Sister Swap Pt. 02

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“Nervous?” I asked as we headed over to her sister’s house.

“God, yes. I’m feel like a virgin about to get fucked. How about you?”

“Me too. Your sister says tonight we will do our thing separately. You and Tom will use the guest bedroom and Janet and I get the master. She said next time all four of us will be in the master.”

“Sounds like she has it all planned out.”

“She said we would likely be nervous the first time and doing it separately would be easier. You looking forward to having Tom again?” I had to ask.

“Yeah, he was good in bed. That was before we were married, honey. It was just sex then, just like tonight will just be sex.”

“Hi, guys. Come on in. Tom is in the kitchen getting drinks and we can visit for bit.”

We sipped margaritas and talked about the upcoming playoffs. My mind was elsewhere and eventually the conversation reached an awkward lull.

“Bob, I could tell you were really shocked by our invitation,” Janet said. “Tom and I played around back in college. He was one of the guys I regularly bedded. We like the variety of swapping with others.”

“Who are they?”

“The latest is a nice couple our age, married right out of high school. Karen and Jim. We socialized frequently, mostly here to watch the games. It all started innocently with a little flirting. Neither had ever had sex with anyone else so swapping was a big adventure for them. Now we get together at least once a month.”

“You said you hoped the four of us could also get together.”

“I’m a pushover for big cocks.”

Susan smiled and took my hand. This was it, time to commit. But now that it was about to happen my thoughts ranged from unbearable jealousy to extreme arousal. Unless I objected my wife was about to be fucked by another guy.

“Have fun,” I finally managed to say. Susan squeezed my hand and kissed me on the cheek. Tom took her by the hand, headed to the bedroom. She gave me a last look. “I love you, honey.”

“Don’t worry, Bob, she will be fine. I’m so looking forward to having your big cock in me. I like to suck cock, that ok?” she asked as we moved to the bed. “Oh, what a nice one! It’s even bigger than I guessed.”

Minutes later I exploded into her mouth.

“Wow, you really cum a lot. Sorry I couldn’t take you all the way, way too big.”

“Susan can’t either. But you are really talented.”

“How soon will you be ready to fuck?”

“I took some Viagra on the way over so I should be ready pretty soon. Anyway, I want to eat your pussy first.”

“Oh, yes, I hoped you would. She said you are the best she ever had.” Janet bent her legs and spread, opening her bare pussy.

“Your pussy looks just like Susan’s!” I noted.

“Eat me, Bob. Eat your wife’s sister and see if I also taste the same.”

Hesitating no longer I spread her pussy lips apart with my tongue. Sliding up and down with the tip, I flicked up to her clitoris then back down. Finding her vagina, I pushed in, now using both tongue and lips to kiss and probe her already dripping pussy. She tasted better than I could ever have imagined.

“Oh, Bob, damn that feels so good! Keep fucking me with your tongue.”

I licked and sucked as her excitement increased. When she seemed close I pushed in two fingers and tonged her clitoris to take her over the top.

“Oh, baby, that’s going to make me come. Taste me. Oh…. “. She grabbed my head and mashed my face to her pussy as she lifted her hips in climax, then slumped down in exhaustion.

Now it was my turn and shoved into her from behind. She was so totally wet and open.

“Oh, god, you are big,” she gasped as I bottomed. “Oh, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like you fuck my sister.”

Her pussy felt snug like my wife’s. I settled into a rhythm using the full length of my cock.

“Do you like my pussy, Bob? Which do you prefer, mine or Susan’s?”

“I want both,” I responded diplomatically. “Two beautiful pussies that fit my cock like gloves. You know this won’t be a one-time thing.”

“I hope not.”

Our bantering ceased as her climax approached. Suddenly she arched her back and her pussy grasped my cock. “Oh baby, oh… fuck me. Go faster, oh… oh…,” she implored as she had a second orgasm.

“Janet, get on top and fuck me,” as I abruptly pulled out and rolled to her side.

She mounted facing me and positioned my cock at her vagina. We kissed as she lowered herself, my cock reentering her hot pussy. She raised up until only the tip was in and then lowered back bursa eskort down. Each time she would take a little more before she bottomed out.

Now she took control, rocking back and forth, raising up until just my cock head was between her lips, then slamming down. I was content to let her set the pace. She arched her back with sheer pleasure and continued rocking back and forth. My cock was tingling, her pussy was dripping. I cupped her ass cheeks as she slid up and down my slick shaft.

Suddenly she took me deep, grinding her pussy against my groin and climaxed. Seconds later I filled her with cum. She collapsed on me, my cock embedded in her pussy, and we stayed coupled until my cock slipped out.

“Oh my, we were very good together! God, I’ve never before cum three times,” she giggled and kissed me. “Aren’t you glad we got together? Oh, we probably should get dressed. They might already be finished.”

I had been so distracted that I forgotten about my wife! She and Tom were already up and chatting in the kitchen. I looked at Susan, searching for a clue as to our new status.

She smiled and took my hand. “I’m ready to go, honey.”

“Did you have a good time?” I asked as we headed home.

“God, yes! Did you?”

“Oh, yeah. Your sister is hot stuff and really liked my cock. I had last minute qualms when Tom took your hand to go into the bedroom. Were we making a big mistake? Would our marriage ever be the same? Are we ok, Susan?”

“I’m still your loving wife and you are my handsome stud of a husband. I wanted you to enjoy my sister and it sounds like you did. No harm done.”

“Is your pussy still full of his cum?”

“Yeah, I just put on my panties. Pretty soaked as some has leaked.”

“When we get home I want to eat you and then fuck.”

“You can’t be serious! Eat my pussy with his stuff inside? God, that sounds so nasty. Why do you want to do that?”

“I need to reclaim what is mine, clean you up and fill you with my cum.”

We dashed to the bedroom and tore off our clothes.

“I still can’t believe you are going to do this,” as she spread her legs wide, her still engorged pussy now on full display. “I think I’m stuck together, honey. So much cum! I need your tongue.”

I inserted a finger to nudge her lips apart. Scooting closer I pushed in my tongue, tasting cum for the first time.

“God, that’s so nasty, honey. Do some more.”

I pushed my tongue deeper, the taste now more obvious.

“Oh, wow! No one has ever done that to me. You really know how to turn a girl on.”

“Hold your lips open so I can get deeper.” I placed my mouth directly over her opening, licking, and sucking Tom’s cum from her freshly fucked pussy. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her crotch, smothering my face against her open pussy.

“Oh…. Oh…. Oh, god, honey. Oh, baby,” she babbled and humped against me.

Not wasting a moment, I thrust my rock-hard cock into her still spasming pussy. Her juice and his cum made her so slick I could hardly feel the sides. Pushing hard against her ass I felt the firmness of her cervix as I bottomed out. I held her hips and used the full length of my cock, pulling back until just the head of my cock was inside, then slamming deep. Over and over, I pushed into her. Susan met each thrust, tilting her hips upwards.

“Oh fuck….,” she responded to each thrust. “Oh… “.

I didn’t last long and filled her pussy as she again exploded in orgasm. I slowly moved in and out as my cock gradually grew flaccid.

“Oh, honey, you really know how to turn me on. So awesome. Now do me again.”

Sure, why not. Her pussy was gaping and red and a steady stream of cum, my cum, leaked down the crack of her ass. I moved back between her legs and gently licked and sucked.

Afterwards Susan curled up on her side with me spooned against her. We fell asleep, exhausted by our lovemaking. Sometime during the night I awoke, my cock hard and rubbing against her ass. I positioned it between her legs and into her pussy. I gently moved in and out and a minute later she stirred. “Feels good, honey. Just like that.”

She fell back asleep as I gently continued. A few minutes later I fell asleep, my cock still in inside her.

We showered together in the morning and returned to bed.

“Any regrets?” she asked

“I guess not. I mean I liked fucking your sister. Tell me more about you and Tom.”

“I double dated with my sister and we shared guys who were good in bed, even after Tom and bursa escort bayan she got married. I knew as soon as I met you that you were very special. But I loved cock and it was difficult to say no, even after we got engaged.”

I abruptly stopped licking her pussy and got up from the bed. “Did I hear you right? You were bringing back sloppy seconds while we were engaged? How could you do that?”

“It was wrong and I knew it at the time. Afterwards I was too afraid to tell you.”

“Who were you fucking?” I demanded.

“Tom, just Tom. Please, honey, I have been a good wife to you this past year,” she began to cry.

“So that’s why you wanted to get together with them. You wanted Tom and your sister was the bait for me. You cheated on me!”

I stormed out of the bedroom and slumped on the sofa, needing to think. Guys talk and I knew my wife bedded more than her share of guys. But once engaged we committed to each other. At least that was how I saw it. Now to find out she was fucking Tom!

I fell in an uneasy sleep and woke up an hour later. Thoughts continued to swirl in my head. I could turn my back and put an end to my marriage. Or I could accept the reality that she made a mistake and try to move on.

I opened the bedroom door and stood in the doorway. Susan was curled on the bed in a fetal position. I continued to look at my wife, unsure of my next action. My cock had a mind of its own and made the decision for me. Joining her on the bed, I pressed against her back side. Lining up my cock, I slammed deep into her exposed pussy. Time after time I pounded, using my cock to vent my frustration. Gradually I regained control and wrapped my arms around her. She sobbed. I cried.

“Oh, honey, I love you so much. I’m so, so sorry.”

“I love you too, Susan.”

As I felt her body relax I turned her on her tummy with my cock still inside. Slowly I picked up the tempo with gentle, deep strokes.

“So good….. so good… fuck me, honey. Fuck me with that big, wonderful cock of yours.”

She humped against me as I easily penetrated her gushing hole. Minutes later I filled her pussy as her tight vagina milking me. She thrust back at me even harder and climaxed. I pressed against her backside, my hand on her gaping pussy as we came down from our sexual high.

“God, that was so good, the absolute best,” as she resumed crying.

“Better than Tom?” I had to ask.

“I was a fool to stay involved. Please, let’s put that in the past. My pussy is only for you.”


I returned from work and Susan met me at the door, crying. I scooped her into my arms as she sobbed.

“What happened, honey? Tell me.”

She continued sobbing but managed to say that the police called, there had been a car accident. A truck ran into their car.

“Whose car? Janet and Tom’s?”

“Yes,” she sobbed. She’s in the hospital, Tom is dead. Oh, god, oh god.”

I was as shocked and upset as my wife. I hugged her tightly and she gradually calmed down.

“The police said a truck ran a stop sign and t-boned their car. Tom is dead! Oh, god.”

She resumed sobbing. “They took my sister to St. John’s. We have to go.”

We waited anxiously in Emergency for an update. After excruciating minutes a hospital aide took us to a room.

“Your sister will be ok. Banged up pretty bad, a broken arm, lacerations. They are checking for internal injuries. That’s all I know at the moment.”

We waited almost an hour before the next update. “The doctors have set her arm and are going to admit her to make sure nothing else shows up. As soon as she’s in her room someone will come to get you. She’s going to be a very sore girl for at least a week.”

The call from the police gave Susan a contact number. I called and confirmed that Tom was dead and had been taken to a local funeral home.

The next few days was chaotic. After Janet was released we brought her to our apartment. She needed help walking and was emotionally distraught. I talked with Tom’s parents about arrangements and met with the funeral home director. Her parents and his both live out of town and were on their way.

We tried to create some sense of normality while Janet stayed with us. She and my wife shared lots of tearful talk. It was fortunate in a situation like this that they were so close.

“I don’t know if I can go back home. Everything will remind me of Tom and the house will seem so empty. Could I stay here a bit longer?”

We moved görükle escort some personal things into our apartment to make her a comfortable as possible. Gradually we settled into an acceptable routine.

“You guys have been so terrific. I was such a basket case; I don’t know what I would have done without you two. I have been thinking, this may seem crazy but hear me out.

“I’m concerned about money. Most of our income was from Tom and now he’s gone. The mortgage on our home is huge but was doable. Now I’m not sure how I can keep the house. I was thinking, what if you guys moved into my house with me. It’s so big you would have plenty of privacy. You could give up the lease on this place and give me what you now pay as rent. That plus my income might just do it. I know it’s a crazy idea but please give it some thought.”


“What do you think, Susan?”

“I’m concerned with her mental health. I mean, who expects to suddenly lose a husband at our age. I know I would be devastated. I have no doubt we would choke if we saw her mortgage payment. What she proposes makes lots of sense and it won’t be forever.”

“I agree. Our lease is up in two months and our $1600 would go a long way to her keeping the house.”

We put most of our furniture in storage and only moved those items of a personal nature. Janet and Tom’s house had a wing designed to accommodate guests so it was a good setup. The weeks went by and we adjusted to the new arrangement.

“Honey, I want you to do something for me.”


“This is special. It’s been five months since the accident. Janet has accepted what can’t be changed and I see more and more of her old self returning. I want you to take her to bed. She needs to be fucked.”

I had secretly hoped this moment would arrive. Living with two nearly identical, beautiful women was a definite challenge.

“Is this your idea or hers?”

She laughed. “I know my sister, she’s horny. No sex for months. We had a heart-to-heart talk and I offered to let her borrow you.”

Janet joined us and they hugged and cried as I awkwardly stood there. Susan took her sister’s hand and placed it in mine. “Go and have fun.”

Janet spread her legs wide, her eyes closed. Perhaps she was imagining being in bed with her husband Tom. I scooted to her crotch and licked between her lips and then in her dripping pussy. My face was coated with pussy juice as I positioned my cock between her lips. I smeared her juices and my precum on my cock head and then pushed.

She opened her eyes and stared with a dazed expression. Each thrust was met with a look of pain and pleasure on her face. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her pussy milked me in waves as she orgasmed. “Thank you,” she murmured, her eyes sad but now focused on me. We hugged, tears cascading down her face. “Oh, Bob, I miss him so much. Thank you for giving me some loving.”

“OK?” Susan asked as I closed the bedroom door behind me.

“Yeah, she’s asleep. I fucked her eyeballs out. You were right, she needed it.”

“You know this won’t be a one-time thing, Bob. And I need your loving just as much as ever. You are going to be one well-fucked guy. Now, how about fucking me.”

Three hours later we heard the shower running and soon Janet emerged in a robe.

“I don’t know how to thank both of you. Thank you, Bob, for such a considerate fuck. I really needed it. And thank you, sister, for letting me have your husband.”

All three of us hugged. Janet grinned as she felt my cock press against her through her robe.

“I think we should do some celebrating,” she suggested. “Bob, on the shelf over there is our recipe folder. It has Tom’s special margarita. Make up a batch, please.

“A toast to Tom, the very best husband a girl could ever want,” Janet said before bursting in tears. Again we hugged, the emotions affecting me as much as the two girls.

“Bob, your wife and I have been doing some talking about our situation here. I don’t want to live here all by myself. Having you guys stay with me has been so good. I have only been thinking day to day since Tom died but I would like it to continue.

“I don’t see myself marrying someone else. Oh, maybe years from now, perhaps. But in the here and now I would like to be your surrogate wife, to share you with my sister. You would be a surrogate husband and give me a share of your loving.”

I looked at Susan who smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Oh, Janet, how could I ever say no? But the practical side of me wonders if one guy can keep two sexy girls satisfied. But I certainly will take the challenge.”

“We talked about that too,” Susan spoke up. “We have another surprise for you. Janet and I were lovers before boys. If we wear out your cock we can have fun together and you can watch.”

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