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God, I was aching for it. I could feel my body swell with desire…the slickness between my legs, my nipples hardening. I’d never been with a woman before. Kissed a few, and the sensation was soft, sweet, breathless (once) and mildly disturbing (once).

And all I knew now was, I wanted a woman now.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Thinking about her, no defined body type (but feminine, please, no hard angles to break against), quick smile, warm eyes. A woman who knew more than me, perhaps one who’d laugh gently at my bewilderment, strip off my clothes and shame all at once. One who would eagerly but slowly bend her soft head to my breasts, not sucking with absolute devotion and lightning quickness, but languidly, easily, stopping to caress their sides and kiss their generous curves, perhaps swirling the dregs of her sweet-tea drenched ice cubes in her cup, drawing one out and dripping the liquid onto my nipples.

Pleasuring herself on the sound of my gasp, rubbing her fingers between her thighs, parting my lips with a casual touch and offering the tips for my tasting. I drink it and groan with escort bayan the scent and feel of her, and she smiles, delighting in how she excites me. I beg her for more, and she laughs gently, in anticipation, as I pull at her thighs, aching for her to kneel about me. She does at last, spreading open and cradling the sides of my head gently with her knees. I’m bathed in her smell. My fingers tangle greedily in her dark brown hair. I part her, and find what I’m looking for, the bud of her clitoris swollen hard with desire, needing my mouth. I lift my head and begin to tease.

This is where it begins. When my tongue touches her, I almost come. Not yet, not yet, I force myself. Slow. Make it last. I lap around her, drawing wide circles with the hard point of my tongue. I wish I had more hands. I want to be licking her clit until she screams, driving my fingers into her tight wetness, stroking her ass. I want to pulling at her nipples, pinching them to sharp points. I want to put my fingers in her mouth for her to suck and taste.

And for a moment, I wish for that hard column of flesh to rend her bursa vip escort with. What would it be like to be inside her, feel her wetness surrounding me, drawing my orgasm out of me? I place a finger inside her, tentatively, to experience the sensation. She’s wet and open to me. Mewling, noises of desire and imprecation.

I need more access, control. I push her gently backwards, then kneel between her legs. I open her wider, and my tongue is merciless. It plunges inside her as I drink her juices, bathing my face in them. She’s sweet and salty. Delicious. At last, I give her what she begs for, and begin to lick her clit in a steady, firm rhythm. Her hips rock against the bed, then against my mouth. “I’m coming…” she whispers, and I feel the tension in her body. I slip a finger, then two, inside her again, and feel her contracting around my fingers. She’s gushing, opening wider that I’d ever imagined. “Don’t stop,” I mumur, lapping over and over at the bud of her, licking all around her, running it over her moist slit, teasing my way to her puckering asshole, hesitating bursa elit escort and pausing to watch her face. Then I continue in a frenzy, filling every orifice with my tongue, fingers, lips and hands, and still and again I return to her clit, licking, licking, circling, sucking, building her over and over again to the climaxes she craves.

Her hands reach for me, mindless with desire. “Let me touch you,” she croons, and I shift position quickly. We shift, and I part my legs now, and her tongue finds my center. With that barest touch, I come. She is still coming, fastened firmly to my mouth, and I join her, juice pouring from between my legs. I’m begging her to fuck me over and over, and she is, with her tongue and her fingers plunging in and out of me, her nose rubbing against my clit, slow then quickly, altering the rhythm, pushing me further.

I swear I stop breathing, the pleasure is so intense, and…oh yes, THERE it is.

I can’t even describe it, the feeling of coming with a woman’s mouth on my sex, her fingers on my nipples, her body entwined with mine. Joy, lust, love, incredible eroticism, what I’ve wanted my entire life. I take it in, in moments that seem timeless, over and over and over again.

And when I finish, and she’s finished, we curl around each other, and kiss, our fingers and tongues covered in the taste of us, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32