Savanna:A Feminest Sexual Loud Mouth

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Woman are truly amaing, they give birth,provide companionship for man and can make a man’s life worth living. Then you got the die hard feminist woman, woman who want everything to be done according to the way they want. These woman like to dress in bikinis at the beach but cause a ruckus if some man looks at them with weary eyes. Or a woman who gets upset when she where tight clothes and tank top and have men look at her even though her tits are hanging out. This is a story of a woman named Savanna, who thought all men were pigs and sexual fiends. She preached this doctrine to everyone all through middle and high school until one day a man was at the right place and the right time to expose her for the pig she really is.

The best way to describe Savanna is the compare her to Elizabeth Berkley character Jessie from Saved By the Bell. She was tall very thin with long blonde hair. She had a nice body with a nice pair of tits. My first meeting with her was in the 7th grade Social Studies. In school I was quiet, not withdrawn quiet but I minded my own business. Well she made a very rude comment that i will never forget, she asked me in the most snotty,stuck up voice I had ever heard “Do you ever talk”, I was speechless, the to add insult to injury she said that all quiet guys are perverts right in front of class. Needless to say that hurt, because it was not true.

The teacher chewed her ass out but it did not seem to matter to her, In her eyes I was nod good just because I was quiet. Well as time went on she became very popular, not so much with guys but with woman Anadolu Yakası Escort who thought that all men were slobs and pigs who all they wanted to do was piss,shit and fuck. It got to the pointt of complete obssession with her, it spread so quickly that even popular guys with girl friends were being yelled at for being pigs.

Halfway through my junior year it had got picked up at the local media of this promising young woman. She got an interview on the local news station and she acted so mature and proper. However when it was over the next day at school she bragged to everyone about it. It was hard to imagine that this woman could have such a strong influence on so many people. Well then one day Savannas little crusade for woman;s rights would begin to fall apart.

There had been a rumor that one of the students in the school had been caught fucking the gym teacher. To make it even more interesting there was a rumor that there was a tape of it from the video tape of. I never thought about it until one day over the loud speaker the principle announced who would be the valorditorin for the class. Well no surprise that it was Savanna, she had a perfect 100 hundred percent average, i did not even think that was possible. She had missed no school days with perfect attendance, she was active in at least 10 extra actvities and all through her time at school she had aced every test, every quit and project.

However one day they sent some people from the schools educational to investigate her grades. Everyone thought that she was going to get caught Bostancı Escort however instead she was vindicated and became the star at school. Well I thought that is out it goes then a friend approached me with the greatest video I had ever scene and a plot was underway to ruin Savanna.

My friend approached me and ask if I wanted to see the video he claimed showed the gym teacher and Savanna fucking. I did not believe him, however he seemed insisted so me and a few others went outside and saw a video that would change everything. What had happened to the best of my knowledge was the locker room, the boys locker room had clothes and uniforms all over the place, to put simply it was a mess. Well my friend had left his camera there and it caught Savanna fucking the shit out of the teacher.

For about an hour the camera picked up nothing, then the door opened and Savanna walked in the locker room with the gym teacher. They sat on the bench first and kissed then Savanna got on top and began unzipping his pants. She pulled his cock out and sucked the shit out of it. Then they both stood up and he took his shirt off as she kissed is body. Then he took her pants off and then he began spanking her ass. She really seemed to like that. They booth stood up againand took the rest of there clothes off. He laid down and she got on top and rode the shirt out of him.

she yelled, screamed and moaned, you could tell she was in a world of pleasure, Then she got of and she sat on the bench and he hammered on the bench with her legs around his waist. He pounded her so Erenköy Escort hard you could see the sweat coming from there bodies. Then he lifted her up and bounced on his cock. As she was being bounced she screamed out the words, “I am a fucking pig, hammer my cunt”, this was the hottest part of the whole video and then finally he grabbed her neck and that was when he must have cummed. The yelling had ceased for a minute as she took his cum and then she moaned with tears in her eyes and so she jumped of his cock feeling very sastified.

Well then the plan was set in motion, they were going to show the video during graduation as Savanna was going to speak. I did not try to stop them, although as time went on afterwards I wished I did. Well graduation day arrives and everything was set. Savanna stood up to give her speech, and not a minute into her speech the video began to role and the look on Savannas face was priceless. Everyone looked up was either laughing or cringing. I rememeber just sitting there thinking my gosh he had done it. Parents were yelling and pulling the kids out of the autitoum. Well Savanna dissapeared and I never saw her again.

They tried to do the graduation over again but it was stained and infamous. most people recieved there diplomas in the mail. It has been 8 years since this happened, I have married and I am hoping to start a family. I heard Savanna had to leave the state but I do not know what ever really happened to her. After this indient I can see where she was coming from that some men can be pigs, however it is the fact you need to practice what you preach and Savanna was not one of those people. she was a pig to under the cover of a valdictorin. It is woman like her that give woman a bad name and hopefully she has learned her lesson.

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