The Sorority Sisters: Creme No. 04

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Big Dicks

Eating Kim at the Movies


It has become obvious that Crème has a passion for eating pussy. She gets off on it, and she does not need to have the owner of the pussy do anything for her in return. You’ve seen her with Bethany, and with Danielle. She stunned an experienced, older lesbian with her oral talents, and she seduced a beautiful Black woman into giving her access to that woman’s Black pussy.

When I discovered that Crème has a girl friend, Kim, a married girl her own age, it came as no surprise that what they liked to do together is eat pussy. Well, more accurately, Crème eats pussy, and Kim lies back and presents her pussy for adoration and oral worship. Only Kim has to undress; Crème merely has to kneel between Kim’s thighs.

So I decided to make Crème do what she loves to do, to Kim who loves to have it done to her. The only difference was where it would happen. This time it would happen in public.

At this point I had not yet met Kim. Crème was my toy, and Kim would merely be her accomplice. I gave Crème some choices for where to eat Kim. She chose the movie theater. Good choice, I thought, and said so.

All I asked is that Kim be naked from the waist down and in full view of witnesses. And she had to have a nice orgasm as they watched her. Crème could stay fully dressed if she wished, but she had to be clearly seen with her face buried in Kim’s cunt, eating Kim to her orgasm. Simple.

I hope you enjoy this fun episode. And DO try this at home. These are amateurs and this is fairly safe.




I still feel like I am floating on a cloud somewhere. It was everything you said it would be. I don’t know how or even where to start.

Well, I guess I should describe how Kim looked when she picked me up. She looked so unbelievably hot! She was wearing a short, pleated, flirty skirt; I think you know the kind I am talking about. She has several of these, and she knows how much I love how sexy she looks in them. And her tanned legs looked fantastic. I knew she had worn this skirt just for me. She also had a nice casual top and a pair of flip flops to give her that perfect California girl look.

Susan, I wanted to do her right then and there. I wasn’t sure I could wait until the theater. But I knew I had to resist temptation, so I grabbed my purse and we were on our way. We kinda acted like giddy school girls in the car as we both anticipated what was to happen.

When we got to the theater we waited in the car for a few minutes to make sure we weren’t too early. Then we finally went inside and bought our tickets. We passed on the popcorn and stuff, and went right to the theater our movie was in. After we went inside, we stood in the back for a minute or so to let our eyes adjust, and so we could look around to pick the best spot for us to sit.

The movie had started so everyone was already paying attention to the screen. I would say the theatre Betturkey was about one third full and there were not that many good spots for us to sit. We wanted to be near a few people but not a lot. Then Kim nudged me and pointed to an empty row that was sort of close to the back. We could see four girls in the row behind and a couple that were in the row in front pretty near the aisle. I followed Kim into the empty row she had selected. She walked down about halfway and sat directly in front of the first girl. I briefly looked at them before sitting down.

Susan, they were high school girls! I know that because I saw that each of them had like a school letter jacket draped over their seat. They must have been in sports or cheerleading or something like that. They were all very cute. I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea, but I figured it was too late now. The couple in the row in front of us appeared to be in their late 20’s or maybe early 30’s. The woman was closer to us, sitting a couple seats off to my left. Her husband or date was sitting in the seat just to her left. So this was going to be our audience for the night.

We just started watching the movie for awhile. Then I would say maybe 15 to 20 minutes later Kim and I looked at each other and we both nodded our heads a little. Then we reached for each other’s hands and started playing with each other’s fingers. Every time we looked at each other we each had this big smile on our faces. It was so sensual. I was already getting turned on, Susan.

We continued to play with each other’s fingers and then Kim reached her right hand across and she began to touch and caress my breast through my shirt. She knew that this would get me really excited and her little plan worked. I began whispering little comments in her ear and occasionally kissed her neck and ear softly. It had to be obvious at this point to the girls behind us that something a little unusual was going on. Even though they were young I was pretty sure this wasn’t the first time they saw two girls together…heck, this is California!

We continued our playful kissing and caressing for a few more minutes. I was so turned by then that I needed more. I placed my hand on Kim’s thigh and began to slowly slide it upward. I could tell that Kim was as aroused as I was. Soon my finger came into contact with her soft panties. I whispered, “You wore panties?!”

Kim whispered back, “I knew how much you would enjoy taking them off me.” I silently thought, yes of course. Kim knows how much I love taking her panties off before I go down on her. She knows that it adds to my arousal. She once told me that she can see the lust and desire literally grow on my face.

Susan, I was so turned on by now that I knew it was now or never. I began to slowly slide off my seat down to the floor. Susan, when is the last time you have been to a movie theatre? There’s not that much room between rows! But somehow I made it work in that Betturkey Giriş cramped space. I moved in between Kim’s lovely thighs and looked up at her. She had the sexiest smile I think I have ever seen. I knew I was beaming as well. I pushed her skirt up and began to reach up to find the top of her panties. Then I began to slowly slide them down her legs. As I looked up again I could see we had two visitors. Two of the girls behind us had moved forward in their seats and were now staring at us.

I remembered your email and I looked up at them and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I am so turned on right now that I just have to eat my girlfriend’s pussy.”

That was one of the lines I was supposed to use, right?! They didn’t say a word. But they had that classic, deer in the headlights look.

I finished removing Kim’s panties, and then I reached up toward one of the girls and said, “Here, would you mind holding these for me?”

That was another line right?!! God Susan, I was so fucking hot by now. I could hear the movie blaring in the background. I raised Kim’s thighs up and hooked each of them over one of the arm rests of her seat.

Now I could smell how excited Kim was. I love the smell of her pussy when she is aroused. I love everything about her pussy. I knew she was already wet because I could see her beautiful pussy glistening in the flickering movie light. I couldn’t hold out any longer and pressed my face into her cunt. I knew there would be plenty of time to lick and suck on her swollen pussy lips later, so I immediately thrust my tongue as deep inside of her pussy as I could.

Kim was trying to be quiet but I could hear a soft moan come from her mouth. After that I just went crazy and began feasting on her cunt. My tongue caressed and probed every inch inside her pussy. I alternated back and forth between caressing and nibbling on her clitoris and delving deep into her inner core. God Susan, I was in absolute heaven. She tasted wonderful.

At times I had a finger inside her as well as my tongue. Kim’s pussy was so warm and wet…I could feel her juices all over my face. Kim was doing her best to be as quiet as possible, but I could still hear her occasionally whimpering and gasping in delight. Susan, I imagined that you were there with me and that you were whispering in my ear saying, “Creme, you look so sexy right now.” I was so turned on by the moment that I suddenly had my own powerful orgasm and I never even touched myself. God Susan, it was wonderful.

I knew Kim was close to cumming too, so I really went to work on her, thrusting my finger into her pussy and pulling and pushing on her clit with my tongue. I looked up and saw Kim with several fingers in her mouth and she was biting them trying to keep from crying out. I loved it! Within a few seconds she exploded in orgasm and I was rewarded with a gush of her girl cum in my mouth. I am guessing that I had been eating her for about fifteen Betturkey Güncel Giriş minutes or so.

I spent a few minutes cleaning her up and then slowly backed away from her pussy. As I looked up I could see all four girls watching us. The looks on their faces were priceless! I reached my hand up toward the girl that I had asked to hold Kim’s panties and said, “Can I have her panties back please?”

She handed them back to me silently, and then I reached down to put Kim’s feet through and slowly moved her panties back up her legs. I looked at Kim again and her eyes were closed. She looked wasted. I wasn’t sure she would be able to walk but I whispered, “I think we better go now”.

She just nodded her head. I slowly got up from my kneeling position and grabbed Kim’s hand to pull her up so she would follow me. I was still holding her hand as I turned to lead our way down the row. The couple in the row in front of us was staring at me intently. She had this look of complete shock on her face, but I thought he had this look of raw excitement. Obviously, they had been watching us, too. I wonder what they did when they got home…tee hee!

I stopped for a second when I reached the woman’s seat, and bent down and gave her a quick kiss right on her open mouth. Then I whispered, “I hope you enjoyed the show”.

Susan, I knew she had to be able to taste and feel Kim’s juices on my mouth!

Kim and I started to walk briskly up the aisle, still holding hands, and soon we were running out of the theater and toward her car. We were laughing hysterically by now. All the way home we talked about everything that happened and how much we both enjoyed the experience.

And wait until you hear this, Susan! Kim told me that as she was approaching her orgasm she had her arm over the back of the chair next to her, and one of the high school girls reached up to hold her hand. She said they squeezed each other’s hand as Kim rode out her major orgasm.

Susan, it made me think of that picture you sent me! Of the dark haired girl kneeling between the legs of the blonde girl, eating her pussy in the kitchen chair. They were holding hands under her thighs. How cool was that!! I think I am going to feel an orgasmic high from this experience for a long time.

Susan, thank you for making this all possible. I love you!



Post Note:

Since this episode I have met Kim, and am actively recruiting her to partner with me to make life more fun for all three of us. Just this week I gave Crème to her for her enjoyment. They had already scheduled a quick pussy-suck session at Crème’s house. I gave Kim instructions on how to dominate Crème and make her perform for us. Kim did, Crème did, and all had a uniquely good time. And this time, for a change, Crème had an orgasm at Kim’s hands. Well, fingers.

I think Crème and Kim will be a team from now on. Or, better put, I hope they will. If you have any encouraging words for these girls, send them to me and I will immediately forward to them. If they choose, they will respond directly to you.

Thanks for being such good fans and readers, and for all your support.

Susan (also known as Boss Cunt and Mistress)


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