Seducing Anya Ch. 05

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[This chapter further explores the three-way incest/bisexual romance, and also delves into the backstories of the characters. To recap: Valerie and Cal, two young professionals living in a lakeside town, are visited by Cal’s beautiful little sister Anya. Bisexual Valerie falls in love with Anya and seduces her. Ultimately, Valerie convinces Cal to fuck his lovesick sister. Anya decides to move in with the couple, and the three of them become lovers. However, tensions begin to emerge, as Anya’s devotion to her brother makes Valerie increasingly jealous.

As before, be aware this story contains both brother-sister incest between Anya and Cal, and a lesbian relationship between Valerie and Anya. There is also a lot of pissing, and an encounter with one of Valerie’s past female lovers.

Tags: Bisexual/Lesbian, Piss, Brother/Sister Incest, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]

The last gleam of the sun was disappearing behind the tall pines on the far shore of the lake. The slate-grey autumn sky was darkening and deepening, low clouds scudding across the horizon. It wasn’t an especially cold evening, but a sharp wind was whipping in over the water. Valerie shivered a little as she walked up the wide concrete steps into the apartment complex. The foyer was deserted save for the bored-looking night concierge, who didn’t even look up from his desk as she strode through the double doors.

She’d been at the office nearly two hours after most of her colleagues had gone home, mired in a project that was badly overdue. It was the fourth day in a row she’d been dealing with it; hours upon hours of redrafting process-maps, correcting her team’s annoyingly creative mistakes, and sitting through interminable meetings with senior management. New complications and setbacks seemed to arise every afternoon. Now she was exhausted, drained to the point of being nearly emotionless. Promotion or not, she definitely wasn’t getting paid enough for this.

Mercifully, Friday had come at last, and the weekend ahead promised at least a brief respite. As she climbed the stairs to the second floor, her bag heavy on her shoulder, Valerie smiled wearily to herself. What she needed now was to kick off her shoes, pour herself something refreshingly alcoholic, and laze on the sofa in front of some mindless TV show until she fell asleep. She had no intention of waking up before noon tomorrow. She had a friend coming to visit from the city, but they weren’t planning to meet up until the evening.

At the door to the apartment, her key hovering at the lock, Valerie paused. She could hear faint sounds through the panelled hardwood of the door. Human sounds — voices moaning, names being called out indistinctly. Her smile widened as she realised what was happening.

She unlocked the door and went in. The spacious living room was brightly lit, making the evening sky look almost black by contrast through the tall picture windows. A very lovely scene met her eyes.

On the big sofa facing the front door, her boyfriend sat with his long muscular legs spread apart. He was bare-chested but still wearing his dark-grey business slacks, which were unzipped and unbelted. His little sister was straddling his waist, naked except for a tiny cream-coloured negligée that was transparent over her pale skin. She was riding him, rising and falling while he pumped up into her in a quick, steady rhythm. The sofa creaked and jolted underneath them.

Anya turned her head in surprise when she heard the door open. Her lovely face was pink with exertion, her sea-blue eyes wide and her pretty little mouth open in a long moan of pleasure. Her raven hair tumbled wildly over her shoulders and down her back as she rode Cal’s erect cock. Her brother had his powerful hands clamped tightly on her shapely thighs, while she held onto his forearms to steady herself. Cal was bucking his hips upwards, breathing hard and harsh, a fierce smile on his boyishly handsome face. He looked like he was fast approaching his climax. Valerie wondered how long the two siblings had been fucking before she arrived.

She could see the obscenely thick shaft of Cal’s erection thrusting up into Anya’s pussy, stretching that tight wet slit to the absolute limit. Bouncing faster and faster, Anya was squirting her juices onto her brother in a gleaming drizzle. Her moans were rising in pitch to a peak that was almost a squeal. Valerie realised she had walked in almost exactly at the vital moment. A familiar tingle of excitement was blossoming between her legs, bringing with it a growing slippery wetness. Her nipples hardened eagerly.

Cal noticed her, glancing aside from his impaled, straining sister, not slowing his hard rhythm. He gave her a triumphant grin and raised a hand casually to Anya’s merrily bouncing breasts to give one a quick squeeze. Valerie felt a sudden hot stab of jealousy. Cal was fucking the girl she loved right in front of her, and it hurt, beautiful though Anadolu Yakası Escort it was to see. She tried to shake away the irrational feeling, but it hovered in the back of her mind like an unwelcome guest.

Anya had turned back to face her brother, gasping and hissing with delight. She rode him ever faster, her strong thighs rocking up and down, her delicate fingers digging hard into his forearms. With every thrust she seemed to take Cal’s cock deeper inside herself. She cried out, loud enough that Valerie was sure the neighbours could hear her. “Oh fuck, Cal, I’m coming, I’m-“

Anya’s voice rose to a little scream. Her smooth back arched hard and she let go of Cal’s arms, her fingers trembling and curling into fists. She tilted her head back, her mane of hair swaying down over the thin fabric of the negligée. Cal kept his firm hold on her thighs and thrust up inside her again and again while she came in a wet rush on his giant cock. “That’s it, Anni, you come. Come for me,” he grunted, almost soothingly.

Then he pulled her towards himself in a sudden, almost violent motion, embracing her and holding her hard against his broad chest. He gave an animalistic growl of satisfaction, and slammed up into her one more time as his own orgasm roared through him. Thick white droplets began to trickle out of Anya’s pussy where it clamped tightly around her brother’s thrusting shaft, and the trickle soon became a flood. Valerie was simultaneously deeply aroused and silently jealous at the thought of Cal’s semen surging lovingly into Anya’s young womb.

Anya was still coming, burying her face in Cal’s muscular shoulder and whimpering helplessly with pleasure in his embrace. She had clearly sheathed as much of his length as she could in that final thrust, but a good few inches of his throbbing, pulsing shaft were still visible. Rivulets of come dripped down its length and mingled with Anya’s squirted wetness. Her orgasm had soaked the fabric of Cal’s slacks, and no doubt dripped down onto the sofa beneath.

Gradually, Anya’s orgasm ran its course, and she relaxed against her brother with a muffled sigh. Cal held her and lightly kissed her cheek and neck while she recovered her breath. He was still hugely inside her. His expression was peaceful, his climax spent. He looked up at Valerie and smiled.

“Hey, Vali. Enjoy the show?”

“Fuck yeah,” Valerie replied, setting down her bag and stepping out of her black work heels. The living room carpet was pleasantly cool under her bare, aching feet. “Ride ’em, cowboy. Or cowgirl, I should say.”

Anya turned her head around to look at Valerie with a very satisfied smile. Her sex-wild hair hung down across her face in long strands and curls that fluttered cutely when she breathed. “I’m glad you saw us,” she murmured.

“You’re always fun to watch, baby,” Valerie told her. “Is that my nightgown you’re wearing?”

Cal laughed and squeezed Anya affectionately in his arms. He hardly sounded out of breath. “I told her you wouldn’t mind. She looks so good in it.”

That was certainly true, Valerie thought, admiring the fine athletic shape of Anya’s back and shoulders through the cream-coloured silk. “Let me see you, Anni,” she said, using the tone of command she knew the younger girl found hard to disobey. She still felt queerly jealous; this struck her as a good way of assuaging that.

Anya obediently rose up from her straddling position, languorously standing free of Cal’s embrace. It took her a long time to slide her pussy off his still-hard cock, her pussy juices and his semen gleaming as they ran together down the long shaft. “Fuck it, Anni, I was just getting comfortable in there,” Cal complained as the thick, dripping head of his cock finally slipped free of her vagina.

Anya gave her brother two quick kisses as an apology. One on the lips, and one — very teasingly — on the penis. Her lips lingered briefly on his foreskin, giving it a tiny, affectionate suck. Then she turned towards Valerie, smiling that blissful post-orgasm smile. She padded over unhurriedly, letting Valerie drink in the sight of her. The tight little nightgown really did show everything. Anya’s young breasts stood out pert and firm beneath the sheer fabric, pale as milk with their kissable rose-pink nipples. The sight of her slender hips, finely-toned belly and cute little navel, framed from behind by her luscious mane of raven hair, gave Valerie a thrill of silent arousal.

Valerie’s delight grew further as she ogled Anya’s long, athletic legs, superbly strong from years of dancing, yet exquisitely slender and baby-smooth. Between those pale thighs was a beloved pink flower, the most beautiful pussy Valerie had every seen, sweet delicate lips nestled cutely within the shaven mound of her vulva. Right now, Anya’s cunt was parted wide from the fucking it had just received, and it overflowed with her brother’s come. Warm white strings dripped thickly from between her pretty labia and Bostancı Escort trickled down her inner thigh. Cal never used protection with his sister — she was, reluctantly, on the pill — and he left her lovingly flooded after every fuck. It was a supremely erotic sight. Valerie wanted to be on her knees lapping at that perfect cunt, cleaning every drop from inside it with her tongue.

“You’re all cummy,” she joked as she stood on tiptoes to kiss Anya hello. Even barefoot, the younger girl was several inches taller than her.

“It’s his fault,” Anya said. “He always comes so much.” She went in eagerly for another kiss, her tongue searching for Valerie’s. Her breath smelled of wine and there was a naughty, adventurous gleam in her eyes.

“Baby, you’re drunk,” Valerie scolded her after the kiss. Though she didn’t resist as Anya’s warm near-nakedness pressed close against her. The sting of jealousy was fading now, her good humour returning. She inhaled Anya’s scent — floral perfume, sweat and sweet sex.

Anya giggled. “Just a little bit.”

Valerie responded by grabbing Anya’s firm, tight ass through the silk of the nightgown, and kissing her smooth neck and chin. Their lips met once more, and again there was the heady scent of white wine.

“She’s only had half a bottle,” Cal said from the sofa. He was leaning back into the sofa cushions with a thoroughly satisfied look on his face, his dripping cock relaxing between his outstretched legs. He had spread his leanly-muscled arms wide, resting them on the top of the sofa. A dark purplish-red mark was forming on one of his shoulders — a love-bite left by Anya in the throes of her passion.

“And how much have you had?” Valerie demanded.

Cal shrugged. “The other half.”

“Yeah, right.” She knew Cal’s drinking habits pretty well. On a Friday night, he surely wouldn’t stop at half a bottle.

“Okay…we might have started another bottle,” Cal admitted, grinning cheekily at her. Anya mirrored her brother’s grin, the family resemblance suddenly sharp between them.

“So you guys are getting drunk and fucking on the sofa while I’m slaving away at the office? Not cool.” Valerie narrowed her eyes in mock-disapproval. “Getting come on my favourite nightgown — also not cool.”

“I didn’t…” Anya said, looking down nervously at her dripping pussy. The flimsy hem of the little negligée hung down to just below her vulva, but there were no stains on it as yet. Still, Valerie enjoyed teasing her. Book-smart though she may have been, Anya was quite a naïve girl.

“If you’re going to exclude me like this, maybe I’m sleeping on my own tonight,” Valerie pouted. “You guys can have the guestroom.”

“We’re not excluding you,” Anya protested. “I’m sorry, you were just out so late, and we-“

“Got impatient?” Valerie finished for her, arching an eyebrow. Then she cracked a wicked smile. “Relax, honey, I’m kidding. I love coming home to this.” She nodded at Anya’s exposed beauty, and at Cal sprawling on the sofa with his magnificent dick hanging out.

“Don’t work so late next week, babe. I miss when we used to get home at the same time,” Cal said with concern.

“Me too,” Valerie sighed. “Just let me get this fucking project out the way, and I’ll be back by five-thirty every day. Then I’ll get to play with Anni while you’re still stuck in traffic.” She gave Anya a quick kiss, and squeezed her ass affectionately again, before letting her go.

“I wish you could both just stay home with me,” Anya said, sounding genuinely plaintive, her voice faintly slurred from the wine. “It’s lonely here when you’re at work. I can’t focus on studying, I’m just thinking about you guys all the time.”

“Aww. We think about you too, honey,” Valerie said sweetly as she took off her navy-blue woollen jacket and hung it on the coathook beside the door. Beneath it, she wore a plain white blouse and a blue knee-length skirt. She was impatient to take them off, as well. “In my case, usually in the ladies’ room. With two fingers up my pussy.”

Anya blushed and giggled tipsily. She brushed her unruly hair from her eyes and twisted to look at her brother. “Do you think about me at work, Cal?”

“I try not to. Only ’cause I have to keep this thing soft,” Cal said, waggling his hips to shake the huge flaccid length of his penis at her. It had relaxed against his thigh, come still leaking from the tip. He didn’t seem to care that it was staining the leg of his slacks and the sofa cushions beneath him.

“Big dumb Cal with his big dumb dick,” Valerie taunted him. “One day we should send you off to work hard as a rock. Make you explain to your boss why you have a telephone pole in your pants.”

That elicited a sweet, drunken laugh from Anya. “He wouldn’t have to explain. It’d rip straight through them!”

“The struggle is real,” Cal said modestly.

Valerie paced over to him and leaned down to give him an enjoyably long french-kiss. She Erenköy Escort lightly squeezed the thick slippery shaft of his cock while she kissed him, feeling him tense up at her touch. He looked up at her lovingly with his big, expressive blue eyes. His virile post-coital musk smelled just as good to her as Anya’s softer scent. She hadn’t meant to neglect him, despite her earlier moment of jealousy; she’d just been so caught up in kissing his sister.

“So, where’s that wine?” she asked when the kiss ended, looking across the living room towards the adjoining open-plan kitchen. She began to unbutton her blouse. “I guess I should catch up with you guys.”

“In there. It’s all yours.” Cal flicked his head up indicatively towards the long kitchen counter. On the black granite surface sat two large bottles of chardonnay. One was empty, and the other looked to be nearly finished. No wonder Anya was tipsy.

“Just started another bottle, huh?” Valerie said drily. She pulled off her blouse and laid it casually on the arm of the sofa. Then she unhooked her black bra and tossed it aside. Her large, full breasts bounced free. It felt very good to bare them after hours crammed into that too-small bra. Her nipples were a rich dark red, erect and warmly sensitive. She enjoyed the way Cal and Anya stared at them, wide-eyed. It was good to be reminded that they lusted for her just as she lusted for them.

“Uh, that was mostly me,” Cal said sheepishly as he ogled her. “It’s pretty good wine.”

“I know. I bought those bottles. For myself.” Valerie glared at him, one hand on her hip. She jiggled her tits and saw his eyes follow their motion. She would let him do a lot more than just look, of course; but not yet.

“Sorry, babe.” Cal glanced up from her tits to give her his annoying what-can-you-do grin. “I’ll buy you some more.”

“You can buy me one, and Anni can get the other.”

“I’ll get you two, Vali,” Anya promised. She was still staring at Valerie’s naked breasts. “Just tell me what you like.”

“Aren’t you just the sweetest,” Valerie said warmly. The girlish sincerity in Anya’s voice was actually kind of touching, even though she was visibly quite drunk. “Seriously, you guys don’t have to get me anything. I still have my rosé in the fridge.” She began to walk towards the kitchen, topless and barefoot, her skirt swishing around her knees.

“Wait, Vali,” Anya said abruptly. She walked up behind Valerie and took a gentle hold of her upper arm. Valerie turned to face her, curious. The smell of sex was strong on the younger girl’s skin, and under the negligée her pussy still dripped with Cal’s come.

“What is it, honey? I’m just going to pour myself a glass.”

“I just…want to talk to you for a second.” Anya’s eyes flicked up and down, from Valerie’s face to her breasts, then back to her face again. She looked tired, her energy sapped by sex and alcohol, and yet there an eager gleam in those lovely blue eyes.

“Want some of these right now, do you?” Valerie smirked, pushing her tits out and making them bounce with a flourish of her shoulders.

“I…I do. In a minute,” Anya said. “I need to tell you something first.” She began to pull Valerie towards the corridor. Despite being five years younger, she was much stronger than Valerie, and the pull was actually a little forceful. That was forgivable, though; in truth, Valerie sometimes secretly wished that Anya would be more rough with her.

“Wait there and be a good boy, Cal,” Valerie called over her shoulder as Anya took her through the doorway into the corridor. Cal grinned at her, looking very relaxed on the sofa with his dick hanging out. He clearly saw no need to follow, and Valerie was grateful. It was only fair that she get some alone time with Anya too.

“So what do you want to talk about, honey?” Valerie asked Anya huskily, as they stood together outside the guest beroom a little way along the corridor. “Or do you just want to fool around?”

Anya smiled at her. It was a beautiful smile, innocent at first glance, but with some real naughtiness behind it. She kissed Valerie fulsomely on the lips, then inclined her head and took hold of one of Valerie’s breasts. Valerie stood on tiptoes to offer her nipple to Anya’s hot little mouth. Anya suckled on it for a long, lovely moment, the soft warmth of her tongue playing over the tender, erect flesh, her small neat teeth nibbling at it affectionately. Valerie sighed contentedly. She leaned against the taller girl, letting her bare foot stroke warmly against Anya’s smooth ankle.

Finally, Anya released Valerie’s nipple, licking it gently, leaving it gleaming wet. She kept her dainty fingers clutched around Valerie’s breast as she leaned in closer to whisper in her ear.

“Vali…I haven’t peed since Cal got home.” Anya’s wine-scented breath was warm and sensual, her hair like a soft curtain over Valerie’s shoulder. “And I’ve drunk a lot of wine.”

“I know you have, baby,” Valerie replied with a sense of dark delight, kissing Anya’s smooth neck. Her pussy was beginning to thoroughly soak the cotton of her underwear.

“I really, really have to pee now,” Anya whispered. “I don’t know how long I can hold it. I almost peed while he was fucking me.”

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