Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy! Pt. 01

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Tiffany put her foot down as they accelerated away from the Kalawarri roadhouse. She looked out across the barren landscape of the Australian outback before turning with a grin towards her friend Sally.

‘Not long to go now and we’ll be in Flanders Range.’

‘I know, right. I can’t wait to see the rodeo and maybe a few handsome cowboys.’ She replied giving Tiffany a mischievous grin.

Tiffany shook her head. Of the two nineteen year olds she was the sensible one. Always organised and well prepared. Never straying far from the straight and narrow. Though sometimes she wished she were more daring and spontaneous. Sally on the other hand was much more unpredictable and scatterbrained. She was also the more promiscuous of the two, moving from one quick romantic tryst onto the next without ever looking back. Tiffany on the other hand had never even had a one night stand or engaged in anything particularly debaucherous. Sally leaned in sensing her friends discomfort.

‘You know what they say Tiff. Save a horse ride a Cowboy.’

Tiffany shook her head. ‘Just watching the rodeo will be plenty of excitement for me thanks.’

‘Well we’ll just see about that,’ laughed Sally. ‘After all isn’t this trip supposed to be helping you to loosen up and try something new?’

Tiffany sighed. ‘We’ll see.’

The trip had been Sally’s idea. They had just completed their mid year university exams and Sally had called Tiffany up the next day and informed her that she was taking the next 3 weeks off and they were going on a road trip up the coast. Tiffany was hesitant to go, but before she knew what was happening they were driving out of Melbourne with her white Toyota Corolla fully loaded. They’d stopped off at a number of places throughout the north of Australia but after hearing that the annual Flanders Range Rodeo was on they had spent the last two days driving, intent on getting there.

An hour later they pulled over to take a photo at the iconic “Boot Tree.” The tree was about 15 minutes out of Flanders Range and the branches were laden with old boots strung up by locals and passers by. The girls weren’t sure how the tree came to be, or why it had started by they admired it all the same. The branches of the large gum tree were laden with a variety of work boots.

‘Come on let’s get a photo,’ suggested Tiffany.

They posed in front of the tree and Tiffany used her remote flash and the tripod of her flash new Nikon camera to take a snap. She examined the image of the two of them. Sally was thinner than Tiffany and a few inches taller with long brown hair. Tiffany was a five foot four blonde. Her body was lean and curved. Her hips were wider than Sally’s with a nice shapely ass to support it. She had small perky breast that put her poor friends flat chest to shame. While her friend might be the more promiscuous one, Tiffany was undoubtedly the sexier of the two.

They continued on their way into town. Following the signs out to the camp grounds that sprawled around the rodeo site. It was eleven thirty in the morning and the girls quickly set about getting the best camping spot. After a small struggle they managed to erect their tent.

Then the girls took turns getting into their cowgirl get ups. They had stopped off in Kardona the day before and found a store that stocked a large range of cowgirl clothing. Tiffany dressed first and as she exited the tent Sally eyed her with admiration and a little bit of envy. Tiffany looked hot! She had on a pair of leather boots that finished halfway up her calf and her ass sat snuggly in a pair of tight denim shorts. She had on a purple checkered shirt with long sleeves. She’d tucked it into her shorts and her top two buttons were undone showing a suggestive amount of cleavage.

‘Damn Tiff. You look hot as Fuck. Are you sure you’re not trying to find yourself a Cowboy?’

Tiffany blushed. She hadn’t told Sally but secretly she’d always fantasised about being taken by a strong cowboy. Just putting her costume on had already gotten her majorly turned on.

‘Not at all.’ She replied awkwardly. ‘Your turn now.’

Sally excited the tent minutes later wearing a matching get up, except that her shirt was red.

The two girls took their new broad brim hats from their bags and settling them on their heads, they proceeded to walk arm in arm into the rodeo.

As they stepped through the gate, they looked around. The place was busy with people keen to watch the spectacle. There were a number of stalls and food vendors set up along one side of the grounds. They walked along browsing their wares before stopping at a wood fired pizza stall.

‘I’m going to get us a pizza to share,’ explained Tiffany.

‘Pizza? It’s not exactly a cowboy meal is it?’ replied Sally.

‘And what exactly is a cowboy meal?’ Replied Tiffany.

Sally thought for a second then shrugged. ‘Yeah good point. I dunno. Can you you get me a pepperoni one.’

‘No worries.’ Said Tiffany as she headed bursa escort bayan towards the stall, leaving Sally to admire some jewellery.

Tiffany peered up at the large menu as she drew closer to the stall. Suddenly she was bumped forcefully from the side.

Tiffany let out a small cry of surprise putting her arms out as she felt herself toppling towards the ground. Her fall came to an abrupt halt as she felt two strong arms grab her by the waist. The arms turned her and she found herself staring up into the clean shaven face of a young man.

‘Sorry little lady. I didn’t see you there.’

Tiffany stared up at his deep brown eyes and wispy brown hair. He had a kind smile with a solid jaw and lean muscular arms. She could see a nest of dark hairs bursting from the opening at the top of his shirt.

‘Are you okay?’ He looked at her questioningly.

‘Y-Yes. Thanks.’ She replied shakily, finally regaining the use of her voice.

He stepped back drawing her up onto her feet so that she was standing looking up at him. He was six foot tall and she had to lean back slightly to look him in the eyes.

‘Well I’m glad to hear it. I’d feel awful if I’d hurt such a fine looking lady.’

He grinned at her. ‘You have a good day. Hopefully I’ll see you around.’

With that he tipped his hat and strode away through the crowd.

Tiffany stared after him, her thoughts completely derailed. After a few seconds she began to recover from her shock, stepping over to join the back of the queue.

As she stood waiting, Tiffany tried to collect her thoughts. She tried to stay casual and indifferent on the outside, but on the inside she was a mess of emotions. Her knees felt week and she had a knot in her stomach. Her heart was racing and she could feel a moisture building inside her panties. She remembered Sally’s comment about riding a cowboy and couldn’t help picturing herself sitting atop his waist. She felt her nipples stiffen and her panties flood further at the thought. She shook her head trying to clear it as she stepped up and ordered a pizza.

By the time she returned to Sally, she’d managed to regain control of her body and the two girls sat down and enjoyed their meal.

‘Time to head to the bar I think!’ exclaimed Sally once they’d finished. They took up a spot near the bar and started to enjoy the events. There was bucking bull riding, bucking horses, time trials around the ring, steer wrestling and a number of other events. After a couple of events Tiffany took her Nikon from her bag and left Sally chatting to a couple of eager young men near the bar. She sat up close to the railing and started to photograph all the entrants and their horses. She wandered around the ring to the pens where the entrants horses were kept. She saw a large dark brown mare with a white diamond on its forehead and began to photograph it in all its striking beauty. The horse hung its head over the railing and Tiffany stroked its forehead.

‘Aren’t you a beautiful girl.’

‘Well it takes one to know one,’ said a voice right beside her.

Tiffany jumped, startled by the sudden intrusion. She had been so focused on her photos she hadn’t heard the man walking up behind her. Looking up at him she blushed as she realised it was the same man she’d bumped into before. She tried hard to block the look of guilt that crossed her face as she thought of her earlier fantasy.

‘I’m s-sorry,’ she stammered.

‘Don’t be,’ he replied grinning at her.

‘Chestnut here just loves having her nose rubbed.’ He ran his hand up and down the horses nose as he spoke.

‘Is she your horse?’ Tiffany questioned.

‘She is. Do you like her.’

‘Yes, she’s beautiful.’

‘Well maybe I’ll take you for a ride then sometime,’ he said winking at her.

Tiffany flushed picking up the double meaning in his words. She felt her heart start beating hard as she replied in her most seductive voice.

‘That sounds like fun, I’m sure I’d enjoy a ride.’

He stared down into her bright green eyes and a smile spread across his face.

‘I’m Keith,’ he said extending his hand towards her.

‘I’m Tiffany,’ she replied clasping his outstretched hand. His grip was firm around her soft, delicate hands. She could feel a warmth spreading through her starting from where his hand touched her. The moisture had returned between her legs and her nipples were hard as marble.

‘Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Tiffany,’ he said as he released her hand. ‘Chestnut and I are about to compete but I’d love to catch up with you for a drink afterwards if you would like. ‘

‘That would be nice.’ She smiled up at him.

With that he deftly climbed the rail and threw his leg up over chestnut, leaping into the saddle. Tiffany admired his toned body. He had strong arms, with long legs and denim jeans pulled tight around a firm ass. He had on a red checked shirt and as he looked down at her he tipped his akubra hat towards her calling ‘later!’ gorukle escort as he turned Chestnut on the spot and rode towards the arena.

Tiffany stood grasping the rail as she tried to get her beating heart under control.

‘What is happening to me,’ she thought, thinking back to her flirtatious comments. After a minute she gathered herself and walked over to the rail of the arena. She watched as Keith rode chestnut at full speed across the ring towards an oil drum. He pulled hard on the reins and chestnut swung around the drum and began to charge at another drum that was right in front of Tiffany. Tiffany stared up at Keiths tanned face, his brow wrinkled in concentration, he was bent forward towards Chestnuts neck, his firm hands gripping the reins with white knuckles. As he came up to the drum he reined Chestnut in for the turn and looked down at her a smile spread across his face and he winked. Then with a puff of dust he was off towards the last drum. Tiffany blushed as she felt her arousal return. She watched him tear around the last drum before flashing across the finish line. As he trotted off to the pens an announcement came over the speaker. ‘Well folks that was our fastest time yet! Give it up for Keith and Chestnut!’ A round of polite applause followed as Keith waved to the crowd.

The day continued in this fashion with Tiffany watching each event, taking photographs and just soaking up the atmosphere. She saw Keith compete in a number of other events and each time she saw him she felt a rush of excitement. She wondered if he would stay true to his word and find her for a drink after the events. She wondered what she would do if he did. She had always been a conservative girl, not one to rush into things but every time she saw him, her mind was filled with images of herself, sitting astride him.

As the sun started to set she returned to the bar area to find Sally, who was in high spirits talking animatedly to a couple of young men. When she saw Tiffany walking towards her she bid them farewell and wandered over. She grinned at Tiffany and asked ‘How’s your afternoon been hun?’

‘Great,’ replied Tiffany. ‘I got some great photos of the events.’

‘That’s awesome hun. I had a pretty exciting time while you were gone,’ Sally replied winking at her.

Tiffany started at her questioningly. ‘What happened?’

‘Well you see that guy I was just talking to. The blonde one.’

Tiffany looked past her at the attractive blonde man standing at the bar. He was fit and muscular with dark tanned skin.


‘Well it turns out he has a massive cock and he knows how to use it!’ she said grinning to herself.

Tiffany gasped at the audacity of her suggestion.

‘But where?’ She asked with only a hint of jealousy in her voice.

There was a stage set up at one end of the drinking section and a band had just started playing. Sally motioned with her hand, pointing behind it.

‘He took me round behind there. Doggie style on the grass. God it was wild! There were less people around then and I don’t think anyone saw. To be honest though, that just made it better. The thought that anyone could be watching.’

Tiffany gaped at her. ‘You can’t be serious!’

Sally just smiled. ‘You know I am. I keep telling you Tiff, you gotta loosen up. Live a little.’

Tiffany looked at her, her mouth still hanging open in shock.

Sally just grinned back at her slyly. ‘Anyway how did you fare? Photograph any cute boys?’

Tiffany blushed thinking about all the photos she’d taken of Keith. ‘No not really she lied. Though I got a couple of nice pictures of a horse called Chestnut.’

‘You sure know how to have fun,’ chuckled Sally.

Just then the blonde haired man wandered up to them. He shared a sexually charged look with Sally before turning to introduce himself to Tiffany.

‘Evening, I’m Shane.’ He offered her his hand and she took it.

‘Nice to meet you I’m Tiffany.’

‘Oh and this is Terry.’ He gestured towards the other man from the bar who had sidled up beside him.

He jumped forward eagerly and shook her hand. Tiffany smiled at him. He was clearly younger than Shane. He had dark black hair and a lanky build. He was less attractive than Shane and seemed kind of gawky and unsure of himself.

‘How about I fetch you ladies a drink, ‘ said Shane.

‘No you don’t need to.. ‘ Tiffany started to say before Sally interjected.

‘That would be lovely, thanks. Tiffany will have a gin and tonic and I’ll have a cider please.’

Tiffany sighed unable to argue.

When Shane returned they all sat around a table and began to talk. Tiffany discovered that the boys worked at the Flanders Range station as station hands and had spent the last week preparing the show grounds for the rodeo. They had their own shared quarters in a demountable behind the grounds. Shane described their life on the station managing the cattle, fixing fences and pretty much anything bursa merkez escort bayan else that broke. Tiffany thought it all sounded quite exciting.

After they’d had a few rounds Tiffany was feeling a bit tipsy and begun to talk animatedly to the others. She was midway through a story when a man suddenly sat down next to her plonking his drink down on the table. Tiffanys voice trailed off as she looked at the man and turned a dark shade of red as she recognised Keith.

‘Thanks for saving me a seat,’ he said smiling down at her. Tiffany opened her mouth in shock unsure what to say. Keith turned and shook Shane’s hand. ‘Shano, how’s it going?’

‘Yeah good mate. This is Sally.’ He gestured towards Sally who gave a small wave. ‘And this is…’

‘Tiffany.’ Cut in Keith. ‘We’ve already made acquaintances.’ Flashing a grin at her. She felt herself moistening as she looked up at him and quickly looked down at the table.

‘Wait what!’ Exclaimed Sally. ‘Why is this the first I’m hearing of this!’

Tiffany shrugged. ‘We met before when I was photographing his horse.’

‘Ohhh yeah.’ Replied Sally giving her a questioning look.

‘Time for another round.’ Declared Shane standing up and heading to the bar. Sally trailed after him like a lovestruck puppy.

From there the night flowed on. Tiffany and Keith chatted to each other, each enjoying the others wit and charm. Pretty soon they had forgotten there was anyone else at the table, they were so engrossed in their own conversation. Having him so close was driving Tiffany crazy. She couldn’t help sneaking looks at his strong arms and broad chest. She wondered about his cock, trying to imagine what it looked like. I bet it’s huge she mused, then shook her head slightly to clear her head. ‘What has come over me’ she wondered.

Keith too was completely taken with the beautiful woman in front of him. He admired her curves every chance he got and wondered at the beautiful body hidden beneath the denim shorts and checkered shirt. It felt so frustrating to know that he was sitting within inches of her perky breasts and firm ass. If he just stretched out his arm he could literally reach her soft wet pussy. He wondered how it would look if he did get to see it. Would she be bald and smooth or possibly neatly trimmed with a strip of hair down the middle, or maybe she would be wild and unkept with a thick bush of hairs.

Both their trains of thought were broken as the band started to play a boot scooting song and everyone flocked up to the dance floor forming rows of dancers. Tiffany jumped up excitedly ‘Ooh let’s dance.’

Picking up on her enthusiasm they all headed to the dance floor and joined in. They danced for a few songs before the boot scooting line disbanded and the others returned to their seats. Tiffany and Keith danced on together to a couple of boppy songs. Then the band played a slower song.

Tiffany looked up at Keith, uncertainty plastered across her face. He reached out and took her hand, drawing her in slowly. Their bodies pressed together gently and Keith lowered his other hand to her waist as they begun to dance slowly across the dirt. Tiffany looked up into his eyes almost fearfully. He looked down at her evenly with a slight smile, never taking his eyes from her face. As she looked deep into his warm brown eyes Tiffany felt herself flushing with heat, there was a fire between her legs and her chest heaved. She could feel the dampness leaking into her panties as Keiths body rubbed against her thighs and chest. Keith was also struggling to control himself as he looked into her beautiful large green eyes. They were like beacons to her soul and looking down at her he felt his erection building within his pants. Tiffany felt it against her hip and bit her lip in anticipation. At the same moment they both lent in and began to kiss passionately.

His lips were soft and gentle as they kissed her tenderly. The longer they kissed the more intense it became, until Tiffany felt his tongue invade her mouth, penetrating her lips. She returned the pressure with her own tongue as she felt his hands move up and down her back, his right hand slid down and clasped her firm ass cheek. Finally Tiffany pulled back and stared into his eyes. She was desperate for him. She needed him, but not here in front of everyone. She lent in and whispered in his ear.

‘I believe I was offered a ride earlier. I’d like to take you up on the offer.’ He grinned down at her and then taking her hand, led her away from the dance floor.

He led her across the yard, past the pens to a small demountable building. Keith opened the door and Tiffany peered in. The dimly lit room was a large square shape. There were three beds, one was off to their left, running along the wall adjacent to the door they had just entered through. The other two beds were in the two opposite corners. The feet of the beds faced towards the door where they were standing. ‘These are our quarters,’ explained Keith as he lead her across the dark room. ‘And this is my bed,’ he gestured to one of the beds opposite the entry as he flicked on a bed lamp. It illuminated the corner of the room in warm yellow light. He turned back to face her and slowly pulled her closer, staring deep into her green eyes. ‘Now where were we.’

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