The Slumber Party Ch. 03

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(This is the last in a three-part story)


Mary poured the last of the wine into their glasses and handed one to each of the girls.

“Bottoms up, slaves,” Mary said gleefully.

Cindy and Jillian, still sprawled out on the bed, drank deeply. The two were both exhausted, and incredibly energized at the same time. The wine nourished their strength in some spell-like way.

“I have taught you both how a love slave serves, and now you will serve your mistress. Come and kneel before me.”

The two slaves put down their empty glasses, approached their mistress, and went to their knees. Mary examined them closely. She could feel her pussy grow wet as she surveyed her two naked servants. The sight of their slick, oil saturated bodies, and the look of complete contentment on their faces made Mary’s legs grow slightly weak. The fragrance of hot passion oil and fresh sex the two girls emitted made her extremely hot.

Composing herself, Mary gave her command.

“Face each other, slaves.”

The girls, still on their knees, maneuvered around until they came face to face. Cindy looked at Jillian and slowly licked her lips. Jillian giggled and made a large kissing gesture.

Mary turned herself sideways and slipped between the two girls with her bottom situated squarely in front of Jillian’s face, and her pussy facing Cindy’s.

“You may caress my body with your fingertips only,” Mary commanded.

Starting at her feet, the two slaves began to move their fingers slowly and lightly up Mary’s body. Their hands moved together, Cindy’s up the front side and Jillian’s up the back, brushing lightly against her skin. Mary shivered with the chill of their stroking.

When the two slaves reached Mary’s panties they paused, moving their fingers around the edges; wanting to rip them off.

“Not yet,” Mary said softly. “Keep moving your fingers.”

Reluctantly, Cindy and Jillian’s hands continued to move upward. Jillian’s fingers caressed the small of Mary’s back in light, circular motions. Cindy’s moved lightly past Mary’s stomach, pausing briefly to tease her belly button before moving up and centering on her full, well-rounded tits.

Resisting the urge to firmly grasp and squeeze, Cindy lightly brushed her hands across Mary’s fullness. Feeling Mary’s nipples grow hard and erect, Cindy decided to take advantage of the situation by gently tickling them with the tips of her fingers. Mary groaned with pleasure.

Mary then gave her next command: “Use your lips now. No tongues, only lips. Kiss my body slaves… Every part of it!”

Cindy and Jillian knelt low and began to kiss Mary’s feet and ankles, giving in to the feelings of humble servitude as they did so. Next they began to move up her legs with their wet lips. The two girls reached her panties and pressed in hard with their mouths, again eager to go deeper.

“Mmmm,” Mary moaned, “Keep moving.”

Mary took each girl by the hair and gently lifted her off her knees. Rising slowly, the girls continued their work. Cindy’s mouth reached Mary’s tits and covered them with passionate kisses. Stopping at her nipple Cindy could not help herself as she began to nibble and suck.

Mary gently took hold of Cindy’s ears and pulled her head back. Stroking her face Mary spoke, “Patience, my eager little slave. You must work slowly.”

Mary closed her eyes and pulled Cindy’s head in, pressing her face between her breasts, smothering her in their fullness. Then she guided her head further up to continue with her work.

Meanwhile, Jillian had progressed up Mary’s back and was now covering the sides and back of Mary’s neck. Cindy reached her face and began gently and lovingly to kiss her mouth, nose and eyes. Mary, reveling in the barrage of soft, wet caresses, felt her body grow weak with pleasure.

Finishing her work, Cindy stood in front of her mistress, smiling meekly.

Mary released a deep sigh and then spoke. “You have proven your devotion to me, and I am well pleased. Jillian slave, you may fetch the Passion Oil.” Looking into Cindy’s eyes she smiled and spoke again, “Back on your knees slave,” she said as she took hold of her shoulders and pushed her to a kneeling position in front of her.

Jillian returned with the oil. “You may anoint my body,” Mary commanded.

Jillian opened the bottle and, standing behind her, began to pour the oil. From the top of her body the oil flowed freely down Mary’s front and back.

Mary gasped as the liquid flowed down her body, covering her skin and seeping in beneath her panties. She trembled as it trickled down the inside of her thighs.

“Stroke my body, Jillian slave,” Mary commanded.

Still standing behind her, Jillian reached around and began to massage Mary’s slippery body. Taking hold of her tits with both hands, Betturkey she kneaded and caressed.

Mary groaned and, reaching behind grabbed Jillian’s ass and pulled it in hard. Jillian pushed her hot pussy against Mary’s ass and began to slowly rotate her pelvis. Mary took hold of Jillian’s hands and moved them slowly down the front of her slick body, stopping at her stomach. Jillian caressed Mary’s stomach with circular motions while Mary moaned softly.

Mary looked down at Cindy who was still kneeling before her. “You may remove my panties now, Cindy Slave,” she said.

“Yes mistress,” Cindy replied with a grin.

Moving her gaze to Jillian, Cindy gave her friend a seductive wink. Jillian giggled and stuck her tongue out bratishly.

Reaching up, Cindy took hold of Mary’s oil-soaked panties and slowly peeled them off. Mary stepped out of them and planted her feet slightly apart. Cindy stared at her dark mound, glistening and dripping with oil, and felt herself grow hot.

Mary took hold of Jillian’s hands and guided them down to her waiting pussy. Jillian’s fingers massaged her clit as Mary rocked her pelvis back and forth.

Cindy watched as Jillian’s fingers opened Mary’s pussy and reached inside. Slowly at first, then faster, Jillian’s fingers probed, thrusting deeper and deeper inside Mary’s well-lubed pussy.

Still on her knees Cindy watched the two with rapt attention, longing to join them. Raising her head she looked at her mistress with puppy dog eyes.

Mary returned the gaze and laughed. “Would you like to join us?” she asked.

Oh yes Mistress Mary!”

“Very well,” Mary said as she turned her body to face Jillian. Mary’s bottom was now directly in front of Cindy. She pushed her ass into Cindy’s face and said slowly, “Kiss my ass, slave!”

Cindy dutifully obeyed. Pressing her mouth against Mary’s tight little bottom she began to kiss her mistress as directed.

“Oh yesss,” Mary breathed. “Jillian Slave, grab my cheeks and pull them apart.”

Jillian reached out, took hold of the cheeks of Mary’s ass, and gently separated them.

“Now lick me, Cindy Slave. Lick me well!”

Cindy’s tongue began to caress the inside of Mary’s ass. Finding her hole, she thrust her tongue inside as deep as she could. Mary groaned with pleasure as Cindy’s tongue probed.

“My little slave is such a good ass-licker, isn’t she Jillian?” Mary asked.

“Oh, yes mistress,” Jillian replied, remembering her own ass-licking demonstration. “You have taught her well.”

“Release me now,” Mary spoke.

Raising her hands above her head Mary stretched luxuriously. “Well I’m having fun!” she said with a joyous laugh. She turned and, reaching down cupped Cindy’s chin in her hand. Then she pulled her up to a standing position.

“Kiss me slave,” Mary spoke to Cindy.

Humbly and submissively, Cindy met her mistress with a deep, passionate kiss. Jillian chuckled at the sight of Cindy’s humble demeanor.

Mary reached down and, taking hold of Jillian’s hands placed them firmly on Cindy’s bottom. “Pull her to you,” Mary spoke

Jillian took a firm hold of Cindy’s ass and pulled her in, causing her pelvis to push hard against Mary’s. Mary began to slowly move herself up and down; her oil soaked body sliding between her naked slaves.

“Grab Jillian’s ass and pull it to you,” Mary whispered into Cindy’s ear.

Cindy took hold of Jillian’s bottom and drew it hard against Mary’s body. The three girls writhed and gyrated, their slick, naked bodies rubbing against each other.

Cindy began to moan softly as she rubbed her pussy against Mary’s. Jillian groaned with pleasure as she slid her hot, wet pussy across Mary’s well-oiled ass.

Mary waited until she could feel a climax building before she slid out from between her hot, eager slaves. Cindy and Jillian, both breathing heavily, collapsed into each other’s arms.

“Face me, slaves,” Mary spoke to the two girls.

Turning to face their mistress, bodies slick with passion, the slaves stood awaiting their next command.

“Are you hot yet?” Mary asked with a grin. “Let me check your temperatures.”

Reaching out, Mary touched each girl gently on the lips with her outstretched fingers, then began to trace their curves as she moved her fingers lightly down their bodies. Her fingers reached their respective pussys’ at the same time. Mary slowly began to stroke and caress. Together the slaves moaned as they gave themselves over to their mistress.

After making sure each girl was sufficiently wet, Mary slipped her fingers inside their yielding pussys. “Oh my,” she said, “you girls are hot!”

Mary pulled her fingers out and again teased the slaves as she ran them lightly up their trembling bodies. When her sticky fingers Betturkey Giriş reached the girls lips she spoke again, “Lick my fingers clean, slave girls!”

Jillian and Cindy dutifully did as they were told, licking and sucking each of Mary’s fingers until every drop of pussy juice was gone.

Reaching out, Mary took hold of Jillian by the back of the head and pulled her forward to meet her open lips. The two kissed passionately as Cindy watched. After a long moment the two separated.

Taking Cindy’s head with her free hand, Mary guided her into contact with Jillian’s waiting mouth. “Kiss each other my hot little sex slaves,” Mary commanded.

The two joined in a long, slow kiss, their tongues exploring each other with a passion.

When at last they separated Mary brought Cindy’s head in to join her own lips and the two girls caressed each other with their eager tongues.

“Your training is almost complete,” Mary said. “You have one final test before you.”

“What is our final test, Mistress Mary?” Cindy asked with mock shyness.

“You must use what I have taught you to pleasure your mistress. You must make me cum. Be diligent in your work, because if you fail I will have to spank you both!”

The two slaves looked at each other and giggled. Then each girl took hold of one of Mary’s arms as they drug her to the bed. There they gave Mary a playful push. Mary gave a surprised shout as she landed on the bed.

Cindy, feeling a surge of power, began to take charge. “Make sure she doesn’t get up,” she said to Jillian.

“Ohhhh… Whatever you say, Mistress Cindy,” Jillian returned with a laugh.

Jillian crawled up Mary’s body and straddled her waist. Then she leaned over and pinned her arms to the bed. Jillian’s ample tits hung suspended over Mary’s face, taunting her with their hard, erect nipples.

“What have we here?” Cindy spoke as she produced two thick cords from Mary’s bag, each one about a yard in length. “Hmmm… let’s see what we can do with these!”

Working with confidence, Cindy tied a cord around each of Mary’s wrists. Next she stretched her arms out and secured then firmly to the headboard.

The unexpected turn of events was both a little shocking, and incredibly exhilarating at the same time. Jillian and Cindy, pleased with their mistress’s predicament, decided to play on it with a little tease.

With Mary securely bound, the two girls climbed off the bed and stood next to each other. They both giggled as they turned and began to slowly stroke and caress each other’s naked bodies. Mary lay there on her back helplessly watching as the Cindy and Jillian teased. She struggled in vain against her bonds.

Noticing the effect they were having the two girls stepped up their tease, their mouths and tongues passionately kissing, licking and sucking each other, and their hands moving to fondle and stroke with increasing intensity and passion. In her bondage, Mary moaned while her body writhed on the bed, her pussy wet with the fresh flow of juices.

The girls paused their lovemaking to gaze upon their poor, helpless mistress. The site of Mary’s predicament made them laugh.

“Should we have mercy on her?” Jillian asked, looking at her lover.

“Mercy?” Cindy replied, “Hell no!” We’re going to prolong this as long as possible!”

Growing bolder by the moment, Cindy then proceeded to slowly slide her naked form up Mary’s slick body until her mouth came in contact with Mary’s ear. She softly whispered, “you have taught me well how to use my tongue, mistress. May I show you what I’ve learned?”

“Yes… please!” Mary panted.

“Are you sure?” Cindy teased.

“Yes! Yes!” Came the barely controlled reply.

“Then you must earn it by showing me your talents. Are you prepared for that?”

Mary could only manage a muffled groan in response.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Cindy said as she straddled Mary’s face. Slowly she lowered herself until her wet pussy reached Mary’s mouth.

“Lick me, mistress… lick me well!” she spoke with the voice of one who definitely knows what she wants.

Mary’s lips parted to receive Cindy’s dripping pussy. Her tongue flickered around Cindy’s clit, tickling it and sending chills up her spine. Cindy reached down and pulled Mary’s head up into her pussy, cradling it in her hands as she rocked her pelvis back and forth.

Mary’s mouth moved from clit, to pussy, to anus as Cindy moved. Very slowly Cindy rocked herself. Now she paused to allow Mary to fully penetrate and explore her anus, settling her ass more fully into her face.

“Mmmm,” Cindy moaned, “this is nice!”

Next Cindy moved her pelvis to give Mary full access to her wet pussy hole. Mary sucked and licked while Cindy settled herself in.

“Ahhh… Betturkey Güncel Giriş I can see why you taught me this art. It’s so good! Make me cum, mistress!”

Cindy pushed her pussy even harder onto Mary’s sucking mouth, fully experiencing Mary’s tongue as it probed her pussy.

Oh… Yes… Yes!” Cindy cried out as her pussy cum began to flow into Mary’s mouth. Spasms of orgasmic ecstasy filled her as she climaxed.

Finally Cindy raised herself up and off of Mary’s face. Leaning down she planted a long, luscious kiss on Mary’s cum covered mouth, leaving Mary speechless in the process.

“You have truly earned your reward, mistress,” Cindy whispered softly into Mary’s ear.

Cindy rolled off her body, opening up Mary’s view so that she could now observe Jillian, sitting on the end of the bed with a devilish grin on her face. In her hand she held the can of whipped cream.

“Time for desert!” she said with a laugh.

Mary tried to anticipate the feel of the cold whipped cream on her naked body, however when it happened she was still shocked. Jillian began by spiraling each breast with a pile of cream ending at each hard, erect nipple.

Then together, with Jillian on one side and Cindy on the other, the two girls proceeded to lick and suck Mary’s tits. Side by side they worked, nibbling and fondling Mary’s nipples while Mary writhed against her bonds.

After sufficiently cleaning up her tits, Jillian then ran a trail of whipped cream starting at each breast and converging at her pussy. Cindy giggled as she rubbed the cream deep into her pussy and ass with slow, methodical movements. Mary could feel her pussy grow hot and wet with the anticipation of what was to come.

Starting at the breast, each girl consumed a trail of cream, licking, kissing and sucking it free of Mary’s body. Finally they reached her crotch, where they stopped a moment to compose themselves.

“Let’s spread these pretty legs wide,” Jillian suggested.

With each girl taking hold of one of Mary’s legs they separated her thighs to gain ample access. Mary’s cream covered pussy opened before them like a banana split. The two girls looked at each other and smiled, then together they dove in.

Lifting her pelvis as high as possible, Mary met the two with an eagerness that nearly exploded. Cindy and Jillian responded with a passion to match. Pressing their faces together, the two girls smothered Mary’s pulsating pussy with their lips and tongues.

Jillian found Mary’s clit and sucked gently while massaging it in circular motions with her tongue.

Cindy located the opening of her wet pussy and began to fuck her with her mouth, pushing her tongue deep inside. She found Mary’s g-spot and began to tickle her with the tip of her tongue, sending waves of ecstasy through her body.

Jillian’ mouth moved to join Cindy’s and together they gently separated Mary’s pussy lips to better penetrate. The closeness of their work caused their lips and tongues to meet and join together, playfully kissing and frenching each other as they ate Mary’s pussy.

Cindy lifted her leg and straddled Mary’s body, putting her in position to work Mary’s clit with her tongue.

Jillian put herself between Mary’s thighs, grabbed the cheeks of her ass, and lifted her pelvis higher off the bed.

Mary gasped as the two continued, with Cindy sucking, licking and kissing her clit, and Jillian fucking her ass with her tongue. Her groans grew louder and more intense as she felt her climax approach.

Taking the clue, Cindy gently reached her fingers into Mary’s pussy and located her g-spot, which at this point was incredibly sensitive. There she tickled and probed while still sucking Mary’s clit.

Jillian moved her mouth to Mary’s pussy, licking and kissing Cindy’s fingers as well as Mary’s wet cunt.

“I think this girl want’s to cum,” Cindy commented to her sister slave. “Slide your fingers up her ass, Jillian Slave.”

“Whatever you say, Cindy Slave,” Jillian replied with a giggle.

Jillian lubricated her fingers with Mary’s hot pussy juice, then slowly slid them up her ass. Mary released a cry as her body moved to accept the girl’s fingers more fully.

“Yes! Oh Yes!” Mary cried as the impact of the orgasm hit her.

Feeling her climax, Cindy moved in to join Jillian at Mary’s pussy, which was now trembling and flowing with cum. Using tongues, lips and fingers the girls ushered Mary through one orgasm after another until she lay trembling on the bed, weeping softly.

The two slaves slid up along side their mistresses spent body and snuggled in. Together they both pressed their mouths against Mary’s in a passionate three-way kiss. Then they untied her bonds and released her arms.

Reaching out and pulling the girls in to herself, Mary let loose with a deep sigh. “Just so you know,” Mary spoke, “I never cheat at poker!”

The three laughed and snuggled in closer, each one thoroughly spent and exhausted. Finally, with their hot, naked bodies covered with passion oil and sex, the three girls fell into a deeply satisfied slumber.

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