The Oral Virgin

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It’s a small college, 1200 students. Most of us recognize just about everyone else and probably know roughly half. In my opinion, Charlene Borden is the sexiest girl on campus. Nice looking, friendly, big smiles and sparkly eyes, long dark hair with lots of curl in it, and the most amazing body possible. Nature couldn’t make a more desirable body. Great legs with more shape than seems possible, solid and curvy. Firm, tight ass that sits high and moves like magic. Small waist. Bodacious boobs. Not the world’s largest double D’s but sublimely shaped full C’s, sitting all out front so they enter the room a split second before the rest of her. Playboy would love her as a model.

About half of us live on campus in dorms. Charlene is one of the commuters. So she isn’t around in the evenings or weekends to try and date. I’ve sat with her in our Commons having a Coke and I’d love to try and get closer to her but it seems impossible. She has a boyfriend near her home. At least that’s what I’ve heard. However, we’re both in the Drama Club and we’ve just both been cast in one of the club’s three plays per year. So I’ll finally get to know her better.

I play her father so we’re in a lot of scenes together. The father is one of the leads. The other lead is a woman that, in the play, is an old girl friend of his from years before that’s just come back to town. So the daughter is a supporting role but a decent one with fairly much stage time.

In rehearsals, there’s a scene where the father and daughter sit next to one another on a small sofa. He puts his arm around her and consoles her about something. We’re sitting almost at a right angle to the audience; in this case that’s the teacher who is the director and whoever else in the cast or club that’s watching rehearsals. Not quite a right angle, but Charlene is upstage from me. I’m to her right and when I put my left arm around her, my hand reaches the side of her left breast. I have just an evil enough mind and enough nerve to realize that no one in the audience can see what that hand is doing. Their view is blocked by our bodies. And if she reacts, everyone will notice it, right in the middle of a scene. So I caress her breast and just about get my whole hand on it, holding it. At the same time, I deliver my lines.

It probably tells something about me psychologically that I’d do this. In high school I was in a play and the prettiest girl in the class was cast as my wife. In rehearsals (and in the final performances) I gave her great, sexy kisses to the point we started dating. But then I couldn’t follow through when we weren’t on stage and she eventually dropped me. What does that say about me, that I’ll risk things when I’m in a role that I can’t do in person?

“You’re a dirty old man, Daddy,” I hear in a whisper from Charlene, said without her moving her lips. No one else has any idea that she’s said anything. Still reciting my lines, I move my hand lower, to her side. Another quiet whisper. “I didn’t say stop.” I move my hand back up and start massaging her breast slightly, at least as much as I can. Then we both have to move. She turns towards me and says her lines and then we both get up and go on with the scene.

It’s interesting. I’ve just played with her boob in front of an audience and got away with it. We’re both going on as if nothing happened. But of course something has. And this can’t be the end of it.

In front of the director and other cast members we go on with rehearsals for at least another hour. Charlene’s staying late and will drive home after the rehearsal is over. And will do that often for several weeks until we finally stage the finished production. Several times I notice her looking at me in sort of a questioning way. If I catch her looking and she knows it she gives me a funny sort of grin. The kind of grin you give each other when you know you’re doing something you shouldn’t. But when the rehearsal ends and we’re all picking our things up, I look around and she’s gone.

The next day, midmorning, I head into Commons after class to get a soft drink. Charlene is there. When she sees me she smiles and moves her head a little, gesturing to me, so I go over and sit with her. We’re going to have another rehearsal that late afternoon again and the next day and the next, etc. So I would have seen her later anyway.

“I’ve been trying to figure out,” she says to me, “whether you were just being cute or meant something. I mean, you’ve never seemed to show an interest before.”

“I meant something,” I reply. “You’re the most desirable girl I’ve ever seen but you’ve always been sort of unapproachable.”

She looks at me quietly for a moment. I’m not an Adonis. I’m okay physically, just a quarter inch shy of six feet and I’m on the wrestling team so I’m in good shape. Actually we don’t have much of a wrestling team. It happens that I had some minimal training once upon a time and managed to defeat the only other two guys in my weight class that Bostancı Escort showed up, so I was on the team. But I am in good physical shape. I’m blond. Or was blond, I’m getting darker. Crew cut really short for wrestling, blue eyes and at least even featured. Not handsome but not ugly either.

“Desirable?” she finally asks. “That’s h ow you think of me?”

I’m probably in trouble. I’ve never been great with women. I’ve had my successes but even then I think maybe they were more successes for the girls than for me, I was just the one they chose to satisfy their needs. So what do I say? “Yes, ” I finally say. “You have the greatest body possible, Charlene. Every time I see you I drool, I think I could just eat you up.”

She just looks at me again. Straight. Not angry, sort of quizzical maybe. “You’d like to eat me.” she says, more as a statement than a question. Then she gives me a big smile, starts pulling her books together and gets up to leave. “I’ll see you at rehearsals,” she says as she walks off. I lick my lips. I’m drooling.

Late that afternoon we’re both at rehearsals. But we never do the same scene again. She looks at me a lot when she’s off to the side and not involved. For some reason, I can keep doing a scene even when I’m thinking of something else. Like saying my lines while playing with her breast the day before. So I also look at her. She smiles at me. Grins really. And she has an odd look in her eyes. They’re sort of larger or brighter or something when she looks at me. I’m reminded of kids anticipating their Christmas or birthday presents. The rehearsal finally ends and Mrs. Carlson, our teacher and director, gives us her comments and we start to disperse. Charlene grabs me.

“Do you have any books or anything? Get them and come with me.” All I had was my script, so I followed her back stage. She opens a door in the wall and goes through it, I follow. It’s absolutely black. No light at all.

The school auditorium, our theater, was perhaps once used for chapel or religious training of some sort because it has a bell tower, like a church would. There are no bells in it now, just loudspeakers that blare out electronic bell or gong tones on the hour and fractions of hours. This room is actually the base of the bell tower. Very likely no one uses it except to go through it when the system above needs maintenance. I guess I knew it was there but never thought about it much.

I can feel her moving, next to me. She actually hangs on to me for a moment. Then she sort of grabs me a little and says, “Put these in your pocket.” These what? I can’t see them or her in the dark but she gets hold of my arm and moves down to my hand and I can feel material. Soft, smooth material. “They’re my panties,” she says, “I don’t want to lose them.” Her panties? What the heck is this? Then she floors me. “I want you to eat me,” she says.

“Can we turn on a light so I can see you?” I ask.

“No,” she says. “Someone outside might see light under the door. It might even glow way up in the tower so people could see it. They think we’ve gone with everyone else. Do you need light to eat me?”

What the heck is this? I guess we’re to be a secret from others. “No, I guess not,” I say, “but it would be a lot better if we were naked in the daylight so I could appreciate your terrific body better. And normally, we’d sort of work up to this, kissing and feeling and getting aroused before I actually got my tongue into your vagina.”

“Well we can kiss and feel if you want, I’d like that, too, as long as you end up eating me.”

So I grope and find her and get our lips together and kiss. She kisses well, Some action and not just passive. I manage to get my hands on her breasts, on top of her clothes, and do a little bit as we kiss over and over. But I know her panties are off so I get my hand down between us to her crotch and discover she’s really wet. Not pee wet, sort of creamy wet. Juicy. As I finger her she moans in my mouth.

“You need to be back against the wall,” I say, “to help hold you up.” We both shuffle back a little and she backs up against the wall. I kneel down and get my face at the level of my fingers that are in her. I move a hand to run it down her leg and get to her knee. “You need to lift this leg so I can spread you open more and get to you,” I say, sort of pulling and lifting her leg. She cooperates and her thigh goes onto my shoulder. I can’t see a darn thing but I know where her vagina is because I still have a finger in it. I get my other hand in there and spread her vaginal lips open a little. I lean my face into her and get my tongue to her. I can do it, I can get in there. I lick up and down and I can hear her breathing increase.

Somehow, in this ridiculous situation, I manage to do a pretty good job on her. I actually like eating pussy for some weird, degenerate reason. I think I like what it does to the girl. I like what it does to me, too, since I always get a huge Kadıköy Escort hard on. I take her through a lot of “ohs” and “ahs” to low, guttural growling, to panting and low level screams that I’m sure she’s controlling so we won’t get caught. When I work really diligently on her clit she finally comes. Her hips are jerking, both her hands are on my head trying to shove my face up inside her, and I get loads and loads of juices that I try to lap up as much as I can. Her hands finally relax on me so I pull away from her and stand up, grabbing her leg that had been over my shoulder and keeping it raised.

I had got my cock out earlier and stroked it a little so it was easy, even in the dark, to get aimed and start it up into her. She’s well lubricated so it moves right in but it’s entering really tight quarters, forcing its way through. Her sounds seem surprised at first but quickly turn to sexy throat noises.

“Is this o.k?” I ask.

“Oh, don’t stop. You’re just so big.”

“I’m glad you think so. I never thought I was.”

‘Well you’re a lot bigger than what I’m used to,” Then a quick exhale and “uh” and “Push in more. Harder and quicker.”

“Can I cum in you?”

“Yeah, Just fuck me. More. Yes. Oh, yes.” Then growls as I pound into her, lifting her with each push of my hips. She lifts her other leg and wraps it around me. I’m supporting her with my cock and my weight pressing her against the wall.

When I finish and pump a couple loads into her, she makes odd sounds and says, “Just keep it in me for a moment. This feels so good.” Then we finally disengage and she’s back on the ground. “I need my panties,” she says, “to keep some of your stuff from running down my leg s.”

We find our scripts, find the door and get out of their. “I’ve never had anything as good,” she says. “We can do more of this any time you want.”

“You’ve never done this before?” I ask.

“Oh, I’ve fucked,” she says. “A lot, but never had anyone eat me before. Next time, I have to do you. I’ve never done that, either.”

We’re on the way to her car. It really isn’t all that late, not totally dark at all. Just dinner time. I ask her how’s she’s fucked but never done the other.

“I live on a farm. Growing up you see animals fucking all the time. Breeding, my Dad would say. You actually get so you hardly notice it. Then when I was, I don’t know, probably fourteen, I realized that as I watched a stallion’s huge cock pumping into a mare, I got aroused. I didn’t even know what it was, just sort of a tingling or itch or something down there and I ended up doing my first serious masturbation. And I slowly felt hornier and hornier. Then a few years later my Dad and I were at our neighbor’s farm having a mare serviced. The boy on that farm Bob, is my age and we were in the same class in school. And as we saw the breeding, I unintentionally said out loud what was on my mind, “I wish that was me.” Bob was standing next to me and said, “Me, too.” So we looked at each other and went off into some woods and did it for the first time. It actually hurt at first but got better.

“And we’ve been doing it ever since. So you’re only the second guy I’ve been with. Bob has tried a little to get me to suck him but I’ve always said I would after he ate me. And he says the whole idea of tasting my pussy is revolting. So we pretty much just get together and fuck. I really wanted to taste him but wouldn’t give in if he didn’t. So I want to try sucking you if that’s o.k.”

“Fine with me. I’ll enjoy it. But we really need to get naked together in broad daylight. Can you come here on Saturday? Saturday morning or afternoon? I think you’ll really like it.”

“I know I will. Yes. I’ll find some excuse. I’ll let you know at rehearsals tomorrow when I’ll come.”

So we kissed and held each other and she said she was looking forward to rehearsal tomorrow and getting in that same room again. I guess she really does want to keep us a secret. After she got in the car I leaned in to kiss her before she drove away. Then I grinned and said to her, “I’ll leave you with a thought for tomorrow. When I cum in your mouth, what do you do?” Then I stepped back and watched the look on her face as she drove away, headed home.

The next day, Friday, I went to the botany teacher and asked if I could borrow the key to the gate to the Nature Preserve so I could get some leaves for a project. She agreed and asked me to return it that same day. Between classes, I went in to town and had a duplicate key made. Then I got a blanket and went into the nature preserve. It’s a huge place, hundreds of acres, locked away and seldom does anyone go there. I stashed the blanket where I could get it the next day. Then I actually collected a half dozen leaves that I really did need, and returned the original key to the teacher. That’s where I was planning to get naked with Charlene the next day.

Play rehearsals went well. I actually managed to massage Charlene’s Göztepe Escort breasts slightly (over her clothes) between scenes, off in the wings. Again, Charlene had a cat-ate-the-canary grin and used her head to indicate I should go back stage with her, into that same dark room. I shook my head “no” and indicated she should join the rest of us walking out of the building. She looked pissed but came along. Outside, after several steps, I took her arm and stopped her. I held my script up so we would look like we were talking about the play.

“I’m just miming that we’re talking about the play so look like we are,” I say. “We’re still going to have sex. You can suck me all you want and I sure want to eat you again. But I think you and Bob are missing too much. You’re just breeding., like animals. You get together and he fucks you and that’s that. But humans are different kinds of animals. For one, we’re always in heat. And nature, or God, has made us want to copulate, made us like it, want it. But as humans we can add emotion. The whole experience is so much better if it includes emotion, romance perhaps. Something to make it a lot better than just breeding.”

While I was delivering my prepared speech, the others were moving on. Some saying that they’d see us tomorrow or whatever and we sort of smiled and nodded in reply. Rehearsals start after class, about four. So it’s now about 6:30, still plenty of light. “I want to see that gorgeous body of yours when we have sex,” I say. “So come on.” I knew that Dr. Keller never locked his office. For some reason, during one of my visits, he said so, said he didn’t even have a key anymore. And he h as a large, old, leather couch in his office. So I led Charlene to his office. Once in, I locked the door behind us.

As soon as the door closed she was unzipping me and reaching in, fumbling around to get hold of my cock and get it out. I slowed her down and told her we both needed to get naked. She had her fingers wrapped around my very erect cock and looked pissed but probably set a record in taking off everything . Wow, those breasts are even better naked than with clothes covering them. She’s gorgeous. So I got my clothes off, too, and she was back at my cock, kneeling on the floor and staring at it.

“I don’t know how to do this, so tell me anything you want to,” she says and immediately gets her mouth around the head of my cock and starts sucking and licking. She kept interrupting herself, commenting how she could barely get her mouth around it, her jaws actually ached a little, and asking how she should do certain things. In fact, she was doing very well. Her enthusiasm made up for any lack of technique. It didn’t take long and she did get a mouthful. She never even hesitated, just swallowed. She sat back on her calves and looked up at me grinning, proud of herself. She wanted to know how she did and I told her how great she was and how much I liked it.

Then I repeated the previous night and ate her hungrily. But only after working my way down her, spending some time licking then sucking on those terrific breasts. If anything, she had an even bigger reaction that the first time. Then, again, I got my cock into her and pounded away. I had her sitting on the couch as I ate her, then leaned her back and fucked her in standard missionary position. As we left that night and I walked her to her car, she says that for the first time, she actually was a little sore. But she liked it. It was a good soreness. And that it was even better than before, the best she’d ever experienced and she looked forward to tomorrow when she could suck me again. She’d do even better, she knew some things she wanted to try. Obviously, I looked forward to it, too.

The next day, I’m waiting at the parking lot about 10:15 because Charlene had said she’d get there about 10:30. Was I anxious? In fact, she drives in about 10:20. When I open her door and she steps out she immediately presses up against me, hugs me and we kiss. Not that there was a crowd to witness this or anything but I guess she’d decided that I was now “it” and she was willing to be open about it. I guess poor Bob was done. We walk to the Nature Preserve gate. She’s surprised at the site but here eyes are sparkling in anticipation. I reach through and re-lock the gate after we enter. I pick up the blanket I had stashed the day before and we walk through beautiful scenery, trees and bushes undisturbed by civilization. I knew there was a grassy opening about five minutes in and that’s where we headed.

Charlene’s happy. It’s a beautiful place. As I spread out the blanket she starts undressing. I ask her to wait and we’ll each undress the other. We lay next to one another on the blanket, hugging. I unbutton her blouse and kiss her lips, her neck, her shoulders as I remove her blouse. Then off comes her bra and I kiss a little more. I’m trying to suck a nipple as she starts getting my shirt off. Like me, she kisses my body as it came into view. Then I start on her jeans, her shoes coming off as I pull the jeans down and off. Then her panties. I kiss her abdomen, her thighs, her calves. I have my face nestled in her pubic hair when she starts insisting that she gets to get my clothes off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32