Chris at about 6’4. He was thin but very fit. Our short conversation was filled with flirtatiousness which was eclipsed only by his appearance. When Sakura looked at him she giggled to see that he had buttoned both his shirt buttons and tuxedo studs. “Do you mind if I fix that?,” Sakura said. He shook his head no and flashed a boyish smile. Her hands glided up his chest as Sakura slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Sakura untucked his shirt and unbuttoned it down to the bottom stud and then buttoned him back up correctly. His strong tanned chest and abs peaked behind his white shirt. “I’m a runner, it looks like you might be one too?” He said looking down at her large brown eyes. “How can you tell?” He smiled, “I could tell from your beautiful legs and firm butt. I would love to take you out for a run one of these weekends.” The compliment made her glow. “It’s a deal, ” she said with a smile.“You’re so far the best part of my day, Sakura!”. He was so gracious and gentlemanly it made her smile.

Lastly, Sakura turned around to help Max who watched her flirting with Dave from his stall. “So, how do I look?” He said. Without thinking she said, “you look amazing.” His long dark hair, dark eyes and athletic form was enough to set her heart a flutter. He stood at 6’2 to her short 5’6 frame. Sakura inspected him thoroughly from his broad shoulders to his confident stance. As her eyes moved down she immediately noticed that his pants were too long. Sakura grabbed her tape measure and dropped to her knees to check his pants. The top-button of her blouse fell open allowing him to enjoy the cleavage created from her Victoria secret push up bra. He unbuttoned his coat jacket and spread it apart to get a better view. She was smoking hot.

Sakura tucked and marked his pants with chalk then to ensure she made both sides even, she measured his pants inseam from his heel to his inner thigh. As her hand holding the measuring tape rose, Sakura grazed a large and long bump on his leg. her palm opened and Sakura stroked it to feel what it was before Sakura realised what she had done. But instead of removing her hand, Sakura let her small hands linger on his tool, letting her normal shy disposition be replaced by her hornyness. Then Sakura let her hand move up further to get the final measurement of 33”. Her eyes slowly looked up, first glancing at his long stiff bulge then to his eyes where he beamed with a wide smile. Sakura was so embarrassed and yet turned on. “Did you get what you needed? ” he said. Sakura simply nodded, aroused by the moment.

“I’m back”, said Brian who broke the tension between Max and Sakura. Sakura quickly stood up and gathered her thoughts.

“Well I have some bad news,” Sakura said to the bridal party, “I need to hem up these pants and it may take a few hours. Can you guys come back at 5pm.” Immediately Sakura saw the panic in Bill’s face. “they can’t come back – they have a dinner event tonight in Hemet – that’s 45 minutes away! The wedding is in the morning – isn’t there anything else you can do?”. Sakura felt so bad for him and wanted to make it right. A darker side of her also wanted to see these guys at least one more time. “Well,” Sakura bit her lower lip, “I guess I could drop it off for your house tonight.”

“Really! That would be awesome – you’re a god send Sakura!”. All of the men seemed pleased with the suggestion. Their positive feedback made her beam from ear to ear. Sakura collected the men’s clothes, put them back on the hangers and wrapped them up for them to take. Max was the last person left and was still in his stall with his door slightly ajar. From the outside Sakura could see that he was putting his Jeans on. He could see her peeking in. “Sake, I want to really thank you again for offering to drop off my pants tonight and giving me a personal fitting. I really am looking forward to seeing more of you.” He finished dressing, grabbed his stuff and before leaving kissed her on the cheek. her heart was beating a thousand miles a minute.

Her mind was racing thinking about those men. How they touched her. How she touched them. How they made her feel both sexy and empowered. It was closing time and Sakura had just finished hemming Max’s pants. Sakura was excited to see him again and her mind raced with unusually naughty thoughts. Sakura placed the pants on the ironing board, filled a cup full of water and poured the water in the iron to press a nice clean cuff.

Brian must have been locking up because the front door slammed shut mading her jump. Startled Sakura dropped the cup she was holding and knocked over the iron which crashed onto the floor gushing water all over the place. “Shit!” She looked down, her blouse and skirt were also drenched.

Her mind snapped back into the present. Brian ran to the back to see what happened. “Are you ok…? His words hung there like his belly over his pants as he stared at her. Sakura had removed her wet shirt get it dried. Her perky nipples were clearly visible through her lacy bra that pushed up her cleavage creating two orange size mounds dripping with water. Sakura looked flustered. “Uh, don’t worry,” he said, and handed her a small towel. She dabbed the water from her chest. “We can clean it up together.”, Brian said and Sakura looked up and smiled in appreciation.

Brian went to grab more towels to collect the water on the floor. When he returned Sakura was already on her hands and knees escort bayan with the small towel he gave her trying to soak up water. On all fours her skirt was hiked up giving him the tiniest glimps of her panties.

Brian dropped to the ground with his towels, behind her, to get a better view. He could see her silky strong thighs meet together at her matching white lace panties where her sexy mound, framed by her round ass cheeks, parted with a dark line in the middle. Through her underwear, saturated with excitement, he could see her pussy was neatly trimmed and inviting. The smell of her sex hung in the air. Instead of cleaning the water from the floor he gently rubbed her calves and his hand moved up her outer thigh his towel. Sakura was stunned but didn’t want to make a big out of it innocently believing he was just drying her off.

With a towel in hand, his right hand gingerly moved up her inner left thigh connecting with her drenched cotton panties. “Sakura, you are so wet,” he said, mesmerised. His other hand moved to her left butt cheek, push her skirt up over her large round ass then firmly gripping it within his large manly hands. Although startled by his aggressiveness she like feeling submissive to his advancement. His thumb moved between her butt cheeks so it rested between her asshole and her vagina. Sakura jumped but was held in place by his large hands. Sakura wanted to protest but Sakura couldn’t find the words.

The towel dropped from his right and he traced her pussy lips downward until he reached her love button. He gently started rubbing her clit through her panties. “Mmmm,” she purred. His hands were magical – she hadn’t been with a man in a long time and his touch felt much different then when she touched herself. His left thumb began to message in long strokes from her wet pussy to her virgin butt hole pulling her panties in her slit. The fabric pulled back her lips further exposing her clit against the rough lacey fabric making every touch more electric. Sakura let out a small moan egging him onward. His left hand pushed her upper body to the floor, keeping her ass in the air, then his hand landed squarely on her back holding her down dominantly. Instead of trying to brace herself from the sudden collapse her hand went to her breast twisting her nipple through her shirt and her face rested on her other hand on the floor. Upon noticing this Brian smiled.

Sakura was shocked at how turned on she was. She turned to him with a lustful look. He moved the fabric of her panties over and plunged a finger into her tight wet pussy letting it glide in and out of her for a few minutes before introducing his second finger. Her tight cunt gripped his fingers tightly and he knew he would need to open her up carefully.

“I was watching you with those men earlier. You looked like a sexy little Japanese fox in heat. Did you want one of them to bend you over in one of the stalls like this?” With his legs he spread her knees wide apart. Sakura heard his pants drop to the floor. He gripped her underwear with both of his hands and tore her thin lace cotton panties apart. “Did you like feeling that man’s dick?” Sakura flashed an image of Max’s long dong in her mind and it sent a tingle from her spine to her loins yearning to rub it again.

From between her legs Sakura could see Brian’s bulbous cock swing and growing between his legs framed by his large hairy balls. His chode was not longer than 6 inches but as thick as a soda can. Even in his large hands he couldn’t wrap his fingers fully around his meat. He gripped it with his hand and rubbed it up and down her slit to let her wetness lubricate him. The bulbous head of his dick was glistening with her nectar.

A wave of fear rushed through her after seeing his thick knob unsure she could take a piece of meat that size. With one hand he started pulling her hips toward him and with the other wrapped around his wide cock and slowly pushed the tip of his thick bat into her wetness, stretching apart her narrow love canal. “Oh no! Oh no! Ow, uh, ow I can’t!,” Sakura squealed and protested even before getting his full mushroom tip past her engorged lips” His dick was thicker than anything Sakura had inside of her before.

Her vaginal vestibule was so small he had trouble squeezing himself in, regardless of how wet she was. His hard cock bent and slid from the resistance of her lady garden as if her hole was sealed shut. He had seen this before and knew he needed to push through her pain slowly if he hoped to fuck her.

He rocked their hips into each other letting the tapered head of his meat missle pry her open inch by inch. She howled in pain, “Ohhhhh god!”. Wider and wider with each push forward she was being stretched apart like a rubber band about to snap at any moment. Brian stopped every few seconds savouring the vice grip around the head of his dick. With each pause her body relaxed and adjusted to his girth, which signalled to him to venture forward into her penis fly trap. With his mushroom tip fully submerged in her soaked cunt he started to pull out and then push firmly against her. Each time he pulled back her pussy lips stretched toward him holding onto his huge cock as if saying it didn’t want to let go. “Owwwww – god you’re too big!” Sakura screamed through her gritted teeth. Through the pain, however, was an intense pleasure rippling through her. “Ohhh.” She cooed.

The only thing saving her from being torn apart was that Sakura was so wet. She focused on bearing down to open up her love canal as wide as possible imagining she needed to take a large shit. Her strategy had the effect of both relaxing her pussy to give his large dick more entry into her sore burning cunt and flexing opening up her virgin asshole which was now on full display for him.

Brian watched as Sakuras puckered asshole opened and closed as if blowing kisses to him. Each inch gained against her front line defence made her asshole quivered shut as he pulled back. “Wow, escort bursa your amazing Sakura!” he touted as he enjoyed feeling her tight cunt massage his cock. Four inches in and he yearned to bury his fat lad fully into her trimmed pussy.

Sakura wanted to squeeze all 6 inches of him into her too, but the further down his shaft slid, the thicker he seemed to get.

His big hands shifted to grip onto both of her round ass cheeks and with a thrust he crammed the last two inches of this massive rod into her. “Oh, fuck!” She screamed unprepared for how fast she took the last of his length. He spread her ass cheeks wide apart to enjoy the full show of the full length of his manhood gliding in and out her tiny body in long slow strokes. Her ass looked small compared to the wide manhood that ploughed into her.

As his pace picked up Sakura saw his large hairy balls swing like a wrecking ball as he pounded his entire rod into her sex. Her taint burned with each thrust as if his manhood continued to widen. Her hips were being spread apart like a fortune cookie on the verge of cracking open completely. “Oh, oh, oh” is all Sakura could manage as Sakura gritted her teeth. He pressed into her, allowing him to fill her at depths Sakura hadn’t known. Sakura loved it. Sakura needed it. “Wow Sake, you are so beautiful. You’re so fucking tight” Each time his rammed her to the hilt his large hairy belly slapped her ass and his sweaty balls slapped against her clit.

Now fully inside Sakura, Brian wanted to have one more conquest that he knew would send her into heaven. He stared at her quivering starfish with lust and spit on her asshole. The warm liquid dripped down her ass crack and coated her virgin hole. Then he pressed his fat thumb against her pulsating butthole and drove it in slowly.

“Oh, damnit! Fuck. No not…” Sakura screamed but her voice trailed off. The burning pain of her violated ass was eclipsed by a jolt of pleasure. His thumb filled her cavity completely and pressed his fat dick squarely against her g spot. “Mmm, oh my, yes, yes” with no room to spare from his girth, Sake believed she could actually feel the helmet rim of Brian’s large log rubbing the inside of her. She could feel both Brian’s finger and cock against the thin layer of skin that separates her ass from her cunt.

Brian’s other hand grabbed on to her hip like a handlebar and he pounded into her like a boxer hitting a speed bag.

“Aya, aya, aiii” Sakura wailed. “Uh, yes, oh god, uh, oh please… keep… going… I’m so close.” Sakura said followed by a loud long moan.

He slapped her ass hard. ”Tell she you love my fat cock Sakura!”

“Fuck Brian!… ohhh… I love your fat cock!… uhhhh! Please make she cum!,” she blurted out. Sakura rubbed her clit feverishlyin hopes of climaxing soon. She could feel the electricity building in her nether region..

“Sakura, I have wanted to ride your tiny Asian body for so long!” He groaned and his thrusts became more rapid fueled with lust and passion. “I can’t believe I am fucking you” he said in wonderment. Her juices flooded out around his thick hard cock, flowing down between her legs as if Sakura had bursted water. Sakura felt an internal release followed by a slight shudder that radiated from her sex. He grunted like a wild animal. “Oh, fuck! Yes! Yes!” He screamed. “Yessss!” Sakura yelled to harmonise with him. Then when Sakura couldn’t take anymore her body violently erupted into her first orgasm – shaking her involuntarily. Her eyes fluttered and her body tensed. Through her seizure he kept fucking her sending waves of pleasure flowing through her sensitive tingling body. She couldn’t believe that this fat fucker had ruined her. Had blown her mind.

He drilled her into submission until his final grunt a few seconds later when Sakura felt a his warm liquid fill her vacancy and then overflow out of her around his softening cock. He pulled out of her pussy with a “pop!” releasing the vacuum pressure they generate together. He collapsed next to her naked from the waist down.

Sakura laid there for several minutes staring at him. Their bodies seeped sweat which glistened off their skin. Her violated pussy, satisfied like never before, was stretched wide open and loose, oozing out his sticky white seed onto the floor they were supposed to have been cleaning up. Sakura stared at him – attracted by his glowing smile and look of relief.

He stared at her as he stood up. Looking her up and down to admire his goddess. He had a wide smile from ear to ear keeping his eyes on her the entire time. Sakura’s eyes drifted to Brian’s chode, though limp, it stayed thick and long dangling under his short sleeved white shirt and 70s tie. Sakura stayed mesmerised by the sight of him while he put on his pants and cleaned up around her. She couldn’t believe they had just had sex.

“So are you still going to drop off those pants? Maybe we can hang out after work instead?”

Sakura contemplated his offer, although she ultimately enjoyed her surprise sexual encounter she still thought of Brian as more of a brother than a lover. She stood up and resolved on a solution to give herself more time to understand her feelings.“Well yes, I made a commitment to the wedding party and don’t want to let them down. I would like to hang out with you after work some other time though … so we can figure out what this is. How does that sound?”

He smiled, worried that this would be their last encounter and that he may have scared her off. “I would appreciate that…You know, I can join you if you want to drop off the pants? I am worried about how far you have to drive. You don’t even know these guys. I just want you to be careful.” He said with kindness in his eyes that Sakura didn’t recognize before.

“How about I call you when I am heading back so you don’t have to worry about me?”

He smiled and agreed.

As Sakura collected the hemmed pants and wrote down directions to the bridal party home, Brian egged her on about the distance she needed to drive and how late it would be when she finally got back home. They laughed at the situation together, closed the shop and parted ways. Each of them glowing from their lucky encounter.

Part 2: A long drive for sake

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32