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It was a hot day in mid July and I was home from college for the summer. I had just finished up doing the lawn work my mother had asked me to do and she asked me to talk to her and keep her company. My parents had been divorced for about twelve years and my Mom kept in really good shape but she was to picky about men so she didn’t have a lot of people to talk to.

Now my mom is around 45 and she runs and does aerobics so her body is great. She’s 5’7″ weighs around 120 and has short brown hair and a beautiful face. She’s sorta small in the breast department but hey more than a handful is a waste right.

Anyway on that day mom was wearing a pair of light blue denim shorts that showed off her firm fanny nicely and a loose red tank top. She was doing laundry and as we were talking I noticed that every time she bent to put clothes in the washer I could see her breasts. Her breasts were beautiful. They sagged just slightly and then turned up and were capped by small dark hardened nipples. I started to get hard and found myself having difficulty concentrating on what my mother was saying and having trouble keeping a steady voice. She kept putting clothes in the washer and then moved to the drier where she scooped the clothes into a basket while bent over and her breasts were in plain sight.

By this time I was as hard as a rock and didn’t want her to notice so I excused myself to take a shower. Mom said she was going to start dinner and she’d make her special Steak and eggs if I gave her a massage after dinner. She turned on the stereo and went on doing the laundry while I went off for my shower I finished up and went into my room to get dressed.

While I was searching for a pair of underwear Mom came in with a basketful of laundry and stopped cold in her tracks when she saw I was nude. Her eyes were glued to my dick and she said “Sorry, I thought you were still in the shower.” She put the laundry basket on the bed and rushed out of the room.

I got dressed and went into the living room to watch a little Television until she called me in for dinner. As I sat staring blankly at the set, all I could think about were my mothers perfect breasts.

By the time bahis firmaları Mom called for dinner I was already hard again and I rushed to the table so she wouldn’t see my boner. We ate quietly and didn’t say much through the entire dinner. Finally Mom finished and got up to take a shower.

I finished my dinner and went to my room and laid in my bed. My room was directly across the hall from hers and laying on my bed I noticed she hadn’t closed her door. A few minutes later I heard her shower shut of and then heard her bathroom door shut she walked out into the small hall of her bedroom and stood facing me completely nude while she toweled off. I just laid there staring at her gorgeous body. Her long legs, perfect hips, small pert breasts, and her dark full bush.

I watched as she put on a pair of thong panties with a lacy front and long white tank top that went halfway down her thighs. She then went back to her bathroom to fix her hair. I got up and went to do the dishes knowing it would make her happy not to have to do them.

Several minutes later she came out of her room still not wearing any pants and sat down in one of the big comfortable chairs we had in our kitchen. She looked over and me and asked me to put the radio on easy listening and to come over and start her massage. I did what she asked and started with the massage. After a few minutes she stood up and turned her chair around and sat down on it backwards with her but on the edge of the seat and her torso slanted forward so I could massage her lower back. she then wrapped her arms around the chair and I noticed that once again I could see her breasts. I was beginning to get hard again when she stood up to turn around. As she was turning the chair around she accidentally rubbed her hip into my crotch and seemed not to notice the huge bulge growing in my pants.

She sat down and I started rubbing her neck and her shoulders. All of the sudden Mom pulled down the straps on her tank top and grabbed my hand she guided it to her breast and said “I’m sure we’d both enjoy it more if you rubbed here” I sat there in amazement rubbing my mothers left breast and thought this is to good to be true. Apparently kaçak iddaa it wasn’t because a minute later she swiveled her chair around to face me and pulled down my shorts she grabbed my cock and started moving her hand up and down the shaft. Then to my surprise she put it in her mouth and started sucking my dick for all she was worth. She pushed it all the way to the back of her throat and then started to roll her tongue along the bottom of the shaft. A minute later she started licking up and down the length of my shaft while I fondled her breasts and then sucking the whole thing in to repeat the process all over again.

She stopped and pulled back leaving a strand of glimmering spittle as she moved away. She then looked up on me with a look on her face I had never seen before, and said “honey let’s go to my bed” I bent down and picked her up and she giggled softly surprised by my move. Once I had her in my arms I gave her a deep kiss. And she responded by putting her tongue in my mouth.

As I was carrying her to her bedroom she looked at me and said “I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long but I was afraid to try” I said “I’m glad you did Mom. It’s not everyday a guy gets a woman that’s as beautiful as you.” She blushed and gave me a long kiss.

I put her down on the bed and moved down to her feet. I moved up the bed and grabbed her panties and then pulled them off revealing her full bush and tight pussy. Her vagina was surrounded by gorgeous pink lips and had a slightly protruding clit that was begging to be sucked.

I moved up between her spread legs and looked up as she took off her tank top. She just gave me a smile and laid back on her pillows where she could watch. I put my head down and swiped my tongue across her clit and when I did she twitched and started to moan. I wrapped my arms around her legs and dug my face in lapping her clitoris and occasionally probing her pussy with my tongue. After about two minutes of this I had My mother screaming as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. Finally she sat up and pushed my head away panting and shaking and said “Oh my god. Baby stop for a while I can’t take anymore. kaçak bahis Let me rest.”

I moved up next to her and we started kissing. She reached out and clutched my dick in her hands and started stroking it slowly. I broke our kiss and bent down to take her nipple in my mouth. Her skin tasted slightly of strawberries and her nipple was hard against my tongue. She started moaning as I suckled on her breast.

Finally I broke off and moved above her. I looked at her and said “Mom are you sure your O.K. with this?” She gazed lovingly into my eyes and said “I’m sure honey. I want you in me now.” I granted Mom her request and slid my penis all the way into her. She moaned and leaned up and snaked her tongue in my mouth. I started pushing my dick in and out, thrusting deep inside her. Mom was moaning and writhing with pleasure she kept clutching me trying to pull me closer and closer. She looked up at me and her voice filled with lust said “Oh honey I want you to stay with me forever. I love you so much. I don’t want to lose this feeling.” I looked into her eyes and said “Mom I love you and nothings going to make me leave you.” She started moaning louder as an orgasm took over and I started pushing in harder. She climaxed again and looked up and said “Sweetie I want you to cum in me.” I bent down and started kissing her again she broke the kiss and pushed me over on my back.

She moved on top of me, guided my cock into her waiting pussy, and started bucking up and down. She put her hands up on the headboard and I sat up and took her nipple in my mouth. Now we were sitting up with her arms wrapped around my head while I sucked her nipple. I put my finger in her mouth and let her suck it for a few seconds and then moved my hand to her ass. I slowly slid my wet finger into her anus and Mom started squealing with pleasure. When I heard that I couldn’t hold on any longer so I lay back and started moaning as I shot load after hot load of spunk into my Mother. She just lay on top of me grinning and bending down to kiss me occasionally.

She rolled of and we just lay there for a half an hour just kissing and enjoying each other. I looked into her eyes and said “Mom I love you. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Mom replied “I love you too. I hope this wasn’t a one time thing.” I put my hand on her pussy and stuck my finger inside her and said don’t worry it won’t be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32