Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 10

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After the brief visit to Richard’s uncle it was time to continue my new relationship with Tom.

Chapter 10: Secrets and sex

A little over an hour and a half after leaving behind the pretty island of Bequia we were enjoying a buffet breakfast at our favourite table on Young Island, when our friends joined us. I gave Tom a big grin, it had only been twenty hours, but when you are in a new sexual relationship it seemed like years.

“We didn’t expect to see you so early,” he laughed, clearly pleased to see me, and not only in his face! We all hugged, saving the passionate kisses for later, and obviously looking forward to continuing what we had started the night before last, this time for a whole day and night. We all agreed to meet up here at breakfast at the same time tomorrow.

Spotting Sophie at her customary corner table, I was a little surprised to see her accompanied by her husband Paul, clearly wondering if their tryst with Mike and Rita had ended and they would now be searching for new candidates to share in their decadent lifestyle. For one horny moment I entertained the thought of asking them to join Tom and me in my chalet tonight, but quickly remembered how I had spent the last day and night yearning to get my new lover on his own. I did however keep my options open by whispering ‘rain check’ into her ear as we passed her table. Looking back over my shoulder with a smirk I saw Paul grin as my message was passed on! I wondered if he still remembered our quickie in the bathroom all those years ago? I had broken the towel rail clinging desperately on as he had fucked me standing up. I recall my mum calling that a knee-trembler.

Tom, being a birdwatcher (!), had been going on all week about looking for some semi-extinct duck, whose habitat was known to be on the main island of St Vincent, and asked me if I would like to come along to help him locate it. I remember replying rather sweetly that while I was with him I didn’t really care where he took me, as long as we could be alone. I had plans for him of my own and they included another rare bird, namely me! We said goodbye to the other two at the harbour where their boat was moored and, after buying some sandwiches and beers, took a taxi into the hills.

Once we were alone we kissed with the memories of Saturday night and with a promise of things to come. We entered a pretty nature reserve. There were none of the promised animals or birds in sight and, soon getting bored, we detached ourselves from the guide group and headed upward along a narrow trail through the woods, eventually coming out on to a little plateau with a stunning view of our little detached love-island hundreds of feet below. I could just make out the hammocks where all made love last week.

After a frustrating day yesterday to follow the previous wonderful night of sex together, I was understandably horny, to put it mildly. We sat on the grass gazing at each other in total lust, almost oblivious to the wonderful view. Tom made to push me on my back but I put out my hand. If the majority of the power on this planet is supposedly held by man, then we women can console ourselves with their one weakness. The blowjob.

We have total control over the timing, the location, how much we put in our mouths, the speed we suck and how long we make it last. And of course we dictate where they cum. Men have this odd fascination of shooting their sperm in our faces or over our breasts. I truly believe that to be purely an exhibition of how much they can produce. I recollect that any of my past boyfriends that didn’t cum in any quantity never asked the question!

So, on this little secluded part of our planet I was about to demonstrate my power over man. This man. The very man who last week I had seen fucking an ex-whore on the beach. A rather nice ex-whore, mind you!

I held his face close to mine and kissed his nose, “The other night you had the lower half of my body Tom, and gave me pleasure beyond anything I have ever known. Now it’s my turn to say thank you to your lower half.”

I looked down at the involuntary response in his pants, and licked my lips. He was clearly very hard. Needless to say I was already pretty much on heat too.

“And what do you have in mind young lady?” He suggestively stroked the outline of his cock.

“I am going to do something for you I have only ever done with my ex-husband.”

He looked at me in surprise. Much later he confessed he thought I had referred to anal sex, but all the same he grinned and hastily unzipped his shorts in readiness for what I really had in mind.

“Yes my darling, you are right to get him out. You know what? I am going to suck your delicious cock and …”

He interrupted me with a startled expression, “You mean you only ever sucked your husband?”

I gave him my most disparaging look, “Don’t be silly Tom. You didn’t let me finish.”

“You did the other night, five times if I recollect!” he joked.

I grabbed his arm and turned his face to mine.

“Be İstanbul Escort serious Tom, I’m fucking horny and this is a big thing for me.”

He blew my curls away from my forehead and tenderly kissed my eyes.

“Sorry, go on then.” He pointed to his erection, all pink and glowing in the morning sunlight. “You have probably noticed I’m horny too!”

I sighed, “I was about to say that I’m going to suck you and then…” I paused, my little finger touching the lilac tip of his cock, “…and then I want to swallow your cum, every single drop, okay?”

His eyes widened in obvious delight as I wrapped both hands fully around the object of my desire, the tips of my fingers barely enclosing his enormous girth.

I pressed my lips to his mouth, my words punctuated by little kisses, our eyes inches apart, “Tom darling, no doubt loads of girls have dutifully done this for you before now, but for me a blowjob is always something special. I consider it an act of devotion and joy, not a labour of love.”

His hands delved into my top, seeking out my breasts as he grinned, “I would certainly consider it most joyful, feel free to devote!”

I gripped his hard flesh more tightly and he winced. “Listen you. For me, the pleasure of getting a man’s hard cock into my mouth is pretty close to the sensation of having it in my pussy. So shut the fuck up and enjoy, okay?”

He nodded sheepishly and I went to work. Right there on the top of that cliff I sucked on the cock of my new lover as that true act of devotion, my mouth stretched more than it had ever been before, thrilled with the moment he shivered when my tongue teased his little pee slit. Before taking him into my mouth I had licked and teased his hairy balls, sucking lustily on each testicle in turn, and then slowly working my way up the sides of his shaft, teasing him with the tip of my tongue. Oh such divine power!

Tom told me later that he only remembered the suck and cum bit, but all the licking and tickling is to this day still as clear as if it was happening right now. With his girth I knew I would not be able to suck him for too long without my jaws giving out, so I focused my attention on the outside of his cock. All too soon his groaning indicated he was pretty close, so I relented and took him back fully into my mouth, sucking and stroking more rapidly, whilst teasing his balls. Fortunately his thickness prevented him from reaching the back of my throat so there was no chance of my gagging as I am prone to do, my brother being a recent prime example! Not that I remember complaining!

For barely a minute more my head bobbed up and down giving him the ultimate pleasure, and if he hadn’t held his breath and grabbed my hair I would have had no warning of the explosion to come. As his sperm splattered the back of my throat he gently fucked my mouth as if to help release every single drop.

For a moment I held both his pulsing cock and the generous amount of cum in my mouth. What I did next I had studied from one of my brother’s porn films and first performed it for Jim my late husband, and of course it blew his mind. Very slowly I drew my mouth back off his cock, and opened my lips widely to show what he had done in my mouth, his generous deposit fully within view, cradled in my curled-up tongue. Staring intently into his eyes, I closed my mouth and swallowed it all down with one exaggerated gulp. He gasped when I poked out a clear pink tongue at him and smacked my lips. The look on his face, knowing I had only ever done this for one other man, was indescribable.

“Yum yum,” I grinned. “Better in than out, as they say.”

“I feel very privileged,” he replied, breathing heavily and holding me close, his hand sneaking under the hem of my shorts.

“You should be, it’s only the second time I have ever done that.”

When he leaned forward to kiss me, he must have tasted a hint of cum on my lips but, to my delight and, unlike that time with my brother, he didn’t recoil in horror. I was beginning to realise that, in that other hammock I had found someone rather special. To satisfy my own curiosity I asked him if any of his previous lovers had performed that same treat for him.

“What, cum or swallow?”

“Both!” I laughed.

He thought for a moment, idly caressing his slowly wilting cock. It leaked out a little droplet and he groaned as I leaned down and quickly scooped it up with my tongue, lewdly smearing it over my lips.

“I have been very lucky, the only woman who wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth was my ex-wife, she wouldn’t let me put my cock in there at all, period. Her pussy was pretty much taboo too!”

“God, what a hard bitch, she really missed out. What about swallow, like I just did?”

Tom looked away for a moment, clearly embarrassed about something.

“Come on, don’t be shy.”

“Okay. It was with my very first girlfriend, the one I first had sex with I mean. She told me she had had cocks in her mouth before and really enjoyed getting boys hard but…”

I Anadolu Yakası Escort interrupted, “That sounds just like me! But what?”

“…you won’t believe this, without any warning to me or her, I came in her mouth. It was a first for both of us and she was so caught off guard that she choked and swallowed the lot!” He smiled self-consciously. “I never saw her again.”

I laughed loudly, “I’m not surprised, a girl has to be prepared for that sort of thing. Anyone else?”

“Only a certain ex-prostitute we both happen to know.”

“Les you mean? No surprise there, I guess that used to be her job. If it’s a man I really like then I do it out of pleasure Tom. When it makes a man feel good, then I get off too. There’s only been two men I would do that for,” I added, “and you are one of them.”

“Isn’t swallowing cum supposed to make your tits grow?”

“Ha ha, from the size of mine, I guess that just proves I haven’t done it very much.”

“The opposite could be said of Les then, her tits are huge. She must have swallowed gallons.”

We both laughed, I pictured a line of erect cocks, all waiting to be pleasured, one after the other, and then shuddered at the thought of stooping so low (forgive the pun) to earn a living. But, as she had said, she had valid reasons not born out of greed, and she could really turn out to be a real find for my brother, either her or my friend Helen. As his uncle suggested yesterday, his nephew needed sexing up, a lot. I wondered if his little Russian wife had gagged on Richard’s oversized prick like I had the very first time I sucked him off. And no-one has cum in such quantity as my brother. Not even Tom just now.

Sucking Tom’s cock had increased my own need for sexual gratification and while we sat eating the lunch we had brought with us, I looked down at the myriad of boats in the water, wondering which one contained our original partners, and whether their romance had yet turned fully sexual. Having had a boat-mad father I have only experienced two extreme emotions in my short life so far, seasickness and horny! Enough to say that at this moment I was on dry land. I was beginning to realise however that while a blowjob was easy to conceal, this particular location was far too exposed in which to fuck, also the ground was pretty uncomfortable. Added to that I could see that Tom wasn’t quite ready yet!

As we tucked into our bagels and beer we shared some of our sexual experiences and fantasies, and he asked me about my college days. When I told Tom about my teenage masturbation sessions with my brother, but without yet revealing his identity, he nearly choked on his beer. As I related all the lurid details, and we both started fondling ourselves, I knew it was time to share my big secret. I wondered what would be his reaction!

“Then two weeks ago I slept with him.”

“Fuck! Your brother?”

“Exactly! I fucked my brother!”

“You actually slept with your own brother? I thought you only read about that in fantasy stories.”

“This was no fantasy Tom, I really did have sex with him. It was a spontaneous thing, his girlfriend had just ditched him, I hadn’t had sex in ages and he was ripe for seduction. It was just a pussy and cock thing though.”

He grinned at me with a mouthful of lettuce, “Isn’t that how fucking usually works?”

“You know what I mean, it was just spontaneous sex, that’s all. We did it on two occasions.”

Tom cocked his head to one side, “Umm, I don’t get that, how can it be twice and spontaneous?”

“Well, it was, both times.”

Tom was silent while he digested this information, then grinned sheepishly, it was his turn to surprise me.

“I don’t know why I should be shocked, because in my teens I fancied my sister. She was much sexier than any of my own girlfriends. She would have been horrified if she knew I used to masturbate when I heard her having sex in the next room with her boyfriend.”

“That’s funny, I did exactly the same if I thought my brother was wanking in his room. I was always open about sex with him, we shared practically everything, so it wasn’t such a big thing to go to the full sex bit. Unlike me though, he is very introverted, but the one thing we do have in common is that we both love sex. When he gets going that is!”

“If he’s anything like you Sue, he must be a real special guy.”

It was time to tell, I nervously awaited his reaction.

“Well, you should know, you’ve met him!”

“What? When?”

I grinned, “Underneath me in a certain hammock last week.”

For a moment Tom’s mind was clearly in a daze, his hand frozen on his semi-erect cock. Only a humming bird broke the deathly silence. Finally the gears engaged.

“Richard? Richard’s your brother?”

“Uh huh.” I smiled at him softly.

“Bloody hell, you kept that quiet!”

“For a very good reason Tom.”

“That is so fucking…” he searched for the right word.

“Dirty, Tom?”

“Not at all. It’s Kartal Escort fucking sexy actually!”

“That’s what I think too. I have no regrets.”

“So that’s what Les wouldn’t tell me.”

I nodded, “She thought it was quite funny, especially when she compared it with her own past.”

“So now we are all out in the open?”

“Well, I don’t know if Rich knows about her yet, but I did sort of hint at it the other night.”

I looked down, subconsciously we were both touching ourselves.

“Tom, do you realise we are both doing what Rich and I used to do together?”

My fingers were secretly teasing my soaking wet pussy and Tom was gently stroking his cock, coaxing it back into its full glory, my last statement helping it on its way. I was so in need of an orgasm, the desire to jump on him was intense, but I knew strangers might come our way. By just fooling around I knew we could cover up quickly.

“Did you ever see him cum?” he asked, watching my hand move inside my shorts.

“Of course I did! That was the best bit. I love watching guys shoot their stuff, once I asked him to cum on my tits.”

“And did he?”

“Oh yes!” I told him about the blowjob I had witnessed in college and subsequently rushed home desperately horny, hoping Rich would be up for a mutual wank.

“He was so turned on at seeing my tits properly for the first time, he couldn’t hold back!”

Tom’s eyes flared with excitement, his hands reaching for my top. “I would like to do that.”

I shook my head and took his hand, placing it back around his stiff cock.

“In a while darling, let me finish telling you what happened, I think you will like this.”

What I was about to relate was something very close to my heart, only two men had ever enjoyed sharing my fetish, if you could call it that. I was pretty sure Tom might be the next.

“Okay, here goes.” I took a deep breath. “When Rich came on my tits, a little bit landed on the corner of my mouth and I asked him to kiss me. We had kissed in the past by the way, that was always part of our masturbation sessions.”

Tom stared intently at me, his hand now frozen on his cock. “And did he?”

“No way. He looked at me in disgust, pulled up his pants and called me a whore. We never did anything together again, apart from the recent shags that is.”

“Had you ever done that before?”

“Yes, that’s why I asked him. It was with an older guy who was engaged to be married. He wanted to have as much fun as possible before he tied the knot and he enjoyed everything I suggested. He even used to lick me after he had cum in my pussy.”

To my great relief Tom grinned. “Is that all? Been there, got the postcard!”

Now horny beyond belief, I had an idea and I veered away from the subject for a moment.

“Tom, you said just now you had thoughts about your sister. Did you ever really want to fuck her?”

“Oh, too right! I remember one night very late seeing her snogging her boyfriend in the back garden, and then they came inside to her room. I could hear them going at it big time and wished it was me in there with her.”

“Did you masturbate?”

“What do you think? Of course I did! That I do remember, and it wouldn’t have been the first time either. I used to hear her cum when she played with her vibrator. I knew she had one because she left it by the bath one day by mistake. Would it put you off if I told you I sniffed it?”

I shook my head rapidly, “Not at all Tom, I sniff my own! Fancy that, brother and sister wanking together, with only a thin wall between you, neither of you knowing, that really turns me on.”

“I can see that!” he laughed, looking down at my fingers working away inside my pants.

“I bet you wished you could have wanked openly with your sister like Rich and I did.”

He shook his head smiling. “Of course I do, but she would have freaked out if she as much as saw a lump in my pants!”

Suddenly I wanted Tom to be part of the fantasy that I once played out with my brother.

“I want you to do something for me Tom. And maybe later something else too.”

His eyes lit up and if his cock had been a beacon that would have beamed too! He was sure it was to be something sexual. “What?”

Checking there were no onlookers I lifted my hips and lowered my pants and raised my top, exposing my tanned breasts and moist pussy to the sunlight.

“I want you to wank with me Tom, just like Rich and I used to.”

Tom looked a little disappointed, I was sure he was expecting to fuck me. All the same he gasped when I delved a finger in to my pussy, eager to release my pent up passion.

“I want you to pretend I’m your horny sister, and that we are going to do what I did with my brother. Pretend her boyfriend has left her unsatisfied and she has called you into her room, and she’s sitting on her bed, her legs apart, her pussy open, wet and ready.”

Tom was breathing heavily, clearly imagining what might have been, “Okay Liz.”

“Who’s Liz?”

Tom was starting to masturbate slowly, “My sister, she’s called Elizabeth.”

“Oh right” I studied his prick, “Am I being selfish Tom? Can you cum again so soon?”

“Try me! You seem to have forgotten Saturday!” How could I forget that multi orgasmic night?

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