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It is now 1000hrs and I am waiting at the Arrival Hall. The thought of seeing you after so long thrills me much. I have been pacing to and fro impatiently for the past hour, looking at my watch and the arrival updates on the screen, for your arrival. Though your plane had touched down minutes ago, it seems like ages. How I wished I am in control of the time, truncating it and freezing it at the right time and at my disposal.

The door from the Baggage Claim Area opened and I finally caught the sight of you, walking aimlessly, dragging your luggage with you and searching for me. I ran forward, waving my hands at you, catching your attention. The smile on your face sweetens my heart deeply. I quickly took over your luggage and guided you to the awaiting transport to our paradise.

On the mini-bus, we were embracing one another, catching up with the lost time and ignoring the city sights. In slightly less than an hour, our bus came to a stop, outside the entrance of a wonderful Beach cum Spa Resort. The checking-in process was pretty fast. We were guided to the resort buggy, along with our luggage, and driven to our villa.

The villa is beautiful. It is a stand-alone and the nearest villa is about 50m away. We were delighted, as privacy was one of the considerations for this vacation. Upon entering the villa, we were greeted by a small garden. We noticed that the Palm trees were deliberately planted along the walls, to enhance the first consideration. From the garden, leading to the hallway, a colonial style, 4-cornered post king-sized bed, with a net covering all sides, sits in the middle of the bedroom. It is positioned such that the bed is facing the balcony, which opens towards the Gulf of Thailand. The balcony is erected above the waters, along the sandy beach, and there are steps at the side of the balcony that facilitate a quick entry into the water. In the middle of the balcony, which seems to be bigger than the bedroom, is a gigantic jaccuzi that can easily accommodate 4 people.

After tipping the staff that brought us in, you went into the bathroom to freshen up. I can’t help but grinning as our plan starts to commence. Before the trip, we had made a deal not to get too intimate till the following night. The objective was to seduce one another without indulging into sex or being naked, hoping to create an atmosphere where we increase the individual’s desire for each other.

Other than the bathroom door, there is a big window opening that opens into the bedroom. Through this opening, I can see the silhouette of your body behind the shower screen. Sub-consciously, I felt an uncomfortable restraint in my jeans waiting to burst out. While you were inside, I explore the villa and its contents for more information that can fill our vacation.

When you were done, you came out from the shower with a towel wrapped around your body. As I was going in through the door for my shower, our body brushed against one another, and I can feel my ‘restraint’ rubbing against your body. I can’t help noticing a suggestive smile written on your face.

As part of my plan, I came out of the shower room with only a towel covering my lower limbs. I put on a pair of sexy thongs, removed the towels and walked to my luggage for my other external pieces. Trying very hard to conceal my excitement, I was betrayed my uncontrollable ‘junior’. As I was putting on my clothes, I saw that you had put on a slightly translucent sundress. Your küçükçekmece escort g-string is quite distinct under the sunrays that came through the windows, and I noticed that you have chosen to go bra-less. Your nipples were erected and they can be seen through the silky material. You put on a cardigan to conceal them and we went out to explore the resort.

After the short walk, there were still 2 hours of daylight left. We decided to make our way to the poolside. We quickly went back to the villa and changed into our swimwear. We drove our villa’s buggy to the poolside and in no time, we were lying on the beach chairs, ‘worshipping’ the sun. You looked very pretty and ‘appetising’ in your 2 piece wear. I picked up the sun-tan lotion and began to apply it on your body. I intentionally rubbed along the sides of your breast and moved down to your inner thighs, brushing across your pubic area. After a while, I can feel the wetness at the sides of your lower piece. I can also hear a sense of approval from your light moans and heavy breathing. I bent forward to give you a hug and french kissed you.

We went back to our villa for another shower, before the dinner. You put on the same outfit, but opted to go without the cardigan this time. Throughout the dinner, my eyes were centred at your nipples. They were hard and clearly visible in your dress. The plan of increasing the desire was working. I was very turned on at that moment and feared that I may not resist myself till the next night. You seem to be in control of the game.

After the dinner, we proceeded to the bar for a couple of drinks. We played pools and some card games and were both very tipsy by 2200hrs. The dance music began and we were dancing very seductively, trying to outwit one another in the game. My hands were at the back of your buttocks, caressing your skin through the dress. One of my hands was constantly stroking your thighs and occasionally lifting the sides of your dress. While I was at it, you were using your tummy to rub against my penis. My penis did not once stand-down since our arrival in the resort. I was feeling intense, and thought that I might just rip your dress apart and make love to you on the spot if I do not cool myself down.

I decided to take a break from the dance and walked to my drink to ‘douse the fire’ in me. You stayed on to dance but you continue to fix your eyes on me. Your moves were very sexy and tempting, and I noticed that you were also getting some attention from the other male patrons. You looked amazing and were very attractive.

There was a Caucasian, who was dancing near you, began to dance closer to you. Eventually, he was dancing directly in front of you. He looked like he was in his mid/ late 20s, average build and had dashing looks. You seemed to enjoy the attention you were receiving. He moved closer and I can see that his pelvis area was moving very close to your body. His hands were also on your waist and I wondered if you can feel his hard-on as he swells. For the moment, my heart beat pretty fast. I was not exactly jealous but the sight of another man dancing so close to you excites me. I was not able to comprehend the feeling inside. Not sure if I was fearful, jealous or thrilled. I decided to remain cool and play to the game.

Not wanting to let you control the situation, I stayed on at the bar and strike a conversation with 2 Japanese girls near me. During the chat, I kept şişli escort looking at you to maintain eye contact with the both of you. The 2 of you were dancing closer and closer. Body contact was eminent. With jealously setting in, I brought the 2 girls to the dance floor. One of them was dancing close to me. She was pleasant looking but had a good figure. She wore a very short skirt and blouse was not fully buttoned. Her cleverage was obvious to any blind eye.

While I was dancing, I continued to monitor your progress. One of your hands was rested on his shoulder. You seem to be retaliating to my moves. Your face was very close to his and at one point, he tried to kiss you but you turned away. After that, he led you to the bar and ordered some drinks.

Both of you sat very close on the stools beside the bar counter and there were a lot whispering at the ears and giggling. You seem to be quite high and comfortable with him. Your hands were rested on his thighs and your head was on his shoulder. You suggested to him to go to the beach to feel the breeze and look at the stars. Both of you got up and left the bar. I followed behind to see what’s going on.

You reached the beach and were strolling along the beach. It was very dark and the stars were clear in the sky. As the breeze was quite cold, he wrapped his arm round your waist. He ran his hands along your spine and he can feel that you are not wearing any bra and can feel your G-string. You loved his touched. His hands were so big and tender. He made you feel very warm and secure. Both of you reached the end of the beach. There were a couple of beach chairs and a beach umbrella over it. You walked over it and sat down. He was sitting right beside you, still holding you close to him. He leaned forward and gave you a gentle kiss on your cheeks. His kiss was light and close to your ear loop. Seeing no reaction from you, he proceeded to kiss you ear.

You were high in alcohol and also pretty turned on by his action. However, you were quite wary of what this may lead to. You knew I was hiding somewhere watching and wanted to test my limits. You turned to him and kissed him on his lips, and told him that your back is aching from the dance and would welcome a massage from him. He sat behind you, with his legs covering the sides of your legs. You were sitting between his and you can feel his hard member pressing against your back. His hands were massaging your shoulders. The pressure on the shoulder was right and the touch was quite sensual. During the course, both of your dress straps dropped to the side of arms. You could feel that his hands are moving down along your back. He
unzipped the back of your dress and began to massage your lower back. He gently lowered you down onto the bench and you were lying face down. Your straps were already off from your shoulder to your elbow area. Your back was bare. His hands were still on your back and you can feel his fingers sliding across the sides of your breasts.

You enjoyed his massage very much. After a while, his hands began to work on your legs. He started from your calves and slowly massaging towards your thighs. His hands moved underneath your dress and were gaining ground towards your inner thighs. You can feel his fingers brushing across your pubic area, through your g-string. You are getting very excited and wet inside. You began to breathe heavily and moan in approval. In encouragement for his actions, şirinevler escort you parted your legs a little so as to allow his hands to move more freely. When you felt that his fingers were trying to get inside your panty area, you quickly turn around to face him.

Your legs were slightly opened, and your right knee was bent and pointed towards the sky. This actually caused your lower dress to slight down and exposing your g-string to him. Your hands were holding on to the upper part of the dress, covering your breast, preventing it from dropping. He was caught off guard for a moment by the sight. He continued to massage your front part of your legs. His hands were soon at your groin area and his thumbs were rubbing your pubic area. You were feeling intense that you close your eyes, lean back and enjoy his caress.

I was not able to see what was happening. Due to the darkness and the distance between us, I can only guess that you both were getting cosy and he was massaging you. You suddenly remembered that I was probably watching. You sat up, still holding on to your dress, and told him that it was time for you to reciprocate.

Both of you exchanged positions and he is lying down face down. You massage his back and after a while, you told him to turn around. You sat on his groin area and can feel his big rod pressing against your pubic area. Your hands moved downwards and as you massaged, you button his shirt. You opened his shirt and gently slide your hands across his chest and abdominal area. As you were stroking his body, your body moved to and fro, rubbing his dick. You were feeling high and very wet. Many times when your hands move on his abdominal area, your thumbs went inside his trousers.

He was turned on by your actions. He placed his hands underneath your dress and tried to wiggle his fingers inside your g-string. You moaned very loudly. You were not able to resist and start to unbuckle his pants, brought down his zip and held his dick in your hands. You pulled down his underwear and shook his dick. Your hands were wet with his pre-cum. He too moaned very loud and is fingering inside you. You let go of you’re the other hand, letting your dress fall down to your waist. You were now topless. Your hips were moving violently, trying to push his fingers deeper inside you.
He wanted to fuck you but your hands were still shaking his dick.

When I realised what was happening, I wanted to rush out, to make my presence know, so as to prevent the activity from carrying on further. Just as I was about to appear from my cover, you got him to ejaculate. In the course, you had also came twice. Both of you lied down, exhausted, and cleared up the mess.

You bid him farewell and told him that you would probably meet him tomorrow. You told him that you wanted to stay around at the beach alone for a little while longer. After he left, I sneaked up behind you to grab hold of you. I have never felt so lustful. We fell on to the ground. My hand went underneath your dress and took your g-string. I pulled your straps down from your shoulder, leaving you topless again. I took your breast into my mouth, licking your already hard nipples. 2 of my fingers were inside you and I was finger raping your virgina. You came almost immediately.

I removed my pants and push my dick into your mouth. Both your hands were wrapped round my dick and your tongue was all over the dick head. It was electricfying. We adopted a 69 position and my mouth was filled with your juices. The aroma was very strong.

I turned you around, and made you stand on your all fours. I wanted to make love to you from behind, doggy style. I grabbed both your breast with my hands and using my fingers to press them and pinch them. My dick was very hard and big. It was position outside the virgina, rubbing the entrance area. As I was about to enter…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32