Seduction of the Daughter-in-Law

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Maybe if his mother was still alive, he wouldn’t have married the girl.

Maybe if his mother was still alive, he wouldn’t have gotten her pregnant in the first place.

But she died almost two years ago.

It affected him in.

And me.


So when the news of the pregnancy broke and my son told me, I immediately insisted on meeting her. When she came over, I could see why my son fell for her. She was slim and petite and had the bluest eyes and long dirty red-blonde hair that elongated and framed her face beautifully. In the end I could not do anything else but to hug her and welcome her to the family. The kids were still seventeen so they needed parental permission to marry and that is what they told me they wanted to do.

“If you wish to marry, then I will give you both my blessing. I will also offer you my house to live in and share with me. And, I will also help you financially as much as I can.” They were very grateful, and I received the first of many hugs from my daughter-in-law. Hugs that proved to me more enthusiastic and energetic as time went by. She was a very tactile person and loved touching and hugging. Our family was a lot less so, but I have to admit that I enjoyed her touch.

When I met her parents, the story was very different. Whereas I only had one son and a dead wife, they had three daughters. Judging by the attitude, they figured that the other two, younger ones, were a safe bet for the future of the family, especially since the eldest one proved in their eyes to be such a disappointment. They were apparently horrified and in their words “disappointed” in their daughter.

They originally opposed the marriage and wanted their daughter to have the baby taken away. Then they were going to send her to relatives. “To avoid the embarrassment”, as they referred to what I could only see as a blessing.

Finally, they relented, and after some more discussions they agreed to the marriage. As parents of the bride, they paid for the wedding, but it was a very humble affair with only about five or six of their friends from school getting invited and actually coming. After the wedding, they seemed to have severed all contact with her. She would call often and the mother would call back about once a month but that was all. They never asked her to come over or how we were all doing.

Since the kids were both still in High school, she simply moved into our house and into my son’s bedroom and they would leave for school together. I paid the bills for both of them, gave them pocket money and very little changed in our lives except that my son managed to score each evening.

I could tell it was each evening, because I could hear them through the walls of the bedroom, albeight slightly muffled. She was the noisy one and by the sound of it was able to orgasm quickly and often. Never thought of my son as a stud, so if he managed to get her to climax a few times most nights, she was obviously a good fuck.

Then came the end of school and while my son did very well, my daughter-in-law barely scraped by. She claimed the baby was sucking her brains and her growing belly and the increasing warmth of the approaching summer made it even harder on her to study and concentrate on school work.

When the results came, my son was accepted to a prestigious university on the other side of the country, but instead he chose the local University so that he could stay at home and be with his new family. Not as prestigious, but still very good.

She did not even look for further studies because the last few weeks of the pregnancy were hard on her. She could not eat, could not sleep and was not able to get comfortable. I was not surprised, because on her tiny frame, she looked like she was growing an oversized watermelon in there. The only aspect that seemed to satisfy her was sex and she grew randier the closer she came to giving birth. At one stage I was not sure if my son was able to keep up with her, but I heard them in the evening and in the morning as well.

The baby was born at the end of summer and a week after she came home from the hospital my son started university.

She stayed at home with the baby. And with me.

I work as a consultant mostly from my home office so with the exception of the occasional meeting I was also home most of the time. From the beginning, I helped her a lot with the baby. Her mother came to visit in the hospital, alone, and then left us.

When my daughter-in-law came home, she was not sure about any of it, and was very grateful for my advice and help with the baby, with the recovery and eventually with breastfeeding. That’s probably when the hugs started to get warmer and longer. And I got to enjoy them. Her breasts have swelled up as well, and I could not only feel the firm breasts full of milk when she hugged me, she was also comfortable breastfeeding the baby in front of me, although she became very skilled and hiding the nipple from view.

I also welcomed the social contact of having another person at home during the day. As difficult as the pregnancy Maltepe Escort was, the baby proved to be a very good baby. Her milk was plentiful despite her petite figure and small breast and after a good feed the baby would sleep until the next feed.

In the early days of living at home, she felt awkward and I had my housekeeping system down pat, so there was not a lot of work for her to do. Feeling uncomfortable with the system, she soon started asking about how the washing machine worked and when I explained it to her, she started to wash regularly for all of us. First just the clothes, then all the washing and then even the bed linen once a month.

Then came the time of their birthdays. They had them two weeks apart. Both turning eighteen within fourteen days of each other. First my son then my daughter-in-law. It was a few weeks before that I asked her.

“Do you think your parents will throw you a birthday party?”

“My mother called me two weeks ago and that was to tell me that Dad was sick again. I don’t think they even remember it’s my birthday.” She did not sound bitter but I could tell it hurt her. I could not understand it. I was tickled pink that there was another member of the family in the house.

“Well, since you both have similar friends and I was going to have a party for my son, why don’t we have it for both of you. You tell me who you want to invite and I will send out invitations and book a venue and have it all catered for you both. What do you think?”

“No you can’t do that.” You are already paying for all this for us. Its too much money.” Her words were genuine, but the fire in her eyes told me that deep inside she was really excited about the birthday party that she was never expecting but one that she was really hoping for.

“Like I said, I have already decided to give this to you guys, so just tell me who you want to invite.”

I finished speaking and as I was getting up she squealed and jumped up from her chair and straight into my arms. My head was turned but in reaction to the scream I turned it back. What she probably wanted to do was kiss my cheek, but it was our lips that met as she then jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my torso. I stumbled from the surprise and the shock of the impact, and even more so from the touch of her lips. She completely ignored the accidental kiss and just hugged me tightly, our lips touching. I put my arms around her petite torso. One hand feeling her slim back and the bra strap under the shirt. The other under her ass supporting her weight, my fingers desperately trying to avoid touching her crotch. My mind drifted into forbidden territory, but she seemed to be just genuinely pleased and not in a sexual way.

“Oh sorry,” she suddenly pulled away. “I am leaking,” she held back her breasts, small dark patch forming near the point of one of the small mounds. She stepped down from the hug. “I hope he’s hungry,” she added as she smiled and spun around, walking away in the cloud of hair flying behind her.

“Maybe we should milk you and sell it on Ebay,” I said, and she stopped, turned around and with a giant grin, winked at me.

“Maybe I could get you to do that for me,” and she spun around again and was gone. I was not sure if she meant the sale of the milk on Ebay or the milking part, but my mind again returned to the dirty mind territory.

The birthday party worked out well. I booked a small room and had the entire event catered for. It was easier, and I could keep an eye on the eighteen year olds that suddenly could sample the forbidden alcohol. Still the event was uneventful and as they both had a child that I minded in the corner, the party finished relatively early.

After the birthday party, she felt a lot more comfortable around me and started to hang around my office a lot more until one day she finally built up enough courage to ask the question that was brewing in her mind all this time.

“You know you pay all our bills.”

“And you give me money whenever I ask.”

“And you let us stay here for free.”

“I would like to do something for you. No, not for you. I mean is there a job I could do around the house that you could pay me for.”

“But you are doing jobs around the house.”

“Yes but I mean something that needs doing that you would hire someone else to do. Like clean the pool.”

“We don’t have a pool.”

“I know we don’t. I mean as an example.”

“Well you could clean.”

“I am doin’ that already and if I wasn’t, then you would. But you wouldn’t pay someone else to do it.”

“Maybe I would.”

“Who did it last year?”

“I did.”


“OK, I think I understand. You want me to suggest something that needs doing.”


“That I would not do.”


“But I would hire someone else to do for me.”

“Yes, and instead of pocket money, you would pay me whatever the going rate is for that job.”

While my mind immediately dived for the gutter, I asked her to wash my car instead, before my face and my eyes İstanbul Escort betrayed what I was thinking.

“I usually pay $65 to have my car washed, so I Would pay you that. Once a week. And once a month you can wax it as well, for a $120. But, you need to buy all the washing and waxing consumables with that money. And when you wax, you also do the internal dash with the protective oil. And you vacuum as well.”

“Seventy for the clean, but I will vacuum as well. And one hundred and forty for the vax.”

“Only if it comes with one of your hugs,” I added and felt a bit silly for saying it. I was worried my I betrayed the thoughts floating in my dirty mind.

“No, no hugs, this is a business negotiation,” she retorted mock seriousness, but contrary to her statement, she jumped up and leaned over and hugged me in my chair, her arm locking my neck and my head hard against her face as she kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you,” she whispered into my ear. I was very aware of her soft smell of roses probably from the soap.

“So can I start right now?” she asked after she released me from the hug and straightened up. “It’s the best day out there.”

Her smile and enthusiasm was infectious so I threw her the keys to my car, but she suddenly turned serious again.

“Excuse me Sir, but as we are only just starting out, I will need you to settle your account at the start, as we need to purchase all cleaning products and pay our staff not to mention the cost of rent, tax and other operational costs.

“OK,” I relented and pulled my money clip. I pulled off the bundle and counted off a fifty and a twenty.

“Oh, excuse me Sir, but you may recall that once a month you insisted on getting the car waxed and that was quoted at $140.”

I started counting but I did not have another twenty. I counted off two more fifties and handing them over I was expecting her to give me change, but instead she squealed, spun around and ran out of the room.

“Hey, you owe me change,” I shouted after her.

“Tipping is greatly encouraged and results in a superior outcome for the client.” Her voice echoed from down the hall.

The truth was that I did wash my car, but I hated doing it. It was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

When I heard the car start and reverse out of the garage and stop on the back yard I had to stop work and peek out of the window. There she was, in an old Tshirt and black tights, climbing all over the car and polishing it cleaner than it ever had been. And she was using My Cleaning Products. I did not mind in the slightest. I would have paid the $150 just to be able to watch her climbing over my car getting her t-shirt wet in the process..

The baby was in a pram, parked in the shade. She would stop to feed and change the nappy and then continue with the detailed and systematic cleaning, vacuuming and polishing of the car. In the privacy of our back yard and totally unconcerned, she just popped her boob out and shoved it into the baby’s mouth. It was such an erotic sight, I think that was the moment, I truly started to plan the seduction of my Daughter in law.

It was now close to lunchtime, so I stopped the little work I managed to do in the morning and started preparing lunch. Because it was such a nice day, I decided to prepare lunch for both of us, including a fresh juice and a beer chaser. I did not usually drink during the day, but it was hot and watching her body climb over my car seemed to have developed a thirst in me for many things, including beer.

I took the lunch out on a tray into the back yard.

“Oh I wasn’t gonna stop ’till I was done.”

“Well you must keep up your energy. Don’t forget you are feeding my grandson as well.”

Strange I Did not feel old referring to myself as a grandfather. Maybe because I felt fit and healthy and enjoyed the idea of the grand child rather then the role of a grandfather as an old man.

She sat down, and I could enjoy her old tshirt and the sight of her sensible breastfeeding bra peeking through the large arms opening. She drank the juice in one go and then dived into the sandwich. After that, she picked up the beer and took a large swig off the bottle.

“They say this is good for the milk. And I’m sure the baby will love it as well.”

“Yeah, he’ll sleep like a baby,” I laughed at my own pun, but my daughter-in-law laughed as well.

“Not like he needs any help. He already sleeps like a baby.” There she was aping my own pun. We both laughed.

While in my mind I was already undressing her, outwards I was trying to remain the perfect gentleman and an attentive grandfather. But my resolve was weakening. The situation was not help[ed by my grandson that decided to wake up and made her get up and bring him to our lunch table. His nappy was clean, so she unclipped her breastfeeding bra, exposing her breast. Normally her shirt would have covered the private flesh, but this time around, her worn out old t-shirt providing me an unobstructed view of the flesh and the nipple. It was hard to concentrate, Anadolu Yakası Escort or to tear my eyes off her exposed nipple until it disappeared in my grandsons mouth. How I envied him.

“Enjoying the view?” She must have caught me looking, because while her face was neutral her eyes were smiling after he comment, while she looked away, looking like a greek goddess. This was going to be hard.

It was a friday night and I think it was some special anniversary for them, but my son started to spend more and more time at uni, leaving me spending more and more time with my daughter-in-law. So on this special night, he forgot and did not come home. Instead of watching her mope around the house I told her to put the baby in the capsule and we drove to a fancy restaurant.

She absolutely loved it and was talking all through the evening, enjoying the expensive meals, drinking a bit of beer, which she again claimed helped her milk, but I suspect she just liked drinking beer.

Why are you so good to me?

We are family now. You are bringing up my grandson.

“Even your son is not this nice to me. “

“I want to make sure I will always be part of your life. “

“If I was not married to your son, I think I would have gone home with you tonight. Oh. What did I just say! I think this beer is making me a little drunk. “

“It’s a very fine compliment. Thank you. I would never have had the courage to approach you. “

“What? You wouldn’t? Why?”

“Because when I was your age, you would have been completely out of my league. I would never have had the courage to even talk to you. “

“Ahh, that’s so cute.” She was definitely starting to sound a little drunk, although she only drank the one beer.

“Came on, it is time to go home.” I said, but neither of us had moved.

“You know, if you were not married to my son, I would definitely take you home tonight.”

The silence was heavy around the table. The mood was broken because my grandson woke up and demanded food. I quickly paid and she changed him in the boot of the car.

“I have to feed him now,” she said as she slid into the front seat and dropped the strap of her evening dress to expose her breast. I picked up a towel and placed it over her exposed breast and my grandson hungrily sucking on the nipple.

“Thank you, but I don’t care if people see me breastfeeding.”

“I care if perverts take peeks at your naked breasts.”

“Do you like to take peeks at my breasts?” She suddenly asked and turned red.

“Yes,” I replied truthfully as she turned crimson red.

“They are very small. I was hoping they would swell with the baby, but they didn’t. Just my nipples became huge.”

“Are you worried?” I asked, feeling a little uncomfortable with the conversation. Mainly by the fact that it was turning me on.

“I don’t know, do you think my nipples are too large?” She dropped the cloth, pulled the baby off her left breast and moved it on the right breast, leaving the left one red, swollen and exposed for my examination.

I knelt down next to the car, and like an idiot, I took her exposed nipple into my fingers and gently squeezed and rolled it between my fingers.

“Does that hurt?”

“Oh fuck that feels excellent,” she just sighed. Not waiting for my grandson to finish, she took him off the breast and put him over her shoulder.

“Could you do that to the other one please.”

The mood was again broken by my grandson’s loud burp, followed by two smaller ones. With that she moved out of the car and with her evening dress half way down her waist, she put the baby in the capsule in the back seat.

“Dad, while I am like this,” she half turned her head to talk to me. Please lift up my skirt, rip my panties aside and shove your cock inside me, because I am wet and turned on and I need a proper fuck right now.

Not caring how exposed we were in the car park, I pulled out my cock that was already at half mast and without any hesitation shoved it deep inside my daughter-in-law. She was wet and ready for me, although she was not expecting my size. The first thrust made her scream. With each stroke as I worked my way deeper and deeper inside her it made her sigh.

As expected, she was an excellent fuck buddy. She worked out the rhythm and pushed back onto my cock with each stroke, burying my cock deep inside her tight pussy. I knew I was not going to last long, but she must have been even hornier. I was surprised with the speed with which she climaxed. I felt her muscles clamp down tightly onto my cock and then felt her spasm each time I slowly moved my cock inside her. Each spasm producing the most errotic whimps and sighs from her. It was too much for me to hold back on. As her climax subsided, I resumed my assault on her pussy without a care for her climax. I was selfishly looking for my own release and started pounding my meat as deep and as hard as I could.

The release was glorious, as I felt all my energy drain with each hot glob of my seed sprayed deep inside my daughter-in-law’s pussy. I don’t think she was happy with me coming inside her, but at that stage I could not have stopped myself anyway. The wet slapping noises of her leaking pussy mixing with my seed leaking out of her were slowly drowned out by her second climax that sounded just as erotic as the first.

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