The Promotion

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Tabatha couldn’t help herself. Although an office affair was probably not the best of ideas, she had to keep fucking him. He was just so damned good.

Part of it might have been her promotion. He’d told her that power was an aphrodisiac, and that being in power would make her hornier. If that were possible.

It wasn’t the only factor though. Karl was hung like an ox and he knew how to use his hands to manipulate her tits until she was squirming. His lips on her nipples, skin and pussy made her juices flow almost instantaneously. Sometimes, all he had to do was touch her and she felt as if she was cumming.

Their relationship had started off an a very even keel. They’d flirted at an office party, then began having an occasional fuck. Equals enjoying very satisfying sex. It was warm and tender. He would lick her from head to toe, his tongue darting in and out of her pussy until she was squirming. Then she returned the favor, using her tongue on his hard cock, licking him teasingly, yet holding him off at the threshold of orgasm. The fact that he İstanbul Escort was older, more mature, more experienced certainly added to the experience, despite the nearly 20 years age difference, in bed Karl was virile, a true stud.

His hands were magical. He could just use the palm to rub and massage her pussy and she was cumming all over the place. As he would use his fingers to manipulate her clit, she’d quiver with joy, tingles all over her body. Once, the two young lovers were fucking in a stockroom, she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out with orgasm and alerting her co-workers to her impending cum. Sometimes, after a particularly good fucking, she would just gaze at him with her cat-green eyes and marvel at his skill, as he ran his fingers through her long, black hair.

Oddly enough, despite the promotion, there was no trouble with their relationship. He appreciated her intelligence, ambition and drive. Karl was comfortable in his position.

There was now real fire in their relationship. They fucked constantly in Anadolu Yakası Escort her new office, one time after her secretary – a cute little thing that Tabatha considered inviting into a threeway – had left, they fucked on the desk, screwing like rabid minks in heat. His big cock moved in and out, the flailing of their heated bodies knocking things off the desk and onto the floor. She was horny all the time now, she had to concentrate to think of business and not having Karl’s big dick inside her pussy or ass. She had to bring a change of panties to work all the time now, they were so wet most of the day.

Sometimes, Tabatha wondered if they were trying to prove they were still equals in bed. They’d always matched each other’s sexual fire, she was a great cocksucker, he was a terrific cuntlapper and both of them enjoyed “69” as often as possible.

He sat in her big leather office chair and she rode him hard, her nails raking her naked exposed flesh, his hands playing with her gorgeous tits and his finger strumming her clit as his Üsküdar Escort dick moved in and out, in and out, her body swirling in small circles as the fucked.

“Goddammm, this is good!,” she screamed, glad the office was shut down for the day. “I wish I had an apartment here, I’d never go home lover, I’d sleep, have a meal and go right back to fucking you!” Tabatha giggled at the thought.

Her hair was plastered to her head, jet-black and glistening from the exertions of their heated fucking. She milked at his cock with her educated cunt, she’d had many lovers in the past and considered herself a bit of a nympho in the past. Yet lately, aside from the thoughts of an occasional girl-on-girl dalliance, Karl had been the only lover, the only one to taste the sweetness of her pussy.

“Fuck me harder, you hot bitch!” Karl yelled as he drove his hard cock into her clenching pussy walls. He gave her as much as he could and she took all of it.

The came together, she took his cock afterwards and cleaned it of their combined juices. As the two of them dressed, they smiled at each other. Their relationship was intact.

“So what’s on the agenda for today Boss?” Karl asked her.

Tabatha smiled back at him. “Well darling, if we get enough work done the rest of the day, I might work in a little bonus!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32