The Long Weekend Ch. 22

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Late Sunday Afternoon

“OK, so that’s true. Can either of you tell me who won the While Elephant Raffle?” he asked curiously.

Before Annie could reply, Kathy cut her off. “You know we are sworn to secrecy.”

With a laugh she said, “It’s all part of an all secret women’s club oath we take to ensure that whatever happens in cabin seven stays in cabin seven.”

Hearing the sound of the boat leaving the dock, Annie asks, “So are you all finished for the day?”

“Yes, we are. Beth heard I was heading into town later and invited Jake and I over for a quick bite about 5:30 before we leave. I hope that’s ok with you and Jr., Annie?” replies Brice.

“Wow, that’s nice of her. Yes of course, it’s fine with us, so why don’t you clean up while Kathy and I sip our wine.”

“That would be rude Annie, leaving guests alone” Brice replied.

“I was thinking you could clean up under the outdoor shower, over there. I used it today and it was great. I don’t think Kathy and I would mind. Would we?” Annie says to Brice, with a wink to Kathy.

“I’d love you to do that, I can’t think of a better way to entertain your guests.” urges Kathy.

“Go ahead Brice, take your clothes off and have your shower.” Annie says a little more directly with a smile and firm stare at Brice.

‘Oh all right, if you are sure you don’t mind?” Brice spoke as he got to his feet and began walking the twenty feet to the shower. With just a rain head off the side of the house there was no privacy because it was primarily used to wash the chlorine off from the hot tub. Reaching in to adjust the water to hot, he turned the back of his short stocky body to the women.

Annie and Kathy turned their chairs around for a front row seat. They saw Brice slip off his jeans and underwear and cringe as he initially stepped under the water. Turning in a circle to completely coat his body his huge soft cock swung out like a carousel ride. He took the soap and facing the house applied it to his body and began to lather and wash. The ladies smiled as they watched the show. He reached over to do his shoulders and bent over to do his legs and feet.

“Damn, that’s a fine looking ass.” summarized Kathy.

‘Yes, it’s a great body.” agreed Annie, as together they saw him turn to rinse off the soap. Brice then turned to face the women and lathered his hands with the soap. Then, putting the soap down, he covered his cock and balls with the lather and began to very slowly wash the length of his cock and the orbs of his large hanging balls. Bent over a little to do a thorough job, he stroked his cock as it grew firmer. He applied two hands and rotated them counter clock and clockwise. He pulled his foreskin back to expose the huge head as he washed underneath making sure he was completely clean.

By this time the women had stopped talking and were just watching silently. By this time, his monstrous cock was hanging in an eight inch arc, beginning its long journey to being hard, stiff and erect.

Stopping suddenly, he turned to the wall and let the warm water rinse off the soap. He turned the shower off, grabbed a towel from the nearby shelves and put it around his waist. He took another towel and put it over his shoulders.

Back at the table, took a big swig of his beer. “That was marvelous. Good idea Mrs. Sullivan.” he decreed.

“We liked it too, didn’t we Annie” declared Kathy, as Annie nodded her assent and patted the chair next to her indicating Brice should sit.

“Brice, we told you before we were sworn to secrecy about cabin seven but you are not. You always have the blindfold on. Why don’t you tell us about what goes on?” Kathy solicits, with obvious desire for some salacious details.

“We’d love to hear.”

“Well I’ve only done it about twenty times. There are about six ladies days a year and this is the start of the fourth year.” Brice starts out.

“You know it was Barbara’s idea to raise money and she had this idea that I could help. I was a bit nervous at first but she insisted, so I did.”

“Brice would you mind. Sorry to interrupt but it has always been a fantasy of mine to be clothed and have a man naked. Would you please take off your towels and then continue with the story.” stated Annie with a voice that let him know that an option was not available.

“Slide your chair over there so both of us can see you.” she continued.

Used to taking orders from women, Brice stood up and dropped his towel. He folded it as a seat cushion and placed in the chair that faced the two women. He took the other towel and laid it over the back of the chair, then sat down.

“Open your legs, Brice. Show us what you have.”

The women saw his knees move apart and his fattening cock flop forward and hang over the edge of the seat. Its weight pushed his balls to either side forcing him to spread his legs even more.

“That’s better. Now you were saying?” encouraged Annie.

“I never know who it is. I can usually tell if they are young or old by the tone of their skin. Most of them escort bursa don’t say much so I can not really tell from their voice. Some are very passive and just want to touch it, play with it for an hour. Some want to play harder and stop after they’ve given me a hand job.” Bruce explained as his cock began to engorge from lascivious nature of his memories.

“Some have no interest in my cock and simply want me to eat them out for an hour. Some jump on it right away and worship it like a long lost idol. I’ve had a few who just use me for their pleasure by rubbing themselves along the length of my cock. No penetration. They cum many times and leave me frustrated.” he continued as his cock continued to fatten and extend. It was no longer hanging, it was rising up. The wide purple mushroom head was still below his thighs but it would soon be pointing right at them.

“It’s really up to them. I respond and lead if I sense a direction but, I am the prize for them to do as they will. Today there was two. That was the first time. They were very aggressive, they knew what they wanted and they did me, plus it seemed they did each other while I did them. One seemed to have stud in her tongue because whenever she licked me, there was a hard nub in a soft furrow of the tongue.” Brice began to elaborate and the detailed description was obviously exciting him as the long thick snake continued to uncoil.

“We had a bit of a sandwich. I was on top of one and the other was upside on top me licking my ass while I was doing the other one. Then, I was on my back and one was trying to ride me while the other one sat on my face and had me eat her out. Not a lot of meat on those bones, so I suspect they were small skinny types because their hips were not wide and certainly they were having trouble with my girth.” he offered proudly as he lightly fingered the slit on the end of the cock which had began to weep.

The women were also getting aroused but with a subtle silent signal between them they had decided not to let it show too much. “What about Beth? What does she get out it?”

“Beth is a lovely old woman, now a dear friend to Barbara and I. She knows that she won’t get many more chances for new experiences and likes to try to mount me. She started by touching, then masturbating me, then trying to suck me but I was too big. She usually lies beside me and gets me hard. Then licks the head of my cock to get me wet and tries to sit on me. She has not been able to get me to penetrate her at all. She sits on the end of my cock. Usually I am not any harder or bigger than this.” he says as he begins to slowly trace the length of cock with his finger. But it’s really not the length that’s a problem for her. I am too big in diameter.”

Brice demonstrates by trying to circle his fingers around a fat sausage that you would only find in the best Italian deli. “You see.”

“Yes we see and we like what we see. Tell us more.” Kathy insists.

“Being so big, it scares a lot of people. Beth is one of those. She won’t let herself go and as a result she is too tense. She tries, laughs it off and hopes the next time will be better. It’s how she deals with it. Today she had me lie on my back and just rode my cock on the outside of her vulva. She had an orgasm but she would really like to be fucked. I don’t think that will happen with me.” he said a bit sadly and with empathy.

In response to this latest tidbit, Kathy turned to Annie and with a silent understanding, they choreographed their timing. They had both been feeling excited by Brice’s stories, by Brice being naked in front of them and had simultaneously decided to move things along. Not sure where this was all going to go, Annie unbuttoned the bottom of her dress and pulled it aside to expose her bald naked pussy while Kathy shrugged her shoulders to let her blouse fall down to expose her breasts.

Brice stared and his eyes darted between the two women as he overtly began to gently sweep his fingers down the stiff tree trunk that was his cock. He knew what might happen. He knew what he wanted to happen. He wondered if Annie would let him. It seemed to him that with Kathy around she acted differently. She and Kathy were connected in thought and deed. He had to extend his hand almost to his knees to cover the length of his pulsating cock. Once there he circled his fingers around the end and drew them, back pulling the skin tight, as if he were penetrating one of them or both of them. “One time on Ladies day there had been a woman who could handle all of this. She has gift and a real talent.” he said wistfully as he looked at Kathy.

“Brice, you said you wouldn’t tell” Kathy said ruefully.

“I didn’t mention any names. Did I Annie?” Brice responded as he slowly stroked the length of his massive tool before gripping the root of it and squeezing hard.

“OMG Kathy. You can’t really take all that?” Annie gasped.

“Brice says that I am the only one who can.” Kathy confided proudly with a sly smile about her guilty secret.

“Why don’t bursa yabancı escort you show her Kathy? I’m game if you are?” Brice pleads as he vigorously begins to stroke his cock. He is unassuming, but he is extremely proud of his cock. Its prodigious length of well over ten plus inches coupled with its extra hefty beefy diameter put most extreme dildos to shame. His large mushroom head has a wide flaring helmet, whose meaty sides are failing to keep the gaping slit closed, is beginning to leak copious amounts of pre-cum.

Kathy’s eyes get larger and she feels the blood lust beginning to course through her body. With legs shaking with anticipation, she leans forward in her chair and falls to her knees between his legs. As if drawn by a magnet, her hands hold his knees apart as she dives in to lick the lubricating juice from the cavernous slit before it drips to the patio.

“Suck my cock, Kathy. You know you want to. Let Annie see how you can deep throat me.” Brice suggests firmly.

Kathy’s mouth had only been this wide open once before. She knew the stretch that was required to accommodate his girth. Annie watched as Kathy accepted the bulbous head and then as she closed her lips around it. She saw her release it and push the impossibly large intruder around inside her cheek. Starting to gag, she withdrew her mouth and gasped for air. “I’m not sure I can do it today.”

“Sure you can, start slowly, lick all of me to get me lubricated, you remember.” Brice directs as he lifts the rigid shaft up to lay along his stomach. As he leans forward, Kathy sees that his cock reaches his sternum. She grasps his cock and pushes the head against his right nipple and she leans in to tongue them both. She pushes his cock out of the way and nips his nipple before bringing his cock back in contact and sucking them both simultaneously.

Annie begins to slowly stroke her exposed pussy, as she sees Kathy firmly hold the colossal cock high with one hand and work her way down his hard shaft with her tongue. She wants to join her in nursing Bull’s big rod, but she knows this is Kathy’s show. She watches as Kathy licks and slurps and bathes all of it. She reaches his testicles and feasts on their swelling softness. Kathy’s hand feels the pulsations begin to get stronger as his cock seems to get even larger.

She looked up to see a giant shaft coated with his juices and his saliva.

“I think we’re ready.” she says. “Stand up.”

Brice rises up from the chair and his shiny glistening bull sized cock throbs and bounces from her attention. Kathy takes him in both hands and with a deep breath opens her mouth and wraps her velvet lips over her teeth and begins to slide herself along his length. She slowly pushes her face along his cock as he held still. She needed to take her time. She has taken a few inches and slowly her lips widen, her cheeks redden and her eyes water as more of him stretches the back of her throat.

Pulling her mouth off of him, she gasps for air. “Ok, time to go to the bench.” Kathy says eagerly but with some uncertainty.

Brice picks up the two towels and spreads them out on a short low bench. Kathy lies on her back with her head hanging over one end and her bum on the other end. Balancing herself with her two feet she tilts her head back as Bull moves closer. Like an animal in rut, he knows both what he needs and what he wants. He dips his knees and places his cock on her lips as she breathes deeply before opening her mouth. Offering herself like a receptacle for his semen, she waits with anticipation as the smooth meaty offering gains entry.

Except at boarding school and then last night with Kathy and Danny, Annie has never seen two people have sex up close. While she has participated alone with her husband, her son and few of her son’s friends, she has never just sat and watched two people have sex in front on her. She finds it very stimulating and her fingers speed up the stroking of her vulva and the fingering of her clit. She moves closer to watch Kathy’s face and feels the heat of Brice’s cock as he struggles to push it in. She remembers the difficulty she had with her son, but his cock was stiffer, more erect than Bulls. She feels Brice reach behind Annie’s head to try and guide her to mouth the top of his cock as he begins gentle assaults on Kathy’s lips.

To his surprise she resists. This is about Kathy, she thinks not about you. She pulls away and moves to the other end of the bench between Kathy’s legs. “Let me help.” she says soothingly as she reaches up to up the button and zipper on the front of Kathy’ shorts.

“Lift you hips.” gets Kathy to raise her bum off the towels and permits Annie to pull her shorts down to her thighs.

“Lift your legs.” sees Kathy raise her legs in the air so Annie can strip her shorts off.

Dropping her legs back down on either side of the bench exposes her bright red bushy patch of pubic hair. It is a startling contrast to white skin and blouse that is wide open displaying her taut bursa escort erect nipples. Looking up Kathy’s body, Annie sees Brice withdrawing to permit Kathy to catch her breath.

It has been twenty-five years since she had gone down on another woman, but it all came back vividly. She remembers her girl friends at boarding school and Sister Mary who caught them and then taught them. She thinks of the hours she spent laying in bed on Saturday mornings, her face in a young pussy. This was an adult pussy large, red, gaping and in need. Placing her hands on Annie’s knees she starts kissing, nibbling and licking at her knees and works slowly up her taut thighs toward her waiting vulva. She nips as her large splayed outer lips before carrying on past her crotch to plant a kiss on the belly button. She lets the tips of her hair trail gently across Kathy’s smooth stomach as leans forward to suckle on a nipple. Lifting her head she sees Brice’s cock slick with Kathy saliva coming toward her. She knows Brice wants her to lick him, but she won’t. Her girl friend is in need.

Kathy returns to French kissing Kathy’s nipple as she drags her own hard nipples over Kathy’s thighs. Leaning is she lays herself tightly against Kathy’s perspiring body. Replacing her lips with her hands she fondles Kathy’s breasts and torments her nipples as she works her mouth down to her wetness. On her way down, she sees the monster cock being dragged back over Kathy’s chin to begin and new penetration. She sees her girlfriend open her mouth to receive his huge member.

She pushes her face into the rough pubic hair to breathe in the intoxicating aroma of her excitement that is coating the follicles. She inhales the alluring musk that has flowed out of her girlfriend. She lowers her head and eyes to focus on something she has not savored for so long. She begins slow sweeps of her tongue over Kathy’s surprisingly large hanging inner lips. They almost appear they have been pumped but they are only distended from excitement and anticipation. She takes one fleshy side into her mouth and chews on it. The flow of liquid from Kathy’s vagina increases and runs down Annie’s chin. Annie follows the trail back up the moist pink inside and flicks her tongue delicately over the soft inner surface as a cat would lap at milk. She makes figures eights with her tongue over the entry gate to her vagina while her nose caresses her clit. She moves her tongue up and feels Kathy’s thigh’s begin to quiver.

Annie slides a finger up and down Kathy’s slit, feeling her pussy lips open wider to the urgent touch. She felt her fingers being coated with oily secretions and was able to press further inside. Annie slid two fingers deep into her vagina while using her thumb to massage her clit. She feels her hips begin to move toward and decides to go back to using her tongue.

Brice looks down at his long cock halfway down the throat of the only woman who could deep throat him while a woman whom he only met two days ago is eating her out. Although Annie’s hair hides her actions, his cock surges with exciting image created in his mind. He continues to slowly gain entry but when Kathy reaches down with her hands to press Annie’s head into her, he has to ease up.

Annie feels Kathy’s hands tightly grip the sides and back of her head and responds to the guidance. She moves to lash her tongue on her rigid upright clit, while sliding two fingers into the demanding cunt. Easily sliding in knuckle deep she matches cadence with Bull’s insistent thrusts. Annie feels Kathy’s legs rise up before feeling being clamped in a vice like grip as Kathy locks her heels behind Annie’s shoulders. In doing so Kathy thrusts her hips up driving herself onto Annie’s fingers and into her mouth.

Both women are now totally committed, the Bull will have to wait.

Like being on a spit, Kathy is impaled on both ends. She tosses her head from side to side while fucking Annie’s face. Brice watches as Kathy clenches her legs and feels her body spasm in orgasm as he ceases his efforts bury himself in her mouth. He pulls back, hears Kathy gasp for air and watches her orgasm wash down her quivering body.

Kathy drops her legs as Annie sits up and begins to slowly run her hands over the gaping red vagina in front of her. She brushes her hands over Kathy’s vulva with long strokes extending up her stomach and down her thighs.

“Annie, that was fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You curled my toes.” Kathy sighed breathlessly.

“But I haven’t forgotten about you Brice. I have one last idea. Brice, you get down on the bench.”

Brice who a few minutes ago watched a most beautiful act had felt that he was going to be disappointed. Now hearing Kathy’s voice he refocused on the challenge he had offered to her. Lying on the bench he watched as Kathy straddled him. Facing toward his feet, Kathy sat on chest and as she bent over, she pushed her wet engorged spongy pussy onto his face. This allowed her to face the challenge rising from between his legs. She licked the head of his cock and tasted the tang of his dripping juices. She picked it up with both hands and aligning her mouth and throat she placed the pulsating head of his cock on her tongue guiding it into the mouth. She began a slow descent onto the rod. She breathed through her nose as long as she could. She shuddered as she felt the cock fill up her mouth.

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