Sally Thanksgiving Act 02

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In ACT 1 Sally returned home for Thanksgiving. She and her parents had dinner with Kyle and his family. Then she stayed with Kyle for the night, breaking off their sexual activity the next morning because they had “things to do.”


“Things to do” was lunch with Sally’s friend, Sarah, and her parents. Sarah’s boyfriend of the moment, Neal, was also present.

“Remind me of why we are doing this.” Kyle said in the car.

It wasn’t really a reminder since Sally had told him very little about it. “Jerry Malone is the one who’s lending us the use of his downtown apartment for the weekend. We are meeting to pick up the keys.”

“And you know Jerry because …?”

“His daughter, Sarah, is my best friend.”

“He doesn’t need his apartment? He’s going away for the weekend?”

“I guess I haven’t gone into that. It’s not his home. It’s … Well, it’s a place he uses to meet with women.”

“I see …” Kyle’s tone expressed some displeasure. “And how did you get him to let us use it?” Kyle knew Sally went out with other guys and had a strong suspicion about the answer.

“I asked him,” was the less than complete answer.

“How’d you even know about it?”

Sally knew she needed to admit the details. “Kyle. you know I’ve had sex with other guys.” Kyle nodded slightly as she continued, “He took me there and I could only think of you being there with me. It’s really a nice place.”

“I guess I’d never thought that ‘other guys’ included your best friend’s father.”

“Kyle, I don’t really think you want a discussion of my sex life. Especially since much of that is over. I really am not attracted to guys other than you. But, if you ask I’ll give you as much detail as you want.”

Kyle considered, it was enticing but also repelling, “maybe some other time. But I am curious about why you had sex with him?”

Sally gave a slight laugh, “I don’t know what might come out at lunch but Sarah’s family is far from conventional.”


“Her parents are swingers. They go to parties where everyone has sex with others. Sarah, herself, is very sexually active and manged to get her parents to take her to one of the parties. She invited me to come along.”

Kyle worked to overcome the initial shock. “You went to a party where guys had sex with you?”

“Kyle, I’ve been to several parties like that.” She kissed him in reassurance. “Anyway, Sarah’s father took a shine to me. And, honestly, he is a great fuck.”

Kyle wasn’t used to that kind of talk from Sally, “A ‘great’ fuck?”

“Kyle, sweet, if you want me to talk about sex with other guys I’m going to talk about sex with other guys. Don’t be shocked. You want to know about how big Jerry Malone’s cock is?”

“I don’t need that much detail.”

“Okay,” Sally laughed, “It’s a big one, big balls too.”

Act 2, Scene 1

When they arrived at the restaurant for lunch Kyle had a strong feeling that he’d met Marlene and Sarah before. He said nothing, nor did they, though Marlene had a similar feeling when she saw him.

The lunch went well. Kyle and Jerry hit it off though the conversation had Kyle constantly thinking that Jerry was feeling him out about “swinging” with him and Sally. Jerry expressed an interest in Kyle’s small sporting goods chain saying that his consulting and advertising firm would be glad to help expand. Kyle told him he didn’t feel he could keep the quality up unless he could be in the stores once or twice a week, “This is the first black Friday I haven’t been in one of the stores. Frankly I’m a bit nervous about it.”

“It’s good to show you have confidence in your store management,” Jerry told him. “You can’t be in every store anyway.”

Kyle agreed. “When I do go to one on Black Friday, the other two are on their own, but I’m a phone call and a half hour trip across town away. I’ve left word that I’m not to be disturbed today, even if the place burns down. The fire department will do more than I can.” He smiled at Sally and she gave him a loving nudge.

Jerry then made a comment about Sally being “worth it” but nothing was ever explicitly said about Jerry and Sally having sex, though Kyle detected an undercurrent of desire in Jerry’s manner toward the younger woman. When Kyle expressed gratitude for allowing them to use the apartment, Jerry had simply said, “Any friend of Sarah’s is a friend of ours.” and had stated that the apartment was for business associates from out of town and that the apartment was free for the weekend because, “No business partners are interested in traveling over Thanksgiving.”

When dinner was over, Jerry offered the key to the apartment to Kyle but Kyle deferred to Sally, “You made the offer to her. She should be in charge of the keys.”

Jerry and Marlene left but Sarah stayed behind to talk to Sally, “I’ve always wanted to see Dad’s trysting place.”

Kyle was a bit surprised, “You know he uses it to meet with other women?”

“Of course, mom knows too. They gaziantep escort are quite open about it. I guess it’s a tax dodge to pretend it’s for business. Maybe some out of town guys do use it. Mom fucks guys at work, I do too. Mom has this thing with the owner and uses the relationship to help the rest of us girls.”

“AT work?” Kyle asked with surprise.

Neal had been quiet for most of the dinner but spoke up. “Sure, Sarah’s a stripper,” Neal said it with pride. “At Pete’s up north.”

“Neal you’re so sweet,” Sarah said and explained, “Neal thinks it’s a badge of honor to be dating a stripper. even though most of the strippers are dating drug dealers, alcoholics and other, often abusive, low lifes. I’m proud to say I’ve got a guy with a future.”

The mention of “Pete’s”, brought sudden recognition to Karl. The image of the stage with a voluptuous body and it’s movements to the music zipped through his mind. There was no doubt about the face that belonged to the body.

Sarah saw his look of recognition and realized where she’d seen him before. Without missing a beat she said, very sweetly, “Of course you know I’m a stripper, don’t you Kyle?”

Sally had a moment of confusion.

Sarah noticed her expression and said, “You want to tell her?” Kyle sat unable to talk, so Sarah told her friend, “Kyle here comes by the club once or twice a week. Sits in a ‘cheap seat’ for maybe an hour each time.”

“Cheap seat?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah away from the stage so you don’t feel obliged to tip. But I think once you came up and dropped me a five.”

Sally laughed and said simply, “Kyle?” with feigned surprise.

“Yeah,” he admitted, “one of the stores is near there and I stop by sometimes after a visit. Are you disappointed?”

“God no, Kyle, you’re a guy. Guys like naked women. Don’t you think I know that?” She squeezed his thigh, her hand brushing his balls.

Kyle was sure he’d seen another face and equally voluptuous body, “And your mom?”

“Yes, she dances there too. You don’t remember?”

“Now I do, I thought there was something familiar about the two of you.”

Act 2, Scene 2

Sally unlocked the door and they all entered the apartment. There was the gaming table, small kitchen with a small dinette just as Sally remembered. There was the door to the bedroom but there was a door on the other side that Sally hadn’t noticed. As the rest of them looked at the kitchen and furnishings she went through that door, “Hey guys, look at this.”

“This” was a fully equipped media room with a huge flat screen on one wall and a half dozen plush swivel chairs, each with a remote. Below the screen was a complete theater system and along the side wall was a library with a variety of media, CD’s, DVD’s, cassettes.

“Look, VHS, and eight tracks,” Kyle laughed.

“And vinyl,” Neal said pulling open a drawer beneath the shelves.

Sally pointed at two black boxes, “hard drives, digital too.”

Neal added, “it would be a shock if streaming video and audio aren’t also available, talk about overkill.”

“Hey, just like work” Sarah’s voice came from behind them. There in the corner opposite the screen and library was a small foot high stage with a stripper pole slightly off center. She saw two light slide switches to the side of the stage and brought them both to full brightness. Light streamed from track lights above and from lights embedded in the stage. She smiled, thinking that anyone stripping here would have every curve, every crease of their body clearly visible. She imagined dancing in front of her step-father here. She’d have him hard immediately. “Let’s try this out.”

She dug her keys out of her purse and handed them to Neal. I’ll bet there’s a USB port somewhere, plug this in.” For Kyle’s benefit she added, “My work music flash drive.” She took one of the remotes from a chair arm ready to turn it on but it came on of its own accord when the USB drive was inserted. She quickly selected Michael Jackson, “Off the wall”. She dropped her dress to the floor and stepped out of it onto the stage where she began gyrating to the music.

She pulled off her bra and tossed it at Kyle. “Come on sit up close. No need to stay in the cheap seats. There’s no tipping here.” She pulled herself onto the pole and swung around it twice. “You know Sally has stripped at Pete’s too.”

He looked over at Sally and she nodded in the affirmative.

“Just for an amateur night. But she won. Come on Sally, show these guys what you’ve got.” She came down and pulled Sally to the stage, unbuttoning Sally’s blouse and then unzipping the side of her skirt when she was on stage.

After that, it was too much trouble to try and keep blouse and skirt on so Sally just let them fall off. Both the guys had seen her naked. Both had fucked her, so she thought, “what the heck.” She danced, but somewhat halfheartedly.

“Get into it, girl,” Sarah said swinging around the pole, landing in front of Sally and in a quick movement pulling her panties below her knees, exposing her full bush and dangling labia. “Haven’t been shaving, I like it!” Sarah ran her fingers through the hair, running them deeply into her slit.

Then Sarah pulled her own panties over her ample hips and let them drop, She swung around the pole, legs spread showing her shaved, fleshy clam to advantage. She landed and stepped down from the stage, “I’ve been thinking. Kyle’s seen both of us naked and so has Neal. Sally has seen both of you guys naked but I’ve only seen Neal naked. What’s wrong with this picture is that I haven’t seen you naked.” She pulled Kyle to the stage. “You want me to undress you? or Sally? or do you want to strip yourself?” She began unbuttoning his shirt.

He looked over at Sally who shrugged to convey an inability to help him. She stepped down and sat, fully naked, in one of the chairs, having shed her tank top.

Kyle mumbled, “I’ll strip.”

Sarah left the stage to him and used the remote to start “The Stripper” playing. She plopped into the front center seat, spreading her legs and resting them on the arms of the seat. She rubbed at her genitals as he danced and began shedding clothing. “I think you should get up there too, Neal.”

Kyle was feeling very uncomfortable. What he had expected to be a pleasant weekend with Sally had become, well, something else. He didn’t want to be getting naked for some other woman, Sally’s friend or not. He looked over at Sally, standing naked and smiling, nervously. He didn’t need to get naked for Sarah but he could easily do it for Sally. So he began “dancing”, more like flailing, and not exactly to the music. He pulled off his shirt and threw it at Sally, looking only at her and barely conscious of Neal being on the stage. He let his slacks fall to the stage and was suddenly aware that he had to get them over his shoes or take his shoes off. A brief attempt at hopping on one leg while trying to get a leg free convinced him that removing his shoes was the only option. He sat on the edge to take them off, making no attempt to do it to music.

Sarah laughed, “We strippers know to lose the shoes before the panties. And sandals help.”

Kyle removed his shoes and socks. Then he pulled off his slacks while remaining sitting on the stage. As he stood, his cock increased in size and made an obvious bulge in his briefs. Kyle had sat on the side of the stage to remove his shoes and unzipped his fly to let his pants fall to the floor. He stepped out of one leg and flipped the pants toward Sarah with the other. She dodged and laughed and then began clapping in time to the music and chanting. “Take it off, … take it all off.”

Sally sensed Kyle’s nervousness and decided the best way she could help was to go along, She also began clapping and picked up the chant. As she watched, Sarah approach the stage. Sarah stepped onto the stage, grabbed Kyle’s briefs by the waist and pulled them down. She had his cock in his mouth as she pulled them over his feet. Standing and, pressing her body to his, she whispered, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Kyle looked over at Sally and saw her smiling and nodding in encouragement. Emboldened, he pulled his waistband over his hardening cock and let them fall.

Sarah clapped rapidly and laughed. “Swing that shlong, flip that dick, thrust that cock …” she began chanting.

Kyle was watching Sally and she rotated her hips. Kyle did as she demonstrated and began moving his penis and testicles vigorously. Watching Sally enjoying his actions caused him to begin enjoying it.

“Nice package your guy has here!” Sarah told him. The next thing he knew she had his balls in her grasp and was rotating them in her palm like they were ball bearings and she was Captain Queeg. “I can’t wait for you to try me on. Let’s see what the bedroom is like.” She took him by the hand and flippantly told Sally, “Come along, bring Neal.”

Act 2, Scene 3

Kyle was confused, embarrassed and uncomfortable. He remembered being at “Pete’s Palace” when he first saw Sarah. She was definitely beautiful and had gotten a rise out of his cock. But now, with her calling the shots, and with Sally watching, and another guy too, his cock had deflated on the walk to the bedroom. He didn’t know what to do but follow her directions when she told him to lay on his back on the bed. She rummaged around in her purse and pulled out a condom. After sucking his cock back to attention she skillfully unrolled the condom over it and quickly impaled herself on it. Kyle gasped in pleasure as his penis sunk into her warm, moist cavity.

Sally had followed with Neal and watched the proceedings. As Sarah began bouncing on Kyle she told them, “You should fuck too. Plenty of room on the bed.” Kyle had his arms at his side. She took them and placed his hands firmly on her soft and ample breasts. She smiled at him sweetly as he took the hint and began massaging.

Sally knelt on the bed her head over Kyle’s and gave him a soft, affectionate kiss. Neal took her position as an invitation and went between her legs. She felt his cock penetrate her. “No!” she said firmly, pulling away from Neal, and looking directly at Sarah. “This isn’t right.” Neal almost fell off the bed from the movement.

Sarah stopped bouncing, “What do you mean?”

“I mean I came here with my love …” she paused long enough to kiss Kyle again, “to have a romantic weekend just for the two of us.”

“All summer we shared and had fun together, I thought you’d enjoy a two on two with me and Neal,” Sarah protested.

“I know and I don’t blame you for thinking that, but things are different now. I’ve been celibate my entire time at school. And I’ve found a great guy.” again she accentuated the point with a kiss. “Things changed with that going away party and Kyle is really a one woman kind of guy.” She made sure they knew which woman (as if there was any doubt) by pulling his hand to her crotch.

“The going away party?” Kyle and Sarah asked the question almost simultaneously.

Sally knew the questions were actually different. She raised a forefinger to Kyle to let him know now wasn’t the time for her to answer him and directed herself to Sarah. “Yes, The gang bang seemed a great idea but I didn’t enjoy it at all. Not even from the beginning. and you know it ended. Anyway, I realized having sex was becoming more like scratching an itch than anything really enjoyable. Except, that is, with this guy here.” She leaned over for another kiss which Kyle returned. She wiggled her hips as a signal that she wanted his fingers inside her and he obliged. She smiled broadly at him as she rose. “And,” she continued with emphasis, “that … that… whatever it was, prevented me from having my last night of enjoyment with him.”

“You know what?” she asked rhetorically. “Your dad has a payment he likes for me to use this place.”

Sarah knew what she was talking about, “I don’t doubt it.”

“I told him no.”

“You turned down my dad? But why? and you got him to let you use it?” Sarah was totally perplexed.

“I told him just what I told you and he let me use it. For Me and Kyle, not anyone else.”

Sarah was disappointed, this wasn’t like Sally. At least she didn’t think so. “I guess we should leave.”

“We would appreciate being alone,” Sally replied. “No hard feelings?”

“I understand you two wanting to be alone. But you’ve changed. A couple of months ago you’d have jumped at a chance for a two on two.”

“You’re right, I would have. I guess I have changed.”


Sarah and Neal dressed and then said their goodbye’s. Sally and Kyle, still naked, saw them off. As they left Sarah winked at Kyle, “If you’re in the club just ask me for a VIP dance. I’ll have to charge the club fee but you can have all the extras free of charge. I’ll get my mom to provide the same. I bet she can get almost any of the other dancers to provide the same. Just pick one and ask. Looking forward to seeing you.”

As the door closed, Sally turned to him, “So, you’ve been frequenting Sarah’s strip club?”

Kyle felt defensive, “Well, yes,” He responded sheepishly. “I started after Jill died. It provided a bit of an outlet. One of my stores is only about a mile from Pete’s. You know I try to visit every store at least one day a week. Wednesday is the usual day for the North store.”

“Sarah didn’t start dancing there until after we got together. I’m not enough of an ‘outlet’ for you?” Sally smiled as she feigned indignation.

“Well, … I guess it was kind of a habit. And you were away … “

Act 2, Scene 4

They had walked to the bedroom where Sally had pulled back the sheets on the bed. “Oooo, satin!” she interrupted, “Lights?”

Kyle was standing near the switch, “Off,” he declared plunging the room into darkness.

He fumbled his way blindly to where she was standing. As he felt the soft skin of her body he asked, “Do you suppose she meant it?”

“Meant what?” Sally asked as they sat and then lay on the bed.

“About free ‘extras’? What are the ‘extras’ anyway?”

He was on his back and she lay on her side, straddling his leg with pone of hers. She ran her hand through his ample chest hair, “Extras, you know. What do you think?”

“Not sure. I don’t even know for sure what you get in the VIP rooms. The announcer says ‘$100 for 15 minutes,’ that sounds expensive, And I think he says ‘fully nude,.” Is that true?” He ran his fingers through her hair and explored her nipples with his other hand.

“Extras are like hand jobs, blow jobs, even vaginal insertion, for an extra large tip. And, yes, the women are completely naked. Most of ’em feel you up and will let you feel them up too.”

“Really? You’re sure of this?”

“I’ve been back there with Sarah, Yeah, that’s what she does.” She began performing her own hand job.

“And her mother too?”

“You’ve been there. They advertise it, ‘mother daughter experience’.”

It suddenly clicked in his mind, “Oh yeah, ‘Astrid’ is Sarah and ‘Valkyrie’ …” His hand moved from her breast to her crotch.

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