Saving My Sister from Herself

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Author’s notes: As always, any characters involved in sexual situations are over 18 years of age. Any resemblance to actual people, you might know, is purely coincidental. Slow build up, but I hope it makes up in the end. Enjoy.

My name is Thomas Edwards, Tom to my friends, which number less than I can count on one hand. Even my brother, Alvin, and sister, Betty, don’t have a lot to do with me. Maybe its because they are 20 and 22 years older than I am.

I am starting college, and turning 19, soon. I guess in the scheme of things you can call me an “Oops baby”. My parents must have forgot what happens during unprotected sex. Me. At least they didn’t name me Surprise, or Shock.

Growing up, I had very little contact with either Alvin or Betty, as they were both out of the house by the time I was aware I had siblings. I have always got along with Alvin, and his long time partner, Gene. Growing up, I always considered them in the best way, possible. Besides, both of them treated just fine.

It was Betty, the Bitch, I never got along with. I guess you can judge by my nickname for her, my true feelings. She always thought she was better than everyone else. By the time I started school, she was married, with two kids, just about 11 months apart. I heard my nieces referred to as “Irish Twins.” Even though we are not Irish.

Betty and her husband were constantly fighting, when I was in middle school. They finally divorced as was entering high school. My brother in law finally grew a pair and dumped my sister, at least that is what I was told. She spent my high school years changing boy friends about as often as I changed pants. Each one being The One. I just tuned her out.

Just after high school graduation, I moved into my own apartment, having earned enough money, investing whatever money I had earned doing odd jobs, and doing it quite well. I do have to admit, mom and dad did give me a good portion of the money my grandfather left me, that I wasn’t supposed to receive until I turned 21.

I was going to start college in the fall, and was very busy earning as much money as I could. I billed myself as a handy man, doing all sorts of jobs, both inside and outside of houses. The physical work helped me build myself up to a respectable 225 pounds spread over my 6’4″ frame. Instead of lifting weights, I did manual labor, to muscle myself up.

One thing all this work left me, was me still being a virgin, heading to college. I had a few girl friends in high school, but they wanted to date the jock, not the budding businessman.

One Sunday, afternoon, as I was relaxing, doing some of my computer work, in between my porn viewing, I hear my doorbell ring. I looked at the video from my security camera, and who is at my door? Betty, the Bitch.

I thought about not answering, when I looked closer, seeing a fairly large bruise all around her right eye, and tears falling down both cheeks. Opening the door, before I could say a word, she fell into my arms, crying softly and saying, “I really fucked up, this time.”

I honestly didn’t know how to answer that comment. I noticed she had a large suitcase, and an overnight bag with her, so I guessed she planned on becoming my room mate.

“What happened,” I asked, not really sure I wanted to know.

After a few more sobs, she finally gathered her wits and told me her boy friend de jour, Rocky, or Rocko, I couldn’t keep them straight, hit her when he caught her with another man. Duh! What the hell was she thinking? She was thinking with her pussy, that is what she was using for brains.

Taking a few deep breaths, then a few more, she finally built up the nerve to ask if she could stay with me, until her situation got resolved.

You know, my first thought is to say no, I said, honestly. But, after a few tense moments I laid out my requirements.

“First, my house, my rules”

“Second, you bring and riff raff here, and both of you are gone!”

“Finally, no drugs, legal, or otherwise!”

“Yes, or no?” I asked.

Hiding her face in her hands, she just nodded her head. I moved over to her, looking at her bruised face, and said as seriously as I could, “I don’t care what caused this, if Rocky comes around here I’ll break him in two.” Got it?

Another nod, this time staying in my arms.

Lets get your things put into your new room. Don’t for a moment think you are getting my bathroom, I announced. For the first time since she arrived I saw a little smile.

I noticed it was approaching dinner time, so I asked her if roasted chicken was O K with her. Anything is fine, she answered, I’m not all that hungry.

I moved my computer to a small desk in my living room, and left Betty to do her unpacking, behind the closed door. As I heard the door open I didn’t even turn, and Bostancı Escort told her dinner was about 10 minutes away.

For the first time in my life, I could remember Betty showing me any attention, walking up behind be placing her chin on my shoulder thanking me for allowing her to stay. The first thing I felt, were her soft breasts and rock hard nipples on my back. Regardless of the fact she is my sister and 20 years older than me, I had to admit, to myself, those piercing nipples felt damn good.

Getting the dinner on the table, we started to eat. At least I did. Betty just picked at a piece of chicken, saying this tastes an awful lot like moms recipe. I just smiled, admiring those nipples pressed against the thin material of her night shirt.

Sitting in my living room, with nothing on TV, she quietly asked if I knew the real reason for her divorce. I told her that our parents told me that her husband just had had enough and walked away.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she told me that in a period of 4 years she had miscarried 3 babies, during pregnancies. After the last one, he just took off, not contesting any portion of the divorce. I took her hands in mine, and told her how sorry I was, that I had no idea.

“You were just a kid,” she added, not seeming a good reason, to me. I was still her brother, age difference, or not.

As we talked, she moved a little closer to me, and laid her head on my shoulder. I started to feel heat coming off her body, causing me some discomfort. I also started to feel my cock start responding to her soft body, next to mine. Looking down at my now tented shorts, her eyes widened, and she whispered how sorry she was, and it wasn’t her intention for that to happen.

I told her it was my fault, and got up to go to my room.

“Good night, Tommy,” she called out. Seeing the tent in my shorts, she added, “I guess you aren’t the little brother I remember.”

At least my bathroom was inside my bedroom, giving me some privacy. Hers was right outside her room, in the hall.

It took a while for my hard on to recede, so I could try to get some sleep. I heard her finish in her bathroom, closing the door to what was now going to be her bedroom.

Getting breakfast ready the next morning, I figured I would give her some time to come out into the kitchen. I was more that a little shocked to see her appear, wearing the same thin night shirt, barely covering an almost not there thong. She wandered into her bathroom, and must have realized what she was wearing. Yelling out to me, “Can you get me my robe, please?”

Handing it through the door, I went back to cooking breakfast.

“Do you need any money?” I asked. She just shook her head, telling me she grabbed most of the money that was in their place, when she ran out.

Just then, I noticed on my security camera, a rough looking jerk coming to my door. Asking Betty if that was the piece of shit who hit her, she just nodded.

I opened the door, saying quietly, “I will give you 10 seconds to leave, or I will toss your skinny ass off my porch, then I will call the police, for hitting my sister!”

After 5 seconds of thinking, he turned tail and went back the way he came. To be on the safe side, I took Betty down to the closest station house. and had her file a complaint. She might have treated me as if I didn’t exist, growing up, but she was still my sister.

We both went to the grocery store, stocking up, and then I helped her get her laptop up and running, so she could do her medical transcribing job, online.

I had one job for the afternoon, and before leaving her alone, I told her, any trouble, call 911, then me. I also told her I would bring her a house key, and go over my security setup, when I was finished with work.

As I was preparing to leave, she came up to me, taking my face in both hands, and giving me a very soft, sexy kiss on my mouth.

Shit! That felt so good. but so wrong. I turned and left for my job.

All the while I was doing my repair job I kept thinking about her kiss, plus those laser hard nipples. My customer must have thought I was on something, smiling the entire time I was fixing their fence.

Stopping on my way home, I picked up a couple of steaks to grill along with some corn on the cob. I just felt like a nice dinner, would help bring Betty out of her funk.

When I got home, I found her deep in her work transcribing her fingers as fast as they could go. She waved to me and mouthed that she was nearly finished.

I was putting away the groceries, when she came bounding out of her room, or should I say bouncing! It seems as if her dress code for working didn’t include a bra. Seeing my reaction, she gave me a sideways glance, telling me “They’re just tits”

I guess I have to Kadıköy Escort give her some latitude, seeing all the shitty relationships she has been in, lately. I just shook my head, and asked how she liked her steak cooked.

Standing in front of my little grill, having wrapped the corn, and starting her steak, I sensed her behind me, and felt her arms around my waist, and those ever present nipples boring into my back. Just as I started to say something, she asked “The question”. Do you have a girlfriend? Shaking my head, no, she started moving her hand up and down my front, causing my cock to respond, accordingly.

Betty, I said, quietly, the dinner won’t get cooked, if you keep this up. Her hand stopped right on my growing manhood, gently touching me, through my shorts and briefs.

“God, Tommy, how big are you?” she gasped. Shaking, I admitted to her that I have never measured myself. I then told her I hadn’t been Tommy since the 3rd grade. Smiling, I turned around, and kissed her lips, fully inserting my tongue into her eager mouth. I’m not sure which one of us was blushing more, but we both agreed we should have dinner. then discuss this, further.

We must have been the quietest pair eating our dinner, thinking of all the what ifs. We are brother and sister. She is 21 years older than I am. Did I mention the brother and sister aspect?

Out of the blue, she quietly asked me, “Are you a virgin?” Nodding my answer, I noticed this huge grin on her face.

“Why do you ask?” I continued. “No reason,” as her grin widened. Finishing dinner, we adjourned to my living room, and sat at either end of my sofa. I still had a hard time to adjusting to her braless boobs and her nipples poking almost through her tee shirt. She noticed I kept trying to look away, when in one swift movement off came her shirt.

“Jesus Christ, Betty!” I yelled out, “I’m hard as a rock, as it is” Grinning, from ear to ear, she told me I had to get over myself, as she was well aware she was old enough to be my mother.

“You certainly don’t look it,” was all I could say, my hands trying to cover up my aching cock.

“You know, you could take off those shorts, you’re wearing,” she responded.

“I think I’ll pass,” was my reply. “Suit yourself,” grinning at my discomfort.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her lovely pair of tits. Yes, they did have some sagging going on, but at 41 years of age, 2 children, along with being a large C cup (my guess) it was to be expected. Her nipples appeared to be able to etch solid marble. I just couldn’t stop staring.

Finally, she got up, moved to sitting on my lap, and silently, kissed my lips as sensual as could be. My hands, after overcoming my initial shock, softly starting massaging her boobs. God, her nipples were like rocks. Not overly long, but as thick as any pink pearl eraser. While her tongue was in search of my tonsils, her hands were pushing my shorts and briefs down my body.

As my manhood made an appearance, I heard a whispered, “Shit, Tommy, do you have a concealed weapons permit?” I then figured with her mouth headed south for a taste, I would allow her to call me anything she chose. Damn, her mouth felt good. I would have never figured my first blow job would be at the hands, or should I say, mouth of my sister.

With my hands rubbing her nipples, and boobs, I knew I would not last very long. “Betty, Betty,” I cried, just as I exploded stream after stream of cum into her wide open mouth. Reaching for a tissue, next to the sofa, she emptied her mouthful into her tissue covered hand.

“God Damn, Betty, that was amazing!” I gasped. “Thomas, you are still hard as a rock,” she observed. Pushing off her tiny shorts and even smaller thong, she pushed me back, laying prone on my sofa, and climbed on. With her tits swinging right in front of me, and my manhood entering her sopping wet sex, I just let her ride. For nearly a half hour, stopping for a position change, to her on all fours, we fucked like minks, until I exploded deep inside her womb.

Falling onto my sofa, gasping for air, we both were silent, waiting for the other to speak, first. Not knowing what to say, I just smiled and told her I wasn’t a virgin, any more.

For the next half hour. after cleaning ourselves up, we laid next to each other, lightly kissing, and touching. Saying absolutely nothing. All of a sudden, she looked down and noticed I was getting hard, again. “Are you fucking kidding me?” she exclaimed.

I just shrugged. What did I know?

“You do know I have to be able to walk, tomorrow!” she cried, in jest. “If you don’t want to, then…” I mockingly stated. She couldn’t answer as it is impolite to talk with your mouth full.

Before we finally called it a night, she was so wiped, I had to hold onto her so she Göztepe Escort could shower, and dry her off, too. When I asked if she wanted to sleep in my bed, with me, she politely declined. telling me there is always another day.

The next few weeks flew by, with our marathon sessions slowing down, with me learning how to enjoy one or two times instead of four or five, a night. I had a lot of lost time to make up for. I also learned very well how to please my sister, using just my tongue, and a couple of fingers.

One day, I came home from doing an all day job, I could tell Betty was in a serious discussion with someone, but I didn’t know who. I let her finish, figuring if she wanted me to know, she would tell me.

After cleaning up and thinking about dinner, she walks out of her room, looking a little worried.

“That was mom,” she said, “We’ve been talking over an hour.” “Yes, I told her, everything, and yes she is not all that happy,” she continued. I just sat listening. “She did say, that she understood how this could happen, and told us both to be discrete.” She told me she was happy, that I found some happiness, finally, even if it was with my brother.

With me getting ready to start college, majoring in business, Betty told me, in no uncertain terms, if I found a girl friend, she would understand, completely.

My college tenure started very uneventful. My classes kept me busy, while the odd job, or two kept me in spending money. Oh, yes, my investments were doing O K, too.

Betty and I actually went out on a few dates, getting a few awkward stares from people, mostly older women. I just figured they were jealous that she had a much younger, good looking man.

There were some nights we would sleep in my bed, where not much sleep was had. Other nights, we slept separately.

It must have been starting our 3rd month living, and fucking together, when out of the blue, she asks me, if I was getting tired of her being there. “What brought that up?” I asked. “Just wondering,” was her answer. I gave her a resounding no, which brought a 1000 watt smile, along with a glorious night of sex.

One Thursday evening, when I returned from school, Betty was just finishing up her work, when she says, “Mom and dad invited us for dinner, tomorrow.” “Shall we go?”

Thinking for a minute, I responded, “Sure, why not?”

Arriving at the house we both grew up in, we were greeted, very warmly. Sitting down, my dad says to the both of us, “I hope you know what you’re doing!”

Answering in unison, “Yes, we do.”

Mom, being the logical one, says to Betty, “You know, at some point Tom will find somebody his age, who he might want to start a family with.” We both told her we had discussed this very point, at length.

“You know, 41 isn’t exactly over the hill,” I informed them, followed by, “there are nights I have a hard time keeping up with her!” Earning me a punch to my shoulder, and a stare.

“Way too much information,” mom interjected.

“Have you told your kids,” dad asked, Betty.

“Believe it, or not, they are cool with it,” she replied.

Coming to the end of my first semester in college, one of my classmates, a very cute girl, named Allison, began studying with me. She was 4 years older that me, and just a delight to be around. I had told her I had a girl living with me, leaving out the fact she was my sister. I remembered the conversation Betty and I had, when I started school, so I decided to have a talk, when I got home.

Walking through the front door, Betty was pacing back and forth like an expectant father.

“We have to talk,” she said, before I even put my books down. Still pacing, and looking grim, I looked her in her eyes, and asked if she was seeing someone.

“No, just talking online,” she said. “He was a year, or two behind me in high school and remembered me.”

I broke into the widest grin, I could muster, saying how happy I was, for her. I had told her about Allison, so it didn’t take a rocket scientist for her to figure out there might be something there, for me, too.

We both decided we needed to meet these new people in our lives, we all four met for dinner the following Saturday.

It was my first real date with Allison, and Betty’s first with Carl. We got along quite well, with me realizing that Betty finally seemed to grow up, and I think we both benefitted from our months living together.

Do I regret living with, and fucking my sister these past few months? Not a chance. Did she regret being the one who took my virginity, and taught me so much more about sex? No way.

Allison and I, while seeing each other decided not to move in, together, just yet, however, we did start staying over at each others place from time to time.

I admit it was lonely, for a while when Betty moved in with Carl, which made me enjoy my time together, with Allison even more.

Is Allison “The one”, not sure, but we definitely make each other happy.

Maybe, just maybe this relationship will turn into another story.

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