The New Client

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The New Client by Nutmegman

Someone new called and needed service in a town about 40 miles south of me. A town where I usually spend at least one day a week, so it was an easy ride.

She needed some help and was moving in 10 days and in a crunch to get this work done. I scheduled an appointment with her and went out on a Monday afternoon for a 2:30 PM appointment.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see she was younger than my average client, which was a pleasant surprise. She was a few inches shorter than me and had that New York City type of accent. She introduced me to her dog and we chatted a bit and we hit it off right away. Her name was Sue.

She was dressed in a black fleece jacket and sweatpants. She had medium long black hair that had a little wave to it. The house looked quite nice too. It was hard to see what she may have really looked like as her clothes hid her very well. But she wasn’t over weight. She looked comfy and relaxed.

We got down to work and I took notice of her slender fingers, for some reason. I did little peeks at her face and hair when I could. We were sitting next to each other and she smelled clean but not with a distinguishable fragrance. I was attracted to her, much to my surprise, since that never happens with my clients in the 25+ years I have been in business for myself.

We worked and chatted. The longer I was there, the more attraction I felt.

I am a nearly 60 year old man, married 25+ years, over weight by too much. I dress OK for work and OK for casual. But a big person and nice clothes don’t really go together without spending tons of money. So I dress neatly and an extra touch of nicer clothes once in a while, when I can. I also make sure to stay clean as I hate smelly people and do not want to be one of them. I am slowly losing weight, but no where near as fast as I would like.

In the 25 years I have been married, the last 18 of them have been without sex or intimacy or closeness. The COVID lock down really enforced how lonely I felt in my own house. And, how lonely I still feel now. My wife and I get together fine otherwise, but she is as cold as a rock in the snow and nothing I have tried over the years has changed that. No touching or intimacy. No hugging or hand holding and no sex. So being lonely continues. I try to keep busy with outside activities and work to offset that, but it really doesn’t work. I remain lonely and feel like I’m going to die that way.

I’ve thought about cheating on my wife, but have no self confidence in that area as far as chat rooms or forums or wherever. So I just continue day to day and dream of meeting someone somehow.

Back to the present. I completed the work and my client paid me and I went home. She stayed in my mind. She still is in my mind. Which I know is crazy as she is moving 3 hours south of her current house and I’ll never see her again.

A few days later, I got a text asking if I could stop by again. The movers were coming on Wednesday and she had some questions that needed to be answered before she left. We scheduled Monday mid morning.

I shaved, showered using a very nice smelling soap. Made sure I was clean and wore clean clothes and looked good in a work kind of way. At least, I hoped I did.

When I arrived we chatted much more than last time before starting the work. Then working side by side, I watched those slender fingers again. I inched closer and between work stuff asked her questions. I was feeling even more attraction to her and I kind of felt she felt the same way. She unfortunately was wearing the same types of clothes that hid her body but she was comfy in.

I learned she was 10 years younger than me, single, never married but came close once. She wants to meet men and we chatted more. I felt that if my ring was not on my left ring finger, I could have asked her out.

When we were done, I asked if I could take her out for lunch and she regretfully declined as someone buying some of her furniture was running late per a text which she showed me.

We were at the point where I had so say good bye. I wanted to give her a hug and unfortunately we just shook hands and looked at each other kind of longingly. There was something there. But it would not grow anywhere except in my dreams.

Wednesday came and I knew the moving truck was packing her up for the trip south. I wanted to text something caring or not. I couldn’t decide. I ended up not doing nothing.

Over the next few months, we texted a few times and spoke about some work stuff and life. I wanted to talk about her more and asked a few questions here and there. She was unhappy with her new job and missed friends back where she used to live and stated she would rather work with me in person than on the phone or remotely. I stated I would always prefer in person over remotely. I told her it was great hearing from her and she could call me anytime and I would be happy to hear her voice. She said the same to me and said goodbye for now.

Fast forward to the bursa escort present. I was working from home, sitting in front of the computer working on client projects and took a break to watch some porn and jerk off and of course thinking about her. She was still on my mind all these months later. I couldn’t shake the feeling I had really lost out on a 2nd chance of closeness with someone and to end my loneliness.

Ring went the doorbell. Crap. I tucked myself together and closed the porn screens. I checked the video cameras for the front of the house and saw a black German sedan and someone bundled up at the front door. I had no idea who it could be. I went and answered the door.

There she stood, looking at me through the storm door. I smiled and she waved. I was beyond surprised and didn’t move. She then said “Can I come in? It’s so cold out here.”

I opened the door and let her in. I was sort of frozen and couldn’t come up with words as I was so surprised at seeing her. I had no idea she would be in the area. None at all.

I opened my mouth to speak, but she spoke first. “It’s great to see you again!” With emphasis she said.

I cleared my throat and said “Wow, I’m shocked to see you in front of me.” I then reached over and gave her a big hug which I think surprised both of us.

We were standing at the landing still and I ushered her upstairs and closed the door. I took her coat and put it over the railing and she came in looking at my computer setup surrounded by multiple monitors and more.

Before I could say anything else as I was still in shock she said “Was I interrupting something? I smell something in the air.”

I nearly choked which got a laugh out of her and again I was at a loss of words.

She said “When I came down the street about an hour ago, I saw your wife’s car backing out of the garage. It took me over an hour to get the courage to ring your doorbell.”

“How did you get my address?”

“It was on your invoice.”

“Oh, right” I said.

“Would you like to finish what you started? I could wait and watch” she said.

That got another choking cough from me. I’m sure my face was fire engine red, which from the smile on her face, she was enjoying my discomfort.

I told her “I was working on client research. Go look at my screens.” to which she did.

She then turned to look at the info on the screens again, a page of notes plus paper notes. She then said “I may be wrong, it looks like you were hard at work. I must be interrupting you. I should leave.”

I said “No, no, please stay. I have been thinking about you but didn’t want to bother you by calling or texting. What brings you here? I had texted you a few times and emailed you and never heard back.”

She said “I wanted to reply both times but was torn. You are married. As you know, I do not like my new job. I started looking back up this way, a bit further north from where I was previously located and found a job not far from where you live right here.”

“I figured you either didn’t want to communicate with me beyond work, or was concerned about me being married or being fat or a bit older or whatever.”

Sue put her finger on my lips and I stopped talking and she said “Shhhh. None of those. Well maybe the married thing a bit. Actually a lot. But I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Which is why I am here right now.”

“That’s great!” With emphasis. “Having you up here will be great.” “Uh, would you like to go out and grab some lunch?”

“You’ll go out in your PJ’s?”

“No, no, I’ll go shower and get dressed and we can catch up.”

“That would be great. I would like that very much.”

She sat down on the couch and started reading from her phone and I retreated to the other end of the house and showered and dressed. In my dreams, she would have come into the shower with me, but, like all dreams, it was just a dream and she did not.

When I got out, she was wondering around looking at pictures and awards and things hanging on the walls.

I walked up behind her and sort of put my arms around her and said “Are you hungry?”

She turned around in my arms and said “You smell really good now.”

“I apologize for prior. I was note expecting guests.”

She stated again “It was worth the wait, you smell really good.” As she started sniffing my neck and shirt and everything. She stopped suddenly and looked into my eyes.

I did not look away and just looked back at her. I was frozen in place, but I think we both had some hunger for each other going on and we both knew it. I looked away first. Neither of us had been this close to each other before.

She had parked in the street. We took my car as I knew the area and we went to a local burger place a few miles away and got a booth. Instead of sitting across from me, she sat beside me. Our legs pressing against each other, hip to hip. It was nice. The contact was making me hard and I was doing my best to ignore it. We ordered and turned and looked at each other for a moment.

I bursa escort looked at her and finally said “I feel it too and I suspect you do to? Am I right?”

She continued to look into my eyes and said “I do feel it too. I thought moving away, it would go away, but it became stronger. Our brief texts or the occasional call were torture. I didn’t want to contact you too much to be an annoyance. But I reached a point where I had to come see you, which is where I am now.”

“Oh my god” I said. “I didn’t want to be a pain either. I wanted to talk to you daily but didn’t want to seem like I was stalking you or annoying you. I was afraid I’d scare you and you’d stop talking to me. I have been dreaming about you every day since I met you. And there was nothing I could do about it. I’ve been an emotional wreck. Even being super busy with work and hobby projects was only a temporary reprieve.”

I took her hand and wove mine into it and looked at her again. That feeling of electricity and connecting with her deep down was there and I finally knew she felt it too.

Then the waiter delivered lunch to the table and we ate quietly. Occasionally shifting so we were closer together in the booth. We couldn’t get any closer, but wanted to. I wanted to hold her and pull her close.

After lunch we walked out and she slipped her arm through mine. We had some serious considering to do on how this was going to work. I was still married and had a local business that I’ve spent years building. I could go away briefly for a week or few, but not more.

“So, are you really going to move to this area?” I asked.

She said “I quit my job and found a job very close to here. I also have to find a place to live and was hoping to find a nice condo, but need to spend some time looking around. I think I’ll end up spending a lot of time living in the hotel. It’ll be expensive, but I don’t see any other way as the new job wants me to start next week.”

I said “I suggest the spare bedroom in my house, if you could contribute something monthly for room and board.” I said “I need to pass it by the wife first, but I think she would go for it. Right now she is visiting her mother a few towns north of here. She’s off work today.”

She said “That sounded very nice and would be perfect. For both of us.”

We drove back towards my house except I made a detour to a nearby local park. We parked outside it and walked through the woods into the park. She had reached down and grabbed my hand as we walked. It was as if it always was this way.

Suddenly she stopped and nearly yanked me off my feet. Hands still together, she was giggling madly and I looked at her wondering if she just had a stroke or something.

She grabbed my other hand and pulled me in closer until our bodies were against each other. Looking at each other, I removed both hands and put one on either side of her face and pulled her in for our first kiss. A slow, gentle kiss. Cold noses touching each others faces. I pulled away and then went in for another, this one a bit more hungry and got it right back. I pulled away and was breathing hard as was she. I was still holding her face. I then leaned in for another kiss.

Even though it was early April, it was cold and started to snow. We continued our walk through the park until we came to the picnic tabled under a pavilion. We stopped and sat and started talking about how this would work.

I said, “If my wife approves, then you can park in front of my car and will have a key to the house. We will have to be very careful as she has a nose like a blood hound, just like you. At least to start, we need to be cordial near her and very careful.”

She said “I’m going to keep looking for a condo in the area too. It’s not like I’m going to be there for months and months.”

Looking at her, she was shivering as she didn’t dress warmly enough, had on the wrong footwear, no gloves. So I got up from my side of the table, went to her side and opened my winter jacket and drew her in. I was warm and between loving the contact of holding her close and warming her up. At least until the cold air started working its way in.

I felt her shivering come to a stop and she squeezed me tighter. We both started giggling and then laughing hard. I wrapped her in my arms more tightly and just held her in place for a bit. We then untangled ourselves and I re-zipped up and popped my hood on and grabbed her hand as I led her back to the car. She only had on sneakers and was sliding in the snow. Of course I knew better and had on waterproof hiking shoes that I always wear this time of the year.

Once in the car, I turned on both heated seats and cranked the heat. I said “Would you like some hot chocolate?”

She replied “Only if it has mini marshmallows in it.”

“It sure will” and headed towards my house. Once there I parked and helped her clean off her car and park it in front of mine. She tripped and went down in the wet snow. I helped her up and brushed her off. We headed to bursa eskort the house and she fell again and was covered in snow. I brushed her off again and we both went inside. I tossed her coat into the dryer and she took off her wet sneakers and I my shoes. Her pants were wet and I looked at her trying to figure out what she could wear. I said “Take off your pants & shirt and we’ll toss them in the dryer too.”

She looked up at me. We just had our first kiss and now I was going to see her in her panties. I was practically salivating. She said “I’ll take them off upstairs after you find me something else to wear.” Up we went.

“Here, try this on. One of my wife’s sweats.” As she retreated into the spare bedroom and she handed her wet pants & shirt, bra and panties out to me. I took them from her, getting a very slight look at some leg and skin. Everything was soaked from her falls in the snow. On the way down the stairs I sniffed the panties and thought they had a different kind of wetness to them too. Into the dryer they went. I went back upstairs and she said “Those are too small.”

I went into my room and took out some soft fleece pants and warm sherpa fleece shirt and handed them to her. She put them on and came out looking cute as the legs were rolled up and the waist was tied tight. She looked darn good and sexy as heck. I found my mouth dry as I tried to say something.

I put on my slippers and didn’t have any footwear her size. So I gave her a pair of my wool socks and my other slippers which she put on to warm her feet and made the hot chocolate. We were both surprised that nearly 4 hours had gone by since lunch and my wife would be home soon.

I wasn’t hungry, but looked in the fridge to see what we had planned for dinner. While peering into the abyss, She came up to me and hugged me from behind. I turned around and gave her a front hug and held her close. She felt great in my arms and wrapped close to me. I was sure she felt me growing down below since I was now wearing fleece pants too and not my jeans.

Holding the hot chocolates, we stood and looked out the door into the backyard. The snow was coming down fast and accumulating. We wouldn’t be going any place until the snow stopped and the plows had gone by and my driveway was cleared. We were here to stay. All the snow made me wonder if my wife was coming home in this or staying where she was.

We finished the hot chocolates and washed the cups. I went through the room which she was going to stay in and she said “It’s fine.” I told her it was probably the warmest room in the house as it was small and held the heat. I came up behind her and hugged her from behind. Sue grabbed my hands and pulled me in closer. We stayed like that a little while.

I showed her the rest of the house and gave her a squeeze or hug in each room. It was just one of those nice, warm and cozy things that made us both feel good.

I got a text from my wife saying she was staying the night at her moms since the roads looked terrible with the snow. Playing it safe was what she was going to do.

I texted her that was smart and that the power was blinking on and off here and I expected it to go out any moment now. I’d be fine at home. I didn’t mention Sue being here as I figured I’d introduce her tomorrow.

“Woo Hoo” I said. “We have the house to ourselves until tomorrow or until the storm ends and the roads are cleaned as my wife is staying at her moms where it is safer than attempting to travel the roads.”

Sue turned to me with a look in her eyes and gave me another hug and gave me a deep, hot kiss. When she pulled back, I was panting and trying to keep my hard on from being noticed. I don’t think I was doing a good job at that though. Sue said, “Can I see your bedroom?”

I led her to my bedroom. “It’s only a full sized bed, not very big,” I said.

She came up to me and gave me another hug. A tight hug and kind of ground herself into me. I figured there was no way she didn’t feel my hard on pressing against her. I didn’t know whether I should try to hide it or not. As usual, I did nothing. Then the power went out and Sue jumped and hugged me tighter. My sweats did absolutely nothing to hide my now raging hard on. I tilted her had back and gave her a kiss, which she returned with hunger.

It was dark in the room with only a sliver of light coming through one of the curtains over the window. I could see her eyes and face a bit and a little bit of her body as my eyes adjusted to the lack of light.

She pulled away from me a bit and looked into my eyes and said “I am going crazy. I feel you, and it’s driving me crazy.” My big eyes looking at her.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I spun her around, wrapped my arms around her and put my lips by her ear and said “You have a few choices right now. One is I can bend you over the bed, pull your sweats down and fuck you hard.” As I started moving my hands under her top until I was touching soft warm skin” “Two is I can make slow love to you, three is I will tie you down, blindfold you and ravish your body,” As I now moved my hands up and started fondling a breast in each hand “four is we can go under cover and snuggle or five is we can do nothing. What would you like?” She started to squirm under my grip and let out a little moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32