Sue and Her Lover

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Sue and I have been married for 35 years and have two children, both girls, who we have gotten through college and out on their own so now should be the time for our ‘glory’ years. Since we are both successful in our careers, we make a very decent living and are able to live in a nice home and take several vacations per year. We live in the hills about 15 miles from where we grew up. We love the area and are able to get together with some of our friends from High School. Since Sue is two years younger than I am, we tend to have a slightly different set of friends but since we are from a small town, it seems that everyone knows everyone else.

About three years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I have done very well at keeping it under control but I have suffered some nerve damage. This damage has resulted in ED and a shrinking penis. Because of this, I can no longer perform in bed the way I used to. However, our sex life is still thrilling and, while my damage has prevented me from having intercourse with Sue, we can still bring each other off orally. We are both still very much in love – we have been since we married just after we entered college.

About a year ago I noticed that Sue seemed to be visiting her mom more often than she had been. I didn’t notice at first but then it began to become noticeable. I am a slightly suspicious person so I put a GPS tracking device on her car just to see what might be happening. After a week, and several trips to her ‘mother’s’, I downloaded the information and found that she had, indeed, gone to her mother’s twice but she had also stopped at an unknown house once for about an hour and a half. By using Google Maps I was able to locate the house and took a drive past it on my way home from work one day.

To my surprise, I saw Jeff out mowing his lawn. Jeff is an old high school teammate of mine whom I had not talked to in several years. His wife had died about three years bursa escort ago and I think the last time I saw him was at Beth’s Funeral. He had played Baseball in high school with me; he was a shortstop while I played the outfield. He was quicker at getting to the ball than I was but I was a better batter. I waved and stopped to talk and we reminisced about the great baseball team we had back then – although, in truth, it wasn’t that good. I sort of got the feeling that Jeff was uncomfortable so I cut the conversation short. I invited him out to the house for the 4th of July since we always had a rather large gathering at our house. He gave me a ‘We’ll see if I can make it.’ and left it at that.

When I got home, I casually moved the conversation to “I stooped at Jeff Muston’s house today, I was driving by and he was out mowing his yard. I invited him to our 4th of July bash; hope you don’t mind.” I watched Sue’s face as if she was a little kid who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Stutteringly she replied, “That’s a great idea, I haven’t seen Jeff since Beth’s Funeral.” I knew that Sue had dated Jeff while in high school but she never filled in details about any of her past boyfriends.

It was several weeks before the 4th celebration and the GPS showed that Sue had visited Jeff two more times. I called Jeff on the 2nd to again invite him to the party. I mentioned that several of the old team would be in attendance. He seemed hesitant but agreed to come to the party.

The party went off great; we had about 25 couples at the event. After the fireworks in town, which we could see from our backyard, folks started leaving. I worked to keep Jeff around and talk to him with Sue. I couldn’t accuse either one of anything but if they were together, I might possibly get them to admit to an affair.

If they were having an affair, I couldn’t be mad; Sue is still a very attractive woman and very sexy. She bursa türbanlı escort still has a strong sex drive. I can provide her all the love she will ever need and she tells me that I am an expert at oral; however, with my ED, I cannot provide the actual intercourse a man with an erect penis can provide. Also, I want to provide her all of the sexual satisfaction she could ever want.

We finally got to sit in the den and talk while having a glass of wine. Gingerly I brought up what I thought was happening. I didn’t mention that I had installed a GPS but merely said that I had seen Sue’s car in front of Jeff’s one day when I was running errands and they exchanged glances with each other before Sue admitted that she had visited Jeff and that they had had sex. I told them that I wasn’t mad at either of them, in fact, I thanked Jeff for providing to Sue what I couldn’t provide.

With that fact in the open, I slowly worked my conversation around to the fact that I would like to be a part of their tryst. At first, they both tried to pretend that what had happened was a one-time thing but I pushed them until they admitted that they had been together several times. I then brought up the fact that Jeff had had enough to drink tonight that driving home might not be the smartest thing to do; he should stay overnight with us.

After some cooling down of everyone’s emotions, we agreed that Jeff would spend the night. After this was settled, we headed out to the backyard and got into our hot tub. Since all of this was unplanned – at least by them – Jeff didn’t have a suit but we all agreed that we would go ‘au natural’. After all, we had all seen each other nude before.

Once in the hot tub, both Jeff and I had our hands on Sue. She wasn’t complaining; she seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. After nearly an hour, we headed inside and made it to our king-sized bed. As Jeff began kestel escort to message Sue’s legs and inner thighs, I spent my time on Sue’s breasts and gave her lots of reassuring kisses. I began to finger her then turned to eat her. By this time, Jeff had scouted around and was being sucked by Sue. I could tell by her moans that she was enjoying herself – I don’t know if it was what I was doing to her, what she was doing to Jeff, or both. I didn’t care, she was being satisfied. I could also tell from Jeff’s groans that he was enjoying the blowjob.

After some time in this position, I could tell that we had a woman who wanted to feel a penis inside her. Jeff and I switched positions and he began to pump into her; slowly at first then building his speed. Sue began to ‘hump’ back to Jeff so I knew that she was being satisfied. At the same time, I maneuvered so that she could suck on me. Soon the two of them were going at it so hard that she could no longer suck me as her head was moving back and forth too much so she used her hands to give me an excellent hand job.

Shortly after Sue had made me climax, I watched as her feet curled and tensed which took her to a fantastic orgasm. Shortly after that, Jeff came just as powerfully. With so much to drink along with this powerful exercise, we all fell soundly to sleep. Me with a hand on Sue’s butt and Jeff feeling her boobs.

The next morning, we all slept past our normal waking time. Nothing took place before we got out of bed although I sort had hoped something would. Sue made us all a fantastic breakfast after which Jeff headed home.

Sue and I talked about what had happened and I told her I was not mad at her for going to Jeff; I felt that she ‘deserved’ it since I couldn’t perform the way I once had. I told her that she was free to visit Jeff in the future if she wanted but if so, I would also love to have some nights like we had last night – the three of us.

In the ensuing months, we have had one more trio fling (and it was just as good as the first one) and I believe that her visits to Jeff have slowed down. Sue knows that she is free to do as she wants to be satisfied but I think that she is getting all the love she wants at home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32