Sensualist Ch. 03

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Evening Rendezvous’ — Anatomy Lessons — Approaching Alice’s Father — Denise Prepares Alice’s Seduction — Watching the Women Finger One Another — Feigning Sleep While Alice Jerks Me Off — Seducing Poor Alice as a Team — Alice Does Almost Everything

The next day I spent in a fog, bumping into things and finally retreating to my room to avoid arousing anyone’s suspicions by my unusual actions.

Frank was still out of town, and as dinner came to a merciful end, Denise caught me by the elbow and pulled me aside when no one else was in the room.

“Nine tonight, my room, Donald.”

I floated away, and showed remarkable restraint in not masturbating as the clock on my wall slowly ticked away the hours until our scheduled rendezvous.

I knocked lightly on her door at the stroke of nine. Denise opened it immediately, revealing her own need to me, and giving me pause to think clearly for possibly the first time that day that I wasn’t the only horny person in the room.

“Kiss me, Donald,” she whispered after closing the door.

I looked at her like she was a priceless treasure. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I forced myself to memorize every detail of her dress, or undress as it were. Her breasts were already fully revealed to me, and she wore only a transparent teddy and some gossamer-like panties. Her hair was pinned up, giving me unimpeded access to her neck and ears. And the perfume she wore simply intoxicated me with a lust I really didn’t need just then.

I kissed her, and her soft hand went between my legs seeking and caressing my stiff standing prick—which was as hard as iron.

“Donald, you poor boy, have you suffered terribly while waiting?”

“No, ma’am,” I lied.

“Oh? Well how long has it been in this state?” “All through dinner, Ma’am.”

“When we’re together, please call me Denise, or some other term of endearment, Donald, my love.”

“Umm, yes, of course … Denise.”

“Now I’d like you to kiss my throat and neck while I ask you a few questions. Do you mind, Donald?”

“No, ma’am,” I replied and commenced kissing her throat.

“Tell me truthfully, was I your first, Donald?”

“Yes, ma’am, um, I mean, Denise,” I lied. I had learned women preferred this response from Miss Ginger, and it stood me in good stead for the next several months until my actions on the playing field belied my professed innocence. One can only carry the lie so far, sooner or later one must fess up to the truth, and hope it sets one free.

“I shall be delighted to provide you with more … shall we say, lessons in making a woman happy in bed?”

I gave her an anxious smile.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yes, Denise. I’m more than ready.”

She laughed delightedly, and gave my prick a light slap. “Yes, I can see that,” then lay back on the bed and placed a fluffy pillow under her behind. “You need to kneel between my legs … yes, just like that.”

She took hold of my prick, and had me lay on top of her, which put my stomach on her smooth white belly, and my rampant prick in the nest of hair around her entrance. Then using her long tapered fingers, Denise guided me—already slick with excitement—into the delicious sensations of her velvety warm oily folds.

“You need to give it a good push, my love,” Denise said, her voice already husky with lust. “Although I would enjoy some sweet kisses from you before we start.”

I kissed her deeply and passionately, silently thanking my good fortune in having her choose me to sample her many charms. I tried to take stock of the many sensations I was experiencing — her pointed nipples against my chest, the silky softness in the hollow of her throat, the sweetness of her breath, but overpowering all else was the motion of her hips as she deftly moved so that I was drawn ever deeper into the recesses of her vagina.

“Yesssss,” Denise hissed as my fingers found her clit and circled it.

She leaned slightly to one side and turned her head to kiss me again. As our tongues met, she started moaning and grabbed the back of my head. I started to fuck her automatically, moving steadily, not franticly as I was enjoying the overall sensations too much to hurry the finish.

I felt Denise’s body tense up once, then twice, and then groaning into my mouth she came. It seemed she was trying to suck the air from my body for a moment and I almost panicked, but she let go of the back of my neck and our mouths came apart and I took a deep breath then resumed humping her.

“My God, you made me cum in no time at all. I must have wanted this more than I realized.”

“Should I stop, Denise?” I inquired, although I wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard.

“No! No, don’t stop, Donald my love. I … I can … I mean I’m close again!”

I did my best impression of a rutting rabbit and brought her to a second riotous climax, quickly followed by my own.

“Don’t move,” Denise whispered after wiggling out from under me and grabbing my cock. Then she squeezed the last few drops of sperm from its tip onto her tongue and kütahya escort gleefully swallowed.

We lay there for a while, drifting down from our mutual high, me sucking languidly on her right tit, she holding the head of my cock in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue.

Eventually, I let the nipple fall from my lips and rested my face between her generous breasts. I could hear her heart pounding. It felt good to sit there with this woman beside me, her arms holding me tightly to her.

“I love it that you’re hard for me again,” she said with wanton unrestraint. “Young men have a resiliency that older men, like my Frank lack. If you let me, I’ll teach you how to please a woman so that she’ll never leave you.”

I could only profess my thanks to Denise by kissing her softly on the lips and tasting myself on them.

“I take it that that’s a yes,” she laughed.

“Yes, that’s a big fat yes, my love,” I answered.

“Men, and I use the term loosely,” she said, “I don’t want you thinking I’ve lumped you into same category as most men. But men in general never consider the sex from a woman’s perspective.”

“You mean like Frank?” I asked, having watched them fuck from my peephole.

“Frank? Why would you…? Have you been spying on us?”

“No!” I said, perhaps protesting with too much energy.

“You have!” Denise cried and jumped from the bed and made right for the wall where the tiny hole was located.

Rubbing her hand over the wall it took no time at all before she found it.

“I knew it! How long have you been watching me?”

I was crushed at being caught so red-handily and feared she would deny me any further sensuous delights, even worse, that she would tell Frank and he would take a switch to me and disgrace me in front of my mother and sister.

I picked honesty in lieu of lying although I did temper the truth a little, confessing that I had been so struck by her beauty that on learning she and Frank would have the room next to mine that I drilled a hole in the wall in hope of catching her in a state of undress.

“I … I never thought to see you and Frank ….”

Denise’s eyes were wide, but not with anger. Excitement would be a better choice of words. “What did you see first?” she asked in a croaky tone laden with sexual craving.

“I … I saw you undressing. That first night.

“What did you do about it?”

“No … nothing, Denise. I just looked.”

“I know that’s not true, Donald. What did you do?”

“I masturbated.”

“How many times, Donald? Her voice had gone soft, but the craving was still in her eyes.

“I lost count.” I said.

“I don’t believe you … Donald,” she added disdainfully.

“I don’t … because … because Frank came in and you … you did it,” I managed to get out before shutting up.

“You must have played with yourself while watching us … didn’t you, Donald?” The sarcasm in her tone spoke volumes.

I have never let another woman know that I have spied on them. And quite a few have asked me if I had. But after this episode with Denise, I would never admit to it. I would however, tell them that I wished I had, and several provided me with the opportunity (including Denise) to watch them with another man, or in two cases, another woman.

Satisfied with my story, Denise told me that she could forgive a young man for the one mistake, but no others. I whispered an apology and then Denise began to act as if nothing untoward had occurred between us.

“I was saying,” She said casually, “men in general never consider the sex from a woman’s perspective.”

“How so?” I put in, delighted that we would be renewing our sexual proclivities.

“It happens that the woman usually takes longer to … heat up, if you get my meaning.”

“I understand what you just said, but just now I thought you came rather quickly. In fact, you managed to come before I did, and I’m a man.”

Denise laughed, and replied, “That’s true enough, but I had been simmering for a while, and you may recall that I had already achieved one orgasm. When that happens it doesn’t take all that much to reach another. You will note that after a man spends a period of rest or recuperation is required. Unless, that is, the man is young, like yourself.”

Titillated by her compliment, I made my penis jump and was pleased to hear her shriek with laughter. “All right, Donald, let the lessons begin. Do you see that little projection at the upper part of my pussy?”

Her index finger glided over the point in question and I nodded affirmatively.

“That, Donald, is my clitoris, or clit. It is the site of the most exquisite sensations a woman can experience. Most men don’t know or even care about its existence.”

She had my utmost attention now. I recalled Miss Ginger’s state of excitement rising when I had touched her in that area. I recalled that Miss Ginger had been fairly specific about how to touch her there, and how she had returned to that place when we masturbated for each other the one time.

“I malatya escort see,” was all I said, and that bothered Denise, for she added rather pointedly, “Look closer. See it’s a tiny pebble now, but as I stoke it you’ll see it grow.”

“It’s like my erections,” I offered as it did indeed increase slightly in size.

“Exactly, Donald, only nowhere as big. But if you titillate it with your tongue or suck it, it will become harder and more projecting. But I warn you, touch it carefully, for it is extremely sensitive and require the gentlest treatment.

“Now I want you to place your lips to it, and very softly suck on it.”

“I did as instructed and found it responded by stiffening and almost doubling in size. I also saw that Denise was quaking under this sucking and quite close to coming again. Miss Ginger had reacted in a similar manner, and I filed this away for further consideration.

“Shall I stop?” I inquired, testing her response. I was confident I knew what her answer would be. “NO! KEEP AT IT!” she replied sounding panic stricken that I might halt my ministrations.

I resumed my sucking, and recall thinking that no matter how repulsive it might seem, sucking a cock must be quite similar to this, and I already knew that I enjoyed sucking on her, and thereby set the groundwork for a future experience with a man.

Denise signaled her appreciation of my effort by several convulsive twitches of her buttocks. I answered by slipping my hand under my chin—the position was awkward, but I managed to thrust my thumb into her cunt. My forefinger was somewhat in the way, but entry was aided by the steady flow of her juices and I fingered, or more aptly, thumbed her, adding greatly to the pleasure already underway.

My head was pressed so firmly against her cunt that I had difficulty in breathing, but I managed to keep up the action of tongue and thumb until I felt her hands on my head and her fleshy thighs closed on my cheeks as if in a vice. I tried to voice my protest, but just then Denise let loose a torrent of juice that poured down into my mouth and over my chin, neck, and hand as her convulsions increased.

In this state, Denise had no idea of what she was doing, or where she was. (She confided this to me a little later.) Then gasping for breath, she relaxed those powerful thighs and I was free to breathe again, and did so, until she clasped me to her genitals again.

I was happy to resume licking and sucking on that most sensitive part of her anatomy, grateful for the knowledge she had imparted to me that enabled me to bring her to this unimaginable state of blissful contentment.

Minutes may have passed before either of us spoke. It was Denise who voiced the first tender words. “Oh, my darling, come kiss me. You have given me so much delight.”

I did so, but managed to place my erection in the groove of her well-moistened gash that lay raised on a pillow so conveniently placed earlier. “No, Donald …I can’t, I really can’t!”

But I already held her around the waist, and my cock was right where it was meant to be.

“I am exhausted, dear boy!” But there was something lacking in her tone. I couldn’t place it then, but after later consideration I decided that while the lady was saying, “No, no, she really meant, “Yes, yes.”

I shut her mouth with a thousand fluttering kisses, used my tongue to some extent and had her eager to fuck in no time at all.

“Stop, just for a moment, please!” she begged as I sank into the sticky marsh of her twat.

Stop, I promise we’ll do it. I want you to reposition yourself.”


“You’ll love it, I promise!”

“You’re not going to cheat me, are you?”

“Oh, no! I’m on fire for you!”

With great reluctance, I pulled out of her and she quickly turned herself round, and getting on her hands and knees, presented her magnificent behind to me. For a moment I thought she wanted me to take her anally, and would gladly have done so, but she anticipated me and said, “Oh, no! Not there!”

“But,” I protested.

“Give it to me, Donald. I’ll put it in the right hole.”

However, I was moved to an action of my own and stooped forward, pushed my face between those glorious cheeks and found the lovely little spidery orifice, kissed it once and then thrust my tongue in.

“OH!” she gasped in surprise, “That tickles so!” Then she flinched, causing her cheeks to squeeze shut, locking me out. And with my prick in hand, Denise guided my love-stick to her cunt and engulphed it up to the very hair of her pudendum.

This new position—for me—gave my beautiful instructress an ability to apply more pressure on my prick—in addition to the sight of her glorious buttocks heaving under my movements, which made me want to place my cock in that dark hole at the earliest opportunity.

The feeling was mind-blowing. I could feel the heat of her walls along the entire length of my shaft, and I felt like I was going to cum without her having to do anything else. And yet, as I plowed relentlessly in and out, Denise manisa escort rolled her hips in kind of a circle in reply before turning her head back toward me and laughing lewdly.

“You were right,” I told her. She laughed and began clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscles around me. The feeling was exquisite.

“Play with my tits, Sweetie!”

I did, twisting and tweaking her nipples. “Fuck yes, baby! My nipples are so fucking sensitive. I wish you could suck them, but I understand.”

She was gasping and moaning as fucked. With my cock hammering into her I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I just hoped to make her cum again as well.

We must have fucked this way for some twenty minutes or more before she yelled, “When you get there … baby, don’t … hold back! Cum … in … me! Cum in me!”

That pretty much ended any restraints I might have had. My balls began to throb, and hands on her hips I used my waning energy to jackhammer those last dozen strokes. Denise seemed to match my actions, driving her body down onto my cock faster and faster.

“Yes … yes … do it!”

Then seconds later: “So close … so … fucking close!”

I felt the muscles near my prostate tightening and I grabbed her hips with my hands. My fingers dug into her flesh, holding her down on my cock. Restraining her in this way seemed to spur her on as much as her words were spurring me on.

“Oh … YEAH!”

My cock pulsed and I exploded into her. She groaned in my ear, continuing to tell me to cum in her as we collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted.

I have, in the years since, lain with many women, but this was the most memorable of all as it was really an initiation of sorts into the mysteries of the female mind. ________________________________________

“So tell me about the girl’s you’ve known,” Denise said, testing my truthfulness and ensuring that I was indeed her first woman.

“Um, you mean my sister’s?”

“No, I mean the girls at school; surely they’re all over you, with your good looks and that big bulge along the side of your leg.”

“Um, there are no other girls … well, I asked one to the prom and she said yes, but I can’t get her to go out with me before the prom. I don’t even know if her father will let her go to the damn prom.”

“Oh, you poor thing. You’ve run into a bad daddy, have you? Well, perhaps I can help you out there.”

“You can?” I said hopefully, for Alice was, or had been foremost on my masturbatory thoughts before seeing Denise and Frank cavorting in their bed.

“Donald, most fathers resent any male sniffing around their daughters. It’s probably because they want to fuck them themselves. Well, maybe subconsciously at least, and so they become overly protective. A strong second is they usually want someone they find suitable for their daughters, someone rich, for instance. Or someone with the potential to become either rich, or influential, and can provide for their daughters.

“You fit the bill; you have a substantial trust as I understand it. Don’t you stand to come into several million when you reach a certain age?”

I nodded, this was going somewhere, and I wanted to hear more.

I recommend you go call on Mr. Whateverhisnameis, make certain he knows who you are. Um, maybe, tell him up front that you’re Donald Stevenson Clark, Jeremy Stevenson Clark’s son. And that you have already asked Alice to the prom.

He must already know this, Donald, but tell him anyway. Then ask if you can have a moment of his time. He’ll invite you in, perhaps offer you a drink. Decline any alcohol, accept water, soda or juice; nothing else. Then, when seated and with your drink, tell him he has an impressive home, I expect he probably does, but one never knows. At any rate, now you tell him that after graduation, you’re going off to the University of Georgia to become … what, Donald?”

“Um, either law or medicine. I’m undecided.”

“Tell him medicine, unless he’s a lawyer, then put law first.”

Denise went on, trying to anticipate Mr. Mattingly’s questions and actions until she ran out of ideas and said, “That’s about it. If he throws something at you from left field, answer from your heart.

Above all, face up to him. He’s a father, not an ogre. He’s protecting his daughter; your job is to show him you feel essential the same way, even through you probably want to jump her bones more than life itself.”

“Denise!” I started to protest.

“Oh, be quiet, you know you do, and I know you do. Even what’s her name at the very least senses you want to get into her pants.”

“Alice,” I sputtered, “Alice is her name, and I do want to get into her pants,” but I was already wondering if Denise might be of some assistance in doing so.

“And I’ll help you there, but first you have to convince her father to let you take her out.”

“YES!” I thought, and then realized what she had just said. “He won’t ….”

“He will! Now, you can use my wedding as a means to have her over. You need a partner at the ceremony, get it?”


“I think you see where I’m going. You need a partner… of course either Maureen or Ashley will probably walk down the aisle with you on their arm, but Mr. Mattingly doesn’t know that. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to ask Alice over to your home to meet with family members prior to the wedding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32