Summer Solstice

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This is my entry into SUMMER LOVIN STORY CONTEST 2011 so please remember to vote. Thank You and Enjoy!


After four years of going to school non-stop I finally have the summer off so my Uncle offered me his beach house. He basically just wanted me to take care of his house since he had forgotten to put it on the market to rent for the summer. It was a simple but charming home, 2 floors with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The bedrooms are downstairs and the living room and kitchen and breakfast nook are on the second floor. The entrance is on the second floor on the street side, and there’s an exit to the beach or backyard on both floors. On the second floor however is a beautiful terrace, great for barbecues.

I’m Riley by the way just turned 21 in January, and I have already given up drinking. Truth be told I started drinking as I started college and well it doesn’t have the effect it used to. I’m such an old person sometimes. Meh, I’ll drink on occasion but no longer stocking the fridge unless its a party and even then I do it for my fans not myself. By fans I mean friends.

I broke up with my girlfriend 2 weeks before graduation. As with many couples we had grown apart and were just together because we were used to it, we had been together for a year. I wasn’t exactly heart broken but I did miss her. We were good friends and both of us knew we made better friends than lovers, the sex was amazing just not intimate. Anyways I’m here hoping to find a summer fling for some amazing rebound sex, but honestly at this point any kind of sex will do as long as it’s with a woman. I’m not so bad looking honestly I can catch some attention when I dress appropriately or inappropriately for all the wrong reasons, but hey attention is attention.

I’m 5’7″ with a swimmers body lean with muscle and well my mother gave me her hips and her chest. Im a 36C, which is the stuff that distinguishes me from looking exactly like a boy. With short blonde hair and golden highlights, its short enough to be a boy cut but long enough for me to style and not just slick it back. My hair color comes from my English dad and my texture comes from my Salvadoran mom. My hair is naturally curly so I have to straighten it in the morning it only takes a few minutes since its short.

For the first few days I just want to be alone here since I know my friends are gonna want to spend every minute here once they find out where I get to hang. I went to the beach everyday and would lay out on the terrace. I figured out after 2 days of this that I was not meant for tanning so I went out and got tons of sunblock lotion that afternoon.

I hadn’t seen much of the neighbors. Most of these houses serve the same purpose all owned by someone who occasionally uses it then make a shit load of money from renting them out. I haven’t been to my uncle’s since I was 10. His kids and I would spend our summers here, but when they went back to England well all that changed.

After coming back from my grocery trip I found a gorgeous beauty knocking on my neighbors door. I knew no one was home, no one had been here since I had moved in. She was definitely summer fling material but my gay-dar said she was straight.

“I don’t think anyone lives there right now?” She turned slightly and I saw a smile come to her lips and just as quickly disappear. It was weird but I thought nothing of it.

“Oh, um my sister was supposed to be here by now. Thanks.” She had turned to watch me as I unpacked my groceries from the back of my jeep.

“If you want you can come wait with me, I just got some food and drinks.” I never took my eyes off the car. And why was I inviting a total stranger over. Stranger Danger!

“How do you know I’m not some psycho murderer who was about to rob this place.” A smile played across my face. Little did she know that I had a black belt in two different martial art forms and did MMA on the weekends to get rid of the stress from college. Even if she was going to kill me I could probably take her.

“Most murderers don’t knock outside of a house in their daisy dukes and flip flops.” She laughed.

“True, do you need help.” She walked over to me her purse in hand.

She was a little shorter than I no more than 3 inches. Her hair was long to her mid back in loose curls and black. She had a backside that would put others to shame. I didn’t even know how she got into her shorts. It was round and up and big I don’t know how to describe it any better. Her chest was smaller probably a 34B. I wanted to say she was hispanic but her eyes had me a bit confused. Her tummy was flat and peeking from her small shirt that barely covered her chest.

“Sure do you mind grabbing the food from the front seat? Please.”

“Um, were you expecting company?”

“No why?” We walked towards the house I went towards the back of the house I ate my dinners on the terrace.

“You have a lot of food here for just one person.” I always bought too much because I was indecisive.

We bursa escort went up the stairs and placed the food on the table and I put the other bags by the door.

“I figured that a murderer would be stopping by today. So I got extra. I’m Riley by the way.” I put my hand out. She took it with a firm grip which was unusual for someone our age I was used to it considering I had worked at a bank for the last 4 years.

“Your name should be sarcastic, I’m Katey.” Now that I was standing closer to her I noticed that her eyes were grey I had originally thought blue but no they were grey.

“Sarcasm is my best trait but not my name.” But you can call me whatever you want as long as you call me. Ok I have to keep myself in check she’s my neighbor not some girl at a club I’ll never see again.

“So, Riley is this place yours?” I was unpacking the food and setting out on the table feast style we would just take from whatever we wanted. I had bought thai food, so we had bbq pork, bbq chicken, sate beef, chicken fried rice and shrimp chow mein. Yes I know it was a lot but I was planning on having left overs for tomorrow and the rest of the week for that matter.

“No my uncle’s actually, how about you do you know the owner of the house?” I will do anything to keep conversation away from me.

“Yea my sister’s husband family just bought it for them as a wedding present, she’s supposed to come drop off the key, and I will be here for the summer. They’re headed on their honeymoon for a while.” She was sitting looking at the food kind of puzzled. She smells so good, even in the midst of the ocean breeze I can smell her sweet smell. Stop.

“Nice well I guess we will be summer neighbors. It’s thai food here’s a fork and you can cut the top of any of the boxes and use it as a plate.”

Dinner was relatively quiet considering the beautiful view in front of me and the beach of course. Just as she was finishing her food I offered her some coffee but just then her phone went off.

“Hello…yea I’m here where are you…ok …oh I’ll be right out.” She hung up. “My sister’s here, I’ll be right back to help you clean up.” Between the two of us, all we had left was half of the meal.

“Don’t worry about it I can do it I’ll just see you around.” I needed to get some space from her I really liked her ass and the tension was already building. I hadn’t been with anyone sexually in weeks, my ex and I hadn’t exactly been physical for almost a month from the time we broke up. My new neighbor seemed a little sad but with the little light left I couldn’t tell.

“Ok, I’ll see you around. Thanks for dinner next time its on me.” Hmm I like the potential of a second time seeing you because obviously this isn’t a date.

Over the next few days I developed a routine, morning jogs, midday swims, afternoon naps and evening shopping or window shopping better said and video games at night. Katey and I had started having dinner together on most days we both enjoyed the company being alone all day and all.

After two weeks of just me and the beach or me and Katey I decided it was time for a beach party. I had figured out that she was actually older than me by 4 years and she was almost done getting her Ph.D. at UCLA. I was also right about her exotic heritage, she was Puerto rican and Persian. That’s why her eyes threw me off. Only thing still lingering above my head was that I hadn’t mentioned that I was gay. I was enjoying her company I didn’t know if she would run away when I mentioned it.

Tonight I was going to have a few friends over and I was planning on staying up pretty late. Katey said she might come by for a bit but I sensed she thought she would feel out of place. I hadn’t mentioned to her when I invited her over that most of my friends were lesbians. It was fun to watch I know that it was cruel but she was so cute the way she would blush when they would hit on her she handled it well. I was right she was so straight.

After about 20 minutes of letting her squirm and looking at her pleading eyes I walked over and took her away pulling her hand it was nice.

“So I forgot to mention that my friends are gay.” I laughed half-heartedly. We were now at the edge of the water on the beach and she punched me right on my arm she had some strength for looking so dainty.

“Really though I thought they were going to eat me alive.” She was laughing an intoxicating laugh.

“Ok it wasn’t that bad.” I tried to be serious but her smile made me smile.

“Really, I have been asked out about 4 times.”

“I’m sorry, I think they got the hint, either that or that you’re with me sorry.” I put my head down now I felt a little embarrassed for my behavior.

“What are you sorry for? Making me walk into an awkward situation or that they think I’m with you?” She was now standing closer to me, still looking at the beach but I could feel her shoulder brush mine.

“Both honestly I should’ve let you make your own decision but bursa escort bayan I figured you might not come and have fun. But I guess it wasn’t as fun as I had hoped.”

“It’ll be fun if you stay by my side just in case and keep your friends from eating me alive.” She was now leaning into me and had wrapped her arm in my left arm with her head on my shoulder.

“Ok come on let’s go back I’ll keep the big bad lesbians away from you.” We both laughed but I was unsure of what this night would entail.

When we got back inside the night was still in full effect. I got us some beers and we stayed on the terrace so I could keep an eye on everything after all this was still not my place. The party went on until about 3 in the morning we got lucky that my neighbor was at the party. A couple of my friends crashed on my couch and the guest room and I walked Katey home around that time she thanked me for protecting her and for the good time. Then she let go of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek I hadn’t expected that but it was nice.

Next morning everyone was gone by 12 and my morning routine was thrown off, so I just stayed on the beach for the most part and watched some people run by and others go swim. I walked up and down the beach. I had spent the whole night with Katey by my side so I didn’t even get to meet any of the new people that had come over, except for one girl who seemed interested her name was Justine. She came up to talk to me when Katey had gone to the restroom I guess she had waited for just the right time. We talked for a few minutes but when Katey came back she grabbed my hand and well Justine noticed. She ended up walking away soon after I introduced her to my friend. Katey made it slightly hard to pick up on someone considering she was holding my hand. I don’t blame her I got myself into this mess I had to deal with the consequences.

I had to go apologize again for my behavior in not telling her the truth so I was headed over to her house in the 2 weeks we’ve known each other she usually comes over when we hang out, so I have still yet to see her place. I knocked on the door around 6 and waited it was a big house and she could be anywhere. This house way more modern it had a loft style, open spaces and huge windows.

“Hey come in.”

“Thanks, I just wanted to see how you were doing after last night, I know we drank a lot and well I again wanted to apologize.” She again punched me, I swear this physical abuse is going to bruise one of these days.

“That’s what you get for not warning me…well you know about the company. I wanted to ask you last night and if you don’t want to answer I get it. Um…” She was blushing so I just answered what I knew was coming from a straight girl. She led me in to the main room and we sat on the couch as she had been watching Easy A.

“Yes I am a lesbian and no I won’t hit on you, you can relax.”

“How did you know?” Look of surprise all over her face.

“That’s what all straight girls say when they meet a lesbian who is kind of now their friend. At least in my experience I don’t want to stereotype or anything. Was I wrong?”

“Yes actually, I don’t mind if you hit on me.” I turned to look at her but she turned to fast to see the look in her eyes, I’m a good judge of character and even better reader of emotions. However, I need to see the reaction or look in a persons eyes to be sure of their emotions.

“Funny that wasn’t what your body language said last night when those girls were all over you.”

“I was pretty clear when I said YOU not them.” Was she for real or could she still be buzzed from last night. I was looking dead at her but she was so into the movie. So I didn’t want to push my luck or the fact that I didn’t want to be another straight girls experiment. A lesbians one night stand was one thing a girls first lesbian experience was a whole other thing.

“You know I leave at the end of the summer and so do you, is that why your so confident in your words. You think you won’t see me ever again.”

“No I’m confident because that’s who I am. I think you’re cool and even when we go our separate ways I think we can be good friends.” She was finally looking at me and sure enough confidence along with her defenses making it slightly hard to read her. “And whats wrong with innocent flirting, right?”

“As long as it’s innocent, nothing.” I was looking at her giving her my most innocent look along with a lick of the lips. Once when I put on my lipgloss, before we went out to get some groceries, I noticed out of the corner of my eye and the reflection of a mirror, how entranced she was watching me so I knew she liked my lips. At that moment it was no different.

“There you go problem solved sugar.” She turned away after I gave her a sly smile at noticing her trance.

We hung out for a bit and I went home about an hour later claiming I was tired but honestly she was just really hot and everything she did bursa merkez escort was a turn on and I swear it was on purpose, she was definitely a tease. I was not about to start on the wrong foot so I needed to really think about this. I didn’t want to accidentally fall for the straight girl I would never again see. That night I called an old friend well honestly it was a fuck-buddy, no strings attached good sex to get my mind off the straight girl next door. We hadn’t really seen each other in almost a year and a half since we had both been seeing people in between then, but luckily tonight she would be mine.

This turned into an all night thing we did it everywhere she could think of. All 3 bedrooms, the couch, the kitchen, the bathroom, the tub and the terrace this might have been a bad idea considering she was a loud one but also we were kind of out in the open and if anyone was out on the beach at this hour they might be able to see or my neighbor Katey. The only thing that stopped me from the beach was the fact that I did not want sand in all the wrong places. It was seriously raw and uninhibited sex and I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow but it was well worth it. My sex demon was sated, for the moment. We finally went to sleep around 4 and she was gone by 6 as she had to go to work the next day. I didn’t really care we didn’t have to cuddle or spoon and I knew full well what this was. I was not attached to her. When she left I let her out and got ready for my morning jog, which turned into a morning swim considering how tired I was the water would soothe the muscles.

When I got back to the beach I saw Katey sitting on the sand in front of her house and she seemed to be watching me. I wondered how long she had been out there. She was a late sleeper I never usually saw her until after 1 at least.

“Hey neighbor.”

“How do you have the energy to do all that after such a wild night I thought you were tired, liar.” Oh man I was blushing, she had either seen me or heard her.

“What are you doing awake sleepy head?” I helped her up and we headed to my place, she was in sweats which was unusual for the usual short shorts and small tanks. I feel guilty again.

“Someone kept me up all night, want to guess why?” I think I sense some sarcasm or is that jealousy.

“Sorry sugar, how about I make it up to you with breakfast at the country mart. Then you can come back and get some sleep.” I tried my sad puppy face, I was feeling guilty, but it was kind of funny.

“Fine, so you gonna tell me about your friend.” She was looking down, but she was not going to let me drop the subject.

“Honestly, she’s… um …just a …well.” Wow I was nervous about explaining something that for me was never that big of a deal.

“Friends with benefits?” The tone was obvious, not happy reminded me of when I fucked up and my mom made it clear.

“Yea more like all benefits no real friendship.” Honesty just digs a bigger hole.

“Nice, I’m gonna go shower and change and I’ll meet you outside.” Judgemental and a blow to my ego. What’s the point of getting the judgmental stare over food I can do without.

“Hey if you don’t want to go, don’t feel like you have to. I get it if my life choices make you uncomfortable.”

“What where did that come from?” Her tone indicated her surprise.

“I can hear the tone of your voice. Look I didn’t mean to keep you up last night I swear and I get it if you don’t want to go with me, don’t feel forced.” I was standing at the steps of my terrace and ready to walk away. When she grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

Her voice was no more than a whisper.

“Why are you being so defensive, relax I’m sorry, I think maybe it was me honestly I was so pissed at you last night when I saw you with her.” She took a second to think. “and you had said you were tired, like you felt the need to lie to me.”

“Why Katey, what about me being with someone else bothers you?” I pulled her in close to me I knew what was coming it wasn’t the first time and I knew that these kind of things came with consequences. Just then though, I think it hit her, the truth. So she pulled away and thought of her answer.

“Nothing actually I just don’t want you to lie to me if you don’t want to hang out then fine, but be honest with me and seriously your girl can scream.” Wow thats a load of bull, but if that’s what she’s going to give me then that’s what it will be. She was smiling but it seemed forced.

“Ok, so I’ll go get ready and I’ll meet you outside.” I kissed her on the forehead and walked away. Nice cold shower.

Breakfast started awkward but we fell into rhythm with our usual bantering. We walked around for the rest of the afternoon and were home by 5. She had to go somewhere that night and I well had another eventful night planned in LA. My friends were going to celebrate a birthday at a club and I knew I wouldn’t be back to the house until probably Sunday because it would be too long of a drive home alone, I thought of inviting Katey but she was busy and we probably could use the time apart considering we had spent most of 2 weeks together, which might have been the problem with the tension between us. I let her know at some point during the day so she wouldn’t think something happened.

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