Soldier Of Fortune – W/ One Narrator

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This is Louetta. Not too long ago I published a story called Soldier Of Fortune. I used two narrators, me and my oldest brother Rickie. Some folks liked that style, some didn’t. That’s OK. Some people don’t like To Kill A Mockingbird which used the same device and is a classic to many others. Anyway, I am now pleased to present the same story with one narrator, my brother.

My name is Rick. My younger sister Louetta, 18, has seen fit to chronicle some of her more noteworthy adventures in this forum. For a change I’m going to add one more story, written from my perspective, not hers, involving her participation in a game we called Soldier Of Fortune. If you’re familiar with Louetta’s stories, you’ll see immediately what attracted her to our game. Soldier Of Fortune was played at first only by guys and, because of the nature of the game, everyone had to be over eighteen. We played in a large park by the ocean in Maine, which is used for camping and hiking. It is open to the public but is largely deserted because, in addition to being huge, there are no real facilities and it is near nothing. But it is heavily wooded and provided an ideal venue for our purposes.

Soldier Of Fortune is a game of multiple guys chasing after a single enemy spy trying to escape. Each time we played, one of us in turn had to take the role of the escaping spy. The only thing you won if you escaped was that afterward everybody else had to take a turn as the spy until it became your turn again. If the spy was caught he got tied to a tree and his captors could do whatever they wanted to him. I say he, his and him because the participants had always been males, until one of the guys introduced his sister Danielle, who was also, of course, over eighteen. Naturally she got a complete explanation of what might happen to her if she were the spy and couldn’t escape. And there was no realistic possibility she could, especially since half a dozen new guys joined up in anticipation of seeing a desirable girl stripped naked and tied to a tree.

No one objected to this guy’s sister playing, but it was not quite clear if and how the game had to change to accommodate her. Customarily, after the spy was captured and bound, he was stripped as a part of his punishment. And this continued as our new participant had no objection to seeing her male friends naked. In fact she appeared to enjoy it and, depending on who the captured spy was, she added manipulation of his genitals to the torments inflicted. So things continued as before. Everybody took their turn and gave and got theirs. Then one day the inevitable happened and Danielle was the spy. She never had a chance of getting away from the faster, stronger guys. What to do? Well, we proceeded as usual and tied her to a tree. Danielle did not object, and indeed seemed to enjoy the proceedings. Whereas she was young, pretty and had a good body, after we tied her to the tree we took all her clothes off her.

I had of course seen her at the beach before and had been impressed, but having her in the nude was indeed a revelation. She had curly brown hair, including the patch between her legs that partly hid what my sister Louetta is fond of calling her bunny hole. She was lightly freckled all over her body except on her now bare breasts and behind, where the sun never, or at least rarely, shone. And here she was, naked, bound to a tree. And then, without violating any orifices except her mouth with our tongues and her cunt with our fingers, we each in turn spent time enjoying her ample bosom, exploring the sparse patch of hair between her legs, and the softness of her snow-white behind.

I don’t know how long Danielle was our prisoner, but it must have been several hours, which was longer than any guy ever spent as a prisoner. Mostly she laughed, sometimes she cried, and with each of us she enjoyed all the pleasures her own body could give her, except the ultimate one, because none of us dared putting it her girlhood, another of Louetta’s terms. Alone at night I still get off remembering the pleasure that came with complete access to her naked body. Finally we had to finish the game. We all agreed on how to do it. We untied everything except the rope that bound her wrists behind the tree and helped her down to her knees. Then, each in turn, she blew the guys who had captured her. Expertly, like most of the local girls could, including, I guess, my sister Louetta. When we were all satisfied we untied her wrists and she got dressed and we all went for ice cream. Most of us were too young to buy beer.

Danielle played into July and then, having acquired a boyfriend, retired from Soldier Of Fortune. Or maybe it’s a sabbatical, only time will tell. We wanted another girl, and after a month or so enlisted Bethany, who was naturally over 18. If Danielle was game, Beth was positively enthusiastic. She had quite a body and an even better reputation. And she fought like hell to avoid being captured. Danielle had just let us tie her up. I had never seen a girl like Bethany naked, and Kıbrıs Escort certainly never been sucked off by one. Since we allowed the girl to do the sex stuff in private nobody knew for sure, but it was rumored some of the guys fucked her, with her consent of course. After a memorable career at Soldier Of Fortune Bethany retired and was elected to the hall of fame. We all mourned her departure.

So with Danielle and Beth gone we needed still another girl. My sister Louetta, 18, was the choice by acclamation. I thought she might do it too. She had in the past let my brother, 20, and I tie her up, mostly at her invitation because it turned her on to get bound and worked over lightly, and we were considered safe antagonists among the guys she knew. Sister or not, the idea of having her naked and helpless was more than we could resist. I never had a girl of my own who was as horny and offered so much physically. And we all ended up getting off, each on his or her own. As late as June she had let us tie her up again. And we paid her. Would you not agree to pay a pretty girl who let you tie her up and strip her naked and let you jerk off on her bare tummy? Of course. And she got off early and often, so everybody ended up happy.

So I told her about Soldier Of Fortune and found she already knew about it since she knew Danielle and Beth, and they had told her they had sucked me off. Girls talk. She was interested. We sat down over ice cream and talked with two of the other guys. She said she would confer with Danielle and Beth before saying yes. We told her the rules as established with the other girls. If she lost the game she would have to be tied up naked. Then each of the guys could do as they liked to her as far as kissing and touching her. There was no penetration except tonguing her and digital exploration of her pussy. Except that Beth had let selected guys fuck her. To end the game she would have to suck off the guys involved in her capture. So not everybody got blown, but everyone could watch her being stripped naked and everybody could kiss her and feel her up. She seemed enthusiastic.

She conferred with Danielle and Beth. She blackballed some guys and limited the blowjobs to four guys, where Danielle and Beth had happily sucked as many as they could stand. And the guys might have to finish themselves. We agreed. We shook hands on the deal. For me a dream come true. I could tie up and do anything I wanted to my beautiful sister. Well. Anything except fuck her. Just thinking about it was enough to get off on, and I did. I couldn’t wait. But I had to, because there was no guarantee she would be selected as the spy when we played each time. It was drawn by lot among participants who had not been chosen recently and like two dozen guys showed up each time hoping to see Louetta nude and maybe getting her to blow them.

It took a while. We played and the predicted two dozen guys showed up each time. Always a guy was chosen as the spy and mostly they were caught, including me. So Louetta got to see each of us buck naked but she never touched anyone while they were tied to the tree.

Then finally it happened and it was Louetta’s turn to be the spy. There were seventeen of us there that day. But the main players in the rest of the story are the guys who captured her, because they got the blowjobs. There was me, my name is Rick, and Jeff Studer, Ron Harris and Ian Sharpe. Ron Harris she had previously dated and they were on good terms and, we all assumed, had at one time been fucking like little bunnies. Ron, of course, wasn’t talking. She had anticipated her turn as the spy. Her clothing was chosen with care, not to accommodate the summer heat but more so she could be stripped with her hands tied behind her. And she was reasonably camouflaged to help her hide from us. A khaki top with ties at the back of her neck and her back which would come off even with her hands tied behind her, khaki shorts, a Walmart cheap bra and panties that could be cut off and discarded, cheap running shoes which she could discard at the water’s edge, and socks.

As usual she looked awesome. Squeaky clean hair and no make-up to speak of. She left her jewelry behind but, we later found out, kept her nipple rings and her belly button ring. As was her custom she was shaved completely down below, but, of course, we couldn’t make sure until we caught her. The guys were fucking ecstatic. Girl spies got a seven-minute head start, guys only five. When we were ready she took off. We swore in blood, almost, we would capture her in the allotted hour. The guys spread out and just took off in the general direction she had headed in. Me and Jeff and Ron and Ian plotted our own strategy. My sister was a great swimmer. I figured she would make her way to the cove and swim across where the entry from the ocean was the skinniest. So at the appointed time we headed down towards the water to find her.

We spread out at wide angles but each one headed toward the ocean. The brush was heavy Lefkoşa Escort in mid-summer and it was hot as hell in the trees with no wind. The land goes down steeply to the water. We all arrived at the beach without a clue where she was. About fifteen minutes had elapsed. We searched around and found nothing. After half an hour we conferred. Then we got a break, some kayaks were there. Ron asked and they said they saw a girl swimming across the channel that led over to the Pirate’s Cove side and coming out of the water over there. She was soaking wet and in that little top she had on they said you could see everything she had. And that there was plenty. We knew that was her. Ron started swimming across the skinniest part of the channel and we started around on land to get over there. If she got back in the water we would see her. She was trapped. About twenty-two minutes left.

Ron got over first and started coming back to us. We started toward him like African tiger hunters beating the brush. It was tough. At its narrowest there was like 400 feet between the road and the shore. Ten minutes, seven. Then Ron spotted her looking at us from behind a tree, not knowing he was even there coming the other way. He got within maybe thirty feet of her before she saw him and ran. She was fast and tricky but she was penned in by the road and he caught her. When we got there she was face down on the ground and he was sitting on top of her back.

At last Louetta was our prisoner. Her wrists were tied firmly behind her back. We showed her the official watch. There were two minutes to go. We phoned the other guys to say that we had captured her and told them where, but then moved somewhere else to have some privacy, on the other side of Pirate’s Cove Road. Moving her was tough. She struggled and her feet were all cut from running barefoot through the forest but we showed her no mercy. We wanted to be alone with her for the rest of the afternoon. We forced her to her feet and walked her across the road and then further into a thick clump of trees where we could tie her up and deal with her without fear of interruption.

We found a suitable tree. We made her stand with her back to it and untied her hands and re-tied them behind the tree. Tightly. She was helpless. And there was no one but our group around. Slowly some of the other guys started to show up, maybe a dozen. She just stood there forlornly, sniffling a little, but mostly trying to act as defiant as possible. Finally she spoke.

“What do you think you’re going to do to me?”

“We can do anything we want to you,” Ron told her. Of course during their relationship he already had.

“I told Molly about the game and where we’d be,” Louetta said. Molly was our sister.

“What did she say?”

“Nothing. It was like she knew.”

“Knew what?”

“Everything. Like stripping me and the blow jobs.”

“Did you tell her you wanted to?”


“And what did she say?”

“All she wanted to know was who was with me.”

“You told her, and what would happen?”


“You told her you’d be naked? Molly knows we tie naked girls to trees?”

“Everybody knows.”

“They will when they see the pictures.”

“Go ahead! You won.” she said. We had every intention of going ahead.

We started to remove the little top she had on. Jeff Studer did the honors. That would make her happy, I knew she liked him. Of course she was still soaking wet from being in the ocean so you could see right through her top and her cheap white bra. He untied the top behind her neck and pulled it down off her tits. They were really fine, even still in her bra. He pulled the top around so the back was in the front and untied where it had been tied in the back and threw the top down on the ground. I could see her start to breathe a little faster. He put his hands on her chest just under her boobs and pushed his fingers up under the two cups and started feeling her up. Which might not have been a first. Then he pushed the cups up and let her boobs fall out uncovered.

My mouth came open when her tits fell clear of her bra. My throat felt dry. I just looked at her. It dawned on me she was my sister and me and ten other guys were going to see her naked and then enjoy her body. And she knew what we were going to do. It was hard to comprehend, I guess because it was Louetta, not Danielle or Beth. It felt dreamlike. They had all this white cotton rope cut into various lengths that they were going to tie her with. And she’d be there like for hours. Naked. And she knew it and she didn’t object. And she was going to blow me because I was one of her captors.

Jeff cut her bra off with a small knife. She was now naked to the waist. Her nipple rings and the one in her belly button shown bright in the sun falling directly on her body. Her feet were bare. Her shorts were soaking wet but not as transparent as her shirt had been. I tried to block out the fact that besides tying her up and stripping her Girne Escort they were going to do other things to her. I shivered. I don’t know why, I was helping them do it. And she wanted this. In a few moments we all proceeded eagerly with the stripping.

“OK, who’s next?” To help strip her, that is. Ian was next. He unbuttoned the button that held the little piece of cloth that covered the top of the zipper on her shorts and pulled the zipper slowly down. Then he just kind of rolled the waistband down till you could see the tops of her little white panties. Then he pulled the shorts down by the bottom of the legs and gradually more of the panties came in view and then it was down far enough so you could see the tops of her thighs and then it was down around her knees and then down to her feet.

“Step out of them!” She didn’t so he pulled them off her feet. She was naked except for her panties which were about down low enough to show where hair would have been if she had any down there. She breathed even harder than when her tits were bared.

“I want to watch her for a while.” Jeff said it. I wanted to too. So the eleven of us sat down. Some guys smoked. Others drank water.

“Give me a drink!”

“No, no drink.” She must have been thirsty, it was hot as hell. I looked at her longingly. Imagining how her mouth would feel on my cock. Her wet panties pretty much showed everything she had. Tight against her crotch you could see the outline of her genitals. She made some kind of sound and I could see her bare belly rise and fall. Her face was flushed. Her panties were wet from more than the ocean. She was obviously turned on. We all watched her silently. She was beautiful. She trembled a little and you could see the gleam of sweat on her. And not just from the sun shining directly upon her. We just watched her. She was unbelievably beautiful.

“We should strip her all the way!”

The words hung there.

“Yeah,” one of the guys said. Louetta heard. She shook her head. But she knew it was going to happen. She started pulling on the ropes that bound her hands but it was no use and she gave up. After a few minutes she didn’t seem to care. She knew what was going to happen and she wanted it.

“Who gets to do it?”

“Rick, he’s her brother!”

“Go ahead, Rick.”

“Rick. You.” I stepped up to her. I looked her right in the eye and she looked right back. Jeff gave me his knife.

“You care about the clothes?” Jeff asked me.


“Let’s see what she’s got!”

We had all seen it before, well me and Ron. I don’t know how many of the others. With her panties wet from her swim in the ocean and her own bodily fluids you could pretty much see what was there.

I leaned over to my right and slit her panties from the waistband all the way down on her left hip. Then all the way down on the other side. Glued to her body by the wet they hardly moved. I put my hand on the waistband just above her pussy and pulled the fabric down to show her girlhood. That made all of us breathe harder, my sister included.

I couldn’t look her in the face, but I looked hard at the smooth, fatty little lips that guarded the entrance to her cunt. And I wanted nothing more to be inside her. My sister. I tugged the fabric a little lower and let it go. Then I put my fingers on her genitals and felt them gently up and down. And then up to the fat little knob that was her clit. She closed her eyes and gasped. And then my fingers were inside her.

She started to struggle a bit so I thought better of what I had done and took my hand away. I pulled the panties done off her snow white bottom and through her legs from the back and she was nude. Right there six inches from me. And I had never seen anything so beautiful, so perfect, so innocent, no matter how many guys had seen her before me. I would have killed to be able to fuck her. She was breathtaking. For a while we all just stared at her. Then a couple of guys took themselves out and started to beat off. Then pretty much everybody did. I did. Unashamedly.

Having her stark naked and at our mercy we started to tie the rest of her body. We had to make sure she couldn’t escape. I don’t know where she would go, run naked to the shore and hope someone was there. Ron, her ex, did most of the work. He wanted to secure her arms to the tree. He ran a rope around the tree and around her twice just under her ample bosom, the bosom that had provided him with so much pleasure during the time they had been together. Then he did the same just above her boobs and tied the two ropes together between her bare tits so the top one wouldn’t rise up. He tied another rope around the tree and then around her waist and intertwined it with the rope that bound her wrists. All the while I could see him talking to her. Next he tied a rope around her neck, but not around the tree so her putative lovers could hold her head still while they enjoyed her kisses.

Ian tied her legs. I didn’t understand until later, but he positioned each foot to either side of the tree, wound the rope around each ankle and behind the tree to hold her thighs apart. But that was all the rope on her lower body. But spreading her legs like that gave us a wonderful view of her by now eager snatch. Then we left her there to sweat for a while.

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